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Thursday, 25 June 2009


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God knows I am sick of these blog entries which are always posted on this site. So according to this Olivier character, the average Yaounde girl has been sexually active with about 30 men by the age of 24? and to makes matters worse, him and/or the white man generalize this "theory" as a problem with "sexuality" in Cameroon. I also wasn't aware of the fact that the life expectancy in Cameroon is 51 years. SMH


It is good to know about this toxic condescending stuff. It demands a response on the green eyes blog itself. These are written with the presumption that the "natives" do not read and cannot find it. There is more than one article like this one on that site. People go to Africa to cultivate their sense of superiority.


I know people in my own family who have died and other who still think everything is witchcraft and can be cured by the local medicine man....I agree with the blog entry. This has nothing to do with superiority and all to do about educating the public more about the disease and how real it is..



there's a difference between educating and using ignorance to showcase ethnic superiority. For that coon (olivier) to say that the average yaounde girl has been sexually active with about 30 men at the age of 24 is shockingly false.

mclouis Welisane

business opportunities between Hungary and Cameroon


UnitedstatesofAfrica and you know that because you are a 24 yr old female who lives in Yaounde? at the rate of people infected with HIV in Cameroon it is not a stretch to assume that sexual promiscuity runs rampant.


Who can peoof the allegation?


Who can proof the allegation, that a Yaounde based young woman at age 24 has been sexually active and has 30 men to her credit? Blog statements of this nature go to blackmail a people. Cameroon is not the most effected country with HIV/AIDS in the world. Those who are concerned should better help the medical practitioners come up with a cure for the disease.

Agendia Aloysius

As a contributor to this blog, and without undermining free speech, i think some posts are extremely problematic especially with the type of messages they convey.

neba abeni

miller roger has made a rigth claim, but this should not be at a time when cameroonians are clamouring for a united front towards south africa 2010.if really this is a challege for eto, then let him prove his worth as the team has been entrusted in his command.

Ondoua Magloire

Hi Agendia,

Considering that this is probably the most visited Cameroonian blog I believe it should not only contain what we think about ourselves (the good the bad the ugly; the truths, the lies and half truths) but also what others think about us the good the bad the ugly; the truths, the lies and half truths). That way, we don't live in a cocoon and are able to counter or challenge the misconceptions and even lies about us. Even if such articles are not posted here, they are online and being read by thousands and if we don't know about them and dont challenge them, or at least provide the context, those misconceptions will continue to flourish.

So I am for an Up Station blog that publishes, without discrimination, articles by the pro and anti-biya folks, pro and anti- Southern Cameroon, CPDM and SDF praises and criticisms, articles by Cameroonians and foreigners about Cameroon.

Let us not bury our heads in the sand just because we want to hear only what we like or what we believe is true.

Tanto Sammy

Unfortunately, i can not read the total story as it does not open. The people with the most supremacist minds against africans are fellow Africans in diaspora. Stop all this shit and give frankness, truthfulness, peace, education, etc a chance. The debate now is over the rate of promiscuity rather than over the rate of infection. Our parents scared us from swallowing the seeds of fruits we ate as minors using the fear tactics that the seeds would germinate in our stomachs and kill us. Because we were afraid to die, we ate fruits carefully making sure no seeds were swallowed down our throats. The result was that we never only kept away from swallowing seeds but also took care of things we swallowed. No matter how bad the method was the result was good. So what ever can safe lives from AIDs should be used. My small cocopiako.

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