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Tuesday, 14 April 2009


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Who was this president's cousin that was defiling underage girls? Or was he just making up the story. In any case, CPDM is a criminal cult.


This seems like one of those fake persecution stories gone terribly wrong. This guy was too smart for his own good and did not realize that he was digging his own grave. I know of at least one other person who successfully used the "I am a repentant CPDM member" excuse to get his docky in the states.... Anyway, I guess all roads lead to Rome...


That was a poorly framed story Monsieur Tchoumbou. Little did you know that you were digging your own grave. However it is all due to the collapsed state of affairs in La Republique. Bush Falling has become a profession just like becoming a physician, Pilot, Lawyer, nurse etc. My poor young man let us continue with the strive for a better cameroon. The Tyrant will be no more some day. POPO and his subordinates.



All you guys talking here have no idea of the behind the scenes operation of politics in Cameroon. All you know is what happens during daylight. How do you think the CPDM has held power for close to 30 years?. There is much truth to this guys story. Some of the activities the ruling dynasty in Cameroon get involves would cause you to throw up if you only heard about them. The CPDM is a cult infested gang filled with perverts, rapists, molesters and cultists who would go to any length to satisfy their ego and their cult masters. Yes for those of you who are hearing this for the first time, these guys do not only want you girls, they want young boys too.You guess what they do with them, as Petit Pays calls it PEDE!


If he is telling lies then that is very very serious one. But what if he is telling the truth, what will become of him back in Cameroon.
please i pray they can do something as not to make a mistake of kill him also.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Sucker hahah...send his a$% back


Well,the attempt was worth it.Regardless,the out come. Buddy, you are a great guy,you fought the fight of a bush faller,you represented the brothers & sisters struggling to survive. Our leaders have failed us,lets not fail ourselves.


Anyone that has any ties with CPDM should not exspect any form of sympathy from the well meaning people of the world. How can he tell such a tale and keep a straight face. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes back to Cameroon and carry on serving his old task masters. It defies believe that this guy started his career of crime against humanity at the ripe old age of 17. I truly hope when he gets to Cameroon he gets served a dose of what he dished out to others. Talk about the hunter becometh the hunted. Serves him right.


I hope this guy wanted to continue the same work (CIA)that he was doing for the CPDM back in Cameroon but luck was not on his side. He was sent to get Asylum so as to find out those that opposed the CPDM in Canada. He is going back to eat rats in New Bell with some of his collaborators that are there already. God bless him. Their time is running faster than the river emptying it self into the Sea. God is on our side.


An aside, To the Postnewsline editor in chief:

The change in webblog might have been well intended but this is another example of good intentions gone wrong.

This new blog format is amateurish and childish. The fonts are deplorable and funny. This is supposed to be a blog for the major English speaking newspaper in Cameroon for that matter.

Guys think twice, this is not worth the blog of the postnewspaper! This is not just my opinion but of many,I bet you.

nju Peter

Hey Tayong,

Other than the new page banner, what exactly has changed from the previous postnewsline site? I don't see it...

Secondly, if I understand the opening note on this blog, it says that the post now has a new website so this site is no longer linked to The Post. Am I reading things wronglY?

Danny Boy

Mr. Tayong,
I endorse your feedback. Maybe tomorrow we will realise that we were old sticks in the mud. The old format looked pleasant to the eye and I miss it! "un point, un trait!".
Been having problems with my PC, which is why I had to go to a friend, if only to read my mails and offer a posting!!!
All is well now, touch wood!
Preparations for the Olympics are going on schedule. Please keep marking your card. I will be ready come the hour.
Happy Summer to you and all.


i feel so sorry for him as an individual, but as a vent hole from POPO, he deserves what he got, cameroon being noted for its corruption, what makes he think Canada will even think about his plies..........poor thief


no comment.


this story was not well framed mr man

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