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Monday, 09 February 2009


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I feel sorry for this poor guy. That is all about him. He will suffer in the hands of those devils. Talking about Biya being killed has been the wish of many Cameroonians. A president has become a demi-god. Roads are blocked for hours because Biya might pass through. Questioning why roads are blocked is no crime but as the devil and his agents always do, they have framed stories against this poor guy.
How I wish this happened in a country in the west. At least he would have had a fair trial. But it is unfortunate this happened in Africa and especially Cameroon.
Please let those human right activists stand strong for this guy.
I also suggest we should contact some human rights groups we think can intervene in this matter.
May God help Cameroon

Ma Mary

Someone who really wants to kill these nincompoops would just do it, and not wonder aloud, putting voice to thoughts that most residents of Yaounde already have.

It is unlikely that this high school teacher was engaged in any conspiracy. Klemenceau, you could start by writing to Amnesty International.


A president and his lackeys who provide no security for the people can only bring them insecurity,fear.Imagine all the insults George Bush received from the American people,but quietly left.If it was Biya,he would have killed everybody.Next time let anybody comes out wondering why intellectuals have to brave the high seas to run away from premature death.They care less about the future of students this teacher has to teach.One old, bald 80 years spineless President is more than hundreds of future nation builders.When citizens of countries like the US,China face obstacles in any crany in the world ,their government immediately dispatches a plane to bring them home.But here is a country where the President chooses those he has to sacrifice when he dims fit.This is really a curse!


So if I say here that policemen only know how to brutalise innocent citizens but cow and flee when faced with Nigerian sea rascals called sea pirates, so if I say that it means I am unpatriotic and want Cameroon defeated by Nigeria?

Mad people! The plain clothes police now has something to show his bosses to earn his next promotion. He surely went home that day beating his chest that he had acted true to what his father had told him, that he would grow up to be a James Bond cop. He caught a terrorist in the city! Shameless fools.

Take Roland, someone is praying for you.



Do the human right activists in cameroon existing or just there for being sake..Cameroon is a real dead zone region.


Just as Klemenceau has said, the best way to try and help this poor teacher is to make his case known to organisations that can help him.
I feel for him.


Take HEART Roland.

If that's the whole truth of the matter; if you didn't say you would kill Biya or was planning to kill him, then rest assured we are contacting Amnesty International on your behalf.

The government is still fighting to cleanse its image over Amnesty's recent report on our nasty human rights record.

There is the scandal over the abusive detention of Wakenhut (Group4S) security guards and the Yaounde branch boss of Le car (the Yaounde-Douala intercity bus company) caused by a riff-raff of a magistrate girl because she was replaced on a departing bus when she was not available upon take off.

You can be sure that when Amnesty takes up Teacher Roland's case, Biya will pannick and say he didn't even know about it.

Roland, you will be released!



The conduct of the arrest, detention, interrogation and torture of Roland constitutes gross abuses of his constitutional and human rights.Granted Roland promised to kill the President and four of his Ministers; does that amount to a flagrant delicto or to a preparation to assassinate that would warrant his immediate arrest?

Cameroons human rights records are as bloody as can be imagined. The recent Amnesty International report is only a tip of the iceberg in terms of how the rights of Cameroonians are trampled upon and abuse by an administration that is suppose to protect and promote these rights.

I have an appeal to the Hon. Minister of Justice to intervene in this case and save us the shame of the international community. Mr. Minister, I urge you to use your good counsel and immediately move in to cause that Roland is released or prosecuted with all the guarantees of impartiality enshrined in the fundamental laws of Cameroon and other international legal norms ratified by the Cameroon state party.

We have lots of criminals out there in many public offices. No body seems to be interested in how the make Cameroon a hell of a place to live. How bad that a common citizen is arrested from a taxi because he expresses his disappointment an evidently disturbing situation.

I also appeal to our human rights lawyers to stand up to the expectation of Cameroonians and the international human rights community in defending Roland. This is a good case where you, lawyers have to proof you know your onion very well, and in so doing, you will be helping to call perpetrators of human rights abuses to order.

Make a martyr of Roland but know that Cameroonians are very disturbed with the blocking of roads in Yaounde for over five hours each time the president moves in and out of Yaounde. Lets not continue to provoke situations we will definitely not be able to handle.

Cameroon is a peaceful country where people are putting up new structures everyday. What will happen when people stop building houses or investing because of insecurity?

A stitch in time save nine.

Samba Churchill


If I were biya I will fire this officer for such a cheap act arrest . people have attack world class president like Bush publicly but yet nothing happened . But with this Villager at the presidency illiteracy will not let him be .Until they are taken him from here and there . Biya is still under develop he needs some modern ways to behave .
In fact to me there is no case because this guy didn't write his statement . They did n't let him called his lawyer .
"One day we shall put all this down low shameful act behind and choose prosperity over backwardness ."
God bless Cameroon


from these it tells me that another Idi Amin , Mumbutu, is on the way . please don't be surprise we go down more that Zimbs. God is our helper. God bless you all and the nation



God had left Africa thousands of years ago, when slaves ships coasted on our shores. If you want change, stand up and fight for it. Nobody will hand it to you for free.

mk the southerner

Be sorry for Southern Cameroonians this poor teacher just represent us

Bob Bristol

What is happening to some Cameroonians? Are those in the military so block headed that they can't realise the havoc that the Biya's regime has done to us. I mean any conscious Cameroonian utter what the teacher is accused of saying.

