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Monday, 02 February 2009


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NI JOHN FRU NDI please would you kindly give up this politics issues. You are working with Biya, living in Bastos, no more selling second-handed books. You have raised the standard of your living and that of your children at the expense and blood of Cameroonians. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. How do you explain the fact that you are chair man of SDF since its creation and at the same time you blame Biya of dictatorship? Please its time you go and keep your mouth shot.....

 motto job



This is what Cameroonians have been waiting to hear from you since the appointment the election riggers-The SDF and others who want change should not only boycott the elections, but frustrate the elections from taking place. This should begin with the frustration of the registration process.
This is time for sensitisation and good planing for this to succeed.
We are too docile, we must wake up this time around.

mk the southerner

Same song every election year. We heard of this same talking with election observers NEO etc. Fru go back to the real intentions of the SDF that you no you have but aside.


My dear mates, I think at this point in time we should give Fru Ndi a supporting hand rather than criticising him. listen to cameroon calling( Feb 1st edition). Most prominent opposition leaders were at the swearing in ceremony of ELECAM members,saying'we should give them a try' except the SDF. Please, only Fru has got the GUTS so far! Lets applaud him, atleast it is better to have a single parent than being an orphan.Cheers-NESTOR

Dr A A Agbormbai

Something must be done urgently about this ELECAM affair. The country cannot go forward without this affair resolved. It's time to mobilise the people for a peaceful demonstration that disrupts critical services.

Serious action is also needed from the international community. These actions must be calculated to shake up Biya.



simo k. the stranger

fellow compatriots fru ndi had the chance in 92 but lost it.he rest are "koffi annanist"statements.but in all fru ndi is he cleaner politician among the whole lot of dirty contemporaries.we use to talk of jean jacques ekindi.have you heard him speak of late?its a shame he sold his conscience and soul so fast.what a pity.


Why are some Cameroonians seemingly confused?

Please we should learn to know what we need in life and have a focus!
Some criticize the regime in place and at the same time criticizes the opponents of the regime, without any contribution.
Please know that ANGER is a sign of weakness.

When Fru Ndi is silent, he is silent because he is with the President. When he speaks, you are speaking - are you different from the President?

What then do we want?


Popomustgo, you prejucied fool. You have come back, preaching hate towards the people of North West. Is Fru Ndi the entire North West? he is an individual and not a spokesperson. You lazy south westerner. Sit there and wait for Inoni to come and give you bags of free rice. Idiot!


Being head of a party is quite different from being the Head of State or Head of government! Oliver Tambo was President of the ANC for almost 3 decades! After his death, Mandela took over from him for almost a decade and the half! The strength of any opposition movement depends greatly on the "brand" of its leader. This does not necessarily mean that its leader cannot be replaced. However, history tells us that most resistant movements ponder extremely before changing their leader as this often reflects as instability.


For those who are criticising Fru Ndi, what suggestions do you have on the way forward? Big ups to him! At least the guy still has the courage to stare Popo in the face and speak his mind! Most of us Cameroonians are cowards - very quick to criticise others but very slow to take action.

Being head of a party is quite different from being the Head of State or Head of government! Oliver Tambo was President of the ANC for almost 3 decades! After his death, Mandela took over from him for almost a decade and the half! The strength of any opposition movement depends greatly on the "brand" of its leader. This does not necessarily mean that its leader cannot be replaced. However, history tells us that most resistant movements ponder extremely before changing their leader as this often reflects as instability.

On the other hand, Popo is the Head of State and history tells us that if a President cannot achieve what he/she sets out to do in two terms of office, there is a great possibility he/she would never achieve anything. That is why most country's (including our Cameroon - until the latest "popo-sponsored" constitutional change!)opt for a constitution that restricts the term of office of the President to 2 terms while placing no restrictions on the term of office of a party leader.

So for those who believe Fru Ndi is not doing a great job, either join the SDF (or any other party) and motivate for the democratic change of leadership that you want or form your own political party! Waisting our time on this important medium of communication with empty criticisms lends more points to why Popo is still maintaining his grip on power even as our people are suffering!





