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Monday, 22 June 2009


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Kelvin Ross

Good writeup! These French vultures are keeping a close watch to make sure that every single drop of African blood is sucked. Their doom days awaits them there just as they have been exposed and disgraced in Rwanda. Evil begets eviland the french shall be paid in their own coins in Africa.

Valentine funwie

The west will do very little for africa. Make no mistake brothers.If western governments are reluctant to alter their ways,citizens groups can take up the cause and press for greater imrovements.I accept it would be difficut,But do we sit and fold our arms and wait for manners to come from heaven?To begin with exxon had been responsible for the environmental degradation in Nigeria's Ogoniland region,and bloodied its hands in trying to suppress local opposition to its activities there.Elf,a french state owned oil company,had supported heavy-handed regimes in west and central africa for decades at its interest and initiative. This reminds me of the fact that we are not the true owners of our Africa.Infact i served for Aes sonel cameroon for 8yrs thats a join American/Cameroon coroperation incharge of production, transpotation, and the distribution of Electricity in Cameroon. During my time bracket in that company I repeatedly criticise the management of Aes sonel base in America.However i had this positive impression,albeit they came to exploit, they also had a good mind of helping to cleanse the cameroonian society of their corruption which offcourse never worked.We are yet to embraced a change of mentality in every aspect. underwise our friends of the west will keep on exploiting our resources with inpunity.

Reex, Flames

Most of what the author stated are true but don't be disillusioned that US loves Africa more than the French. As a recommendation read literature on the Vietnam war and know why the US got involved in a conflict, which did not seem to match American interests. Try reading Noam Chomsky's Failed States, especially on the Domino Principle.

Valentine funwie

Africa a continent endouwed with human and natural resources, is bleeding nonstop because of self interst.Nigeria, Ghana,Lybia SouthAfrica etc. These are giant in africa. We could rely on the above mention countries and successfully sail through, without the touch of Imf, World bank,however i have got these proposals or solutions to our problems- we should introduce mechanisms for tracing and recovering public funds.hey guys stop the amassing of illigal fortunes by its politicians and senior officials in foriegn Banks.Require all heads of states, Ministers, and senior officials to open thier bank accounts to public scrutiny.Require all countries to hold Internationally-supervised elections. Promote other aspects of democracy,free press an independent judiciary. Establish citizen review groups to oversee government and aid be continue


The only natural resource worth having is the gray matter in the head, and the will to use it. Natural resources invite predators and cause the people to believe that they could be rich without trying. When I hear people talk about Africa's great natural resources, I shudder. It means THEY are coming to get it, and THEY will kill, maim or enslave ANYONE who stands in the way. Those who cooperate, and have power, they will allow to steal something for themselves.

Only that gray matter and willingness to use it until death and beyond will get us out of this situation.

Valentine funwie

Facter you are right,But make no mistake, Africans are very reluctant to use the grey matter in the head, the will is not there,These are god given resources,we all came and met the natural resources.I suggest mankind could assembly these resources for collective interst not for individual interest.Those who cooperate, for thier self interest are the architect of our problems in Africa.Solutions- They will never kill all,let every man, woman, children leaders,Infact people of all works of life.We will walk up to all the liberty squares in Africa, sit on the street and sing songs of liberation, they will all go away facter.say no to aid, we welcome balance cooperation,All the french colonies in africa are gradually becoming a dynasty.Must we accept it?Togo, Gabon, Cameroon etc,are all expose to this french neoliberal style. Africans are willing to work with good friends of the west,We also welcome our Asians brothers etc.We must love oneanother,respect each other be patriotic,I also have this feelings that if we invite our African American brothers they may be of tremendous help to our development. let the house be cleaned. they will be part of all.a


When I watch the Iranian people stand up to confront the religious powers, I am very humbled. They are showing that they honor justice and truth more than religious authorities. I never expected to see that in a muslim country.

In the same way, Africans can overcome their obstacles and blocks. When the French sent troops to Ivory Coast a couple of years ago, Africans behaved as if it was an Ivorian problems. Africans should have demonstrated massively at all all princial french institutions in all African countries and abroad. We made the mistake of thinking it was just a problem for Ivorians to worry about. The French do not look at Africa that way. They look at us as one giant farm, which contains the tomato garden, the orange grove, the chicken run and so on and they have a strategy for running that farm and its slaves, us. We have been indoctrinated into believing that the slaves in the tomato farm are different from the chicken coop slaves and have different problems.

If we can figure out how to unite, we can remove the parasite in one year.

Sarah Antell

I agree with the general view expressed by Reex Flames on no illusions about US loving Africa more than France, and I have read Failed States by Chomsky. I do wish to say though, that the author of the above article does not seem to have such an illusion either. That is why he addresses the activists community in the US and not the United States government. He does takes the time to critic US posture this far as well as AES and Exxon.


Valentine funwie you have made a very important point.I was very surprised the way Africans behaved when Ivory Coast was attacked by the french.It was very disgraceful.Gbabo is a great president who love his country that is why the french donot like him.They like irresponsible leaders like paul biya bongo and the rest


The point is very clear to us Africans that the so call western powers do care for us. For crying out loud, they don't but they care only about our natuarl endowments. The west love powerless African leaders, so that they colud joinly manipulate the people into using their resources.
We Africans don't need weapons to fight these greedy colonial masters. We need to emancipate ourselves, meaning we got to educate ourselves about the sad realities happening in our Beloved Continent.
It just want to say, its not time for us to claim that this is not doing this or that,but if we are all conscious of the pretenders then we got to do sometime in acollective way to see that we chased away there oppressors whom some of us are in their system.
Enough about fighting personalities, but collectively we can fight the system of capitalism championed by the greedy West.
Look how Mugabe became unpopular, because he realised his mistakes of making the west exploit his Country, then when he stood against they, then they made evrything to see how he can be dethrown. Though i don't support him making his people to suffer but if other leaders can stand their grounds then the west will be defeated now.
We're so rich but so poor because ot the policies of the WEST(Neoliberalism ie Structural Adjustment Progrommes) from the World Bank&IMF.
Yes we can change the history of this continent if we are not greedy ourselves.
The struggle coninues,Aluta continua.Amandla, Awethu,forward to the struggles to free then African continent forward-forward, thats how we do it in South Africa.
Lumumba, lets take this debate further,

Valentine funwie

Lumumba, name sounds a liberation name i once read in the history of Dr congo.Rich in resources poor in using our grey hair.not so bros? Tears run down my chicks, lumumba,lumumba, I repeat. Revolution,revolution, revolution,we cry the beloved Cameroon ,Africa etc.This will be a hard one but thats the solution.I suggest all Cameoonians base in Europe, America, Asia,not living out other African brothers, should assembly thier luggages and focus back to Africa.We will start the revolution at the to you later.

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