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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


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Ras Tuge

Innocent Chia,

you probably have never bothered to read my comments with respect to this futile Southern Cameroon's so-called struggle for self-determination. Nevertheless, since you say you are confounded, i simply want to remind you that there is no solid foundation for any Southern Cameroons nation. As a matter of fact, Anglophones themselves don't seem to have that sense of belonging to a seperate nation. Thus, an overwhelming majority see no need to die for the egregious blunder of their parents.

Yea, normally children resolve to die in the defense of what they inherited, especially when this puts them on an even keel with bright aspirations for the future. But when all the Anglophone children acquire from their parents is acquiescence to betrayal and utter subjugation to enslavement, then what exactly is there to pride in, or even shed blood for?

The bright surface of the dreams of Anglophone children was spattered with curse ever since the day Bumboklaat Foncha chosed to sell the destiny of Southern Cameroons, by offering it's people for the Great Slaughter. There's a sorrowful absurdity when a free man decides to gleefully walk into a prison to be chained! The quisling and hordes of his ilk have since vanished in shame, but their acrimonious legacy shall live to haunt the Southern Cameroons for eternity.

Some chant that the quislings should be left alone. But see, this is the crux of the woe about the Southern Cameroons! No one can touch the immensity of the disaster that those conceited criminals plunged Anglophones into, just to achieve aggrandizement for themselves and their progeny, at the very expense of a free Southern Cameroons nation.

As a consequence of Anglophone leadership idiocy, and especially Foncha's lack of vision, a process has developed which promises within this generation to thwart any hopes for the restoration of Southern Cameroons. And like i said, when a frivolous sheperd fumbles, his flock of sheep shall wander in disarray.

Anglophones don't have leaders, as a matter of fact Anglophones don't trust themselves! Therefore, there can never be any common national goals to strive for. Well, yea if the value of something is the price paid for it, then Southern Cameroons undoubtedly deserve what they get today. 'The wage of stupidity is marginalization', that's what Jah said!

Master Chia, Southern Cameroons has never been annexed by La Republic. By contrast, La Republic was able to connive with Foncha and his illiterates to SELL Southern Cameroons. So when you callously incite people to take the cutlass, remember that you are urging them to fight against what occurred with Foncha's permission and blessing. It is indeed a troubling issue, and the fact that Anglophones are seemingly opting out of an armed confrontation is testament to the fact that people are reluctant to die for a cause that has been pursued in such a notoriously erratic manner.

All in all, when push comes to shove, Anglophones shall shed plenty litres of precious blood, and the quislings shall be sad to see many innocent children join them under the ground. The vultures are out and dancing, waiting for the Great Slaughter!

Paa Ngembus

Ras Tuge,

When you talk you have to be sure you know what you are talking about otherwise you make an idiot of yourself.

Some of what you say is true, but to assert that Southern Cameroons was never annexed demonstrates your lack of understanding of the facts.

Do you know what happened in 1959/1960 in New York?

Do you know why Endeley started fighting to take the Southern Cameroons back to Nigeria from where he fought hard to extract us in 1953?

Have you heard of Dibongue "the Frog"? Do you know why he fought for Southern Cameroons independence?

Do you know what Foncha and Muna came back and told the UN in 1995?

Some of you idiots with your half education make me sick. You better learn your history BOY.

Some of us even though born after 1961 know our Country the Southern Cameroons and we are willing to die for it.

If you stand in the way we shall crush you, if you are intelligent stay quiet and we may drag you kicking and screaming to our independent Southern Cameroons.

Ma Mary

The Foncha Declaration


Bob Bristol

What is this shit about "MAN NO RUN" when I can't succeed to post my comment for more than 48 hours? What are you guys up to?

Bob Bristol

Ras Tuge,
Whether our aspiration for a sovereign Southern Cameroons is attainable or not, our criticisms help to check some of the excesses of the regime. And inasmuch as our hearts bleed when we come across Southern Cameroonians of contrary opinion ( like you), it only helps us to push further.At this juncture, we may be separated on the issue of how feasible the dream is. But, I have no doubt we would all love to realise this dream.

