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Thursday, 28 May 2009


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Konde is a xenophobic and tribalistic piece of shit. Ungrateful french cameroons immigre. Frogs save Southern Cameroonians?

Ma Mary

Southern Cameroonians did not need gendarmes to root out corruption from its port city. La republique had nothing to teach us in the matter of corruption and probity, because it was and remains a deeply corrupt nation.

Since you were so avidly keeping up with matters, you were surely aware of the West Cameroon Commissions of Inquiry, which successfully rooted out corruption in the West Cameroon civil service and parastatals. There has never been any similar exercise in Cameroun. The events which you are describing would similarly been handled in a legal way by the judiciary of West Cameroon.

The militarization of the judicial process was conducted by la republique's proconsul JC Ngoh and his gendarmes and these events were a pretext for pushing annexation. Closure of the Victoria port was not because of what you describe. Again, it was a pretext for decolonization. Ongoing corruption and prostitution in Douala port made what was happening in Victoria look like child's play. All the events that you describe, which you are now using to revise history were simply used as an excuse to accelerate the grand plan to annex the Southern Cameroons.


In the West Cameroon days, the term used in public order administration was "Peace Officers." For there was a peace to keep.

Upon the invasion of the French-trained black hands from la Republique du Cameroun, the usage became "Officers of Law and Order". They brought their disorder and the French-trained thugs with them to "maintain" their disorder.

These are two mindsets that are irreconciable!

But in the final analysis, I have so much pity for Africans who became colonized by France; there seems to be no hope for them in the future: presidents for life at the beck and call of France, poverty, misery, and their primitive medieval political mindset is a nightmare for the entire continent.

As for the author, I guess, the Up Station Mountain Club is making room for our own Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys and Glen Becks of FOX NEWS.


Ma Mary, thanks for this brilliant rebuttal. This gives meaning to the warning that if you don't tell/write your history someone else will, and you will not recognize yourself in that version.

Thanks once again

Timothy Mbeseha

The author of this article does not seem to know any history of Southern Cameroon at all. If he does not know that Southern Cameroon had a self governing legislative assembly at least three years before la Republique, then what political institutions is he talking about? If he does not know that the presence of thousands of Igbos was as a result that Southern Cameroons was for convenience sake administered from Eastern Nigeria by the British colonial masters, then what is he talking about. If he can adore Gendarmes and praise them for liberating Victoria, then his idea of history must remain very questionable.Because he crossed to Douala and apparently saw a larger city than Victoria to him means that there was no civilization in Victoria tells of his own stupidity and historical ignorance. Poor boy, I hope you have the courage to learn more about the history you are attempting to write. If French Cameroon was such a developed place intellectually, economically and politically, how does he explain the mass movement of those citizens of French Cameroon who fled and settled in Victoria, Kumba etc.

Che Sunday

No one has a monopoly over history. Its a subject I have always have misgivings about, because it is full of distortions to suit a particular viewpoint. Dispute his version with yours, not just empty denials. I can tell you a lot more about the gendarmes and their exploits vis-a-vis the Igbos and you will have the same rendition.

Web Master

Response to Tagro:

Up Station Mountain Club is an open blogging forum ie if you have opinions and can write English. All you need do is apply, and the keys of the kingdom will be delivered to you to blog away. If your opinions are not being represented here, by all means apply.

Some have complained about not being able to post comments sometimes. Up Station Mountain Club does not censor comments. We are interrogating our server hosts to find out why that sometimes happens. We assure you, it is technical and has nothing to do with us.

Mola Mbella

In those days West Cameroon was a strange place. On the one hand you had the West Cameroon and its police and judiciary, that respected individual rights, habeus corpus, innocent until proven guilty and so on. The law worked slowly but in a way that the rights of people were respected. There is little doubt that Bob and his cohorts would have been brought to book under that system. There would have been no torture in order to achieve this. The vigorous Victoria free press with newspapers such as Cameroon Times and Cameroon Outlook were already conducting investigative reports on the people concerned. That is how a free society works.

