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Tuesday, 28 April 2009


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Ma Mary

As a practical matter, all flu epidemics start with animals, most often pigs in China. As an example, influenza vaccines for next year are prepared based on current virus activity amongst the abundant domestic animals in China, usually pigs. They are expected to adapt and to begin to infect humans and start the annual global epidemic. This one is an off season event, starting in Mexico, although the Mexicans are beginning to point fingers at the US. We are watching the blame game.

Once the flu jumps to humans, it is a human flu, and it is not transmitted by consuming pork. It is an H1N1 influenza virus, and there is really no need to give the pigs a bad name. Their destiny as pork chops, sausages, bacon and just plain "pig meat" is bad enough already.


Ma Mary

when you copy and paste sections from websites, could you please credit the source?

Ma Mary

Perhaps you want me to append a long list of academic papers I have been reading about the subject for the past decade on this subject. No, it would be rather boring to the average reader, and this is the wrong place. I have a particular interest in cataclysmic phenomena and epiphenomena, including giant meteors, pandemic super viruses, gamma ray bursts, global climate shifts, the Van Allen Belt and its susceptibilities, the megalithic civilizations that predated prehistory etcetera and shall share insights from time to time, but those who want to know more can do simple web searches starting with Wikipedia.

You may want to reserve that kind of comment to a lazy student in one of your courses.

Ras Tuge

I really don't know what the trouble is with this numskull named USofAfrica, and his juvenile urge to harass people each time someone writes something smart!

Reex Flames

I do find Ma Mary's comment informative but without references to the facts, one may conclude these are based from her own opinions. For instance, the citation about China as the major source of influenza in pigs needs a reference, because it is not known if beyond measurable proof, that fact has been confirmed.

Thus, it is recommended she cites her sources when facts as such are stated, else they would be interpreted as her personal opinions. She does not need to list all the academic papers supporting her hypotheses - I think some few links shall suffice.

On the side note to USAofAfrica and Ras Tuge:

You guys contribute to this blog and it is a pleasure(at times)to read your comments. I am nevertheless deeply contrite if the following phrases may offend both of you (remember freedom of speech - as long as my freedom does not interfere with yours :-) ):

Your negative comments on one another kill the spirit of sharing constructive opinions between the both of you and other members of this blog. I have ignored this for a long time but as the title of this blog is Man no run..., I have tightened my belt to say "enough is enough".

You are not inclined to always agree with each other but why resort to inter-personal attacks when the issue being discussed is a separate entity from your personalities?

I think this blog is neither based on a YOU-AGAINST-ME nor an US-AGAINST-THEM philosophy, especially when it comes to arguments or debates on controversial topics. Controversy is not something we can avoid but a concise, logical debate benefits involved parties, as well as spectators.

We are all DIFFERENT in thoughts, perspective and opinions. But this difference should be celebrated as VARIETY. The main reason humans are unique is to make each one complement what the other lacks - instead of discriminating each other based on our individual characteristics.

Nobody is foolish to state his/her views on this site - no matter how ludicrous or stupid their ideas may appear to be...They too have their story.[Desiderata]

Thanks for the renewed understanding...

Noui B


Alas! They sit in their escape mentality of hide- and steal.Yes only hide-run-and steal. Yes only using their enslaved imagination to escape the realities at hand. The Swine Flu comes alive and found Cameroon in its deep drunken sleep. This time never to get up.

Just Sleep some more, the RUN-AWAY GOVERNMENT.

Nelson E.

Mr. Flames or reex,

while you hastily tell others what to do, you must also try not to be judgmental about people. Endeavour to shorten your contributions, and limit them to your own suggestions about the topic in question, without recourse to the contribution of others.

If you don't see anything wrong with the arrogant, and often repugnant language of USofAfrica, then your character might not be as flawless as you try to make the world believe.

Reex Flames

Hello Nelson,

Sorry, I had to give a long advice under the article. Believe me I implicitly condemned USAofAfrica for his behavior (my side-note is addressed to BOTH of them), although I also praised them for their positive contributions, especially when they are not attacking each other.

By the way, I am not telling them what to do, rather telling them WHAT NOT TO DO, which is attacking each other with insults. Do you find my advice ill-placed, then propose a ears are open.

I am not flawless...I also make mistakes. As you know none is perfect but recognizing our mistakes and resolving to correct them is one of the best ways to reduce our imperfections.

We can't keep our eyes closed or pretend bloggers do not use this blog to launch negative attacks on one another, instead of debating on real issues.

Nevertheless, I can confirm to you that I contributed to the article in discussion by recommending Ma Mary to provide reference links to the above article she wrote. It is interesting to note your comments diverged from the topic of discussion? Did I distract you so much with my side-note? Asshia and deep apologies.

So, massa what do you think of a possibility of swine flu in Cameroon?

Ma Mary

You guys may want to read the following article, as an introduction to influenza:

The facts about China and influenza are not an insult on China. New flu viruses may arise from anywhere on earth, but China has proven to be an ideal ecosystem for the development of new virulent (immunologically unfamiliar) strains of the virus because there are so many people and so many flu-susceptible domestic animals packed into a tight space. The predictor of what viruses will hit America and Europe next year or in the Winter is what is going on among humans and domestic animals in China right now.

Please, do not make a habit of asking me to provide you with sources because information is very cheap and easy these days. Moreover, I do not keep a running catalogue of sources. My knowledge is not the result of trudging the internet, but the product of years of curiosity and keeping myself well informed. Don't take what I say for gospel, but do your own research.

Ma Mary

As if to echo my point at the beginning of this discussion, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has just decided to stop using the term "Swine Flu" in order to protect pigs:


And "Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu"


Ma Mary
You are pathetically predictable. I started off by teasing you...and you fell right into my trap. As if that was not enough foolhardy, you have gone off on a tangent, bragging about your years of knowledge and superior expertise. You know what they say right? empty vessels make the loudest noise. The brightest ones are never the bunch to storm online blogs, boasting about acquired wisdom over a span of 100 years. If it took you all your life to gain this "wisdom", then maybe you are not as bright as you think you are.

On a side note, so you were tapping into this superior wisdom of yours when you made these statements on ekosso's blog right?


Ma Mary

Owning 86 wives is revolting and a criminal and immoral act, as much as slavery which is now universally recognized as a crime. Revulsion towards this FACT is the normal reaction of a moral being.

Anything else, little man?

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the swine flu is a dangerous menace to Africa

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Swine flu and avian flu devastated many farms in the entire world. I'm sure a lot of them went bankrupt because of this.


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