This utterance from the SDF chair is just like barking from a toothless dog. The party has lost its 1990 support and spirit. Those young and fierce supporters of the 1990s have all "fallen bush" and that explains why the party can only bark without biting now. In the 1990, they did not only bite but actually stalled and brought a system to its knees, almost. But Fru Ndi led them down and they were disappointed and left the country. So, where will SDF have that support dynamism to make sure no elections take place under these present undemocratic circumstances?

Ndi Francis

Ok, shhhhhhhhhh!!! I will be replacing Fru Ndi as an opposition leader, but you guys should not stigmatise me as I am also Ndi. What should I do so that you should all be satisfied and rally behind me instead of quarrelling and uttering tribal comments? The tribal comments will only divide us. We have hardly come together as a nation and as soon as we start talking about national intergration, we forget about it and return to the same ideas that tear us apart. That is why Biya is still there and the Advanced Democracy is retrograding. I know that it won't be easy for me to take over from Biya. But when I shall get there, the same fools who promote tribalism should have been caught in their tribal tendencies and will pay the price of the changing times. I promise that those of you who look beyond tribalism will say "At last we have made a step forward". Thank you for reading.


...and you idiots are insulting the SDF for being docile, what have you done? eh? you fake asylum papers and live in one room apartments in Europe and yet you have the audacity to point fingers. What have you done for your country? idiots!!


Judging from the cat and mouse game many Cameroonians have become past masters at,it can easily be concluded that 2/3 of our country men have joined Biya to assume the functions of the opposition and treat the SDF and its chairman as the GOP.When the PM invited the SDF to take part in consultations leading up to the creation of Elecam,many said Fru Ndi wouldn`t have gone there,yet they expected Elecam to be able to organise free elections.When the parliamentary elections came,many still expected the SDF to stay away,but the same people applaud Paul Ayah when he stands on the way of Cavaye.When Biya handpicked his Lieutenants to head Elecam,many wanted to hear from Fru Ndi.He measured the seriouness of the problem and took the responsibility to confront the regime,but he is being asked to go home.The Question is therefore,where and how do they want the opposition to stand up to Biya? How would you want Fru Ndi to act and not act at the same time? Cameroonians are naturally good at playing games with themselves.This Biya knows,so does the so called international community.This is more the reason why opinion leaders on the world scene will keep using language that shows Cameroonians are not in any hurry to change their fate.They say we are a haven of peace,because they we know can embezzle any conceivable and intelligible situation to prove that we are fine.Our sense of impunity shows in all aspects of our lives.Here on this,even when the online administrator clearly reveals the devilish scheming of some individuals,they tell themselves that their countrymen are blind and can`t see them.They have learnt how to be negatively stubborn from their President and his political class.Anything or anybody that will disturb the eternal bliss they find themselves in now should be shouted down.Being a political leader of Fru Ndi's stature in Cameroon,is working yourself to death full-time.He has combed all the nooks and crannies of the country to shake up the situation of stupor people have withdrawn into.He has challenged every attempt to disenfranchise the people even when the SDf is dwarfed by the number of MPs at the National Assembly.Prime Minister Odinga of Kenya just need to send round words for all the agents of change to be alert.In Cameroonian Fru Ndi has to travel to all villages for people to get out of their overstretched slumber.Some always pretend that we are crazy about foreign heroes like Obama.Here is Fru Ndi,your local hero who is now asked to go home because he is doing the job he is supposed to do!Imagine that Cameroonians and the world are concerned about the wellbeing of the country,with the turn Elecam has taken,but somebody will start talking about NW/SW divide.Those reading about us abroad will see us as some satanic lot.We try to suppress any discussions about the way forward for our country,but we want the international community to come in and clean up for us.This is a critical time in the history of Cameroon,and we should either choose to fight or choose to play it safe.

