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Saturday, 02 May 2009


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Reex Flames

This is curiously interesting.

I never knew the Bamilikes could threaten to kill someone if he did not marry his dead father's wives. I am surprised the chiefdom/tribe or village in question was not specified in the original article.

I suspect something does not click right with this story.

Ras Tuge

I wonder why Africans are still seeking asylum, and in a ruined place like the UK! Babylon doesn't like Africans very much, and no matter the story, they don't want to see black people here.

The Arabs, notably from Iraq never get submitted through the same amount of vicious scrutiny as the poor Anselme whose pitiful account WILL probably never earn him anything. Fortunately, his story is not framed about persecution from Biya, and he'll be at peace if ever he gets removed.

If the reason for granting asylum to people from Iraq is persecution from war, is it not rational enough to repatriate them now that the threat is far from hazardous to human life?

Africans, if Babylon men won't let you stay, get their daughters! And don't go to England!


Ras Tuge,
what nonsense are you saying on this forum? you are comfortably living abroad but yet you are vigorously pushing an anti-immigration memo? why don't you practice what you preach and get the hell away from Europe? so according to you, Africans should not seek asylum (regardless of any circumstances) yet if they are denied asylum, they should "get" white women? I can only imagine what a poisoned mind like yours means by "get".The level of stupidity on some of these blogs is just startling.

Ras Tuge

'The lips of the righteous teaches many, but fools die for want of wisdom.' Peter Tosh


well we are all aware of the fact that 90% of those who lay claim for assylum are not genuine assylum seekers,most of them are simply economic migrants.There is no need to bring your land and people to disrepute because you want ther right to stay in UK.Ido not respect people like this honestly.This should as well serve as a serious eye opener to some western countries. They have to take the bold step of giving jobs such as assylum officer to people of various nationalities with the right to work in their countries. This is because these people will have a broad idea as to the norms and values of the society where those claiming assylum comes from. I dont remeber anyone being threatened with death because they refuse to be heir to the throne. The highest they would do is to barnish you from the village. And i suppose as a cameroonian you can stay anywhere without the fear of retribution. So man stop putting your people down just to stay in UK.


Ras Tuge

is that your best defense? to quote Peter Tosh? respond to the allegations levied upon you and stop acting like a coward. How can an immigrant, who comfortably lives in a one room apartment in Europe and steals free internet from his neighbor, push for such a strong anti-immigration memo? why don't you leave by example? some of you so-called African intellectuals just amaze me. You sit in Europe and insult underprivileged people who wish to migrate into "Babylon". If "Babylon" is such a cursed place, what are you doing in it in the first place? idiot. Dreads do not equal wisdom, I have told you before.

I agree with you a 100 percent. However, I am against the notion that Africans should be discouraged from immigrating to "Babylon" despite their circumstances. Some of people on this forum seem to have forgotton that not everyone in Africa is basking in seas of riches. Some hypocrites on this forum *cough* Ras Tuge *cough* are pretending to have forgotton that over 80 percent of graduates from Cameroonian universities are unemployed. Yet, these hypocrites claim to preach the gospel of Jah. Do you think people who can't afford food or a decent life give a fuck about JAH? is JAH going to feed them and cloth them? please, let people search for greener pastures, whereever that might be, and stop using failed ideologies to hinder human success. Ras Tuge, I hope you are listening.


All men are born free and equal and have the right to persue a certain degree of happiness.
An Asylum case might be of any sort in so far an the victim feels his life is in danger of any kind in his country.
Mr Reex Flame,the Bamilikes will kill him if he returns and refuse to marry his dead father's wives,you being ignorant of this consequence doesn't mean it will not happen,or doesnot exist.
Mr Anselme is being forced against his will to inherit a throne and many wives which he do not want and might be killed through any means if he returns to Cameroon.
Mr Anselme has a right to life,a right to choose and a right to be happy.

Bob Bristol

Two things are at stake here, the reputation of the country and the desire of Anselme to continue living in the UK. He can't shield the former without risking the latter. Those of us who are well versed with the frustrating economic situation back home, must have sworn at one moment that we could do anything to get out of that shit. This is just one of the things. But if the authorities must do their jobs well, things will certainly go bad for him. It is obvious the story is bogus.


