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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


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Great song! Richard Bona watch your back; there's competition in the house.

Ras Tuge

No, no, no. Blick is a student, and one of the countless imitators of Richard Bona. Richard is an unprecedented artist in contemporary African music, who displays an enviable range of vocal prowess, as well as virtuoso on the bass guitar. He has enjoyed an amazing record sales, thrilled audiences, collected armful of awards, and influenced hordes of aspiring artists.

However, the difference between Richard and his musical seeds is the elegance of his style. Being in a unique class with revered icons like Charlie Parker, and Louis Armstrong, Richard Bona is poised to alter our perception of music, and hence bring a new direction to the lacklustre Cameroonian music. Apart from Richard Bona, i don't listen to the cacophonous music from home, as my music of predilection is Reggae, roots Reggae.

Each time our people are able to showcase their ability, it gives me special pride. Nonetheless, Blick Bassy is another imitative artist, with very little originality in his work. His music is just a cheap imitation of Richard Bona's tunes.

There's nothing wrong in being influenced by others. I was influenced by Max Lyonga in my quest to acquire my own surrealistic style. Africa has a superabundance of creativity, and there's an extensively wide room for diversity as far as music is concerned. Good music must be idiosyncratic, just like Richard Bona makes it.

Lastly, Anglophones must stop being spectators when artistry is concerned! Why can't we invest some of that vibrant energy we dissipate in secessionist politics, in encouraging ourselves to learn how to paint, or how to play an instrument? Francophones are no better artists than Anglophones. However, they understand the need to invest in their creativity and this pays off.

Rasta G in Italy, you are the Anglophone pride, but your popularity is yet to reach home. You must usher in a new era of African music with your Reggae, and possibly fill the void left by Lucky Dube.

Wamba Le Courant


Folks who follow Cameroonian music will tell you that Blick Bassy's style was honed ages ago before and during his years with the group Macase, one of the most unique Cameroonian music phenomena which, unfortunately, did not become a household name like Petit Pays. So he is not imitating anyone. In fact, real music enthusiasts will tell you that his music is closer to Henri Dikongue's (or even Etienne Mbappe's) than Bona's which has a more prevalent Western influence (which is why a "Whiteman" like you would like it ... in spite of the spurious "Rasta claims...). Bona is a Jazz artist, Blick is not.

BTW, if Blick is an "imitator", then what exactly is Bona? Did he create the Jazz and other foreign sounds that permeate his music?

Ras Tuge


you don't become a Rastaman, you are born one. Secondly, When good and original music is created, even Rasta feels it. Thirdly, Bona got initiated into Jazz, only after impotent efforts to break through with Cameroonian music. Nevertheless, what makes Bona special is his idiosyncratic ability to inject spirit into the feeble Cameroonian music with his rare touch of Jazz. And that works miracles!

Now, i am not so sure that you can play an instrument, for you would have noticed the up tempo bass rhythm which is quite characteristic of Bona. Ofcourse, Blick can't completely deviate from his own innate feelings, and influences that were garnered after several years of playing with Macase. That is how it works with artistry in general, for every player of instrument carries within his head a sound emporium, or a mental model of sounds. This is a subjective representation of the kind of music that they will like to play.

As a guitar player myself, i get that distinct adaptation of Fodera c c that Richard plays. I play easily in EADGC tune, and i fret in circles of 3rds and 4ths. So it is easy for me to recognise the the adaptation of the bass rhythm that Richard plays with a Roland Midi pickup installed. Moreover, Blick's way of singing and the chorus is simply a blatant mimic of Bona's. What matters in music is not the genre you play. Rather, it is how smoothly you can blend your inclination to other influences to create your own identity.

Daniel A

I seem to recognise this Ras Tuge of a man!

His style and almost "presumed down to earth knowledge" on every subject is reminiscent of an intelligent high-school pal who almost smoked "banga" out of his senses. In spite the "grass-smoking, I still see some sense in his arguments. He only needs to refrain from insults, and communicate in simple language. This is the basic xteristic of a good communicator- passing the message through, and nothing more than BIG BIG OYIBO.
If you are Luis Njuabe, then I know you, if not spare me of my error.


Hey Man! you're more insultive than Ras Tuge of a man you do claim to know,I don't know what's wrong with some of you cameroonians, always fighting amongs yourselves for no good reason, enemies of progress, Why should you go on talking about some one's personal life on a site like this? Talk about the music and stop seeking for notice village boy, The topic is about Richard Bona vs Blicks can't you get it sir? Any where sorry for being so hash on, you can't punish a thief by stealing from him, I should have been educating you rather than taking on you.

Daniel A

Hi Mr. Jimpro, Its amazing to read your acccusation of me insulting Ras Tuge! I think you mised it!If you consider an adjective like "intelligent" to be an insult, then I don't know what to say. Get my words again:

".....In spite the "grass-smoking, I still see some sense in his arguments. He only needs to refrain from insults, and communicate in simple language. This is the basic xteristic of a good communicator- passing the message through, and nothing more than BIG BIG OYIBO.....". Gentleman, mine were only observations and a piece of advice, not insults. If you hold so, then its your bzness.

I just came from the VILLAGE to put myself to test with city guys. First impressions; city people are very reactive, and insults spitting snakes; village people are calm, uncontaminated, reverened and respect others' views. Sorry for my low level english, my village head teacher told me to use only , and not "The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary". Reason why I tried reminding Ras of his origine. Once more, sorry for the low-level and zig-zag Oyibo.Just the brain storming and nothing personal. Good day and God bless you


I'm a resident of central NJ...riding along during the recent Labor Day holiday listening to WBGO...heard this awesome jazz artist...sounds like Jarreau, with awesome percussionist in background LIVE...MC said the artist's name is Bona from Cameroon! Never heard him til now. I have got to get this man's music. Someone must tell me the name of the album.


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