anthony nsom

It is said that to go to equity one must go with clean hands.
Fru Ndi cannot cheat his way through all recent elections in the SDF for himself and his surrogates and at the same time turn and criticize Biya. By the Yoyo constitution Fru Ndi became the head of the investiture committee of the SDF and the head of the NEC.
The SDF lost to the CPDM in the last general elections in the North West because the designation of its candidates was not straight.
Fru Ndi has lost his battle to oust the democratically elected mayors of Nkambe, Ndu, Babessi and Njinikom. Fundong has now joined the list where the new mayor elected in the bye elections following the death of Sobo was not his candidate but the people’s choice.
Councilors vote in senatorial elections. Out of 34 councils in the NW, CPDM has 18 and even some of the rest are shared between the SDF and the CPDM. With the estranging of these other councils cited above can the SDF win in any free, fair and transparent indirect vote in the NW? This is the real reason why Fru Ndi is opting out of ELECAM run elections rather than the CPDMness of the outfit.
Fru Ndi campaigned against the present Provincial chair in Nso but the will of the people prevailed.
Fru Ndi planned the vote against Polinus Jua for the latter to come out without even one vote from his native Kom.
Fru Ndi likes to say that for as long as the people place their confidence in him he will lead them but it should be said that for as long as the people do not know Fru Ndi he will remain the live chairman of the SDF. However the NW has now begun to see like the rest of the country. The person who refuses to see still continues to live in the past tense (stolen victory). Must he lead us down the abyss? Did the SDF make him or did he make the SDF? Did Cameroonians join the SDF because of the hope it carried or because of little then known Fru Ndi ?
The SDF remains the no. 1 but for it to change Biya and his ways, Fru Ndi and his ways must first go.

Bob Bristol

From the look of things, everybody on this forum is an "intellectual". If we could stop recounting, analyzing and castigating for just one week and contribute just one tenable idea that an ensemble of them can move Cameroon forward, then we can start dreaming of sailing through this mess.

Let every one of us sleep a little and reflect on how his/her idea can be defended to the end. Criticisms will abound. We should welcome them rather than going emotional about them. We should also learn to ignore certain comments. Remember that the idea alone is not sufficient. The possibility of realising the idea is what we want.


hahahahahaha hihihihi hohohohoho! yes we can!


Account Deleted

Meaningful criticism is what we need from right thinking Cameroonians, especially at this time when our country is in the hands of evil men. Our brothers who waist their time thinking only how to criticize The "Chairman" or the SDF are doing so in ignorance.Like Dr. A , Ndi and Watesih, I join the objective writers on this forum to plead that we contribute our own ideas to take our country out of the current mess.And to those who spend time criticizing The Chairman (Father of democracy in Cameroon), what would you do if you were in his place? The man has done it, is still doing it and without him, some of us who are today christained "assylum seekers" wouldn't have had this noble title.
To end, please,whoever writes "Ni John Fru Ndi" in small letters, is simply cursing himself/herself.Take this serious.


Anthony Nsom,
Hold yourself together!That debate about who is the Chairman of the SDF is just plain stale.Our bone of contention is the direction the country is taking now with the Elecam saga.Fru Ndi as a politician must win and lose battles.He has lost and won many, be them nationally or provincially.But when it comes to the big picture,he plays politics in a fair way.He is not afraid to compete in elections in his own party or out of it.As long as he keeps winning some,you are not going to overturn this confidence on the columns of newspapers.The base of a powerful political party can be jolted time and again,but the underlined ideals it is out to promote can never be compromised.You would want to watch out making sweeping statements and passing for a laughing stock.According to you the SDF lost to the CPDM in the last general elections in the North West because the designation of its candidates was not straight.This gives the impression that that of the Cpdm was straight! You however make a fool of yourself by concluding that the SDF remains number one.How can a party that doesn`t know how to designate its candidates still be number one after losing to the Cpdm? You say the people don`t know Fru Ndi,yet he was able to completely crush you kinsman Paulinus Jua in his backyard.I know this has left a bitter taste in your mouth,but you must get over it.Out war today is directed towards Biya.If you want to pass for an animator of factional squabbles,then this is not the time.


I believe it is time to stop talking and act! As the Secretary General of the SDF community in South Africa, I can tell you that we are not taking Biya's mockery of our democracy lying down. Immediately after the announcement of the ELECAM appointees by Biya, an urgent General meeting was called that saw a record turn out. We agreed on a plan of action from 2009 that will use the case points of ELECAM & last year's constitutional amendment to expose the true image of Biya and his regime to the international community (the South African gov't, the PAP - Pan African Parliament, the UNHCR, the US & other Embassies, the European Union, the South African public - through available SABC TV & radio programs)and to revitalise our mother party (SDF) back home. I hereby encourage all Cameroonians in the diaspora to organise themselves and do something in this light. Alone we cannot do anything meaningful but together we can achieve great things far mightier than the bullet! The great and powerful apartheid regime in South Africa was humbled by similar tactics. Our brothers and sisters in Cameroon are living under very difficult conditions and it would be naive for us to expect them to do anything meaningful for now.