There was a certain jingoistic element in Victoria that wanted the "bad" Igbo people punished without due process. Those simplistic minds were happy to see the boys from la republique who had no regard for due process. They assaulted people, seized property and arrested people without warrants. Members of the same community who accepted such jungle justice from the gendarmes against the "bad Igbos" were soon sitting on the wet ground in so "calley calleys" organized by these same people Mr Konde calls saviors. Hitherto free Southern Cameroonians were now called dirty names, beaten with rifle butts and truncheons, women were raped and people were required to carry passes as if they were in South Africa. Did you know that to move from Victoria to Kumba or Muyuka, you had to go to one of these savior's offices and get a pass? Just like our fellow Bantus in South Africa. It is annoying when somebody born in Victoria comes here to distort the truth, a professional historian performing malpractice. We are taught in Common Law that the way the most despicable person is treated should be at the highest standard of law and fairness. That is because, if you make short cuts to "justice" for Bob the crook and beat him and torture him, it is only a matter of time before they will disregard your own civil rights. That is what happened to us.

If I remember well, a gendarme called Bouba, a handsome Fulani man about town, was bribed by Bob with a motorcycle and what passed in those days for a lot of money. The newspapers investigated and reported on the story. I hope someday, someone finds the time to digitize the copies of those old newspapers. Konde knows this story very well, about how his gendarme heroes were successfully corrupted by Bob. No West Cameroon police man would ever have shamelessly ridden around town picking up girls with a Honda motorcycle obtained through bribery. In our culture, bribery was a shameful thing which was done in hiding. Gendarme heroes OPENLY AND SHAMELESSLY put a cup on the ground for people to drop bribes, all the while drinking on the job.

This would be a good time to read Dr Endeley's (a real hero's) prediction about life with French Cameroun which all came to pass.


The allegations of our demise is premature and mistaken.

Please, note that not on one instance did I mention Bob's tribe or ethnicity. The law should punish criminals, not tear down entire ethnic groups including the innocent. The victimization of Igbos which started at that time, continues until today, for no good reason. I want to add that this particular author has used degrading language consistently to characterize so called "graffi" people. His record of Rwanda style ethnic baiting should be exposed. Those who have copies of his rants in camnet and other similar places should post them here for all to see.


Web Master-

I am sure you understand that I welcome the opinions of people like Mr Konde. And as a matter of fact I believe opinions like his are required in Up Station Mountain Club, just as an outfit like FOX NEWS that I referenced earlier is very much needed in the American media landscape.

Just look at what Mola Mbella has done with it.

PS: I just may take you up on that offer and get the keys.

Web Master


We would like to think about the service we provide to be more like CSPAN than Fox News. Fox News promotes a certain variety of political opinion. CSPAN opens up to all shades of opinion. It does not editorialize on people's opinions. We do not correct your scripts. We are more concerned about correct formating than in what you say. We leave that to your readers, who we are determined not to censor in any way. Your readers are very opinionated, many are well informed, so they will give you a lot of grief for controversial opinions. As we say, Man No Run. Our objective this year is to run at least 10 new articles a day.

This note is addressed to Tagro but it is for the information of all readers and potential bloggers. Remember, if you have a blog already, you may use this facility to attract attention to your unique efforts.

Mola Mbella

Konde affirms that Republic of Cameroun had a superior civilization than Southern Cameroons. That is absurd on its face, and a disturbing statement by an African scholar because this thought is coming from a colonial Eurocentric place. It seems as if this professor is channeling the pronouncements of his wannabe French relatives from the other side who had been brainwashed into believing France's self imposed "civilizing" mission to Africa. We used to laugh at those peacocks from French Cameroun who used to call France their "home" with a straight face. Consistent in these writings is the tone of lecturing Southern Cameroonians from on high. I suppose the little Bassa fiefdom in Sonara is part of that civilizing mission. He really thinks it is mission accompli.

