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Thursday, 21 May 2009


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Bob Bristol

This seems to be one of the most objective historical report on the West/East Cameroon involvement. But two things come to my mind.
1) After the plebiscite, Southern Cameroons was still functioning as a trust territory under the UN. As such, the UN was supposed to take an active role in seeing that the draft federal constitution did not undermine or disfavour the political, cultural and economic future of Southern Cameroonians. The UN had refused to propose the third option of granting an official autonomous status to the Southern Cameroonians.
2) Whatever were the machinations of Ahidjo, whether the decision of the people were influenced by his tyrany or not, NO POLITICAL DECISION IS FINAL. The unitary system has been a big mess to us West Cameroonians. Don't we have the right to request for a split or a federated system if we overwhelmingly think it will foster regional development?


A nation built on intrigue, cunning, fraud, bad-faith & megalomania is a castle built on sands standing with the fake grandeur of palace of cards: it lasts only calendar time...the truth will out with its loud crash of a fall! the fraudulent union is fragile & volatile!

Ras Tuge

This clip is of paramount importance for all Anglophone children.

Emmanuel Konde, i think you better stop posting falsehood. I challenged your questionable article in which you tried to diminish Ahidjo's person. Watch this, and you'll realise how smart Ahidjo was, and how he tricked the infant Foncha and the foolish Anglophones whom he dragged along to Foumban!

Foncha and his bunch of whimsical illiterates betrayed Anglophones, so why should anybody want another doomed Anglophone nation with a blind Northwestern leadership? Now we know the truth. Traitors!

check out this link, and i thank whoever loaded this valuable piece.


Ras Tuge, what exactly does the clip show? While the images are great and historical, the narrative is not essentially different from the official line that we have been hearing for years, i.e., reunification was about "Smart" Francophones crushing "illiterate" anglopnones. Please read your history more carefully. False on all counts.

For your edification, check out this article titled: "Cameroon Unification: Were Southern Cameroons Leaders Inexperienced and Illiterate?" -


Ras Thug this is not konde's article or did u smoke bad weed?


My bad, my bad. I meant to say Ass Thug


Is the ragtag one of those schizophrenic ethnofascists who go into convulsions of inferiority complexes once they behold a Northwesterner?


Why is the plaque above named re-unification monument when the inscription clearly reads, " comemoration of West Cameroon INDEPENDENCE (emphasis ours)and reunification and ...."? Does anyone take notice that re-unification came a mere second?


They want us to forget. That is why. People who forget become captives like sheep with no past and no future. I praise those people who keep reminding us even if they cannot do anything else. When the time is ripe, people who can do something will need that memory.

Ass Thug should please keep it up.

Ras Tuge

Oyez, they want you to forget what? Anglophones can't keep on playing the victim of Francophone treachery and robbery, when it is clear that our so-called leaders didn't seem knowledgeable enough to do their homework. Pitiful, pitiful how Bumboklaat Foncha plunged Anglophones into that bottomless pit. Ahidjo had an agenda, and he came prepared. No soldier in Jah army can go to combat, and leaving his gun behind. That soldier will be termed a QUISLING!

Yea, infant Foncha was an excited QUISLING! Master Waas, yea we all know this story. But reading about a thing, and actually watching a documented account is quite a different story. Master Oyez, track back Konde's article which was in two parts, and you'll find my reaction. All you baldheads must learn to put your minds to use! I was really wondering how this robbery could have occured! We shall get more videos!

Cry blood, Anglophones done!

Bob Bristol

So very critical opinions are now suppressed by the management of this site.
What a shame! We just can't move a step further.

Bob Bristol

Wrangling on whether the Fonchas and the Munas were right or wrong doesn't make any sense under this political and economic climate. I think it is very obvious that they made very horrendous blunders. And it is rather immature to attribute their blunders to North Westerners. They were functioning as Southern Cameroons' politicians.

Timothy Mbeseha

Blaming who did or did not do this or that is not important now. The most important thing is that we now know the problem. let us look for ways to get out of the mess. Ahidjo, Foncha, Muna and many others are dead and gone but the problem remains very lively with us. Let us look for solutions now rather than engage in the blame game that has been going on for decades now.


No sir there is no time limit for correcting this wrong. The only people who think there should be a time limit are francophones like yourself. There is no time limit for crimes of that magnitude. It is strange that the Bamees are quiet about their people that Ahidjo called Makizas and then killed hundreds of thousands. There is no time limit for that crime. There is no time limit for the Palestinians seeking justice. If the world and the Germans did not address their problem, there would be no limit for the Jewish. Even then they have the right to keep talking about it for as long as they want. Now you want to tell us to keep quiet? Who the fuck are you working for?

Bob Bristol

Ras Tuge, we are talking about a territory that was once internationally recognised as a mandated territory under the league of Nations, that was later internationally recognised as a trust territory under the UN but that later became a part of La Repulique du Cameroon as a result of the treachery and gimmicks of a few greedy and rancorous individuals.
These individuals have lived their life. We have to face the challenges of the present. And we are challenging the foundation of a union that was conceived through greed and deception. We have the right to. We've even opted to be a little subtle by demanding for a federal system through which we can have a say. We CANNOT continue to function as a subjugated minority as per the present sham. And we would remind every person who holds a contrary opinion that we are conscious of the need for greater unity amongst African nations. But this can only apply when the various fractions have a bargaining force.

Ras Tuge

history is a beautiful thing man, for once recorded, no human progress can alter it. Yea, the outlandish quislings have vanished in shame, leaving nothing but an acrimonious legacy among the utterly betrayed and disenfranchised people of what used to be called the Southern Cameroons.

When a frivolous sheperd fumbles, his flock of sheep shall wander in disarray. Eventually many shall find a new home which might not even be an inch close to the comfort that was offered by the sheperd. Yea, the quislings rather made tremendous fortunes for their progeny, and offered their homeland for slaughter. Pitiful! And who the fuck is anyone who wants to erase this insanity from my head?! How can a free man decide to walk into a prison to be chained? People think about this!

Now, no matter the preaching about treachery and shit, people have moved on! Anglophones can't ever have it again as they used to know. They don't trust each other any more, and it will take some divine intervention to get the South westerners to work in tandem with the North westerners. This is the task to overcome! Trust!It is SCARCELY even about Francophone treachery, more than it is about Anglophone stupidity. The more you deny this fact, the more you thwart the struggle.

This particular clip has awakened in me a burning nostalgia for that which was (as my good old man used to narrate to me), and for that which probably SHALL never be again. Unforgettable souvenirs! Unfortunately, that's all it is...just memories

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we have lived a blessed time.

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