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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


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Prince says:

To determine whether anything is ethical or not is first and only by consulting the Bible because that is the constitution that God gave to mankind.

Who says?

My religion says it is the Quran that is the constitution of human beings.

Do you think you can make arguments without resorting to religion? It will always cause a fight when you make statements like that. If you use reason, we can all come down from our high horses.

Ras Tuge

Man,why you worry about what mystery Babylon dem do? Babylon heavy with bad confusion! Heathen dem fill up di place, and with no manners dem disavow dat same bible dem kom stress me with. Child from Africa shan't ever comprehend dem rotten ways. So no need to waste your time. Save your energy on BLACK JAH.


Is this bible class or something? How do you make a legal argument bounding people of all faiths and religion based on the Christian bible? Short sighted and intellectual.


Ethical issues are not defined by any religious documents. The author should know that atheists are also concerned about ethical issues. I wonder if the author considered the wider audience in formulating his article. The article is good for a christian blog but it is hurting for a general audience. That not withstanding, if this were to be preached to christians on a Sunday morning service, it would be boring and no body would talk about it after the service.

Linda Manjuh

The writer linked all his story to the bible.It is not all that right.People take different facts to compare to the bible.The bible is not all what people take to be.The story is true to be biblical to those who are confused on the words of God but to me it is not true.Inheriting the wife of your brother is different from keeping a dead man'S SPREMS.

Linda Manjuh

Once somebody is dead ,the sperms are already dead and inactive.Taking the sperms will not produce a child for him.The wife may even make herself infected as she never know what has been the cause of the man's death.The sperms may not even be able to came out of the man as sperms become ready during errection proccess.


Ordinarily, I would agree with you, Linda, but there is a controversial procedure called posthumous sperm retrieval, which does exactly that.
You surely know that spermatozoa can hang around in a woman's reproductive organs for 2 days. They are hardy guys. It turns out that you could extract live sperm from a dead guy as late as 36 hours after death, and they have apparently been successfully used to inseminate women.

I think the procedure is yucky but not wrong per se. Perfectly healthy men who die from accidents would surely appreciate the gesture from the spouse. The bible has no precedent for this. Sorry pastor.


to you oyez there is no need for you trying to claim to be what you are not.calling someone pastor or any other name claiming to be so great is not what this is all about.I still tell you that the bible has never stated a case that somebody used death sperms and reproduced because of one or two reasons.So watch out .


The Bible did not mention cars, but there are cars.
The Bible did not mention internet, but there is an internet.
The Bible did not mention organ transplant, but there is organ transplant.
The Bible did not mention post humous semen extraction, but evidently it exists. You could list 100 things not in the bible in the course of this hour, but you get the drift.

Linda, dear lady, get some schooling. Read. Books are free these days on the internet. Come back in one year. Maybe we will understand each other at that time.

Now I understand why in those days the Catholic church used to discourage too much bible reading by ill-equipped people because it can turn people who are merely challenged to challenged, confused and dangerous. I do count myself among the ill-equipped.

Danny Boy

how naive or ignorant, one does not need the sperm today to reproduce! Be it from the dead or the living!!! What do you say to that?
Ask your pastor or priest whether what I have just stated above is fact. If they are true to their word, they will tell you the truth.
What is holding Scientists from going the whole hog is that small matter of "ethics". The fun about it all is that the pioneers of this new bio-technology are men!!
Linda Dear, sorry the bible died a long time ago. Cuddle and kiss it as much as you want, the authors think it is no more fit for purpose.


AFRICA is full of Lindas and RAT Tuges. You can see why we don't progress or prosper.

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