Ras Tuge

Well, Machiavellian and oppressor woman, as you sow so shall you reap! What a miserable picture of your fictional nation! Wasteful hypocrite.

Che Sunday

Gentlmen/ ladies,
If you were in Bamenda in 1967/68 when the Igbo uprising took place, you might begin to understand where Konde is coming from.The hard times that have befallen the Igbo community in Cameroon is regretable, but it must be said that they invited a lot of that upon themselves. It was alledged that they wanted to kill one of their own who had betrayed them, a certain wealthy Mr. Gape. Their plan went south, and the police stepped in. They assaulted a police officer right inside the police station. Had the military and the gendarmes not intervened, they (the Igbo) community would have set Bamenda ablaze. Emboldened by their insolence towards the police, they started damaging this man's property. I have never seen humans beaten the way the Igbo's were beaten in Bamenda by members of the armed forces. Since then, they have never been the same. That incidence in Bamenda triggered other demonstrations across the country and were met by the same brutality. And please, to those of you on this forum whom have not been around long enough, some statements on this forum, though hard to accept, are nothing but facts. Yes, infrastructure wise, Francophone Cameroon was a distant ahead of us. When we were still wallowing in one directional highways and practicing "Mamfe come up and down" they had tarred roads. The so called Anglo-Saxon tradition left us with zero. There is nothing you can point at in West Cameroon that had an English trade-mark on as a relic of British development. They used what the Germans built, and wanted to bundle us over to Nigeria. Could you have done any better under Igbo domination? Could you have avoided bearing arms and fighting for Biafra? Think again.


Konde is suffering of hunger and poverty and is desperately looking for any quick possibility to get some money from the east, we all know that, He has got no idea not at all about the west Cameroon history, I think as a little boy as he did mention above, he could not understand between civilization and the empty headed crowd he saw in Douala at the time and may be he was living with is parents at Sokolo area and could only visit Victoria during Christmass period with his mother to get for him some okrika as he did talk much about it.


I am only thirty, so I wouldn't know about all the history. But what I can say is this, if Konde was giving credit to the gendarme for dislodging abriba or whatever; fine. But if you(Konde) think anglophones need to bow to la replublic for giving us civilisation then you are a stooge, coward and lack self pride. You(konde) criticized decent parents for turning a blind eye to the prostitution and crime for a few francs. Sounds like you sold your self pride and dignity for "civilisation" to La republique. I would rather remain a local boy with local ideas and a way of life that was reputable than to embrace all this decay.
I took my daughter to cameroon recently on a short trip when I was stopped by gendarmes and questioned why I was traveling with a toddler without the toddler's mother even after showing documents including passports to prove that I was the father and was allowed to travel with her. These people kept me there for 2 hours not that they were trying to take me to the station to verify my claim, These fools were drinking castel, one had a rifle, and the third was already drunk and taking bribes right infront of me as other cars passed by. They told me they couldn't speak english. Konde this is the same Gendarmerie that dislodged the fraudulent Abriba's.

Karl Kareem Jamal

Konde must have grown up in another Va. His sense of historical perspective is so warped that even the East Cameroonians will disown it instantly.
Can Konde ever remember the coming of Ahidjo to Buea in 1972 and the splendid display of Marshall chivalry by the West Cameroon Police despite the over bearing presence of gendarmes including Republican guards from La Republique?
Mr. Konde you must be suffering fro Alzheimer's Disease.
By the way who told Konde that he could after so many years of silence suddenly come up with his badly spurned tale to sell short the West Cameroon Heritage?

Ma Mary

Gendarmes protected the "purity" of our womenfolk? What a crock, professor. Do you remember Douala come down? That was the parade of tarted up women of the night who came to Victoria and Buea and other places in between to moonlight. The point is that gendarmes could not control the activities of the womenfolk in their own country. In thriving port cities, there will always be some women–and some men–who commercialize their bodies. That is true even in restrictive Saudi Arabia.