The World's political platform has tilted away from power-mongering dictators like Biya with the election of America's first black president and a Fench president (Nicholas Sarkozy) who has made his dislike for Biya very public. Biya can now run from France to Switzerland but he will never have anywhere to hide if we make our voices heard in the right places abroad! We should not let this golden opportunity pass us by!


A good critic makes a critical but objective analysis of a situation, then follows it with a proposal that can turn the coin around altogether.We must all, like the intellectuals I believe we are, strive to be good critics if any good is to come from us for our country.
The history of opposition shows opposition leaders hardly step down until their cause has been achieved.That is what an opposition,in our African context to be precise is all about.For those of you who think Fru Ndi should step down from the helm of the SDF, you are by this sayng the SDF should change its cause and course and fight for another, which I expect you to propose.

Njinga man

Anthony Nsom,
i know my reaction does not fall in line with the wishes of the majority who would prefer us to look ahead and make concrete proposals as to how we can get out of this new dilemma. I just really want to be clear on some contradictory statements in your posting.
...Fur Ndi organised for people to vote against Jua but the same Fru Ndi was not able to organise for the same people to vote the candidate of his choice to replace the former mayor. There is a problem of coherency here. You seem to twist things to favour your point of view...when Fru ndi wins an election, it is because he corrupted the electorate and when he loses, it is because the people in the NW have finally discovered him like in other parts of the country. At this point, i refer you to Watesihs posting above. Even in an infant democracy, good democrats respect the results of the ballot and to the best of my knowledge, that is why Fru is not always winning but accepts when he loses.
Fru Ndi might have his weaknesses like you and me but if we want to help cameroon, lets remain factual in our debates and avoid hear says.

This second point applies to all those who keep attacking Fru Ndi. Let me remind that i am not playing the devils advocate here but simply analysing facts. We all want change and the obstacle is Biya and not Fru Ndi. What the detractors of fru Ndi remind me off is that statement we were fun of in our childhood " a dong see ma own Koko". I have the impression that because we as cameroonians are exhausted in our struggle against Biya, we have decided to pick up a fight against Fru Ndi to console ourselves. by the way its easier to attack and fight Fru Ndi than attacking Biya. Fru Ndi is always in Cameroon (Ntarinkon)...Biya is permanently out of the country and wouldn't even read our scribbles. So our own 'Koko'is Fru Ndi. We might win the fight against Fru ndi and realise that we haven't got enough energy left to face L'homme Lion.


You guys want a way forward to fixing our my suggestion is that you come home and put in your contributions individually or corporately in building our economy. Big changes have taken place and a lot more are on the way and things can't get any better without your practical involement. Nobody will fix your country for you, it's only you to do that.


...practical involvement.



I support your suggestion on practical involvement in building our country. However, going back home is not the only way of helping to fix our country. There are many of us based overseas who have been helping to grow our country by sending large sums of money back home to sponsor family and community projects. Current stats show that money sent home by Cameroonians in the diaspora is the 3rd biggest contributor of foreign currencies to Cameroon's GDP after Oil (still need to know where Popo keeps the money) and Agriculture.

A country that cannot employ more than 60% of its home-based graduates cannot say that it is ready to employ its vast majority of intellectuals based overseas! Even the business & investment environment is deeply biased towards the ruling party. It appears one cannot run a successful business, project or have a descent employment without being a member of the CPDM! These are issues that one cannot easily fix without pushing for a reform in Cameroon's socio-political & economic environment. The current system leaves a big room for corruption, favouritism, nepotism and tribalism - which is currently eating into the Cameroonian society.

Popo and his regime have been the biggest stumbling block on Cameroon's path to development. The judiciary is not independent. The tax laws do not even encourage the development of small businesses (a key tool to creating job in any country) - even the 'turck-pusher' struggling to survive in the market is taxed! There is no "independent" Electoral Commission to restore trust in the electorate for the election process. The police have no respect for the citizens as the law favours the powerful and heavily connected only. Allocation of funds to councils is heavily politicised in favour of CPDM-run councils. So tell me why you think the vast mojority of us based overseas will make a more meaningful contribution by coming home under these present conditions.

