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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


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Reex, Flames

Dear Prince Hamilton,

There are things that are socially wrong but not sinful because some people define wrongness or rightness by their own standards

Apparently, by which standards are you judging some things as socially wrong if wrongness and rightness depends on standards?

I best see from your argument you make certain arguments that do not hold much ground. For example you claim the Muslim religion is a violent one, what would you expect of the same comments applied to Christianity during the Crusades and pogroms. Would you by this standard judge Christianity as violent too? Violence is expressed by people for some reason and you would state because some Muslims are violent implies Islam is violent. Recall some Muslim soldiers also fought for the Americans in Iraq - in such a case, is their religion non-violent (Since you do support the war)?

...and since when did pre-preemptive warfare became logical and acceptable? This is same like applying the principle in the Movie "Minority Report", where a person is arrested before he/she commits an offence. This sort of thinking has no basis because on the rules of equality, no nation has no rights to intervene directly into the affairs of others because they feel their interests (including interests of allies) are threatened. That is the reason why the UN was created to referee such issues. So no matter what argument you state about Saddam, according to International Law, US and Allies had NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to attack Iraq.

Ok back to the issue of torture. You consider it a matter of discipline... When did US and Allies become a disciplinary force in the world to judge and punish? Who appointed them to this role? Was it a divine call? Please give proofs. It is quite pertinent you may have not checked the role of the US and USSR in the cold war era, the blunders and destabilization these two countries committed. It is equally surprising, that despite your support of torture as a punishment of terrorists, it is just a one-sided view. Did you know that the US before the 1975 hostage crisis in Tehran, had engineered a overthrow of a democratic government in Iran. You can google for this info on the web, because it has been declassified. Now, if we apply the rule of punishment as you reason, then Iranians have a justification to attack the US(not my wish by the way)because they shall be punishing them for a crime, which they committed and have not yet apologized for it. Following your line of thought, Iran could maybe have launched a preemptive warfare that US has once attacked their national interests, arrest Americans and torture them. Would you have stood by silently and accept it as a justification?

Consequently, torture is not discipline, especially if the authoritative party is also guilty of some transgressions. Remember Jesus also stated: Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

You may have just found yourself supporting the US now, because the mainstream media in some cases, presents information out of context(I recommend you read Noam Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent). There are a lot of half-truths, which shall be released/declassified later, particularly after generation change. By the way, most of the news we get have been government-approved - so forget the ethical objective reporting.

You see the problem is that many people don’t read the Bible horizontally. Jesus was and is against violence but he is not against discipline or punishment. That is why he beat up people in the Temple (Mt 21:12-13). John the Baptists once said: the kingdom of God has suffered violence and only the violence can get it back (Mt 11:12). The Apostle Paul tells the Romans that “rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil (Rom 13:3). Peter affirmed that Government is “put by God for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well” (I Pet 2:14).

Quite some quotations there... I think Governments are necessary but as the prolific Noam Chomsky states: Any form of power/authority must be justified. As mentioned above, most political actions nowadays have no proper justification. It still baffles me that you assert that Iraq never had weapons of mass destruction (which was the initial justification for the war) but claim Saddam was so crazy that he would have attacked Israel with chemical weapons. Where is this justification coming from? Please clarify...
I would like to remind you most of these initial claims were later attributed to faulty intelligence - traceable to an Iraqi refugee in Germany.

And please, know that I feel for everyone arrested unjustly and I am against invasions A tautology to the earlier remark about the necessary invasion and occupation of Iraq?

To round up, I would like to remind you because the world has been made to believe (sometimes unfortunately through the media and movies such as 24)that torture is applicable in order to extract truth or avert terrorism. Those are myths and psychologically prepare people to accept war and torture as natural processes - NO! They are human-made!

Torture has never been proven to prevent events from happening nor it is a form of corrective justice (Note there are two forms of justice: corrective and punitive).

If we are forced to accept it as some punitive justice, then back to the first point: which standard is defined internationally as a form of justice? the American Standards of Justice or an international arbitration? If the former, then the justice is biased because it is the victor judging the captive (although also breaking the law to attack), otherwise if the latter - then simply why not let the UN resolve the issue?

Hence, Guantanamo detentions are baseless are wrong and the torture techniques like water-boarding are ABSOLUTELY wrong!


Nice try, Reex Flames. I do not hold much hope that Hamilton will switch from reading Dobson and Falwell to reading Noam Chomsky anytime soon. I sincerely hope he opens his mind one day. His Royal Highness the Prince is unfortunately from a lost generation of Southern Cameroonians who received no consciousness-raising African and world history in secondary school. That void has been filled undigested junk from parties that do not have our best interests at heart.

Che Sunday

People who try justifying going to war in Iraq under the pretext that Sadam could be dangerous to Isreal are dreamers. Isreal is very capable of defending itself. Lets not forget that when Saddam wanted to fight the Iranians, he got virtually every weapon from the Americans, including chemical weapons. He used them and was never sanctioned. So why is it acceptable if he uses them against Iranians and Kurds, then all of a sudden he is a terrorist when he ventures into Kuwait? Bear in mind, Kuwait was actually a province of Iraq. Why did the British carve out a country out of it? Why weren't they not quick enough in carving out a country out of Southern Cameroon? Double standards with no shame. All what we are watching is nothing but grand standingh.

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