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Wednesday, 13 May 2009


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What is the nature of your own political advocacy?


thanks very much Mr Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk,its takes only those that can think ,see,and have the country at heart to see and analyse situations like this ,many have seen,few have the courage to talk and only few have the will to accept the realiity. Many are still following the so call SDF because of the tribal lines or because the relationships with those in power. Its actually the right time for us the cameroonians to reason and look for a better way or strategy to solve our long time problems rather than still depending on those who want to fill their pockets with our bloods. We need to say no to that.

Mr. Man

This graduate from Bambui and I think pastor, you are really better off keeping these thoughts in your head. Very shallow indeed!

Emmanuel Langsi Che

I think youe started off well by pointing some of the weaknesses of the SDF but you fumbled in by giving a very wronga advise which I don´t buy. SDF is a Renowned Party. I perfactly see with you the it deviated from its goals and is more or less like the CPDM. The best thing they should do is to restructure the party, Put up new objective and make it more democratic. Afterall, there is now good government without a very string oposition. The CPDM need a ver Godd Opoosition, we Cameroonians need a very Good opoosition party to check the acts of the ruling party be it SDF. CPDM, UNDP OR what ever. So My ADVICE IS THAT SDF SHOULD PRESCIND NI JOHN FRU NDI, get a younger, educated charismatic leader, with clear ideas to put back the SDF TO IT TRACT.

The time is up for you. Mr. Chairman.

Mbog Boy

I absolutely agree with the author of the above article. If the national chairman of SDF was reading the papers and listening to the people around him, it should have been very clear to him by now that the party can be better off without him. It is not possible to convince Cameroonians that he is less interested in himself than Mr.Biya. He does not have Cameroonians at heart. 19 yrs as the leader of the party does not make him different from Paul Biya who has been president of Cameroon for 27 years. These 19 years would have been seen differently if the party was improving. A look at the past elections in which the party has participated, only convinces us that future elections will make it even more unpopular should the current leadership be maintained. Can the SDF answer this question? Why is it that every election in which it participates makes it more unpopular?
They may argue that the government is always rigging elections in new ways. With this I can understand that the government is innovative in the way it rigs elections. However, I will also ask why they are not innovative enough to stop the rigging.
My advice to the party is that they should look at their past performances and learn from them otherwise the party will eventually end up having only one member or at most one family and that is the family of NJFN.


Mr. Prince, is the SDF the only political party in Cameroon? You wrote and went off the track man. Rethink what you really wanted to say. Where are those progressive people you claim were weeded out of the SDF? Why can't they put together their progressive ideas and continue from were the SDF has derailed?



Honestly speaking, the SDF is very similar to the RDPC, the only diference being that the RDPC heads the chaos in the country while the SDF heads the bunch of cowards whose main objective is to take advantage of the chaos and fill their pockets before the populations realises the messy economic and socio-political situation the SDF has succeeded to maintain for a further 19 years since 1990.


The SDF should return to the original goal for which the party was founded and stop chasing the flesh pots of La Republique. The Southern Cameroonian who initiated the advent of multipartyism in Cameroon and suffered enormously for it just where is he today in the power equation in Cameroon? The Franco politicians have seized the occasion to build their nests of power sharing for themselves and their regions. Was the Southern Cameroonian meant to be a martyr for the political ideologies (Unification) of neighbours? Mifep


If you can not join the fight don't fool people who are still ready to fight on.I wonder where you got your analysis or when you became a political analyst.Because your words are too shalow to revamp a political situation.You should be one of those Pa who failed this generation by staying quiet and not doing anything no mater how small to help the people.Today you have the guts to write rubbish accusing a man that has put his head on the block for you and your family if at all you have one.Well it may also please me to say that Fru Ndi is not guilty of any murder case and still remains a suspect untill proven guilty by a compitent court of law.Why do you fail to ask why B.Muna is still moving on freely.I believe he is one of those progresive people you are talking about.Yes he formed his party just to be called Chairman but where is he and his party today,the little money "C" gave him to destroy the SDF is finished and he is quiet now.
While I also wish that you read my comment I also call on you to brave up your progresive friends to change the tide by bringing in hope to our people.


....the fullness of theCPDM. I hope you get your full share of the CPDM cake-you petit players!


It is rather unfortunate that some of you have deliberatly refused to open yor eyes.What has happened to the ghost town victims who lost their hands to grenades in Bamenda?Arent they paupers in streets while your so called Chairman and acolytes cruise pass these martyrs caring less of their plight.Isnt it true that an SDF lawmaker was caught in Paris trafficking marijuana?Where are we?Who is fooling Who?
Courage brother,and do not stumble

William Ngwa

This should be one of the best articles i have read in a while. People open your eyes. 19 years wow.

Bob Bristol

The style of the article doesn't meet the standard. Besides, what we now are proposals and solutions. The present failure of the SDF is obvious.

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