Ma Mary

The Douala come downs came because of the Tiko-Douala road. At the same time, they used the port scandal to close down the Victoria port in order to siphon Victoria port's business to Douala which was not doing too well. Corruption in Victoria port? There was unimaginable corruption going on in Douala port at the same time, but it was par for the course. Douala was hemorrhaging money through dredging and they needed Victoria and Tiko and Mamfe's revenues to close the gap. They even stole our farmer's Marketing Board surpluses. Please, do not cover the nefarious activities of the drunk, corrupt gendarmes. They only came to prop up their war torn nation by sucking our lifeblood.


Does anyone have accounts of financial relations between the State of West Cameroon and the Federal Government in the period 1961 - 1972?

More precisely, how much money did West Cameroon borrow from the Ahidjo Government prior to the Referendum on 20th May 1972?

Until facts are established, no one can fairly talk of the takeover of West Cameroon institutions like the Marketing Board. I heard West Cameroon was financially insolvent and depended on subventions from Yaounde.

Ma Mary

West Cameroon was insolvent because La Republique took over the primary tools of government revenue, such as the customs. You need to add that to whatever calculations you make. West Cameroon Marketing Board money by and large was not government money. It was farmers surplus.

mekondo me kpa

Dr Konde, could you please write like a Historian. I mean write a scientific piece and not what you've written here. I categorically disagree that the closing of the Va port was the result of fraudulent activities by Igbo business men. Please read your history well.


Professor. Emmanuel Konde Wrote on Camnet Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:15 pm, in response to questions on his position and support for the CPDM and Paul Biya in this Article.
It is not an important document by the way, but before people get carried away by Konde's propaganda, they should also know his position on other issues pertaining to Cameroon in general.

Please read below.

Deceptive "Herd Mentality" as Graffi Intellectualism
We begin by posting this disclaimer: not all Graffi are the same. Some are refined and others are unrefined.  We acknowledge and affirm that while the majority is unrefined, crude, and uncouth like the vociferous ones who vomit filth on camnet, there are a few refined Graffi who are presently ashamed of their unrefined brethren.  But, as long as the refined Graffi remain silent and conspicuously refrain from reining in their unrefined brethren because of some  outdated custom and tradition so ordain, we should not be held responsible for the truths we present in exposing the unrefined.  For the silence of the refined is license to the unrefined.  To rupture this deafening silence, we present below five cardinal truths about the unrefined Graffi noise-makers.  These truths reveal the unrefined Graffi for what they actually are in a rather graphic manner, pristine, without their pretentious garbs.  Here are the raw details of the unrefined Graffi.   
Truth No. 1. 
We all know the unrefined Graffi, the misfits, who invariably have some kind of defect.  It is either their socks, under wear, or some body part that oozes.  Of such are the distinguishing characteristics of the unrefined Graffi.  Beyond this deficiency in hygiene, lies and pretentiousness are their stock in trade.  Mishe Fon says that he received veiled threatening calls; that some of those whose names appeared on a CPDM-USA Committees' list called him to disavow the party.  Challenged to investigate the sources of the calls and to reveal the names of those who called him, the man instantly becomes mute and his false testimony fizzles….   
Then, the Reverend Pastor Jonathan Awasom, an ignoramus among the ignorant and unrefined Graffi,  mounts the stage. He puts on a false presence of importance, invokes United States  law, and promises to report CPDM-USA militants to the U.S. Government.  Konde nudges him forward to report him and him alone.  We are waiting for Awasom to report Konde.  But please, Pastor Awasom, cease and desist from sending Konde private emails. 
In order not to be outdone, none other than Kenneth Fru Ndeh enters the fray to participate in the Graffi choir.  Thus, he sings or quips: “BO SUNG aka Pa Njakri,  Keep on pointing out stultifying prose when you see it. I thank you for delineating the parts which are paralogistic.  Emmanuel Konde's thought patterns are specious and casual readers can easily be deceived. REASONING Vs Pseudo-REASONING. This is CAMNETWORK at it's best.” Indeed, Graffi intellectualism, configured around deception, lies, and the drowning of dissenting opinions, according to Fru Ndeh, has raised camnetwork to its very best.  It is a wondrous story that only the unrefined Graffi are admitted as choristers in this Choir of the Uncouth.  More wondrous is the fact that these irrational ones claim to be the “reasoning” type and Konde and other non-Graffi the “pseudo-reasoning” people.        
Somewhere in the United Kingdom , another unrefined Graffi emerges.  He calls himself Rexon Nting.  Because he is uninformed and went through the motions of schooling but failed to cultivate the requisite niceties of an educated person, this Nting person writes his name and title as Dr. Rexon Nting, Ph.D.  Nting does not know that one cannot use both the prefix "Dr." and the suffix "Ph.D." in a single swoop.  And thus we have a Graffi unrefined lettered man who calls himself "Dr.- Ph.D.", that is “Doctor-Doctor of Philosophy”.   How strange!

