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Wednesday, 17 June 2009


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Let that coward rot in jail.




Bob Bristol

This is what Biya's regime has transformed Cameroonians into. Even ministers are into it.

I was in Cameroon early last year and while chatting with some friends, I told them that I can't remember having cheated anyone of 100 frs. The entire coterie vociferated in such a manner that I almost felt out of place.

CHEATING in all it's configuration is the order of the day in Cameroon.

Ndeh Christian

...sure, when the habit is cooked at home, it is exported. What is there to prove has sometimes been the question from a constituted authority in Cameroon. Now that the proofs are glaring let Cameroun intensify the cleaning of its backyard!
The guy is even better off in the Chinese jail than most of his brothers back home!

nnoko johnson

i would not applaud the cameroonian and neither will i blame him.i think he needs deliverance from GOD.PLS LETS ALL PRAY FOR him.The Chinese people,also have a hand in these,because they are never satisfied with what the have,thats why they will forever remain victim of such circumstances.if the cameroonian is jailed alone then thats gross injustice,for i think the greedy chinese woman should be penalized for her stupidity and ignorance.

makko jacob

let this young man be,it was just little he tried recover from these devils from the millions they are stealing from us.who is going to charge these chinese people in cameroon,who are extorting illegally from our soil.

Timothy Mbeseha

This young man is a common law criminal and there is no reason to blame the Biya regime for this unacceptable conduct. In Cameroon today there are hundreds if not thousands of the likes of this guy who often go unpunished. He had his due in China and let others know that while there are often 100days for the thief the property owner will be honored to have one day to have the criminal reckon with his/her conduct.


It is sad that such an ingenious idea by the post news paper to create a comment blog about its articles,has been transformed by some group of haters as a forum to express their political and selfish feelings.The post is reporting on an article which is non political,but some find a way to relate it to politics.They spend the whole time cursing the country and wishing worse things to happen to Cameroon without knowing that they are just praying for their own predicament.Who likes being a refugee? no matter how much comfort you are offered out there home is home.If they so much love Cameroon,why not give up all you have abroad and go to the fore front and make ur voice heard?bunch of cowards.
This guy has extorted money through fraudelent means,is it Paul Biya who sent him?Can you justify theft with the political climate of one's country of origin? That will never be an excuse.If his mind is corrupt blame it on him not the country. The likes of Madoff made billions through fraud yet he comes from arguably one of the richest nation on earth.How do you relate that to your grosteque comments about the Cameroonian regime's issues. No one says the current regime is good but Cameroonians need to be honest with themselves. Every Cameroonian as an individual is the solution to what we are going through.We need change but no one is ready to change as an individual.Hence the popular contented pidgin saying "how man go do?" expressing despair.It is sad.


Nkongho is correct that the individual bears responsibility ultimately. In addition to that, a national culture of corruption brings out the worst in people. When young people are surrounded by elders who steal and take bribes and take all kinds of short cuts it creates an impression. I do not think that the political culture can be separated from the epidemic of Cameroonian crooks all over the world. What do you want people to say? That everything is going on swimmingly? If those who have the means can change their ways and really start turning things around, there would not be so many people upset that their home has been turned into a latrine.


Oh yes!"a national culture of corruption brings out the worst in people."but what about the likes of madoff and the most recent case of benefit scandal in the world's capital of democracy-the House of Commons.
We need to start learning how to take responsibility of our acts and omissions rather than being judgemental about people. In as much as Cameroon is corrupt,there is a need to exonerate the few who work very hard to keep the country's image afloat.
This guy's intention of becoming a thief has nothing to do with a national culture of corruption. God alone knows if the court was fair and just in handling his trial.which from the facts in the newspaper,would've required that the interpol intervene to get the pseudo IMF Vice president. Anyway to cut a long story short, if we look around us and beyond,these days, we will notice that people are generally being attracted to the fastest means of making money.The passion for hard work which reigned back in the yester years has been kicked out with man's greed for money.
I partially do agree with Facter but that should be the least justification for our fellow Cameroonian to actively engage in shady deals.

Courtey Eko

Our country cameroon went to the dogs a long time ago.Our values are completely eroded and our value system is dead.Cameroon has been going through the "5 minutes cover eye phase" where anything goes.The Cameroonian youth has been reduced to scamming,not only because of the high level of unemployment but also because those who rule the country embezzle with impunity and are not prosecuted(unless they also have politcal ambitions). There are many first badge graduates of UB who have never worked and are not shiftless.We are all responsible for our actions Nkogho,but I can see where those who mention Paul Biya are coming from;the man has beeen a colossal failure and certainly not a role model for our youths(see CCFD report).

Shifuh Emmanuel, President, Cameroon Association in China

I write to correct to an extent the news about one Cameroonian who was involved in a case that led to a sentence.Mr. Massango Priso Muna was only involved in the case by reason of been in the environment at the time the offence was completed.He was therefore charged as an assessory in the 2nd intermediary court.He was not slammed a 10 years sentence but instead to 12 months imprisonment and a further 90 days (3 months) surveillance.We regret all the rumours that have been spread in all the media houses in Cameroonian and further plead that our media houses back at home should have our contacts so much so that we would help to dispel some of this rumours.Mr. Massango remains a law abiding citizen and to the best of our knowledge, he has never involved himself in any unruly act since he stepped foot in China.The Cameroonian population in China would lend all support to Mr. Massango during and after his jail term.Thanks.

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