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Friday, 06 February 2009


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What is the pope coming to do here? His predecessor was here, he did nothing except make the country poorer as it cost much to receive and host him let alone the amount of money and goods he took back. They recognise Biya as pope of Cameroon so it will be foolish for anyone to expect him to tell Biya to step down. Can he himself step down if Biya asked him to? Please let him come and eat his share and go in peace. We shall continue to survive.

Ma Mary

What should Pope do?

1) Take Paul's confession. It is long overdue. Make sure it is recorded, because it would make entertaining reading.

2) After his day long confession of his innumerable sins, the Pope should recommend a commensurate penance, including resignation from office after negotiating a peaceful and complete dissociation of the Southern Cameroons from La Republique. He should also enjoin a truth and reconciliation commission at which Camerounese torturers, murderers and thieves in power will confess and apologize to their victims.

3) Failing agreeing to that, the Pope should excommunicate Paul and curse his soul to spend eternity in hell, covered in sores and sharing the same smelly cell 4x6 cell with his mentor Amadou Ahidjo. They will both be issued torture instruments to torment each other to death, and every morning they would wake up alive, kind of like the movie "Ground Hog Day". Paul, have you seen that movie? I suggest you do, because our people have been in a kind of Ground Hog day for 50 years.

Bob Bristol

We are currently faced with a threatening financial crisis. What are the economic implications of the Pope's visit to Cameroon? How can Cameroonians avert this visit since it will obviously have a dire economic effect on grass root and middle class Cameroonians? Does the Pope stand any chance of ameliorating the tense political atmosphere in Cameroon in favour of the masses?

Emmanuel  J. Ndi

For the best interest of this nation and Paul Biya, the pope needs to address the sufferings of the Cameroonian people. First of all, I want the bishops of Cameroon to present to the pope the political burdens of the Cameroonians under the repressive regime of Paul Biya during their meeting with the pope. He has held Cameroonians hostage for a very long time and it is time to let the people enjoy their predestined freedom from God. The pope should use his God-given office and his prophetic voice to denounce the tyranny of Biya and his evil regime. If the pope turns a blind eye to the sufferings of Cameroonians, his mission and message of peace would be a distant dream from reality and his mass for Biya and Cameroonians would be wasted. The world and its leaders look up to his pastoral office for solutions to their problems and he should live up to that expectation.
Dr. Emma J Ndi (USA).

Emmanuel  J. Ndi

I forgot to mention a point. The schedule for the Pope's visit shows that there will be a celebration of the Eurcharist (communion). No one will want to take communion with the devil. Cameroonians see Paul Biya as a devil and will not participate in such a solemn mass with the devil. For example, When it rumoured that Paul Biya died a few years ago, it was not only the opposition parties that were rejoicing. The CPDM militants joined the opposition in rejoicing and celebrating over his death. It is a sure-proof that no Cameroonian of goodwill will support Biya. He is very unpopular in Cameroon. He does not even know the geography of Cameroon. He only visits Europe where he feels at home. Biya has not visited any part of Cameroon for decades. Let the pope ask Biya to step down immediately or suffer the wrath of God.
Emma J Ndi (USA).

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