Can the post give us more clue regarding the identity of this police officer? We may be in this same shit tomorrow .

Polonium 2-10

My brothers, lets face fact. I know you dont like it.

If you are the president today in Cameroon or your Southern Cameroon, that same roard will be blocked when you are comming back from or to any were too.

When tension is mounted and you can see it dont talk folishly. A really sniper will not talk like him, is just that they want to teach the rest a leason and the police or who ever is using this guy now, to get his epulet upgraded.

He will finaly be release, but you guys should stop suporting shit and teach people on this forum how to behave in the public.

mk the southerner

Polo so the way is to let some one sign some boo shit in French? While they cry The Cameroons is a bilingual country?
Those francos who supported him in the Taxi where are they? are they not as guilty? Should Cameroonians if at all not have a say as to what disturbs them? Man grow up.

Polonium 2-10

Read carefully my brother respond to what I said... Dont jump out of the my content..

Now you are talking signing or writing in french, which is not what I am talking about. You guys have refuse to think or say the truth any longer.

What he did was wrong, the others were briliant and they made their way. Just as you are abroad now asking for political asylum or you call it adoro and other SCNC members are lamenting in jail with their family.

Read carefully MK The Southerner

Polonium 2-10

All of you should start writing like SAMBA CHURCHILL.

Write and put your names if you know what you saying is true.

You write rubish no justification, no connectivity, jelouse, I dont how to express it.

Write like and Educated Cameroonian or and Educated SCNC member.

Write like Samba Churchill

Danny Boy

This poor man's plight reminds me of the Yondo Black et al's affair. After failing to arraign this "gang of four?" for subversion and treason, i.e trying to create a political party, the prosecutors ended up convincing the court to indect these persons for abusing the Head of State, for which these persons were found guilty!!!
Only in Cameroon!

ebot tabi

polonium or whatever you are called,you are a coeward.Roland is a victim of Anglophone margainalisation.Had it been he was a francophone,the case would had been treated differently.Every cameroonian is fate up with this regime.Am pleading to our human rights organisations to do something.How can a harmless civilian kill Almighty biya? the Omega, the Beginning and the end.But let him remember that his judgement is coming very soon
God bless Cameroon


We should all be looking for ways to support this innocent man through getting a lawyer and alerting human rights groups to his situation. We should also keep tabs on these buffoons who arrest innocent citizens to score cheap points with these savage colonisers.


What a country.This is beyond dictatorship.Are these fellows living in another planet or on this one? These self proclaimed agents of the New Deal will answer charges of crimes against humanity sooner than later.This must be brought to an end come rain come sun.Let's keep watching. Shame to all the New Dealers.


Polo and the rest , You all should reason this problem from all point of view . To me the problem is with the way Africans in power behave .Any black man in power or any post of responsibility always want the people to serve him and of which it's his responsibility to serve the people . look at USA if you are in any post u most be careful cuz you are to serve the people.
but in Cameroon it's worst, no one any post of responsibility is responsible for any wrong doing.Even in the culture of the people you are never wrong if you are Older no matter what you do . so tell me these way of behaving is deep rooted in the people . What we lacking in that country is the sense of responsibility which some people are strugling to wipe away because they want to always hide their misdid .
1- Now to that officer He's not a well train one .Cuz a well trained officer will monitor that guys moves from that point to make sure he was just an empty vessel or a full one . then u will have a full case and clear report.That's intelligence , but in Cameroon we have but brutality .
2- For Biya to prove his stand as a man of the people he would've ask for the release of this guy and ask this officer to make and open media live apology then the people will once have faith in doing so the people will know u respect and care about them. but failing to do these makes his image a night mare to Cameroonians .

3- As to the culture of the people it has a big role to play in it because an elder person is never wrong no matter what . Blocking of the road to biya is away of respecting him of which is no way any sense to the modern society beside u retard the same economy u are trying to build . everyone wants the the people to serve them but the don't want to take the responsibility of the people .
So my brothers think about these
and God bless you all and Cameroon

Bela Primus Bebang

God Blessed Cameroon! I think Mr.Biya's agent are never truthful to him and only tell him what he may want to hear so that they are credited by his regime. Let President Biya use the heart of a good Father and let this teacher go back to his work of educating Cameroonians. I am currently at the vatican and the Pope's visit to Cameroon is a call for concern and every aspect of Cameroon is also being noted. I pray Paul Biya stop trusting some of those his people who bring untold suffering to others just for him to reward them. Long live Cameroon for a better democracy.Bela, visiting Rome scholar