Bob Bristol

Ras Tuge, let me ask these questions again - what are the problems existing between the South Westerners and the North Westerners apart from some minor socio-cultural convictions? Do you think in the event of a secession, the South Westerners will accused the North Westerners ( or the other way round) of crimes such as gross violation of human rights, economic exploitation, blatant favouritism and discrimination , marginalisation , constitutional juggling etc etc? These are what we hold against the present and the previous regimes.
We need just to take a more radical approach.

Ma Mary

It is important to read Foncha's perspective of what happened. Luckily he wrote that piece before he passed. People do recite myths passed on from their grandparents.

Having lived through that period, I have to tell you that it was a strange time. The British refused to train a Southern Cameroons military force, and just vacated their barracks in Buea and Bamenda, and allowed Republique du Cameroun troops to move in, therefore we were militarily occupied from the beginning and placed under the state of emergency that was operating in la Republique. There is some truth to the allegation that some Southern Cameroons politicians were greedy. Equally true was the fact that there was a coercive element.

Ras Tuge

Master Ngembus, simmer down, simmer down. You need to simmer down! The degrees that i bagged in Babylon schools of higher learning can't even touch the colossal nature of the wisdom that i acquired in Jah school of life. So, before you can teach me, you must first be able to read and understand.

You must know what annexation means before you can understand this statement of mine; Southern Cameroons was never annexed by La Republic. By contrast, La Republique was able to connive with Foncha and his illiterates to SELL Southern Cameroons. This is a fact! At a time when the visionary Endeley was keen at achieving a better future for Southern Cameroons, Bumboklaat Foncha was stubbornly resolute about betraying that heritage to people whom he referred to as OUR BROTHERS. No, no, no Ngembus, you ought to learn how to read.
Bristol, and what exactly makes a North westerner more of a brother to a South westerner than a Francophone is? It is indeed baffling how you describe the dismal rift among the two Anglophone provinces as minor?! Are you just ignorant, or are you seriously asking me that question?

Since you must know; well, a Bakossi man never wants to be in the same room as a Graffi man. Across the Bakossi land, they say; when you eat with a Graffi man, you must use a long spoon.

The Bakweri man dislikes the Graffi man and describes him as a nuissance that must be rid off. Have you ever heard of the expression 'come no go'? This is just a tip of the iceberg, and such tendencies have exacerbated over the years as the level of mistrust keeps mounting. Now, if you deny this fact, and thus fail to properly address this regrettable saga, then any endeavours for a Southern Cameroons restoration shall be an exercise in futility.

Now, for a Southern Cameroons nation to be restored, there'll have to be plenty of compromises, and concessions from the two Anglophone provinces. However, given the way things are going, such goals shall remain unattainable. Moreover, there can never be any robust armed confrontation, when there's scarcely any ubiquitous and unquencheable conviction among Anglophones themselves.

Ma Mary, since you lived through that era, you must be ready to pay the price for the stupidity that you all advocated for. The most cruel threat to the African child is the African parent; people like you and Emmanuel Konde, and Innocent Chia who set a blazing fire, and push the child in it for vanity. Stop being the old woman who has fumbled throughout her troubled life, and yet wants to bury her child, rather than let the child bury her.

Go tell the sons and daughters of Bumboklaat Foncha, and Nayabingi Muna to abandon their high posts in La Republique, and wage a war to redress the balance, and correct the blunder of their parochial parents. Ofcourse, they'll promise hell on you.

Again i say; the vultures are waiting to see the Great Slaughter! Aha ho ya!

Reex, Flames

Interesting... the comments seem to deal less on the topic of the article: On the Lack of Patriotism in Africa. Rather more is debated on the issue of the architects of Southern Cameroon "independence" and unification.

