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Wednesday, 03 June 2009


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Barrister Kom, you are a hero!!

Kelsey, Colorado Springs, CO, USA


Soon some bigoted creeps will soon come out and say it is a Western thing, not in African culture. Perhaps, but I knew gays as far back as the 50's. People were more tolerant. Moreover, the west was just as homophobic in 60s and 50s and before, and it "was not their culture", they claimed back then. Some people are just homosexual by nature.


hello friends,whatever we may say,lets consider the enviroment we leave in, our society. Yes ,i know as much as this groupe of people have their rights and privatecy,but let them also respect the others.We leave in an enviroment where this is not welcome,an its actually not part of Africa not even to talk about cameroon. I live in an enviroment where this practise is very common,yes this people accept it,but let it not be part of us. Our dear barrister i wish the day your son or daughter will be part of it,i will like to see your reaction. I think it's not too late for you to practice this line of sex,if you really think its good and dine pratice for an enviroment like Africa with all its culture and humandignity.

Bob Bristol

There is a level of maturity which grant room for tolerance. By implication, the others have a right to their choices. When these choices go out of bound ( cultural limits)m, the society must raise eyebrow. At times, a new reasoning warrants us to accept and welcome these changes.

However, this gay issue is not one of those that I ( as an individual) can tolerate. It's an insult to human dignity. It's a hinderance to posterity. It's unethical, morally wrong, naturally defective.

It beats my imagination how these idiots could not fight to uphold polygamy. I'm not a polygamist and I'll never be a polygamist but it is a far better choice than this nightmare of homosexuality or lesbianism.

Please Cameroonians, refrain from these. They bring curses which we may not realise.

Paa Ngembus

What is being gay?

Is it natural or nurtured?

I think it is the later.

My parents come from two different ethnic groups that can trace their history 2000 and 2500 years. In non of these ethnicities' languages does the word "gay" or "homosexual" exist.

So, I believe being gay is not natural or my ancestors would have had a word for it?

In addition, as a scientist I believe in EVOLUTION of the species.

Gay or homosexual tendencies are a behavioral trend that will ultimately lead to natural extinction of the human race because we will not be able to reproduce and survive.

So, if ever there were a mutated gene for gayness it would be doubly recessive and it would have died naturally because as animals, nature would have KILLED any behavior that will lead to the extinction of our species.

That said, those who WRONGLY choose to be gay still deserve society's protections. Afterall, we still live with theivess, witches, drunkards, wizzards, etc., etc.

Now shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Evolution is a tricky subject. Mathematically speaking, gays do not constitute more than 10 percent of any society, so there is no way it could lead to extinction of the human race. I believe that most people are totally turned off by the idea, and that is the majority of people.

Another way of looking at the question is whether homosexuality occurs in lower animals, which do not have the same capacity of learning harmful behaviors such as smoking. We can google that easily and get academic papers from people who have done real studies.

Since you have brought up evolution, could humanity be adapting to a planet under pressure of overpopulation and overutilization of resources? That is a wild question. What about the chemicals contaminants in the water from human activity, that act like sex hormones and change behavior?

I think you are dead on in one respect. Legislating sexuality is harmful to freedom at large, because the only way to police it involves people spying on people and causing fear and mistrust. Witch hunts are a terrible idea in any society. No matter how much somebody hates homosexuality, if you turn on this fear and suspicion on others, others can turn it on you. How do I know Paa Ngembus, Bob Bristol or Oyez are not gay? Not from their word in an oppressive society, because they will all lie. The only way to know for sure is to spy on them.

Paa Ngembus


I agree with you to a point.

If Sodom and Ghomorrah existed in Biblical times, then nurture and not chemicals are responsible for homosexuality.

It is all about what society is willing to tolerate.

I don't think it is any of my business who sleeeps with whom. That is why I think people should not be discriminated based on whom they screw around with. Also I don't think gayness should be flaunted in our faces either.

I think the laws of La Republique du Cameroun are wrong.

