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Monday, 30 March 2009


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Igwacho Peter PhD

Song should go very fast. If he was seeking glory he should have made it and probably facing a down turn by staying on.If seeking money, I am a little bit afraid instead of making money he might be making us loss money.
Thanks anyway for your services. Try politics like some of your friends.Most retiring stars of his caliber do engage in community efforts to immortalize their legacy. But I am afraid there might exist a behavioral issues here too.

Igwacho Peter PhD


Greatest suprised to me .Never thought Togo could defeat the indomitable Lions 1-0 and go free .I see this defeat should be put onto the aging defenders.I need some new blood injected into the team.Song and his age group should leave with the minimum delay.We need to qualify for the the world cup.I do not want to have the last experience.I see the game of football is like cameroon politics where old people do not want to give room for young cameroonians.Song and Biya should go.


If cameroon had won that game, all these stupid statements would never have surfaced. Why do we always have to wait for a lose to start spilling our guts about the negative side of the lions. We have known abnout all these for years and not a single finger had gone up. So shut up today and let the boys play. Loosing a game doesnot mean we have lost the tournament or chance to move forward.


Let Togo wear a red feather for a day! They deserved a win. The Lions are champs and will bite their way back.


What a waste of time. People do not face their problems and watch football, drink beer, chop suya, screw each other.

Dr Brown

Whoever wrote this should first of all correct himself by knowing that the world cup is not in 2012 but 2010. You don't even know when the game is played so you should not comment about the game. It is true Song is ageing, but looking at the 2008 Nations Cup, he took the team to the final even though he made a mistake that cost us the trophy. It is true he needs to retire, but I won't blame him if he is called up to play. Talk to the team management and not a player. If you were good as you claim you were, you would have been in that team also. Jealousy na witch.


This team does not represent me as a Cameroonian for two reasons
1-The whole team is made of francophones as if there is no good anglophone player from that country. This marginalization has been very conspiscious since the days of Ndip Aken. Tataw Stepen and Agbor Hans.
2-Secondly men in their mid 40's like Song Rogobert and Geremi Njitap should be honest with their ages and allow the young players with Energy and talent to come in. Though i thank them for their copntribution to the national team i do feel its time they go because Song cost us the African Nations Cup in Ghana and will cost us the world cup qualificaation if care is not taken. If changes do not take place we will not qualify for South Africa 2010 for which i will never bother because in my opinion we are not good enough.
3-Again the management of the national team is a sham as well. An old Man sacked by Togo a minimal footballing Nation in Africa is brought to coach Africa's number one footballing nation in the Global scene. What a shame his inability to take the team forward is very clear in his inability to deliver good results. I am sure the Government knows fully well that they are joking with the peoples only passion in Cameroon. If Care is not taken the consequences will be very disastrous. Let something be done for its still too early to rectify the errors.


This article seems to be a personal attack on Rigobert Song. I watched the entire match and the goal was due to a mistake by Andre Bikey who is a far much younger player. I agree with you that younger talents should replace the older ones but no one has proven himself capable of replacing Song. The position being played by Rigobert needs a player who is talented and with experience.
Mr. Chia, if you want to write a report like this attacking people, you should check your facts. Song first played in the national team in 1994 and he was listed as 17 yrs old. From then till now is 15 yrs meaning he is 32 yrs old which is correct. Age is not much of a problem so long as the player is still fit and performing well.
Sylvio Mendes Campos Junior commonly known as Sylvinio is now 35 yrs old and is a very vital player for FC Barcelona. There are also players who played for their national side and were even older than Song like Baresi, Maldini, Nyamoro, Julio Cesar and many more.
If you blamed Song after the finals of CAN, it would have been okay but blaming him after the match on Saturday is unfair. It is true that he is not the Song we used to know but he is still good untill there is a replacement. Also as Dr. Brown said, don't blame the player for trying to defend his country when he is called but blame the coach for selecting him.


Cameroonians seemed to have forgotten that during the 2000 Nations Cup hosted by Ghana and Nigeria, and which Cameroon won, this same Togo beat us in this same stadium by the same score - 1-0. Many of these players were still around then and were 9 years younger. So age has very little to do with it.

