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Saturday, 28 March 2009


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Rules my arse. The snooty fellow who is talking about rules probably never ever took fire for his country.

Jamie, NY

Some Englishman does not like Charly. It is a racist affront.

Now they bring a past rape conviction on the young soldier to try to destroy Charly morally - a well practised tactic, aimed at scoring where logic fails.

This is unfair.


In the US, every military member is automatically guaranteed citizenship, regardless of whether or not they ever get deployed. Shame, shame, shame on Britain. SHAME!!!
Charly, you are an asset. I suggest you appeal your case to the US government, and ask if you can join their military. The treatment, I promise will not be the same. Brits don't deserve you! Take this story to the media, and you will win!!!

Jamie, NY

The only rational tit-for-tat is for Cameroon to deny taking Charly. He is now an illegal combattant - having trained in an alien army, been to an illegal war and exposed to wantom violence. He is now Britain's soldier.


Biya is no Mugabe. No balls. He will cave in and will wipe the catarrh off any European leader's nose. He likes his hospital in Baden Baden and his houses in Switzerland too much. I never thought I would see the day, but Sarkozy gives these guys a headache.


Don't rely on the British, they will never change.
It's the same thing they did to Southern Cameroon.


"I did wrong, but I risked my life for this country"

BY Rodney Hinds

A FORMER soldier who fought in the Iraq war for Britain, is fighting another battle in the UK.

Cameroon-born Charly Ngouh faces being kicked out of the country, after being denied the right to stay following his conviction for a sexual offence in May 2005, while serving in the Army.

Following an evening of drinking in December 2004, Ngouh entered the room of a female Army colleague while she was asleep, in the early hours of the morning. He attempted to touch her breast, but the woman crossed her arms to prevent him from doing so, and told him to stop.

Ngouh then left her room.

He was subsequently charged and punished by the military. Ngouh went on to fight in Iraq for seven months in 2006.

He left the Army voluntarily in March 2008, but the incident has hindered his attempt to stay in the UK.

A remorseful Ngouh told The Voice: “I messed up but I did put my life on the line for this country. “I have sisters, so it has not been nice. I’ve left the incident behind and I just want to move on.” The Government has twice refused his application to stay in Britain and Ngouh says this is the worst time of his life. “It’s worse than being in Iraq, because in Iraq I had my boys around me and they were people who I could put my life in their hands,” he said. “It is extremely frustrating, especially knowing what I went through for the last five years.

“I’m exhausted emotionally. It’s like facing the death penalty. I’ve been paying taxes and not claiming anything, abiding by

the rules with plans for the future.” Ngouh arrived in England eight years ago as a student of Cambridge University, where he

studied for two years. He then decided to join the Army. Ngouh now wants to return to his studies and build a new life

in England, but it looks like he will be unable to do so.

“I’ve got un unconditional offer from the University of Southampton, which is the reason why I left the Army in the first place,” he said. “This Government is stopping me. They are stopping me because I am no use to them any more. They are just kicking me to the side really.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for the UK Borders Agency said: ‘All individuals who come to the UK are expected to play by the rules. All applications for leave to remain in the UK are considered on an individual basis in line with immigration rules. ‘Applications that do not meet the rules will be refused.’ But Ngouh is being supported by the Royal British Legion. A

spokesman said: ‘We would like this case to be resolved as a matter of priority, and in the meantime urge that on no account


Hurrah Mr.Ngouh, It,s a pity it all turned out soured. Money doe not follow you but wait for for place of obedient. Focus..........


If Charly had been charged and punished by the army, why should the Home Office bring up the issue again and leak it to the press?

Yes, a drunken Charlie attempted to touch the breast of a woman colleague and obeyed her wish to stop. That is obedience of natural laws.

How many such incidents go unreported between the sexes and how can the Home Office base its argument on such a trivial incident?

The Game

And who says anything good can come out of greedy Britain?

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Charly,i feel for you,after all the risk you took on behalf of Britain,they dumped you.That is how they treated our fathers,took them to construct Britain underground but credit went to their sons and they call them wonderful engineers.
Please!! read the story of British Cameroons and see how they dumped us.Britain is a terrible country with terrible people.
The US is different,they consider,appreciate and reward any one who fought on their behalf.Cameroon wouldn't be OK for you for many reasons eg,with your skills we are afraid you might topple our emperor,for you are believed to be very dangerous even with bare hands.
May God help you.

Ras Tuge

Charles Ngouh,
why should intelligent African children feel sorry for a parochial quisling like you?You lost your mind and personally decided to submit yourself through such an illegal humiliation by choosing to fight for such a manipulatively criminal country as Britain.Did anybody promise to normalise your stay,let alone grant you British citizenship as a reward for enrolling in the army?If not,then i wonder why an alien combattant like you will not be removed just like every other illegal immigrant.We all know that you got tricked and lured by spurious promises of high remuneration to abandon your studies.You were a contract soldier,and since you were lucky not to pay the ultimate price,you probably must have bagged an incredible amount of British pounds.Hordes of foolish African youths like you join things for empty fame,and money without thinking about the consequences.Well,Charly posterity has passed a judgment on you,and this is simply retributive justice to you.Normally,a man like you ought to be imprisoned in Cameroon on your arrival.


German man get power ie is brutal and efficient
English man get cunny
French man na tif man

That is what my grand dad who never learned to read, but endured all the colonial powers said. Charly was not listening to the old folks.

English man still get cunny and he fool you.


The millitary court did charged Charly for his misconduct. That has got nothing to do with his immigration.How on earth do they relate that.Upon serving britain for seven year it really call for concern here especially to our young brothers and sisters hoping to join or already in the army.

Danny Boy

Oh dear! However much I empathize with this young man, I am afraid he failed to seek counsel before leaving the Army. The Army and the Home Office are different government departments with their own set of rules.
Had he come to me, I would have advised him to remain in the Army, rise up the ranks before quitting, given the quoted misdemeanour! That way he will at least guarantee himself a good severance payment and a chance of remaining indefinitely in the UK.
I wish him well.

Fon Teku

I agree with you flat out. Leaving the army was a big mistake.

Danny Boy

it has been a few weeks since my last posting from a friends computer Saturday! Missed much, but the good news is that my system is up and running once again.
Happy EASTER to one and all.
Danny Boy.

Sesseko Intl

The least thing to do in Europe and even America is to 'fight' because of papers. They call you soldiers but the true is that you are mercenaries. mercenaries are layoff after the job is done. Nothing like honour. He is lucky to wake up early enough, some do it at old age. Go home and form a security company or something like that.

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Yes Jamie, This case seems to me raised by a racist. - Mathew J.


Cameroon, refuse to take back Charly? That would be ideal, but those guys in Yaounde have no balls once it concerns Europeans. Biya will bow down and kiss the queens hand@@ oh, I know the queen is not really in charge, but that is what it looks like.

Mbofris Fran


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