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Tuesday, 10 February 2009


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Ma Mary



Violence is never an answer to evil, but it is becoming clear that this entity should not only be hanged until it's neck is broken a thousand times over, but this thing of a creature should be caged somewhere for eternity, without the possibility of forgiveness & rehabilitation into the human family.

Mr. the devil von Mvog-Meka, you know deep inside your being that there is going to come a day and a time when nothing on this Earth or in the heavens will be able to save you from the crocodile pit you yourself have dug.
You will wander through eternity with no resting abode & your deformed and perverted soul will thirst for eternity and there shall be no water to quench that thirst until all your victims world wide would have fulfilled their true destinies.

You will deceive and trick the gullible, you can crown yourself a king in a kingdom of crocodiles and hyenas, this is nothing in the overall scheme of things, nevertheless that time is drawing near when no amount of money in swiss banks, no amount of guns and knives will be able to shield you from the hands of eternal justice.
No man nor creature has ever been able to trick or rise above the unyielding laws of life.

Bob Bristol

In 1997, I read an article titled "HOW CAN A SLAVE MASTER TELL HIS SLAVE TO CELEBRATE THE DAY HE STARTED SLAVERY". The 11th of Feb is a very symbolic date for the people of The Southern Cameroons. The ordeal we've gone through in the hands of La Republique should make every conscious Southern Cameroonian youth to stay off the scenes.

Whoever scripted what Biya is reading should know that all what has been said above is a flash. If Biya can boast of the quality of education been offered to Cameroonian youths, those youths could have been integrated in the management of state affairs. He even dared to talk of regionalisation when the North West has yearned for a state university for ages.

Bob Bristol

I'm sure the opening of a state university in the North West will be Biya's 2011 presidential campaign slogan in that region.


Thanx to such vague speeches that we realise what a stupid and blocked headed president we've keep showing ur ignorance by rehearsing this same speech every year{ hope by now you can read it out without using the telepromta].yes uve open schools,provide free education or what ever you may call it, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE MR PRESIDENT TO ABSORB THESE LARGE NUMBER OF STUDENTS GRADUATING EVERY YEAR FROM OUR UNIVERSITIES. ITS NEEDLESS TO DRIVE ON WHEN U REALISE YOU ARE ON THE WRONG LANE. I'LL ADVICE YOU TO QUIT AS ONE OF THE OPTIONS GIVEN TO SADAM OR YOU WILL BE LINCHED......


Thanx to such vague speeches that we realise what a stupid and blocked headed president we've keep showing ur ignorance by rehearsing this same speech every year{ hope by now you can read it out without using the telepromta].yes uve open schools,provide free education or what ever you may call it, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE MR PRESIDENT TO ABSORB THESE LARGE NUMBER OF STUDENTS GRADUATING EVERY YEAR FROM OUR UNIVERSITIES. ITS NEEDLESS TO DRIVE ON WHEN U REALISE YOU ARE ON THE WRONG LANE. I'LL ADVICE YOU TO QUIT AS ONE OF THE OPTIONS GIVEN TO SADAM OR YOU WILL BE LINCHED......

Danny Boy

If only the Youths had the chance to reply!!! they will tell this senile, febrile minded octogenarian to go to perdition! What is the use of an education and all that training when there are no jobs to go into?
Can someone tell this ninny that Cameroonian Youths, educated or not, all they want are jobs, peace and security in their own country. Many are dying trying to cross the Sahara on foot, others are returning in coffins from countries that Cameroon has no diplomatic relations with, some are intern in Kondegui for daring to state the obvious etc, etc!
Is this man deaf, dumb and blind? Can someone please tell him, the Youths of Cameroon would like to see his back.
As a youth, almost thirty years ago, he offered his hand and I accepted it. I did not wash my hand for days and I boasted to my friends about it. Today if he was to offer me his hand, I will politely spit into it!
All things being equal, he will go before me and on that day, I will organise a party!
Blessed be Cameroon.


What a vague speeche..i remember during the early and late 90s when i and a host of friends use to sit and listern to this lion speaches on youth days hoping that after our education things will will happen, but till date that most of us have passed that youth age, the same old stories are been song continuesly. My, good God..where has this man sold his concience and soul? same stereotype ding-dong speaches. My heart really bleeds for Cameroon and the present youths in particular. Woe to you Popol and ur generations to follow for that you have turn our beloved country into. Nothing last for ever...even the powerful Idi Ami had his days numbered
May God had mercy on our country and the youths that have been trapped on Biya´s rath


Are they even aware of these kinds of issues which are being reported in newspapers, magazines and online medias worldwide..?