However, no one should ever say being gay is like being black or a woman or a chinese.

It is not.

One (color, sex or race) is nature and you have no choice, and the other (gayness) is nurture and you have a choice.


From the UB Alumni forum:

The impression which I am getting as a read the reactions to Alice Kom's speech is that homosexuality is somehow "unafrican" and that its appearance in African society is due to nefarious "freedoms" from the West. This particular line of argument is not borne by the history of homosexuality in Africa in the past 100 and even 200 years.

For example, Stephen Murray's "Boy-Wives and Female Husbands: Studies of African Homosexualities"[ New York ; Palgrave. 1998] is a credible reference on homosexuality in traditional/precolonial Africa. There is even a chapter in the book, written some 100 years ago in 1911, about homosexuality "among the negroes of Cameroon ".

Alternatively there is another article, still by Murray, which is available for free on the Internet. It is titled "Homosexuality in "Traditional" Sub-Saharan Africa and Contemporary South Africa". It can be downloaded from:

This article also cites numerous research pieces (dating back at least 100 years) that refer to homosexuality in traditional Cameroon . Here are excerpts from Stephen Murray's article on homosexuality in "traditional" Cameroon :
"Among the Bantu-speaking Pahouin slash-and-burn farmers (Bene, Bulu, Fang, Jaunde, Mokuk, Mwele, Ntum, Pangwe), who live in thee rainforest north of the Congo River (in present-day Gabon and Cameroon), homosexual intercourse was bian nkû'ma, a medicine for wealth, which could be transmitted from bottom to top in anal intercourse, according to German ethnographer Günther Tessman (1904:23), who also mentioned that it is frequently "heard of" that young people carry on homosexual relations with each other and even of older people who take boys, who as is well known "have neither understanding nor shame" and readily console them by saying biabo pfia'nga (we are having fun, playing a game)".... Adults are excused with the corresponding assertion: a bele nnem e bango = he has the heart (that is, the aspirations) of boys" Such men were said to have a heart for boys: bian nku'ma.(1904:131; HRAF translation)."

"Even more remarkable than Pangwe belief in the medical benefits of anal intercourse is Gustave Hulstaert's (1938a:86-7) report that among the Nkundu (of the then-Belgian Congo ) the younger partner penetrated the older one, a pattern quite contrary to the usual pattern of age-graded homosexuality. His conventional Christian rhetoric of unnatural vice (and benighted savages) makes it unlikely Hultsaert had any personal sympathy for homosexuality, e.g., he wrote of "the game of gembankango in whichboys, imitating monkeys chase each other through the trees and creepers can -- and does -- result in reprehensible scenes" (p. 73)."

"…. Tessman (1921, 1934:261) found greater acceptance of samesex sex (specifically, adolescent males' reciprocal anal intercourse) in Cameroon, among the Bafia."

"Hammer (1909:198) reported mutual masturbation among young male Duala in the Cameroons …"

"Tessman (1921:124-8) described generally accepted, male-male sex among adolescent Bafia (in the Cameroons), involving penetration of younger boys by older boys and reciprocal anal intercourse (jigele ketön) which he reported was common among friends judged too young to have intercourse with females. They were expected to give up same-sex sex when they reached the ntu age-grade and could have sex with females, and certainly to have outgrown it by the time they became fathers (the mbang age-grade). Tessman believed that not all did, but did not know of any specific instances."
It is OK to reject homosexuality on religious or moral grounds, and it is a view that I share. However, we need to get over the "imported model" argument and concede that homosexuality in Africa is as old as Africa itself, and that in virtually all cases, it served a specific cultural rather than sexual purpose. That is the only difference with "whiteman homosexuality" of today.

Paa Ngembus

The Western Homosexual Community has done a lot in the last 150 years to make homosexuality sound natural. They have gone to the point of publishing "bogus" research about the practice among indegenius African peoples as well as among primates like Gorillas and apes, and even even social animals like dogs and wolfs.

In all these cases they have not been able to prove homosexuality was either natural or an acceptable way of life in the communities cited.