Bob Bristol,
I agree with you. Why I will openly castigate Anselme for ruining the reputation of his country (if the story is false), I don't know if I would have acted differently if I were in his place. As I said before, not everyone in Cameroon comes from a fortunate family. Some people lived under deplorable conditions in Cameroon with no job, food or housing despite well earned degrees from UB. If this is how Ansleme lived in Cameroon, isn't it only human that he should cook up a lie to ensure that he stays in the U.K? It is easy for us to judge him but if you were in his place, would we have acted differently?

Another point is that the story might be entirely true. We are fully aware of the archaic and chauvinistic traditional practices back home. Those practices which treat women as inferior objects and deprive men the right to live their life however they may choose.

Thirdly, who really gives a fuck if the reputation of Cameroon is tarnished? I mean seriously, who gives a fuck? why are we even struggling to protect Cameroon's reputation? what reputation does Cameroon have to protect? is corruption, bribery, marginalization of Anglophones, and tribalim values we should try to protect? as an anglophone who has been denied equal rights in my own country, together with millions of other anglophones, I see no need to protect Cameroon's reputation. Afterall, it is a foreign land to me.

Nyama Wanga

Sincerely I think Mr. Anselme has got a right to live. But is Mr. Anselm a Bamileke even? Talkless of Anglo-Bami. Yes he wants to stay in the UK but his story is BOGUS. He would have even claimed he is a christian and the mother married a muslim and his step father wants him to become a muslim. This would have been a good BOGUS story.
I would like to tell Mr. UnitedstatesofAfrica that, we all know the deplorable state of things back home BUT the white people are not the cause of Corruption, Tribalism, francophones,anglophone, graffi, sawa etc, etc. I think your sighting UB graduates is not just a good example. Tribalism is the other of the day from the formal VCs to the present one.I am sure you attend your tribal meeting outhere and no cameroonian meeting. The miserable thing about this immigation matter is that, you see somebody who is a respectable teacher in cameroon abandons his profession to become a beggar in Europe or USA.Somebody who had a house and guest room will abandon that to sleep in sombody else's kitchen or store.Tell me how has your quality of life improved? yes your hoping that things will be better and you will come back like a "BIG" man. For most men they start wanting to date girls they could not even greet before their adventure. Is this not a miserable life?At what age? .Some are too ashame to return. Anybody is free to do what he wants. I would like to tell Mr. Unitedstatesof africa where ever he is living in the diaspora he should love the white man, stop reading cameroon journals online(for free) and concentrate on his actual mission in the diaspora. Criticising white men and the deplorable nature of the way things are run back home will be an impediment for your own development but knowing how your society is really organise will give you that added advantage that somebody who has never left the country doen't have. GOD should blees us all.
Insulting Ras Tuge will make some people to judge you and wouldn't like to read any of your wite ups thinking you are a very -------- person.
This is a forum. Defend your opinion. Thats all is required of you here. Or you are against freedom of speech?

Ras Tuge

the concept of Rasta is righteousness. Ras Tuge never discouraged Africans from emigrating from Africa to Babylon. By contrast, i urge Africans to invade the place, just like the Arabs and Asians have done. The walls of Babylon are mostly built to keep Africans away. I disapprove of the prejudiced asylum process vis-a-vis African candidates, which forces Africans to submit themselves through such an illegal humiliation.

Like i said, i was in Chariot town last december after several years away. The CRTV came to our home to interview me about my Bongo locks, and about Rastafarianism. I saw many struggling people, and i wish i could help them all. I told them that Babylon is not easy, and if ever they made it there they'll have to fight! People need to understand that asylum is not a reliable way, especially as Babylon men are convinced that Africans are economic migrants.

Now Mr. USofAfrica, the hell you promise on Ras Tuge is unjustified. People know who is truthful, and who is deceitful between you and I. Are you not the same guy who challenged me by saying; we have the power to turn the tide; if we want to change Africa, then we have to do it ourselves?

How can you change Africa when you crudely declare that you don't give a fuck about Cameroon? You even claim to espouse my view about the wasteful dreams of a Southern Cameroons nation, only to shamelessly declare now that Cameroon is a foreign land to you! Where do you really belong man! Are you stateless now, eventhough you're from the NW, and was born and raised in Chariot town?

Your hypocrisy is terrific man, and it is testament to the curse that was put on the continent. I wouldn't waste any more time on you. All the Best!


