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Monday, 02 February 2009


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simo k. the stranger

that is just very normal of our public services.lucky he is not "cracking egusi" that could stain our dokies.its sad its happening in UB.i applied for a transcript on the 13th dec 2008 and got it only on the 31 jan 2009.wise enough i had taken the alternative cus i needed to meet with the deadline.sometimes the reason could justify the act.

Elizabeth Maimo

This has a strong sense of 'deja vu'. It's not long ago that I was equally frustrated with the attitude of the Transcript office when I had to meet a deadline for a foreign application. Believe me, there's nothing as frustrating as not meeting deadlines for these applications to schools. That is why I would absolutely sympathize with those students who try to solve the hassle by falsifying documents. I'll just advise the students to apply for their documents at least 2 months before the due date. The authorities apparently don't see the problem, but then it's not surprising since it's coming form their end!


Abangma (The old man from Bache village) is very stupid to have made such comments regarding providing transcripts to students. Those students paid for the transcripts and they have to be given a priority of service. In this computer age, why does the process of issuing transcripts take so long? Either the University has recruited incompetent staff or the whole system is corrupt. The person charge with destributing transcripts may actually want students to bribe him in order to get their transcripts. This is a warning to that service else we will go after them until they sit up.
The University can actually get more funds by processing transcripts and attestations faster. It is also a right for those who pay their money to get the best of services and not one old drone telling people that the workers have something else to do.
Then why not recruit someone else to handling what students have paid for?


It is disgusting,profoundly frustrating and a shame that the defects the anglophone community has been facing during the time of Our lone university in Yaounde are gradually being transferred to our prestigious and highly rated University of Buea. Why then were the anglophones agitating for an independent institution?.Same complaints,same frustration even from the GCE board. Why do we compromise the future of our would-be leaders?.Every single moment of a Cameroonian student/graduate is responded with frustration,break down of computers,wayward administrators,errors in certificates,emergence of document fraudsters etc. What a mess.
God bless my country.


I share ur greviances young Cameroonians, because i have actually gone through that frustrating attitude of the transcript officer. Its a shame that despite this complaint, the registrar insteads seeks for stupid reasons to cover their incompetence. What do they actually do with the money we pay for each transcript? Is that money for the past 2 years not enough to purchase a printer and hire workers just for transcripts purposes? I can bet my ass this money cannot be accounted for. Since you old quacks in government services such as the registrar will not retire and give a chance to young Cameroonians, please in God's name help us have our documents in time so we can find our destinies elsewhere.
rosa, Oslo.

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