In fact in most of the cited cases it was considered deviant behavior and in some cases punishable by death (which the "bogus" researchers don't cite).

Again there is nothing wrong with what two consenting adults decide to do in private.

But please do not try to convincce anyone that homosexuality is natural because IT IS NOT.

As animals our very survival depends on killing homosexual and other tendencies that will shunt our growth and impair our progenetion as a species.


Paa NgemGOAT

If homosexuality is not "normal", why then are some animals homosexual? why do some same-sex animals have sex with each other? or are you insinuating that the Western culture influenced these animals to be homosexual? lol lol lol
Have you ever heard of Roy and Silo the central park zoo penguins? do your research young man. There are uncountable examples.

Paa Ngembus

USOf Minnesotta,

Did you read this you imp?

The Western Homosexual Community has done a lot in the last 150 years to make homosexuality sound natural. They have gone to the point of publishing "bogus" research about the practice among indegenius African peoples as well as among primates like Gorillas and apes, and even even social animals like dogs and wolfs.


Non of it is true, all made up.


Paa NgemGOAT

I am not talking about research or data or whatever you want to call it. I am talking about eye witness account; something open to the entire world to see. GO TO THE CENTRAL PARK ZOO AND YOU SEE TWO MALE PENGUINS, SILO AND ROY, HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER. It is something you can see it for yourself. There is also numerous footage on the discovery channel showing male elephants having sexual intercourse. Don't let your archaic cultural mentality blind yourself from reality. Now, answer my question. If homosexuality is unnatural, why then do animals engage in homosexual acts?


United states of Africa

If you like the peguins, silos and roy and want to be like them , then u should transform yourself so that we could put u in a public zoo where you could have free sex with your male counterparts


Question. Is masturbation natural or it it made up too? Should it be suppressed? Does it matter? Why do men hone in and get aroused by particular parts of a female physique? Some men say they are ass men and others say they are boobs men. Some melt at the sound of a particular voice or a cute face. Why are some men triggered by decidedly male cues?

Ras Tuge

No African child should read any perverted articles written by forsaken Babylon criminals. Again i say; Africa shall remain hostile to homosexual sex. And if Babylon is so merciful, then it must spare all African homosexuals from unwarranted onslaughts, by making its doors wide open to accomodate them and hence give them peace.

Man, Babylon creates toxic confusion that could influence African children in a harmful manner! Babylon claims that a man can't marry more than one woman! But how can polygamy be declared illegal, and yet homosexuality is not a crime? Beats me! It is one thing for a man to claim being in love with another man, but it is completely irrational and unnatural for gay men and lesbian women to satisfy their carnal desires in the manner in which they do.

Listen to them: there's nothing wrong with people of same sex loving each other. Bullshit! And polygamous people don't love each other? Why must homosexuality be forced on people who mostly view it as an abhorrent act? This is just as unhealthy a repression as that which gay people purport to be victimised by. And worse yet, homosexuals are claiming the right to have children! Babylon, what about the convention on the rights of the child? Stop that vicious confusion!

Babylon is rotten, and they spread filthy concepts to intoxicate humanity. Sexually, Babylon people are so advanced that the only place left to reach is Hell. For them, the woman's vagina has apparently outlived its usefulness. The anus has become the new and exotic sexual marvel, while the mouth has been transformed into a tickling toilet thanks to homosexual ingenuity. Bestiality too has become the order of the day, as mystery Babylon men and woman indulge heavily in it with impunity. Sex with animals is not a crime in most European countries, and in a notoriously sexual country like Sweden bestiality is completely legal! Did you know this?


Along those lines of animal homo activity:

It is off putting personally, but I am afraid it is natural.

Perhaps Rax Tuge will monitor bedrooms now to prevent Babylon from getting there.

Ras Tuge

Well, if that makes you feel better, then that's fine with me. But i think you're one very silly chap! Bumboklaat renegades like you would eat excreta because Babylon so dictates. Oyez, you must desist from being such a slave.