Gilbert I

The earlier Jesus Christ comes the better for the world and Cameroon in particular,the level of insecurity now in Cameroon is too bad,every now and then we hear of innocent people being arrested to Biya's own hell call Kondengui Prison .Biya and the uniform officers are above the law,End time signals are very visible in Cameroon.Please joint me in prayers for God to react because even the human rights sector in Cameroon is suppress because of the people who call them selves above the law,so tell me how you want human being to help Roland not God.


george agbor

Please,this is a seriouse communicae.We the underground fighting force for Cameroonians,are looking for more members.Our Head quater is base in Europe,and we are registering patrotic Cameroonians to over throw this Regime.What we are doing is taking contributions of at least 5 euros,from realy freedom fighters.This money will be used to higher an assasin to do the work for us.We need 200,000 euros,and have s far gathered just 100,000 euros.for further infos go to.

george agbor

Polonium,u are those type of Cameroonians that one needs to assasinate.i wish i know where u are.please can u tell me where u are based.u are a snake,and i want to cut that snake head of urs.


Dear all,
The arrest of this young man is similar to the activiies of 'paliarment/auto defense' in the University of Yaounde in the 90s.
What a good country with security agents every where right in a taxi to arrest innocent citizens. Where were these very security agents when pirates invaded banks in Limbe and the Police head quarters in Yaounde? Is this a cheap way for this so called security officer to gain promotion?
What is wrong in saying you will kill some one if at all he said who has equally killed? Where is Irene Biya and a host of others who were murdered in cold blood? What happened inLake Nyos in the 80s
Hope the pope cancels his visit to Cameroon on the grounds of human rights abuse if really he has Cameroonians at heart.
Can someone help me with the address of the vatican in this forum? The pope must hear this


The arrest of this gentleman is nothing but a gross disrespect to basic human principles, an insult to the fundamental principle of democracy.where is the freedom of speech? where is the respect for basic human rights?How do we intend to advance to attaining minimal credibility levels internationally, or even some progress when human values are ignored? tyranny?.. dictatorship? ...or mare abuse of authority?...please authority you release this young man immediately ,and stop being ridiculous!....shame on you.

Account Deleted

I am very sorry for what had happen to this unfortunate cameroonian ,many cameroonians wants Biya death, yes . But i think his comments were not really call for,because this is a normal happening in the country. We just need to accept this things , blocking the road is not just a matter of only cameroon many other countries do observe this. I tell you people are not allowed to even walk on the streets when the princese is passing if you are on the street during that period you have to seat down (Thailand). So we just need to respect the law to be on the save side. Also i think its also for the security of whoever and if tomorrow we are in the same place we shall be granted the same respect ,who knows might be more than that. I am not really for the arrest of this guy, i pray the authorities concern should grant him forgiveness. We most have respect for our authorities we put them there.


Why can people not understand simple English. Roland said "even though he has no weapon, he could easily overpower the police. He reportedly wondered aloud what President Paul Biya is always afraid of." So this statement is synonymous to a plot to assasinate the president and 4 ministers. This is madness at its apex..
Wonders shall never in Cameroon.

Danny Boy

he said, "he could" not "he can"! Since you understand simple English, I suppose this simple difference between "could" and "can" escaped your memory!
Madness at it's apex? Get to grips mate, you seem to be the one barking up the wrong tree!

mk the southerner

Danny boy if I got Jesco very well, he is not in any way in support of the situation. He is just satirizing the base of the charges levied on the gentle man in question.

"He reportedly wondered aloud what President Paul Biya is always afraid of." So this statement is synonymous to a plot to assassinate the president and 4 ministers".

Does the above statement have anything to do with assassinating the president and four minister really? I think if he is on his rightful mine then that was just a satire.


Was very touched while reading through the sad case of this gentlman. However,we know our country is full of stuborn beast like the idiot himself call PAUL BIYA MVODO MBINGO or what ever the rubish name is said to be.
A human eater will always be protected like that but i said shame to our brothers and sisters who just prefer dying because of the large head man Paolo.

Recently in in one of my out tour,this fool PAOLO won a prize been the largest head and ugly face amongst PRESIDENTS of the world.

Cameroon shame shame no FREEDOM,No LIBERTY,no JUSTICE and thats why we are dying.

I personally Mr MALINGA JP have plans to bomb that PRESIDENCY one blessed day.Am in SAUDI ARABIA offering MASTERS in TERRORISM where by special grace from above will graduate come june 24th and make my way back at home for the mission to begin.

Let him wait for me i will resurface that monster.

I will be back


Tel +945521987706

Danny Boy

MK the Southerner,
I am in a way sorry for not realising that Jesco is economical with his use of punctuation marks. For his benefit and that of the forum, could he spare us the guessing game?

giselle lum

hi.i feel very sorry about that teachers situation.a compitent teacher is detained 4 no just cause only to recruit unqualified fools thro bribe, and recrcuit.iam a cameroonian based in london sufferx due to unemploy,t in that fool,s regime called paul.we are plannx to return back to the country and settle scores with him.he is a fool.his pple are there sufferx and frustrated in china,no way to return bk home.let him try and help them .

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