In pictures: Warehouse a home for Italy's migrants
Take a look here:

One caption reads:
Every year thousands of seasonal immigrant workers seek jobs over the autumn and winter picking citrus fruits in Calabria, the region on the southern toe of Italy.
Hundreds of them, mostly Africans who survived a perilous sea crossing from Libya, have been squatting in improvised cardboard shacks in an abandoned factory just outside the town of Rosarno.
This year the harvest has been poor, and many say they have struggled to find work.

How can people do this to their own people...??
These are the kind of questions some of us are asked on a weekly basis...???

How is it possible that, our own people are doing this to us, are helping to kill off slowly their own brothers and sisters...!!!! even if they are not from the same womb...!!!


Are these people oblivious even to such stories that are circulating around the world today..??

  • Kingsley's Crossing
  • African Illegal Immigrants Describe Trips
  • In pictures: Warehouse a home for Italy's migrants
  • CountryFowl

    And the devil has the temerity to come and say they are putting things in place for employment and education for youths..!!!!!

    Danny Boy

    thank you so much. I have watched a few of these of documentaries, but not Kingsley's Crossing!
    Just finished watching it and thank heavens I had some tissue at hand.
    It is really sad and to the many like Kingsley, God's guidance and protection.
    Thank you once again.


    Danny Boy,

    Thanks also, it is a very touching story. It is helpful for us to be aware of what our brothers are going through and to keep us on our toes not to easily forget what Mr. Biya and cohorts has done to Cameroonians from all walks of life.

    The producer of the documentary set out to tell Kingley's story not for the sake of sensation, but to let the world hear the voice of the voiceless, to feel the pain, the anguish and the suffering which our own people are inflicting on us day after day, year after year, decade after decade.

    That some of our leaders, who are also our brothers & sisters can impoverish their own kin in these multiple and cruel ways is beyond belief. That they have not even an ounce of mercy in their hearts is without any doubt, yet they have the temerity to sing daily that they are creating employment and educational opportunities for us.

    One would wonder deeply why a group of people can spend their entire lives only creating atrocious conditions, wrecking havoc across families, communities, nations & destroying our cultures and way of life just for fun, stupidity and thoughtlessness.

    Why would a man not have even a single element of mercy in his /her heart, why are these people not touched or moved even by the tragic lives of the people living around them..??

    They rise up in the morning, go about their daily lives scheming and scheming, never bothering to take a pause and look at the effects that their actions, desires, thoughts and feelings are causing on people, things and society.
    That story makes for a lot of humility and a better understanding and appreciation of life, if he can succeed and overcome all the odds and not be bitter, but have hope for the future then a million Biyas will not be able to overcome the spirit of the land nor will he be able to destroy everyone completely.

    mk the southerner

    Can some one in here tell me how significant this day is to the youth? What did the youths
    do on this day?
    Is this not a day that they remember because they had their annexed territory? Why do they celebrate this day and not also Fist October?. Is it because First October holds the truth about this falls hood Called Cameroon?. Southern Cameroonians does this day bring any joy to you?

    National Assembly:
    Anglophones decry marginalisation in appointments

    Say it is unacceptable that of a total over 50 senior officials appointed by house speaker Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, only three are Anglophones. They raised questions about regional balance that is much preached by authorities

    By Ojong Steven Ayuk in Yaounde

    Anglophone workers at the National Assembly are complaining bitterly over what they perceive as discrimination in appointments of senior officials of the institution.

    House speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, recently appointed over 50 senior officials at the general secretariat of the National Assembly, of which only three are Anglophones.

    “Where is the regional balance that government keeps trumpeting as criterion for appointments in this country?” one of the disappointed Anglophone workers was overheard saying. “Is regional balance not applicable to the National Assembly and its speaker? Otherwise how could he leave out Anglophones so glaringly?”

    Some of the fuming workers who requested anonymity told this reporter that apart from the anger directed against Cavaye, they are also annoyed with Anglophone members of the National Assembly bureau who did not lobby for fair representation of Anglophones in the appointments.