Truth No. 2
"Kondeism" is the new mantra of Graffi intellectualism as articulated by one Jayson Tita. To cover up their rawness, the unrefined Graffi have unleashed a spate of invective(s) against the Venerable Konde in order to drown him. They have learned that science of politics has to do with making the loudest noise.  This, they have carried into the realm of intellectualism.  Having concocted a unique brand of Graffi intellectualism, they have aspired to make it operational
as follows:  One unrefined Graffi man writes, another coarse Graffi man sings his praise, and the merry-go-round of "herd-mentality" perpetuates and reproduces itself.  Accordingly, they plunge camnet into a new Age of Graffi intellectualism that finds its expression in herd-mentality.  It is primitivity at its best, this Graffi intellectualism. The purveyors are crude, uncouth and bold in their crudity.  Subjects of despotic fons that they are, they pretend to discuss democracy and freedom when they are themselves are undemocratic and without freedom.     
It is hard to distinguish the one from the other.  Is it Mishe Fon, Jonathan Awasom, Jayson Tita, or Bo Sung?   It is as if this quartet has but one head and a single lousy brain that is suspended by multiple bodies.  What one writes, the other repeats, and the same idea is echoed over and over again.  From all apparent indications, these men with one head/brain, by virtue of the fact that they are exchanging banter for Konde’s ideas, and for the simple fact that this event is actually taking place on a global scale, feel that they have reached the apex of their lives—something, nay, a great achievement, they never imagined possible.  And so they write and write and write, and, as no response seems forthcoming, they get agitated and excited. 
Truth No. 3
In their rapture of ultimate fulfillment, of that which was but a fleeting dream, their excitement builds up to a boiling point.  Breathing hard and wondering why Konde is not responding, they write again, and another kinsman sings the same old primitive song.  And then a chorus of Graffi praise song ensues and the excitement brews to a higher pitch, a higher level of expectation.  “At last, at last,” these primitive ones proclaim, “we have arrived.” Foolhardily, they think they have entered the realm of civilization.  But, in their haste to appropriate the ways and mannerisms of the civilized that are foreign to them, they jump into a cesspool of their own creation.
Now, rewind and count how many versions of "Kondeism" have been written by these scumbags.  And one wonders how Foncha "trounced" the highly cultured and cosmopolitan Endeley?  Think again, and think of what befell Southern Cameroons .  The same tactics that the fons employed  herding their ignorant subjects to the polls like cattle, and instructing them on how and for whom to vote, some primitive Graffi are likewise deploying on camnet.  Give them an inch and they seek a foot; give them a foot and it is a pole that they set their sights….
Truth No. 4 
Beware of these insatiable people who eat with both sides of the mouth.  Some of these are CPDM by day and SDF at night.  In the dark of the night, they consort and hatch diabolical plans against other Cameroonians.  Cone daylight and these people smile and hug their avowed enemies. They never put all their eggs in one basket.  Instead, they spread them into CPDM basket, SDF basket, UPC basket, etc., etc.  Masters of deception that they are, they have fooled nearly every Cameroonian group from the days of Southern Cameroons, the Federal Republic , the United Republic , to the current  Republic of Cameroon .
It is from among the Graffi that one Gorji-Dinka who claims to be President of some place called Ambazonia hails.  He was President of the Cameroon Bar for six years and during his tenure he never mentioned the fictive nation of Ambazonia. No sooner was he replaced than he began to invent ideas that might propel him to grandeur.  These people like titles.  Just like Foncha who thought the title of Prime Minister was not big enough and wanted something bigger--Vice President, Gorji-Dinka could not settle for anything less than president.  Thus, he created his Republic of Ambazonia which he rules, like his fondom in Widekum, in absentia from the United Kingdom.  
Truth No. 5
Their method of operation is simply based on a double standard: one for the Graffi and the other for the rest.  Consequetly, they criticize and insult President Paul Biya but never Prime Minister Philemon Yang.  They criticize CPDM corruption but never SDF; they call President Biya a dictator but their fons, the ultimte despots, are projected as untouchable divinities.  Even Mr. John Fru Ndi, the life-dictator of SDF, is held beyond reproach.  Graffi objectivity, indeed!   
We submit to you, fellow Cameroonians of goodwill, the machinations of these unrefined Graffi must be contained and contained now.  How can "subjects" aspire to dominate "citizens"?  How can you allow this effrontery from a backward and primitive lot that has no sense of proportion?   They shout the loudest but are least informed.  They employ intimidation against their betters.  How can the shoulders ever rise above the head?  
Master Jayson Tita has written so many "Kondeism" pieces that he might end up sending them to his friends, family members, and acquaintances as his magnum opus.  And there the multiple bodies supporting one head are glued to their keyboards and computer screens waiting for salvation from Konde by way of a reply to their banter.  Here comes the reply.  Enjoy!

