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Saturday, 28 March 2009


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The new site is looking like a HOT MESS...quite disappointing. Everything is jumbled up carelessly in utter disarray and what is up with this color? green? bright green splashed everywhere? the color is not luring; in fact, my interest has declined since this new "invention" was established. A HOT MESS, indeed.


Thank you for your input. It is a work in progress, and it shall be considered. Positive suggestions are also welcome, that is what you would like, not just what you do not like.


Along the lines of the first writer, reduce the clutter, too much going on (images especially that do not add to the reading experience), it seems. Also experiment with different fonts.


bright green to bright red?

Reex Flames

Well people, I think the new site is cleaner than the the former, although some few changes need to be implemented...

For a start, it would be nice to represent the headings in a Sans-serif font (e.g Vendana, Arial, Tahoma, etc) and the main text in a Serif font (I think the current body text font satisfies the criterion).

Secondly, the section Categories is misleading. Instead of displaying the names of authors and the titles of articles under this section, the different groups/categories of the blog's content should rather be listed here.

Thirdly, the advert tags should be placed on one side of the page and if possible some should be placed independently on some pages. The actual adverts seem to clutter the current page and distract the reader (as suggested by TAGRO ).

Fourthly, a tabbed interface to group respectively RECENT COMMENTS and RECENT POSTS, Cameroon News, Calendar etc, shall provide an ease of instant reading at a glance, without need of further scrolling. In fact, the reader should avoid scrolling at the launch of the page (about a maximum of 7 elements on a presentation screen has been proven to be the optimum number of items that the brain can easily grasp as non-complex ).

Lastly, various font colors should represent the state of links. For example a color to respectively denote new and visited links.

It would be unfair not to congratulate the designer on the choice of the white color as a background color, it greatly contrasts to the fore color of text, thus increasing its readability.

Hence, congratulations for doing a nice job and for providing an opportunity to help improve the quality of the blog!


Burgundy a dark purplish red to blackish red is not exactly bright. Experimenting with the fonts is not such a bad idea.

Ma Mary

I am unaware of any blog that allows its commenting section to be hijacked by a single commentator. They call people who do that trolls, and those are the abusive elements who cross the fine line between enthusiasm and crazy. I think you have long entered crazy territory, my friend Alain Dipoko. Major blogs such as Huffington post or the New York Times blogs or Salon would have erased your commentary account ages ago. They do not like subscribers whose only jobs seems to be trolling their accounts.

In your previous incarnation as USAfrica, I suggested many times that you should start your own blog and open your ideas to being torn apart. I also reminded him that a charge of censorship would only be true, if anyone was preventing him from going to Blogger and opening a free blog, and inviting the public to come and share his wonderful ideas. There are huge blogs, whose readership dwarfs major newspapers started by small individuals. But, as an internet guru, you know that already.


I don't eat junk foods and I don't think junk thoughts.

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