To begin with, in a sense Africans are patriotic and in many ways not patriotic. Patriotic that globally we may identify with one another and unpatriotic because despite the natural riches that abound the continent, Africans are ready to sell their continent at peanut prices for exploitation.

You may not blame them sometimes the current African way of thinking because they are still unwinding the long-lasting effects of slavery and colonialism - despite modern-day arguments that these two negative processes no longer play a role!

First and foremost, I am mentally irked when I find Africans still hanging on the colonial vestiges of reasoning. This entire continent was partitioned without the consent of its inhabitants, at a conference between European powers in Versailles, and a century later the descendants are still squabbling about their identities. This whole issue of Cameroon, Northwest, Southwest are just trivial examples to show the lack significant progress since te supposed independence-era.

It is true that Africa's poverty influences the processes of thing, such that people cannot dedicate enough resources to learn from the past and plan for the future. Everything revolves about short-term contingencies; more or less "eat today and let tomorrow take care of itself".

Unlike the rest of the developed and developing world, Africa or particularly sub-Saharan Africa still grapples with issues of food and thus most of the politics is centered on this point. Would you normally expect poor citizens to vote rightly, after being temporarily offered bags of rice, meat, sugar, money etc? The African way of living had historically been simple and most reasoning is not spurned at complex levels. This simplicity, although good in nature has victimized Africans because the "smarter" Europeans took advantage of the naivety to foster distrust and tribalism.

Africans may sadly remain in the low spot for many decades to come because massive mentality shift has not yet occurred although I must admit in the process - one can see changes on this website commentaries.

One of the persistence to "old" reasoning is strongly tied to colonial roots. For instance look at the government structure in Cameroon; it is colossally tied to the colonial French structure. The educational system (both French and English); firmly bound to the colonial structures albeit minor differences. I have always wondered why certain subjects are being taught by rote, without a corresponding need of application in the society. Europeans always reevaluate their subjects in school to match changing societal needs but ours remain fixed for a very long time. You may ask why we study physics or electronics in Cameroon, when we do not even have a single electronic firm in the country - how can there be innovation when there is no platform for it?

Besides, numerous students who flock to learn in higher institutions; their goal is not to acquire practical knowledge, rather only to get future jobs, houses and parade with the inapplicable degrees.

I am sure I may have commented on some of these facts on this site and it is boring to repeat them once more. Furthermore I am sure many readers here on the forum are aware of such issues. Nevertheless, we need solutions.

Before dwelling on certain constructive strategies, it would be useful to emphasize on the need of patience. I experienced the unfortunate fact that most Cameroonians, while patient under injustice and stressful conditions, are unable to patiently plan out solutions.

One of the ways to break Cameroon/Africa from cycle of poverty and underdevelopment is to empower the citizens with knowledge (both home and formal education), perhaps over a long period of time - maybe in other generations.

Forms of radical confrontations/protests would not help now because the current systems do not provide space for such. Either aggressively suppressed or sustained in bloody conflicts, where both sides are losers (because the purchase of arms serves the interests of the merchants, as well as effectively handing power to them).

When Cameroonians attain the consciousness level, where they understand the rules of the political game and can cooperatively create a sustainable society for themselves, then issues like SCNC/La Republique, Francophone/Anglophone, Northwest/Southwest, Nordist/Sudist all lose importance and meaning. These are just systematic rules that alienate the people and eases the divide-conquer approach that had been applied since ages of slavery and Colonialism.

For the moment, we are still copiers of cultures, and lack self-identity/consciouness. Yes we do copy a lot of clichés from the West and sometime stupidly we think those guys care about our interests. It is the reason why Britain should not have bothered to train a force for West Cameroon upon independence, while France signed ambiguous military deals with the East Cameroon. At that time, the actors(Ahidjo, Foncha, Muna, etc) were just pawns in the game and sadly enough most Cameroonians today fall in the same category. We might keep on arguing/discussing on the failures of Foncha and Co and irresponsibility of the British Government, or the connivance of Ahidjo and the French, or about SDF and CPDM, or even about corruption; certainly talk for ages and no solution shall emerge IF we don't realize those are just effects of the problems and not the root causes.