VA Boy
Do You Care For This? Or Why Konde Was A Greater Hero In This Story Than He Knows Those people who were in VA back in those good old days when VA was VA will remember that the true heroes of this story were not the gendarmes who only came to beat people and take bribes. We had never known about kalley-kalley before those thugs came from where ever they came from.

Do you remember that the VA press chased Bob A and the other swindlers relentlessly and so they were the real heroes who put them out of business. There is a famous story and cartoon from one of the papers. Konde will remember which one. Bob was shown with a 5000 CFA notes folded and tucked into his wrist watch strap. He would be driving down the road and when he sees a pretty girl, he would stop and flash the money and say, "Do you care for this?" That story almost killed Bob. Back in those days 5000 CFA was the largest denomination of CFA money and it was as good as 50,000 CFA today. There were people who paid rent, ate nutritious meals and wore half decent clothes on 5000 every month. Bob was dead meat after the "Do You Care for this?" story.

Do you remember a famous gendarme, Adjudant-Chef Bouba, a handsome man about town who was bribed by Bob and his gang with some nice Japanese motorcycles? Was it Honda or Suzuki? Never mind. Once again the fearless little press of Victoria chased Bouba and his friends and plastered their pictures on headlines. What happened to Bouba? Therefore your friends the gendarmes were corrupt, bought and owned by Bob, the Abiriba counterfeit man.

The gentlemen and ladies of the press refused to be bought and that includes the young Emmanuel Konde. Emmanuel was an honorable gentleman of the press, because he was at the distribution end of the business. He made sure that the citizens of West Cameroon read these important stories and formed opinions and sought justice. The young boy Emmanuel was a bigger hero of Southern Cameroons than all those gendarmes who were just on the take. What happened to young Emmanuel, who surely ate boiled groundnuts and banga school with nice little graffi boys in Victoria. How did he become such a hater?


fork the gendarmes

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