Having a fact-based and intellectual argument with IDIOTS like yourself is almost impossible. I have posed a simple question to you but you are unable to answer it. Instead, you resort to insults. I would gladly let myself be caged up in a zoo but do you know who I would be having sex with? YOUR MOTHER. Put your mother and I in a cage...for the whole world to see. I would TOSS and FLIP her enormous buttocks like salad all day long. I would put on a damn good show with your mother in that cage.

I have told you time and time again, GET THE FUCK OUT OF BABYLON. You hate it, you hate its culture, you hate its way of life so why are you still there? you are the one eating the excreta of Babylon. You are the one who married an obese white woman to secure "papers". You are the one who bore confused race of children in order to keep your dilapidated shack in the middle of some snow-capped ditch hole in the Scandinavia. I will ask you again, why do ANIMALS ENGAGE IN HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR? OR DID BABYLON FORCE THESE ANIMALS TO HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER? Hahahhahahahahhahahaha. You are a joke.


What the hell is wrong with africans? so it's a crime to have feelings for the same sex?
Well homophobics, you should all sit and watch how the world turn into homosexual and you know the best thing? you guys can do nothing against it. lol
let the homosexuals be and live free, goddamnit!!!!
yeah, i'm a bi-sexual and i find nothing wrong in it having feelings for the same sex.
Mrs,Kom, you are doing a great job, keep it up. You'll have my support.


Mr Jessy,
Homosexuals have no place in Africa. If they don't have any good use for their 'thing' then its better we chop off their balls.

Bob Bristol

Cameroonians who have so far engaged themselves in these filthy acts have done so base on some ulterior motif. With the worrisome economic situation in Cameroon, there is nothing some people will not venture into.

Mrs Kom, I'm sure you gave your boobs and your V to another lady to earn the certificates which you bag. You wouldn't try to normalise it if your plans for a revenge was futile. Would you?


There is no cause to be so offensive. Even those you despise have human rights. It is the way a society treats those it despises that protects the rights of everyone.


All homos worldwide should be jailed until they repent, desist and firmly pledge never to indulge in such bestial and devilish acts. There's just NO WAY it can be justified and those who stand to defend as advocates for homos should be marked for DEATH. That's all they deserve; DEATH!.
So Nkom, you better watch out or you'll be STAMPED



I know your type. It is people like you who hide in dark places and suck dicks. You see it in the Catholic church too. All these anti-gay priests in high ranks are the ones who ended up raping 5 year old boys. I really don't know why gays threaten Africans and black people (notably African Americans) so much. If you are not gay, then don't fall in love with someone of the same sex. If you don't support gay rights/marriage, then don't get married to a gay sex. There are a lot of things I don't support, but I have to tolerate because we LIVE IN A FREE SOCIETY. If two gay people are married, how does that affect me as an individual? it has nothing to do with my life so why should I waste my time walking around and spreading hate? Some of you are so threatened by gays because you have affection for the same sex.

This is why Africa doesn't progress because Africans have a saddistic affection for enslavement. We hate to be free and we hate to see others exercise their right to freedom. Even Nelson Mandela advocates for gay rights...not because he is gay but because he recognizes that human beings have the right to live the way they want as long as they are not affecting other individuals.

keep making your death threats to Ms. Alice Kom. Don't be surprised that your neck gets CHOPPED OFF ages before any calamity befalls on her.


UnitedstatesofAfrica, you said it all.
Thanks for your comments.
And to all those homophobic, keep hating while we keep growing. And it's something no one can take away from us.PERIOD!!!!!!!!!


Where is our faith,God was not stupid to create man and woman.It is written that a man will leave his father and his mother and be with his wife and the two will become one.It is a sin before God and man to become a lisbian or homosexual.If i am the husband of mrs Nkom i will divorce her right away.This is a tactic to extinct the human race which God said go and multiply and fill the earth.There is no place for homosexuals in Cameroon,it is satanic and devilish.Mrs Nkom should advice his son or daughther to become one if she really loves it.The funniest thing is that these homosexuals wants to adopt children,hahaha,they should devise a means to become pregnant and have one.Shame to all homosexuals and lesbians,repent now for it is not too late.