    “While bureau members from other regions were busy lobbying and grabbing posts for their people, our Anglophone bureau members were day dreaming and only fighting for selfish interests,” the disgruntled workers said, questioning what role Rose Abunaw (vice speaker) Bernard Forju (secretary to assembly), Nji Fidelis (questor) and Emilia Lifaka were doing in the assembly bureau.

    Some of the workers said if SDF members of the bureau could have their way, they would do much better than their CPDM colleagues.

    However, an Anglophone CPDM bureau member, who asked not to be named, said he too was shocked by the glaring marginalisation of Anglophones in the appointments.

    He said he confronted the house speaker on the issue but all Cavaye Yeguie could say was that they could not find any competent and experienced Anglophone workers. “Most of the Anglophones are young workers,” he quoted Cavaye as saying.

    During the installation of the appointed officials on 15 January, National Assembly secretary general, Louis Claude Nyassa, said the appointments were based only on merit, hard work and experience.

    Rose Abunaw, on whom the Anglophones counted most, echoed the SG when this reporter approached her. “The appointments were based on the CVs of the workers; the most meritorious were appointed,” Rose Abunaw said.

    But the angry Anglophone workers are not buying that explanation and say they are planning to petition President Biya over the appointments.

    Among the over 50 appointed senior officials are five technical advisers, three chargé des missions, six directors, a chief accountant, many sub-directors, heads of division and research officers.

    Bob Bristol


    I've never been so touched in recent times. KINGLEY'S CROSSING should be shown to the world. At least let them see the other side of life.
    We can't wait till 2011. We've persevered for too long. We are tired. We've been humiliated and disgraced for too long. Kingsley's success in a way, symbolises our victory. Lets keep the faith. Lets shun temptations. God will see us through.

    Thank you Countryfowl.



    Sango Roy

    I have read the President's speech which sounds the same.The youths can't be of much help to Cameroon if they are not entrusted with responsibilities.If you are president today is because your predecessor placed you in a proper position.It is never too late.Prove your skeptics wrong Mr.President by organizing free and fair election and call it quit.For youths trying to get in touch with the President,suggest you visit his website have written so many mails to him,hope it gets to him.


    Schools in Cameroon serve the function of correctional facilities,where youths are holed-up,and forced to learn that;"L'ecole pour les ecoliers,la politique pour les politiciens".In these so called schools,half baked measures are taken to grudgingly teach these youths by teachers who had a rosy childhood and school life.After completing school,they are again grudgingly received into the society.They are allowed to rot away.Little wonder that when it came to where he has to talk about employment in his speech,the President said the National Action Plan For Youth Employment is still being put in place,and will take off in 2009.How comes a President has been creating schools for 26 years and has only reaslised in 2009 that youths need employment?In Cameroon the youths are pawns on the chessboard that are used for political posturing.The President is now beating his chest to have told the youths that difficult times were right ahead,but his lieutenants arrest a teacher and throws him into jail for criticising the blocking of roads at a moment when the world is facing this debilitating economic downturn he had predicted.How would one reconcile the image of a President who is trigger-happy to throw teachers into prison and one who is looking for teachers to teach in the numerous mushroom schools he keeps creating?
    This is a President that behaves to the youths like someone trying very hard to cheat his barber.Today he says they are being manipulated by apprenti sorciers and he hits them hard by sending them to Kondengui,the next day he says they were right to protest because of hunger and unemployment.One morning his minister comes out with a list of about 600 students good for ENS Maroua,the next morning he himself shoves this list aside and comes out with 6000 names of people who never sat for any competitive exam.How can such a President be a model for the youths?How would the President talk about youth employment without stating clearly the rate and the measures that must be taken to address this? A national action plan for employment has nothing to do with the palpable roadmap that must be followed to create jobs.Finally,what type of a President is this who never mentions the youths far- flung around the world in his speeches?The youths in the diaspora constitute a formidable force in nation building,but he never alludes to them.This is a sign of bad faith.He doesn't know how many of them are there,and he does nothing to show them that someone cares.Those in the diaspora run away from death and those back home face death and prison,so "de qui se morque Monsieur le President?"


    Paul Pot, Mr President of la Republique du Cameroun-

    On this anniversary day of the Southern Cameroons Plesbicite of February 11, 1961, what else can you say or do after 26 years as a French puppet?

    Why, Mr President of la Republique du Cameroun, with all these wonderful things you have in store for your "dear young compatriots" are your own children being schooled at Collège du Léman in Geneva, Switzerland?