Home and extensive education (our current systems require an overhaul), objectiveness and cooperative support for one another are the main ingredients of needed change.

Let us wake up...

Bob Bristol

Shit shit shit!! I can't get my stuff posted. It's a pity. Shame onto the management of this site!

Bob Bristol

What makes a North Westerner more of a brother to a South Westerner than a French Cameroonian? This is the fundamental question which I stand to address here today.

Ras, you probably must have forgotten most of the old friends you used to storm the night clubs and party around with. But I'm pretty sure you can still remember those you had to spend sleepless nights together, trying to translate the nerves breaking french notes during your Ngoa Ekele days; that is if you went through these experiences.

By implication, Southern Cameroonians have suffered the same fate for close to a century. We've been toasted to the West and to the East by unaffected institutions or individuals. We are currently the underdogs of La Republique du Cameroun. There was Ibophobia with the Nigerians and now there is Frenchification with La Republique

Bob Bristol

A Bakwerian who thinks himself a Duala or a Santa person who feels more Bamileke is deceiving himself. I do acknowledge some of the cultural links between these groups such as dress pattern and traditional food and dances but on a broader scale, Southern Cameroonians as a whole inherited from the Bristish some positive administrative values such as transparency which is the bedrock of progress.

Was the phony referendum of 1972 supposed to be a nationwide affair?

Ma Mary

At the end of the day, all human beings are brothers or sisters. Shout out to my Chinese sisters and to my Swedish brothers, but there are adverse relationships that suppress our potential as human beings. In this case, at this time, our relationship with the French and their surrogates in la Republique is greatly deleterious, because it has deprived us of our power of agency. That is, the power we fleetingly had to chart the course of our own destiny as a nation.

Ethnic antagonism is nothing new, but Ras Tuge regards it as a dead end. Ethnic friction can be managed. La republique has no interest in managing the ethnic friction within the Southern Cameroons. It is in its Machiavellian interest to make it worse-- classical divide and conquer and rule. In Sweden, the native population is fairly homogenous, until African rastafarians and others came. The United States has a long history of managing ethnic/racial frictions and has much to teach. Ras Tuge is talking as if there is no ethnic friction in la republique. The Bamilekes and the rest. The Beti and the rest. The Northerners and the rest. They have burst into flames more than once. We have never gone into ethnic violence, and we shall manage it. You want to seek refuge from fire in a house that has petrol and matches all over the place? It is a choice dictated by fear and not by boldness.

Ras Tuge, are you one of those paralyzed by ethnic fear and hatred? Where is the idealistic African rastaman? Just skin deep?

Ras Tuge

Ma Mary, you must have realised by now that there's alot of meaning in what i say. The concept of Rasta is righteousness, and Ras Tafari grants unequivocal affection to all of Jah creation. Nonetheless, Jah follows this with a caution; 'The man that shall not fear the fire, and giveth away whatever I and I bestowed upon him, shall be enslaved by his brethren!'

When i see the kind of hate mongering some of you baldheads are propagating here against Francophones, i can't help but wonder if you forgot how Anglophones got where they are in the first place. Whereupon again i say; there's no mercy for the free man who decides to walk into a prison to be put in chains, seen? If you and your shallow-minded hoodlums didnot lovingly choose this adverse relation, there would be no suppression of the potential of any human being from the Southern Cameroons.

Ma Mary, sycophants like you spurred the hypocrite Foncha into action. And now you start to preach righteousness! Educate yourself; ethnic antagonism has been the root cause of some of the most merciless atrocities that the world has ever witnessed. You might not feel it yet, but when a powerful tribe like the Bakossi, which spreads between the South west and Littoral decides to impose it's will against the Graffi people, there shall be a wicked conflict.