Wanle Yuri

Who cares? How many an or better still, Southern Cameroonian issues have been solved by any former wins.
All nonesense

Wanle Yuri

Who cares? How many Cameroonians or better still, Southern Cameroonian issues have been solved by any former wins.
All nonsense


Na distraction ma broda Wanle Yuri. Who give a s_h_i_t

Tchanya Luc N. phd reseach student uni-Kiel

Football they say is round in shape. Therefore it has no fomular. If our great cameroonian nation is graded the number one African football nation, then it is due to the enormous performance of our talented players on the pitch of football. Better be late than never. Now that we ahve been able to identify some of the ailing problems that could prevent our participation at the 2010 world cup challenge in South Africa, we should all pretend to act as one people and rally all the mometum behind the Lion for a kind of get-fit against the next encounter. This is not the time for blame game, for we all no so well that criticism in Cameroon on the contrary is errenously interpreted as support for the old order. Capt. Song is aged no question, but what alternative measures could be implimented aim at better results, that is what payens should be
pre-occupied with now.
Long Live Lions
Long Live Cameroon


The world cup is scheduled for june 2010. I do not know of any 2012 world cup to who so ever that wrote this article. The management of the national team, the ageing players the politics in the game, a senile Paul Biya,Otto, Song , Geremi and many more. No English speaking cameroonian soccer player in the squad. These are some of the ills to start of with. Not that there are not good english speaking soccer player example Enoh in Ajax of Armsterdam, for that reason this is not a representation of the cameroon national team. In Cameroonian soccer there is no regional balance but when it comes to a competitive entrance examination into the School of Medicine at the University of Buea a list of Francophones who did not even sat for the entrance examination is sent by the Minster of Higher education from Yaounde for inclusion. The Government claims Regional balance. What a mess, I do not care . Biya and his disciples should lead Sudddom and Gomorah. Dem don really curse cameroon.

Diboue Black

Mr Chia,you need to investigate your facts.I thought you were a journalist.Your article was incoherent.Did you proofread your article ?


What has football got to do with politics and Mr Biya? Why are we Cameroonians running away from the fact. We should think of how the Team should work and progress. Even Argentina got beaten by Columbia who is not even known in Football today. Age also has nothing to do with this team. Roger Milla scored at the World Cup when he was 42years and still holds the record for the oldest player to score a goal at the world cup, Henrique Larson still playing for Sweden at the age of 35, and you name the rest.
After reading this article from a "trained and qualified" journalist, I am ashamed to say I am from Cameroon. I would rather chose Zimbabwe as it will be easy to say because of crisis we have little time to proof read our articles or even to study english. Shame on you Mr Chia. You are a disgrace to Journalism in that our Fatherland and by the way who made you a sport journalist. Anyway, I won't blame you for your article, but the post news paper for posting a useless article written by a drunk. Thanks so much


La Republique continues to disgrace itself. Still wrapped up in the colonial mentality, La Republique decided to hire an egocentric white European coach who has been sacked several times by other African teams. Truly shameful. I hope they don't make it to the world cup; with continuous failures like this, maybe Anglophones will wake up from their slumber and realize that they have been colonized and denied basic human rights.




I am from Bamenda Cameroon and i do not think this is a political issue. We should watch what we say sometimes. Can anyone name any anglophone player that is better than the guys that line up against Togo?I know people will say Enoh but who can he replace,Etoo,Makoun,Solmen,Mbia? Common guys those Francophones deserve to play than anyone else. There is no one at this time that can replace Song except Omam Biyik Junior who is a full back but has no experience yet.The goal against Togo was a Fault by Adebayor who pull down Bikey and the referee did not blow it. Song should be discipline and stay at the back and also clear his zone than trying to control. We need Epale from Bochum in Germany and Emana. For me Mbami is very lazy and JembaJemba should leave the team. In all Cameroon will humiliate Togo in Cameroon and will win against Gabon and Morocco home and away.


Ginola, you have said a lot of things that make sense to me. I like the fact that you have analyzed the team and the country to see that Song hasn't got a proper replacement yet. The writer of this article decided to launch an attack to Song and then bringing it to politics. It is so sad to see that someone who has been so patriotic will receive such critisms from the same country he wants to defend. If we look at what most the players go through and without pay sometimes then we will learn to appreciate. I don't know if anyone remembers the comment "l'argent est entre Paris et New York" when the same Song was playing for the national team and they were never payed. Because of this same critism we lost Etame and now it is coming up again. Watch out and think. Allez les Lions

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