    Collège du Léman is one of the most expensive and exclusive private boarding schools in the world, where the school fees for one of your children, for one term, could pay the salaries of 100 teachers in your la Repubqliue du Cameroun for one year. How do you reconcile that Mr President.

    And Mr President, and where did you get that money from? Tif Man!


    All this is nothing but simple rhetoric. How i wished our president had love for his country like he truly sounds. He sounds like the major concern of his administration is the welfare of Cameroon in the future. The honest truth is that their personal ambitions and enrichment remains their sole concern.
    Look at how much each minister have embezzled since 1982, think of what the amount of money would have done in enriching Cameroon in terms of infrastructure and educational sustainability. Gone are the days when Cameroonians were so blind not to see reality. Yes educational enhancement is true on paper, on the other hand numerous schools does not have to be opened and abandoned to parents teachers association to run. The government needs complete liberalization and decentralization to achieve any level compared to the situation to any other African countries or the west. We have to implement certain educational programs that are more career oriented. We need better educational counseling to create an awareness that education is not just about going to school but to prepare you towards playing a role in the sustainable development of your society.
    The president was in my opinion so naive as to the realities of the ever increasing rate of unemployment. Educational investment does not yield dividends when the streets are so full of graduates without jobs. That is not money well spent because whats the essence of spending money on youths when they cant invest in a system.
    The problem with Cameroon is that everyone is so dependent on the state for employment. Yes the public sector must have been exhausted that's why it becomes so hard finding a job. On the other hand i don't think the government is creating any form of incentives to the private sector to develop. Until measures are taken to give the private sector a very big role to play in the economic development of Cameroon then the idea of this Utopian society that Mr president is talking about is a far fetched reality. Priorities should be gotten straigth and that remains a 21st century reality not a myth

    Ma Mary

    "Paul Pot"
    Very funny, Tagro.

    ebot tabi

    Anglophnes sit up.This speech is full of marginalisation projects.Nothing for the Southwest and Northwest provinces.What did we do to merit such maltreatment from La Republique? I think the institute of fine Art should be created in the Northwest province.
    Anglophones Youths do not listen to that liar.Join your parents to fight for the liberation of southern Cameroons and secure a brighter future.He has been singing the same song for the past 27years.He is not a 21century president and can not do anything that will change your situation.
    I pity my fellow Anglophone youths because their future is bleak.
    SIT UP


    Well the president outlined lot of interesting stuff. But is he going to put them into practice? I didn't read anything regarding the University of Buea? Is it because it's from the southern part of Cameroon? I just hope things workout well for the benefit of all Cameroonians. Long live out great nation.


    For about 26 years now we have been fed similar youth day messages from Popo! When will Cameroonians rise up and stop this guy from wasting our time? In his arrogance, he even fails to acknowledge the great sacrifices that our parents and teachers in particular are making to ensure that we even have an educational system in the first place! The free education system that Ahidjo handed down to him has been turned into a "free education" build on the sweat and exploitation of teachers, parents and students.

    The great infrastructure that Ahidjo handed over to him has suffered years of neglect and some are even beyond repairs! At the moment there is no world class highway or stadium in Cameroon. All the roads, bridges, stadia and buildings that were constructed/completed during Biya's rule (e.g. Tiko-Douala, Kumba-Mamfe, ) were already planned and paid for by Ahidjo! Even "Palais D'Etudi" was planned and paid for by Ahidjo! So what is Biya's legacy then after staying in power for more than 26 years?

    T.A. simo,gunpowder

    fellow countrymen,age is something we cant run from.i would urge his excellency to compare his voice some years back and that on the eve of 11 fakebruary.
    i keep wondering why we are so quick in vomiting curses on this man who is simply doing his part whereas we have failed to do our own part (u know what i mean)But again i wonder what we can do if we could not withstand hunger and mere threats for just 4 days in feb 2008.if we have resigned our destiny to faith(like i know many have done)then lets wait for divine intervention.sometimes this talking serves a purpose,it releases the tension in us.
    i have said times without number that a nation with a conscience is a nation without a soul and a nation without a soul cannot live.
    Because i fear that the so much 2011 would come and go with making any history;of course we are a peace loving and hospitable people.
    the thing is we have been so peace loving that we are unable to even shout "thief" while the enemy loots our national wealth.
    He whom the gods want to kill is first made mad.
    we all love our country but not so little as to see it go into ruins.


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