The dynamics of the Southern Cameroons have altered, mutual trust has waned, and there are hardships that will only appear if ever Anglophones gain self-rule. Yea, ethnic friction can be managed, but at what cost? What is the relevance of investing so much in creating a nation, only to dissipate even more resources to fix it's doomed fate?

For your information native Sweden is not homogenous.Have you ever heard about the Samis? This indegenous people of Sweden suffer from abject exclusion, and utter dereliction. Infact their fate in Sweden is even worse than that of the Anglophones in Cameroon. America is another sad story, jammed with racial tension.

The home of all the seasoned quislings from Southern Cameroons; stupid father, bold mother and irate child, including all the secessionist hypocrites shall be in the massive graveyard after the bloodbath. Mark my words!

Louis Egbe Mbua

Mr. Ras Tuge,

That people "walked" themselves into a prison does not mean their children are condemned forever. Why are you a Rastaman? Don't you realise it was conceived to fight oppression in Africa? Why are you an agent of oppression then?

The chidren of slaves have the right to break through that prison including shooting and blasting their way out.

You appear to be carried away with this Rasta Religion. A right to religion does not include the right to spread foolish ideas. Last time you intimitated that Africans are cursed; from your religion. Now you appear to insinuate that Southern Cameroonians must stay in bondage because some Sweedish group is marginalised? Please, people are free to decide to stay in Bondage but do not force this on others as agents of La Republique du Cameroun oppression are trying to do.

Ma Mary

I rest my case, Louis Egbe Mbua. Mr Powerful Bakossi Tribesman Rastafarian thinks we should dispose of the Southern Cameroons on the basis of his fear and hatred. Tool.


Ras Tuge writes:
"The Bakweri man dislikes the Graffi man and describes him as a nuissance that must be rid off. Have you ever heard of the expression 'come no go'?"

Question: Is "Cam no Go" a Bakweri word; Is the legendary hospitality of the Bakweri, dating back to the colonial days, not well documented?

I have finally concluded that this Rasta man is is a very young fellow with no sense of history, and an inate inability to understand how political ethnic brokers have used divide-and-conqueur politics to gain political mileage in Cameroon. Go even to Biya's backyard and see the bickering and distrust between the Center and South provinces, or between the different divisions of the South province (actually this is in fact clashes between political elites and rarely concerns the common man.

The Bakweri "hatred" for the Graffi, the NW/SW problem as defined by ethnic brokers since the return of multiparty politics in 1990, is a purely political creation; artificial creations foisted on the people in a bid to give the CPDM political mileage in Fako division in particular and the SW province in general.

Rastaman, please go beyond the headlines and read the serious stuff that is out there.

Ras Tuge

Master Louis and Ndutu,

'Look to Africa, where a black king shall be crowned, for the day of deliverance is near." Marcus Garvey.

As a rigorous adherent of Rastafarianism, i see Africa as the Promise Land. Rasta was born to redeem the black man who is the designated custodian of the land. By the same token, Rasta SHALL never relish any quislings who chose to set ablaze the Promise Land out of sheer stupidity.

When a father trangresses his revered African cultural heritage, and willingly submits himself to humiliating servitude, and hence become cornered by the treacherous dictates of the Babylon system, then future generations shall have to pay a hefty price in blood and tears.

Louis, a right to free speech has never been synonymous to ignorance and stupidity. The pit that you all secessionist hypocrites are digging, shall be your place of crucifixion. A word to a wise is enough. I shan't comment on this any further.

Ma Mary, om man inte uppföra sig på ett väldigt klokt sätt då måste man betalar priset för det. En gammal hänsynslös hycklare som du kan faktist ingenting annat än att sprida onödig avsky och
skräckvälde. Håll käften!



I raise specific points and you give me a general lecture? How does Marcus Garvey's statement tie in with the points that I raise? And isn't it a tad stupid to be worshiping an Ethipian King/dictator who maintained a feudal system of government until his death? No, Africa shall be free when it finally gets rid of the stupid ones within its ranks.

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