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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


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For those leaving Paul Pot's government, the questions is who will be joining their former colleagues at the Kondengui Prison.


nothing will much change.Biya has been there for 27 yrs.He changes people and bring more though its good for change.I think Yang is one of the finess man. though I do not know one concrete thing he has done to his home Oku.Lets keep the hope that he should see the suffering of the roads leading to Oku and the surounding villages if its what it takes for a pm to do


Biya should fire himself. If not he shall follow the foot steps of Bongo. Popo time is against you.


what a charade!!!!
Has Biya finally run out of ideas?
recycling the same garbage heap over the decades wont take us anywhere.

How do we confront the challenges of the 21st Century IT Revolution when the choices the president makes takes us back 4 centuries in time??

What a charade!!
New Government my FOOT!!!


this reshuffle is pointless as long as mr biya remains the captain of the team. Honestly he is running out of tactics. Who does he want to deceive by appointing a northwesterner as PM once more? I guess he is using his old tricks to get votes come 2011. The government is a failure right from conception. Shame biya.

Fis Michael

Can Popo tell Cameroonians what he thinks about the post of the Minister of Defense? Anglophones need this position for the first time in our ugly history. My people, what do you think? Why can the House Speaker not go? He is no longer useful, but I really doubt if he has ever been useful.


In my opinion, I think it’s just like putting old palm wine into new jars. My dear People, if you do this, would the taste change? Hell NO. This is what the president of Cameroon just did. Those are the same old people we have been hearing of. He just takes them from one position to the other. The same old crooks who have hijacked and helped to take Cameroon our beloved country down its drain for over 27 years. Do we mean to say there are no young Cameroonians who could handle any of these posts/positions? Have a look at these people and their ages, could some one please tell us how old they are? My dear people, I think the time has come for us to posses our possessions; to stand for what rightfully belongs to us the youths. At the age of 62, what do you have to offer? Let us all stand on our feet, put our opinions as well as support together for the better of our country. We should stop asking and or tell ourselves the time would come and or the right people would come, for this is the right time and we are the right people. Like manner that would never come from above, change too would never come from these old crooks but us the youths. We have all what it takes to bring this change. What are we going to tell our children we did to bring change to our beloved country? This is my humble submission. Long live Cameroon; long live Cameroon youths who know change is all they dream of.

Che Sunday

When you have the likes of Ferdinand Oyono and Agbo Tabi still breathing, let alone being appointed ministers, what kind of change do you expect?A plethora of dianasaurs sprinkled with political neophytes will do nothing for the suffering masses of the people of that country. We need change starting with the grand thief walking into jail. Anything short of that does no one any good. He has done what I expected him to do. He has expertly removed all those who were currently black-listed by the State Department as having secret accounts in the U.S and are therefore denied entry into the States both for themselves and relatives from his government.
And you think Paul is dumb!

Danny Boy

Congratulations to Yang! Next step Presidency!


i feel like crying reading from the post in a far off country to hear that mr biya has done it again.its a shame to see names of people who can even walk well be appointed ministers and ambassedors. may be our president has lost his sence of control. this change i most say is the worst in a series of change done in the last decade,worst especially at a time when we hope for a better days to come.i want to beg the internatinal community to press hard on mr biya for a better cameroon


Hi folks, when someone is appointed a PM and you just think of him helping build roads in Oku. Was he appointed only for Oku or for the entire country? Ephrem Inoni did well,I thing. He brought some reforms. Lets hope Yang do more than him. But the big man will go one day.Long live our belove Cameroon.


Hi folks, when someone is appointed a PM and you just think of him helping build roads in Oku. Was he appointed only for Oku or for the entire country? Ephrem Inoni did well,I think. He brought some reforms. Lets hope Yang does more than him. But the big head biya man will go one day.Long live our belove Cameroon.

Che Sunday

Isn't that the modus operandi in Cameroon politics?Have you forgotten how each time a minister is appointed his/her kinsmen go out dancing and singing that its their turn to chop? SDF militants and leaders were being taunted in the SW west region as politicians who were not delivering the goods. Traditional leaders in the NW supported the SDF in public but voted CPDM privately.Remember what Ngia Fru of Mankon said after his palace was almost torched to the ground? That democracy gives him the right to choose? He was right though but the point is Cameroonians reason with their stomachs when it comes to politics. If Yang can help build a good road to Oku, it must pass through Bafut, and that is building part of the ring road. Biya would have inadvertently build a road in a region he despises. Do you think Bafut people are not smiling underneath their ampits?


Congratulations to mr Epraim Inoni,i must say you served the canmeroonian public Galantly like a soldier in a war front.We are happy for you,you have done it and may the Almighty GOD grant you,goodwill and peace as you eat your quakoko bible in bakingili village kudos...
I can imagine how happy Mr Biyitti Bi Essam,is at these moment.He feels like a Smooth criminal where ever he is now.I wonder what he did to Mr biya,for maintaining him despite his embezzlement scandal.
As for the others i think this reshufflement is no news.My follow brothers as a historian for twenty four years today,Bello Bouba and Mailkano Abdullai,have always flooded the pages of cameroon history books,since the days of its inception.Weh popol,pls try as much as u can to get competent and healthy leaders who are well versed with contemporary politics,not old season hags in the name of politicians.
Mr Biya,u have made a fatal Error for not including franck into the government,hope that u dont regrate later.
Congrats Mr Yang but know that, after 2011 u may loose your post.Maximise ur time in developing ur people and area,because Biya has no friend in the northwest,so be careful.

