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Monday, 02 March 2009


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Ayuk: "Can now take a cold coke in jail" .....

a report or revenge?

Lets get our personal resentments off news reports or better call it an opinion rather than a news report


Absolutely ridiculous!
"Ayuk: Can now take a cold coke in jail" (The Post Newsline).
So is this a personal victory for The Post?
I am neither condoning nor condemning Ayuk, but I don't understand why the post is celebrating this one.

Glenn Wilson

No, there's no cold coke for you in jail Mr Ayuk. But there will be plenty of sex for you! Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Most likely related to that Enow Brillian Ayuk from Kembong.

Glenn Wilson


By plenty of sex,you mean anal and or oral,right?How have you ascertained this fact.

Thought gay stuff is illegal in cameroon.Hey Wilson,can you go a bit futher....,

How is it done,again is it done only in prison,have you done it with Ayuk before or he did it with you.

Anyway yr biz

Glenn Wilson

You are very curious, Hills. Perhaps you should do your own research, but I feel that your questions are rhetorical and you know all on this subject.

As for what is legal and illegal in Cameroon, that is decided with money and intimidation.



This Glenn Wilson character is quite hilarious. You came to Cameroon to continue the tradition of the white man: shady dealings, exhortion and exploitation. Fortunately, reality slapped you on the face and you soon realized that this wasn't the colonial era. Ever since, you jump around this forum throwing insults here and there. Africa is not a game Glenn Wilson and to borrow the words of Idi Amin, whatever happened to you in Africa was probably the realest moments of your life.


Mr. Glenn Allen. Are you going to spend your entire life blaming Cameroon for your failure? As mush as Cameroon has contributed to your fall, its also your own bad judgement that got you into the situation you are in. You wanted fun and you got as much of it as you deserved.
Vindictiveness would n't get you any where. Let it go man!


Mr. Glenn wilson. Are you going to spend your entire life blaming Cameroon for your failure? As mush as Cameroon has contributed to your fall, its also your own bad judgement that got you into the situation you are in.
Vindictiveness would n't get you any where. Let it go man!


The Name Glenn Wilson look fake to me . What the hell do need from our Pygmies.go help your desperate whities.....


Yeah Glenn fake,
Rhetorical questions for a rhetoric opinion. You got served on your own plate….hahaha you made the call, I just followed along.

Where are you coming from, what happened to you poor Glenn, If legality is restricted to money and intimidation, then to what extend do you justify your adversaries predicaments.

There you go wrapping in a self created cankerworm. its the path to self-destruction Mr bombastical mooncalf

Glenn Wilson

You manyu guys are really funny. I make a point about a thief and you go getting all racist as usual. You are just like well-trained pets, I throw the stick and you go chasing after it. hahaha

How can anyone take you ghosts seriously? Any point you make is of no value because you aren't prepared to stand by it. We can all say whatever we want anonymously, but if you trust yourself and your values then you would identify yourself.

You are probably the types of people that I watched in the SW courts as you frustrated and stole from your own family? For your information, I have even less time for thieves with white skin. Now you can go back to your bottle of muzic.


Your pointy was rhetoric…full stop, keep your mouth zip and opinions concealed to your little stereotype box or better still refer to your school notes (if you were ever schooled) before jumping on an issue that can eat you up.

Here you speak

“As for what is legal and illegal in Cameroon, that is decided with money and intimidation.”

“Any point you make is of no value because you aren't prepared to stand by it”

Check those two out and see how contradictory your opinions are. Tell me, how far are you prepared to stand by the fact that “what is legal and illegal in Cameroon is decided with money and intimidation.”

Again, check this out “I make a point about a thief and you go getting all racist as usual.”
You talk about racism ,yet you single out Cameroon as being lawless, and your country lawful…No need to refer your tiny brain to statistics and facts

Last but not the least, a thief you say, oh! you mean a criminal…..if the former is really what you intended to say, then you arte pathetic and need not be granted any form of asylum anywhere

An apology to this forum will do you some good, Mr Glenne


Hills, rspect.
I'm not sure if you followed the Glenn story and even if it turned out to be a tale for entertainment, I would personally sympathize with the character 'Glenn Wilson'
This guy was actually disposessed off his little fortune by a Manyu sister, now if you put the color or tribe first, I'll also release bomb shells against the 'whitemen, responsible for all our troubles'
But if we treat this gentleman as another human, who was shortsighted then we have a different set of arguments for or against.
Well again we can start from the basics, this Glenn person, reportedly suffered an injustice and couldn't find justice in our courts which we all know how it works and he uses such medium to shed his tears and I hardly see how he deserves the negative titles.

As for Obi, he will be lucky to comment on the Post again in 2011.