"It is written that a man will leave his father and his mother and be with his wife and the two will become one.It is a sin before God and man to become a lisbian or homosexual."

- Jenny Paulis

You bible-beaters are too amusing. Do you know that the same Bible you are quoting has verses which are pro-slavery and anti-women's rights? so according to this same Bible which you are quoting, you should still be a slave. If you want to follow the bible to the letter, then obey every law; don't pick and choose which ones will work at your convenience. Thus my friend, denounce your freedom and be a slave. Go and find a white master who will put you on a plantation.

Ma Mary

Jenny Paulis, it is offensive to continue to multiply indiscriminately. It probably made sense to a desert dwelling tribe 3000 years ago, because hyenas and lions were still coming into their tents and huts to eat people. They had no internal combustion engines, nor smokestack industries, nor hygiene, nor vaccines that enable most children to survive to adulthood. People who lived to be 40 were considered old, never mind the rubbish about Methuselah.

Today, we are stressing the planet's ability to sustain life, and we are crowding other species out. We are destroying even the oceans, which were considered limitless in capacity even in my own lifetime. All of this is supported by numbers and not merely by faith. Our job now is how to use these natural resources in such a way that is sustainable and we do not jeopardize future generations. One of the ways of making sure that this happens is by reproducing more and not less.

Believe it or not, the Cameroons are overpopulated. Why do I say that? Standard of living is low; infant mortality rate is a disgrace; there are no jobs and environmental devastation is ongoing at an alarming rate. Health care capacity is outrageously low, and we are setting ourselves up for disaster. Forests are being depleted and drinking water is being reduced as a result. Some say we have to become densely populated like Europe. No, our priority is to make our young smarter than those in Europe and prosperous too. Numerous poor deprived people make very poor competitors against few people empowered with resources and knowledge. Just look at Israel vs its Arab neighbors.

If I were in your shoes, I would put that old book away for about two years, and bring myself up to speed.

Most heterosexuals find homosexuality to be distasteful. That is fine. What is not fine is threatening the human rights of people who are homosexuals. Some people say homosexuality is natural and others say it is unnatural. I say that is irrelevant. There are many unnatural things that you and I do everyday. Must we be penalized because God supposedly did not design those things and practices? Should I draw a list? I have written too long already and I will assume that you have some imagination and can draw up a list for yourself, starting with this magic internet thing that goes unmentioned in the bible.


JennyPaulis i bet you wish to have a woman beside you. pls cut the quoting crap cos those who wrote the bible are homos. check out wats going on in the vatican city they all homos. everywhere is full with homos and it's not a crime but a preference so either you deal with it oh u go to hell. u think there's no place for homos in africa/cameroon? hahahahha lmao just sit and watch and u aint gonna have no choice.

Bob Bristol

Some few unfortunate people are born as fools or imbeciles but we still put in much effort see if they can be better up. This is because if we leave them to themselves, we would inevitably bring problems to ourselves. Most of the proponents of homosexuality think it's natural. Religious zealots call it a sin. Most constitutions have outlawed it. In effect, it becomes a crime. Some people choose to be indifferent about it ( like Ma Mary and a few others). I chosen to fight against it.

Now, we can transform the bible into tissue papers (those who wish to). We may choose clauses to respect in any constitution. But if your individual sense of judgement allows you mess around with persons of the same sex, then we would know those we need to keep schooling. We would not insult you, we would not jail you, we would not spy on you, we would not call you a sinner or a criminal. We don't do these to imbeciles. WE SCHOOL THEM. Some may change. Some may not but most will improve. This is the best weapon to fight against it.


Dear Alice i would wish to fight for the rights of this people whom the society treats with so much disregards. Please i don't know what it takes to join you in this struggle I am a young Cameroonian based in Douala please hear are my contacts if possible you contact me
email. [email protected]

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