Bob Bristol


I like the semantic implication of pseudonym. However, it reflects the shift of stance which the SDF is now clinging on. What happened to the SUFFER DON FINISH coinage that emerged from the euphoria following the launching of the SDF. In a nutshell, we all recognise the common enemy ( the Biya's regime) but when the hopes and aspirations of a people are dampened by the mistakes and blunders of a seeming saviour (the SDF), it is but normal that the anger of the people will be directed towards that seeming saviour.

I solidly maintain my position on this forum; that if Fru Ndi sympathise with the people of Cameroon, that if Fru Ndi has been a role model politician for Cameroonians, that if Fru Ndi thinks his deeds have not made even his son to doubt him at one moment, that if the SDF is not made up of greedy minded people functioning within a party of mutual distrust, then Fru Ndi could comfortably recommend a militant of his party; knowing that his advice and ideas will not be thrown in a trash can. I mean Fru Ndi can push the party to greater heights by functioning as an adviser. This is my suggestion as to how we can revamp the supports that the SDF enjoyed in the early 90s.

What is your own suggestion? I mean any one of you who is too emotional about Fru Ndi?


Bob Bristol,
Is it because of the fact that Fru Ndi is at the helm of the SDF - that a credible Elecam cannot be put in place to surpervice election in the country? -or that there is a high voters' apathy in country?
Tell us what you see that is feasible to to done and which Fru Ndi is not doing to uproot the dictator. The funniest part of it is that you don´t even know any potential candidate in the SDF that can lead the party better that Fru Ndi. Your believe, without any backing is that if Fru hands the party to another person, then it will be the solution of the political problem in the country. That is naive thinking. Make case to convince us how Fru Ndi is a stumbling block.
Two years ago, the common song was that Fru Ndi should hand the SDF to one Ben Muna who is now the chairman of a political party. What has he achieved that will renew your spirit that if Fru hands over, then the dictator will surrender?
Those who want to take the SDF and auction can form their own party and action it.


can lead the party better than Fru Ndi. Your belief,...
Make a case to convince us ...


I understand your point about remittances and how they go a long way in transforming lives and the nation as this money is invested in many ways; but you will also have to understand that remittance recipients tend to be better off than their peers who do not receive remittances. The reason here is because our government is so stupid and blind to not have realize the growing importance of remittances to the economy as many other countries across the globe have realized and are seeking ways to maximize the benefits from having a large pool of citizens living abroad. Some African countries like Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Botswana and Zambia have also begun developing strategies and policies to attract remittances into local savings and investment funds. Burkina Faso, Senegal and Mali have set up structures to enable the Diaspora to open up bank accounts at home, enabling more of the remittance flow to move from the informal to the formal sector. Zambia has adopted a really innovative policy to encourage migrant workers in Botswana to invest in property by setting aside plots of land in specific cities for the country's Diaspora. Ghana has set up an entire ministry just for its Diaspora. These are very encouraging steps from the government of these countries but our own government is still to recognize this fact and for this to happen, our Diasporas have to come home with all the knowledge and skills they've acquired and establish themselves to the attention of the government. If remittance recipients under poor investment climate, can profitably invest what you remit, then why not you?

Bob Bristol


In the days when SDF was like a religion, Fru Ndi's criticisms of Elecam could have been followed by street demonstration across the country. People can't just afford to risk their life any more for a man who has only sentimental words to dish out, for a man that has not taken a serious initiative to put smile on the faces of those who were rendered handicap because of the SDF (despite his riches), for a man who accepts special privileges from the devil (the regime); without extending it to his people. I mean the SDF could seek an evacuation documents for the late Fuh Bright who died some weeks ago. Fru Ndi can't even initiate a petit economic programme that curb the sufferings of Cameroonians ( I mean despite his wealth) or just to show a little example of what the SDF can do if they are in control. We are tired of verbal successes.


hahahahah..abeg make a laugh,..i see this forum as a real idle pack..Biya has taken the country hostage and he has not own a whole village in switzerland yet we are just here judging one another..the people want action not words massa...we talk and talk for ages yet the Man is still going freely doing what we wants..abeg lets accept facts..e pass we!


great pa Fru.
ilove you,we are behind you 100%

Ma Mary

I commend John Fru Ndi for sticking to principle, but he is fighting from the wrong place, for the wrong country.