It is surprising that anyone who want to denigrate a man of integrity like Glenn Wilson. From his ordeal in Cameroon and the steadfastness and restrained he shown, any responsible mind would understand that he is a very kindhearted, loving and Godfearing person. Please Hills, show respect for this man as he is not the type you guys want to depict above.


Hey Rixon,
Its a no issue trying to define the face or personality attached to the name in question.

Guess I need not spell out the fact that respect is an upshot of thoughts and opinions....I'm the kind that gets all smashing or give appaluads to opinions and turn a blind eye to the face.

Tell me something,Rixon,

"No, there's no cold coke for you in jail Mr Ayuk. But there will be plenty of sex for you!"

Does yr bible define that as God fearing?If yes,then this is all a;

No Issue,I aint coming back on this no more



Glenn Wilson,

"Manyu" types? hahahaha. I guess anyone who denies to listen to your rhetorics is now a "manyu" type huh? whatever happened between you and your "Manyu" people is strictly your business. Don't force us to bear the pain of your shady dealings.

Second of all, we are like trained dogs? ha! that is also a laughable quote. As I earlier reminded you, we are no longer in the colonial era so insults trying to reduce Africans to the level of animals bear no significance whatsoever. If we are trained dogs, why did your adventures in Cameroon not go as planned? why didn't you have your way? you thought you could storm into "Africa" and control these "dogs" huh? hahaha. Well, you thought wrong.

It will be wise if you refrain from coming to this site every hour and polluting it with your baseless hate and unhealthy criticism. This site was built for Cameroonians who are enthusiastic about change in country; Cameroonians who want to work together for a better cameroon and rid our beloved country of the ills which plague her.

This site wasn't created for white men with the colonial mentality like yourself who have nothing to say but to whine and moan about jilted love and curse cameroon for their own misgivings.

G'day mate!!

Glenn Wilson

Dear Mr (or Mrs?) Hills & United States of Africa. I shall quite gladly enter into debate with you over the issues you have raised, if you are prepared to identify yourselves and your tribe of origin.

Me, I'm a 46 year old male, born in Goondiwindi, Australia. My ancestry is Irish/English. (Not to proud about the English part, but hey, who gets to choose?)

My Cameroon experiences are well documented.
Click here.



who raised an issue? did Glenn,still ready to iron you out in any battle you choose

25yrs old Afro american,born in cameroon (Not too proud about the American part, but hey, who gets to choose?),resides in Toronto and into show biz.

Now you shoot


Hi Glenn Wilson,
Sorry you are not well informed about the case of the said Enow Brilian. Ayuk is different from Brillian.You know little or notting about her husband. That is why you didn't see any wrong in him. He was a dropedout at the age of 11 and became a porn photographer. He went to cameroon for expliotations. Try to do investigations before writing. You sounds as if you have once been in jailed and have experince jailed life. For Ayuk, stop that and be a nice man.I understand is the situation in cameroon.Let pray for Biya to die before he runs for another term in office.


Glenn Wilson

I see you are a narcissist suffering from verbal diarrhoea; always finding a way to focus the spotlight on you. Suffice to say, I don't come to this site to argue about the details of your adventures in Africa. Go write a book or start a "we-hate-cameroon" whatever you want but don't you dare interfere with Cameroonians debating on how to make their country a better place.

your english is horrible young man so you might want to change your name from "britishman" to "pidginman". Stop disgracing yourself like this.

Glenn Wilson

Like I said, You Manyu guys are really funny...........


Glenn wilson or whatever you call yourself. In your sick country, the consent of any of my brother who marries your women will not even be asked before he be thrown out.

can you stop bitching and moaning about cameroon? Infact, count it lucky that there were ever chances of court sessions.

If I was the one in europe, I will not even get that privilege to stand in court.

From this day henceforth, never ever you damage the image of my people further.

When it was sweet, we never knew. now that its bitter, we are being told.
Be ashame!!!


Altruist, thank you for putting this Glenn Wilson character in his place.

Listen Mr Wilson, you are in position to open your filthy mouth and vomit rubbish. In your home Australia, you guys enslaved the aborigines (the true indigenous Australians), deprived them of human rights, brutalized them, brain-washed them and treated them as animals. Even up to date, they are still regarded as second class citizens in Australia and face a massive amount of discrimination and prejudice. If you are so persistent about figting for human rights, why don't you start by creating an Anti-Australian website to lament about the ills facing the Aborigine society? after all, doesn't charity begin at home?

You want the whole world to kiss your white ass because your adventures in Cameroon didn't go as planned? Sorry to burst your bubble but what you went through is only a tiny fraction of what a lot of black people all over the world and oppressed minorities like the Aborigines face every single day of their lives. Don't try to hijack this site and demand ultimate attention because of your bab experiences in Cameroon. Why should we all pay attention to your constant whining, bitching and moaning? are you more special than the billions of oppressed people who face far worse conditions than what you endured in a couple of months (which are caused by your own miscalculations)? millions of African immigrants are being tortured and humiliated in the White man's world but nobody gives a shit. Yet, you want Africa to bow down and kiss your ass because you got duped my Manyu boys.

