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Monday, 04 May 2009


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Important themes you touched here professor, that bear some reflection:
We overvalue death and death celebrations. How many of the donors would have given money for the treatment of the departed one, WHILE ALIVE? In my experience, zero. I know from personal experience.

What is so taboo about burying our dead in America or cremating to reduce costs as the writer suggests?

Why do we like to please the crowd in ways that make no sense?

What is wrong with the notion of basic insurance that covers our funeral expenses so that poor people do not have to start coughing up $100 they can ill afford and fail to pay their rents on time?

Charity for the purposes of a funeral is not charity. Charity is for the living.

Why are death celebrations the only events that bring us together and cause us to open our purses?

Why is the notion of corporation so weak amongst us?. By corporation, I mean people pooling resources together to create an artificial entity with certain rules that work towards a certain end. We are always in the habit of breaking corporate rules and allowing corruption and nepotism to pollute the artificial organism.


I do admire some original tangents, some cogent argumentation, some economic postulations and the audacious postures of paradigm shifts of this wake-up opinion. Though it remains a sound and provocative exercise in material rationalism. The problem with this writer is he suffers from a manichean, dualistic view of existence, one lived or looked at from prisms of the now highly debated and questioned residues of enlightenment philosophy: a rationalism, materialism, binarism that negates the transcendent, phenomelogical & spiritual. In simpler language & thought, he sees just the material and does not cut through that to access the immaterial. Our unbarbaric, ennobling cultures (no matter the cardinal location)should not be allowed to pandered to solely material considerations & quantifications as Konde's (and his quick acolyte, Facter's)advocacy misguidingly insinuates. Dignity & and honour to our faithful departed, as decreed by those unwritten customs, remains a sacralised ritual that possesses both psycho-physical & cosmic qualities that any effort at quantificationn is vain. These and others are sacred spheres that any assimilatory and alienated complexes should not be allowed to propagandize its defilement. As much as the means can be rallied, honestly & properly,bury your dead according to the dignifying millenial rites of your origins. Indians, more sophisticated (if at all we agree on a non occidentalo-centric canons of sophistication here) have been cremating for millenia (and throwing in sacred rivers if possible) & we have been burying our (who are never dead, by the way). Sango Mbassigo may be wrong in going ritzy, i concur with Konde there, but he should never be wrong in raising money to give the dead their customary decency of burial. Nor the 'philanthropic sentimentalists' be branded iaas misguided and misdirected in their charity! Corpses are constantly exhumed all over the world by govts and families for decent enterrments, repatriation of corpses are demanded every day (Moumie, Ahidjo etc)? Americans did their all to repatriate their from Vietnam and other war zones. Or on the other hand Konde (he seem to really have lost touch with native truths!) forgot that our poor friend Sango has other family members who needed to mourm, touch & throw soil in the grave of their loved and lost one! Or should he have flown them in (well, he went the indian way: post them the ash)!I hope Konde's overdose of capitalist rationalism doesn't to see all human actualisation and fullfillment from profit prisms.There may be no or less problem in burying in America but the argument should not negotiate a profit/loss capital discourse, i believe. But then as i said earlier, the piece is a sharp one: cutting, provocative, controversial & more!


"The problem with this writer is he suffers from a manichean, dualistic view of existence, one lived or looked at from prisms of the now highly debated and questioned residues of enlightenment philosophy: a rationalism, materialism, binarism that negates the transcendent, phenomelogical & spiritual."

Mr. WIRNDZEREM, It will do you some good if you refrain from intellectual masturbation.

Wirndzerem G.B.

"intellectual masturbation" - A friend said, and he just masturbated intellectually in saying that & breaching his own very counsel, my contri pipo strong!. That is the pathology(sorry for the masturbation again)with some of us. The spirit of Konde's article is intellectual. No mediocrity tolerated. Get on your books friend. It is a knowledge world, so argue my facts not the language, that is before you sound cheap and contradictory as you have just done, when deconstructed (i relish and cherish this masturbation, lol)...wishing you an informed read. My word is up!



there is a fine line between verbosity and knowledge. You are one of those misguided African pseudo-intellectuals who believe that cramming high-sounding words from the Oxford English dictionary automatically guarantees wisdom. You write-up was an obfuscating mess; the more you tried to impress your audience, the less sense you made.

...and to prove my point "phenomelogical" is not even a word in the English Language. Look it up for yourself. As I said before, refrain from intellectual masturbation; you only end up looking like a fool.


Windzerem. Da trong gramma di give headache. Broke am down to college level papa.


Mr Windzerem must be a former primary school teacher. He is very excited with high sounding words which end up making no sense even to himself. In short he is a dull man who is lucky enough to find himself in a cybercafe with 100frs internet time to disturb people with trash. You should at least attend evening classes and obtain the GCE O level.

Wirndzerem G.B.

To US of Afr,
1)« verbosity » 2)« Pseudo-intellectuals", 3)"obfuscating mess", 4)"intellectual masturbation"(again)! This is good progress US of Afr. You’ve really gone back to your books as i counselled … You are learning big words fast like hating swine & eating pork! or may be you don't just get it (like Obama telling Mccain). Keep on trying the big words, you ain’t doing too badly ! Man you are all over the place, i understand, and i am really "enjoying" you! i just like it!

To Facter,
A dig ur pidgin paapa ! A dey inside da lanwa popo, mais ova topo no mo !‘wc ones u dey’, like awala man discuss !

To routine,
Off topic (& baffled?)!

To all my 3 pals above:
I am still to hear you discuss Konde’s intellectual idea analytically. Leave the shadow and & pry into the substance ! You all are patent Camer specimen, no counterfeit, and I am ‘enjoying’ you all.


and how is verbosity a big word? hahahaha. It is a noun which perfectly describes your ramblings on this forum. There is nothing wrong with using elevated diction, as long as IT MAKES SENSE. You, on the other hand, went as far as inventing your own words ( ""phenomelogical")...and what is up with the Obama allusion? hahahahah. The things people will do to sound smart. Practice restrain, I have already cautioned you.

Wirndzerem G.B.

Please USAfr,
You don't just get it! U are really stubborn. I thought you wanted to learn! It's a pity. if u keep on making this large fool of urself, dad and mom won't be proud of you. So stop it and be a good boy. And don't "ever" write to me again on this topic, hear? I won't dignify you with a rejoinder anymore! i hope you understand my "french"!


you have gone from high-sounding words to shorthand and incomplete sentences. I told you to practice restrain, I didn't call on you to scribble down deplorable grammar. Moderation is key my friend and I don't expect a reply from this.

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