The earlier some one go and tell him the better...he had his chances 1992 but he blow it away..since then things will never be the same again...the fun is, this issue of Elecam or rigging commitee did not just start today so if it now that we are seeing it then its too bad. what he has just done now is legalising publicly what has been going on in the various S.D.O offices where they were canceling names on the voters list and so on. People knew all that yet they remain silence so why the bla..bla bla cries. We talk and talk yet the Man still go on doing what ever he want with the country. what cameroonians need now is a vicious and furious leader to act insteat of the talkings. what a curse country!




Ta Muma

So is it better never than late or better late than never? spill milk, yet you all do not want to think on how to avoid subsequent spill. Its a shame that one was born Cameroonian.If these whites knew how Cameroon spends to invest on some of these 'bush fallers'. Even workers from the National Institute of Legalised Bribery and Corruption -ENAM, still 'fall bush' , not to talk of CUSS, ENS etc.
Lets wait for his death so that Cameroon dissappears from the world map.

Ndi. O

Bob Bristol,
What do you know about Fuh Bright or the SDF, or Fru Ndi with respect to good works. Am afraid some of us have inherited deadly genes from our people.
Cameroonians are sick and are unable to contact the Doctor. I believe they will do so when it is already in an incurable stage. Just like some one said before, Cameroonians are not yet ready for any change. Biya knows we are all cowards and only death is gonna send him away. You guys may go on and on putting blaim on Fru Ndi for all the ills. It is a chase after the wind. It appears we are all confused. Should we wait on God? Long Live King Biya.


Bob Bristol,
Your level of thinking, sorry I must say, is far below that of an average Cameroonian. Why can´t you attempt an answer to the questions in my last respond to you?

"In the days when SDF was like a religion, Fru Ndi's criticisms of Elecam could have been followed by street demonstration across the country"
Cameroonians are simply tired. They claimed to have made enormous sacrifies during the ghost town days and came out with nothing.
You seem to be insinuating that if Fru Ndi had handed the party to someother person, any criticism from the party will be followed by street demonstrations. That must be myopic thinking.
Have you asked yourself why no other political party is succeeding? Is it because of no change of leadership? The political terrain is simply inconducive. It takes more than what you think to uproot a dictator.A dictator has never been removed from power through the ballot box, except you have one case to quote.
"I mean the SDF could seek an evacuation documents for the late Fuh Bright who died some weeks ago. Fru Ndi can't even initiate a petit economic programme that curb the sufferings of Cameroonians"
Do you know why Cameroonians pay taxes?
When Cameroonians pay taxes to the Government, you expect the SDF to take the role of the Government. Are the taxes paid to the SDF?
Sometimes it is better to stay quiet and leave people to doubt your ability.
You are really making fun here.


Fru Ndi is a hero, whether he represents whatever we stand for or not.

JZ Man


It is time to act brillently and bring good ideas on how we can topple this regime and take back our beloved country. We need your support, especially those abroad - USA, Britain, Europe to start organizing a political party that will oposed Biya. With support from the US, I forsees that we will sucess.

1. We need to form a political party in Cameroon that is for all Cameroonians, French and English, with a strong base broad.

2. We need to expose Cameroon and Biya's dictationship regime to the world by sending emails to the major TV stations abroad to cover what is going on in Cameroon.

3. We need to form a strong association abroad with leaders that will take Cameroon to a different direction.

4. We need to let all those organizations/ associations abroad to stop inviting members of Biya's regime to attend meeting abroad.

There are lots of things we can do if we are serious and well organized. The only thing that will remove Biya from power is a blood share, civil war and he does not care who is killed as far as he is alive.

Please let work together than sending alll these emails that will not take us anywhere. I rest my case.


Paul Biya,
The way you are manipulating Cameroonians shows that you have a good mastery of them. Barking dogs do not bite of course. You are really exploiting the division among opposition parties and anglophones with a lot of expertise. You have reinforced the rigging machinery with ELECAM
Massa John said there will be war in Cameroon if the constitution is modified. Nothing happened. Later he hurriedly held a meeting overnight and submitted half baked facts to the court not to install members of ELECAM.They were finally installed.
Now he is saying that elections will not take place under this ELECAM.
Chairman, you are fast confused and running out of ideas. Can you step down for some one else to continue?

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