I would advice the Post editors to start marking the comments of this Glenn Wilson character as SPAM. Good riddance.

As for your obssession with the Manyu tribe, I can only pray for God to heal you. The Manyu woman in question probably gave you the best sex in your entire life and since then you have refused to forget about the tribe. SMH!!!


I see Glenn Wilson differently. As one who had followed his ordeal in Cameroon and his approach to life, it is not true that he is out to damage the image of Cameroon.
His love for Cameroon can't be disputed. What he hates about Cameroon, just as I do, is the system in place and not the people.
I don´t think it is Glenn Wilson who has caused verious survey organisations to constantly rate Cameroon as the most corrupt nation on earth.Which is more damaging?
Is it the system in place, that Glenn Wilson is against, that damages our image or this gentle man?


Hey guys, yeah..

the point has been made and if he's anything worth half a brain, hen guess he got it.

Hey Glenn, my final remarks...I don't give a damm about your credentials or personality, sure everyone is worth something or wanna know what went down with you, we all got our calls,
but just an advice, next time u wanna make a comment, don’t let your past traumas guide you.

Your fist comment to this issue took the wrong foot man.




You exposed the TRUTH into existence! That was perfect. Well put! Infact, this sickness got to stop.

Someone goes to the extent of committed terror acts in our land and got the gods to be talking about it?

This is crazy beyond imagination. If I dare make a spark in Australia, I will be charged with committing TERROR and THREAT To the public then probably be thrown to guantanamo. Ohh, not to forget polluting the environment.

Someone goes to the extend of BURNING waste in our land, spilling toxic chemicals in the air, polluting our environment, perpetuating public terror and is allowed to walk free? AS if its not enough, the person even goes that far talking about it? Heinous to say the least.

AS UnitedstatesofAfrica puts it perfectly, what about the mass genocide that has and is still be perpetuated to the Aborigine indigenous owners of that land called today Australia? When will this person penetrate all networks, airwaves to expose it?

By the way, should we start recording all the ordeals of all blackmen all over the so called develop countries with white women?

Infact, I don't find the words to express my disgust on the audacity of the person to whining about a pitiful ordeal.

again as UnitedstatesofAfrica has tabled, charity begins at home. I look forward browsing websites that explains the genocide of the Aborigines.

Until then, be ashame.


I think being a cameroonian is really becoming a problem. Even some of us who are in the diaspora are even worst than people who have never set their foot on a plane. I believe any body who followed the story of Glenn Wilson in Cameroon should be ashame of what a fellow citizen can do to a foreigner. Its SHAMEFUL to read people writing in surport of cameroonians like ENOW BRILLIAN AYUK, KONO PAULINE ETC. Please for those who don't know the story just google it and you will feel sorry for this Glenn Wilson. I even hear, the said Kono pauline is an assistant mayor to one of those newly created councils in Limbe.(My god where are we heading to with such characters as leaders) and the said Enow Brillian is insane and she is permanently on chians.
Please, I think we should show some compassion for Glenn Wilson. It will never be a crime to love or get married but what that girl and her aunt did to Glenn will always be a crime.


Fon and co.

No one has said that what happened to Mr. WIlson in Cameroon was fair and no one is celebrating outrageous acts of corruption by a despotic regime. All you have to do is read the comments on this site and you'll know that.

However, for Mr. Wilson to hijack and clog this site with his constant complaints, struggling to steal attention from every issue and make it all about himself and his problems is egocentric and uncalled for. He has created a site about the ills of Cameroon. Good! he can stay there and complain all day...but spamming threads with his bitching and moaning when people are sharing ideas about building their country is intolerable and unacceptable.

Millions of Africans are being frustrated by the law in Western countrues but yet the Western media doesn't give a shit. We should not be forced to eat Glenn Wilson's shit (excuse my language) because he is a white man. Give me a break!!


Well said UnitedstatesofAfrica.
Thumbs up!!!

I couldn't have put it better.
Thanks and keep the fight up.

Glenn Wilson

Hills & Unitedstatesofafrica,
Have you ever stood up against those crooked people who make your families in Cameroon suffer? (No, I guess not)
To call for anyones mail to be removed is the very essence of the short sighted stupidity that creates the suffering your families experience at home. There are many corageous Cameroonians that I know and have met, and both of you are neither. Please tell this forum what you have done to improve the lot of people back home!

As to having a thief and shameful Cameroonian as Limbe II Deputy Mayor (Pauline Kono), well things don't look like getting any better for anyone in Cameroon for some time yet.
Glenn Wilson

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