"I wonder why Africans are still seeking asylum, and in a ruined place like the UK! Babylon doesn't like Africans very much, and no matter the story, they don't want to see black people here."
- Ras Tuge

"Ras Tuge never discouraged Africans from emigrating from Africa to Babylon. By contrast, i urge Africans to invade the place, just like the Arabs and Asians have done."
- Ras Tuge

Let your own words speak for themselves...and I just love how you refer to yourself in the third person ("Ras Tuge never..."). So let's add narcissist to your list of felonies which include idiot, hypocrite, bigot, chauvinist, religious fanatic and the list goes on.

Make the world a better place.

The universal declaration of Human Right states that, all have the Right to seek and enjoy asylum for fear of persecution.

There is nothing like a Bogus asylum claim.I am surprised that Some of the above commentators could be so Ignorant to make such comments as to say a Bogus story. I strongly belief they or some of their family members could be the actors of human right abuses in Cameroon.

Hunger is another form of persecution. Hunger could torture humans, create fear and put human lifes in serious danger leading to death. The EU or the UN should add economic asylum seekers to the definition of a Refugee.

Asylum is a self reporting procedure between the applicant and the asylum officers. Judgement belongs to God

Mr. Anselm should be granted Refugee Status in the UK if he fears to return to Cameroon, and beliefs his life would be in danger.

I strongly belief he could face death quickly if sent to Cameroon.

Ma Mary

Nyama Wanga, this "free" Cameroonian blog has been created by Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora and so are many of its bloggers, and assume many of its commentators as well to the benefit of all. There is a benefit to this emmigration phenomenon, which will only be fully understood in time.

It is a pity that Africans have to tell elaborate tales, that may or may not have a truthful basis, in order to live in any country where they desire to live. The individual human being should hold in his or her heart that she has the right to live anywhere on this planet. That is the assumption of the American or the European and they are not better than us. They just create the rules to favor themselves.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have moved to look for better conditions and the nation states with their artificial boundaries will not change that. There are Bantu speaking people in Southern Africa, East Africa and our own corner in West Africa, whose languages are strikingly similar. That is because people keep moving. People should not feel guilty about moving. The Ghanaian diaspora was the source of Ghanaian renaissance. The Nigerian diaspora is doing the same for Nigeria. The Irish did that for Ireland. The Indians are doing it for India right now.

Camerounese government and society is deeply corrupt and there is nothing anyone could do to worsen their reputation. People should live wherever they fancy without the need to jump through ridiculous hoops.

Reex Flames

I fully agree with Bob Bristol. Creating a shady story to gain a visa doesn't serve a point. It merely reinforces the cliché that Africans beg to come to the developed world.

It is true that life in Cameroon is tough and fustrating but in some cases it would be better for some Cameroonians with some means of livelihood to stay at home, than travel abroad to do manual jobs. Yes, I know some will criticize me for this statement but I feel it is justifiable only if the aspirant accomplishes his/her aims/dreams abroad, which were impossible to gain in Cameroon.

In this limelight, I also agree with Ma Mary that emigration is good, because newer perspectives could be gained(depending on personal will). Therefore I laud all Cameroonians who come abroad to expand their knowledge; not only in the academic sector but in all facets of life.

However, in some aspects living in Cameroon is better than living abroad, although admittedly information flow in Cameroon is sluggish. Slow internet, lack of libraries (frankly, a local bookshop in Europe appears more equipped with books than major libraries in Cameroon).

I would like to disagree with Nyama Wanga that whites do not share blame in the problems that plague Africa. I will stress here that the connotation whites refers to the western governments and not the masses. I have witnessed Europeans who are very honest and their culture also have some good points. Same applies to Americans. This notwithstanding does not claim the eastern world is better. Everybody is aware of the massive influx of Chinese nationals alongside products in Africa. It explains why all world governments are based on self-interest, especially safe-guarding the interests of their corporations.

As a point of reflection to Mr. Nyama, I would like to borrow from the distinguished Prof Noam Chomsky's comment on the European reaction to the financial crisis: Why did the IMF and World Bank not prescribe the same economic policies applied to Third World Countries i.e. the so-called Structual Adjustment Programmes(SAP)? Instead, they suggested the opposite; for example nationalization of failed enterprises in contrast to privatization, devaluation, etc These weren't suggested by Africans and you know about the consequences today -none of those measures benefited us - or did they Mr. Nyama?

In defense of my point that the story appears fishy,there is a lack of critical evidence of the village in question. The Bamilikes do not all belong to one tribe. The British wouldn't be obviously stupid if immigration issues are involved - surely by now they have contacted sources in Cameroon about the victim's case.

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