Bob Bristol

Paul Biya should be ashamed of himself. What a change!!! Bello Bouba? Ferdinand Oyono? Isa Tchiroma? GOD!!!

Can someone tell me in concrete terms what Inoni has achieved?

Who is Yang Philemon? What has he achieved and what can he offer Cameroonians?

And from those showering praises on the new PM, just know that nothing good can come from Biya. The best Yang can do is to fraudulently fit the names of his tribal folks in concours and grate a few kilometers of roads in his village. A head of government who 100% answerable to the president is just a rubber stamp.

Magistrate Metiege Divine Njikang

Dear Faithful Cameroonians,
I am of the opinion that the Change of Gov!t is timely and that the Head Of State President Paul Biya is an intellectual and a competent President of a Republic like Cameroon.He knows who and when to Change the Gov!t.Though this change is over due,I am of the opinion that it is timely.One of those Ministers who needed to be replaced and tried is the former Minister of Defense Remi Ze Meka!a.This Minister has portrayed a lot of lapses and generated a lot of insecurity in this country.The Family Members of those soldiers who where brutally killed on 12+11+ 2007 have being waiting for this day.They are now waiting on the government to take action and arrest this suspected Murderer .
When we criticize our government and Country we should sometimes be objective for there are some criticisms that sell out a bad image of our Country and this has effect on our economy for it scares away investors .
This is just my humble opinion which may be different from Yours but it is often said that everybody!s opinion counts
Thank you.

Bob Bristol

Metiege Divine,

Are you really a magistrate? You're a bloody asshole. What image are we protecting. I don't have time to answer you.

I guess your kinsman has been appointed and you've suddenly changed your mind. I'll suggest you adopt a user's name because your posting above is an insult to the legal profession in Cameroon.

pls, some people here should learn to appreciate for once. Divine thanks for ur message.
Mr Biya , i never could imagine you can be this brave for once. More grease to your elbows.
Mr Yang keep up with your deligent work. More blessings are ahead.
Mr Inoni, rejoice, for you have done a good job and God has blesse you well. You are going back to rest in your home town and not in kondengui as some of your coleagues.
And for the NW population don,t put much pressure on Mr Yang for development of roads and so on, It might only push him to steal the states money. Allow him manage with the little he will be given.


what are cameroonians insulting each other for?we have to ask ourselves why for close to 30 yrs Biya has been there yet we complain.He has the yam and the knife.HE is said to have a huge wealth but we say ,its not true.I think he has made the country useless,nothing to be proud of.As a method to let everyone let hime continue to ruin the country they say he is the guarantor of peace.I think its cameroonian the guarantorr of peace.When he appoint s we start to throw invectives here and there for opinions.I will dare ask what can we do to fix the broken system and country? if there was change of president as it happens at the prime ministry ,cameroon will start to see light,our biggest issue is biya alone, not dancing when someone is appointed, not saying development comes with appointment through roads.we think if the country was developped evenly we will start to fill one and united,we should know what is killing cameroon and my answer is the man Biya has caused cancer to this beautiful country


Yeah,Dannyboy ,you said so.


Am I in Neverland? What weird commentary is this? Reshufflements in the Ahidjo-Biya regime do not mean a thing. It is always about the recycling of dinosaurs. He puts the current set back in the storage, then dusts the old set in storage and brings them on display.

Ma kanas no di lie
I think the last time I heard that name I was in primary school and Obama was in kindergarten.

Prime minister who cannot hire and fire these ministers na funny man.


I agree with all your opinions above but let us ask ourselves one question; has Cameroon suddently become a country of old men. We are not a democracy as we are ruled by a bunch of old classmates who are running out of ideas and time.
Mr Biya and his click are in no position to effect any change in this rich but God forsaken paradise of Cameroon.

Cameroonians need to rise up and take possession of their country.


cheers men!


When the match is too tense, the coach may run out of strategies and may likely make wrong substitutions to keep the match playing not intended to win.Mr.Biya seems to be a coach who has ran out of strategies.You may also see from all appointments that, Biya is not well informed and is not current, as a consequence, he has the only option of appointing the few classmates and the friends he worked with when he was the PM.There are a huge number of young, talented, current, learned and well informed Cameroonians dotted all over the Globe, ready to drive the country forward, unfortunately, nobody is there to pin-point them to Biya.
If I were in the shoes of Biya, I could have appointed the PM or the secretary General a generation young man,who can be a resourse around the presidency to make some 21st century suggestions and also help pin-point young talented Cameroonians who can fit in the stream.
I think, Biya really needs young people who can work, but he seems find it difficult to know them, since, he is highly screened by old folks.
Under the law of gravity, any object thrown up must come down.Sure, Biya will not be exempted from such law.It may delay, but surely he will come down.



BELLO BOUBA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joel Tonga

Congratulations to Prof.Ing.Ngako Tomdio Michael new Minister of Water and Energy.


Well, its another sad day for me in the sense that Anglophones are now playing each other in the regime of Pa Biya.Fundamentally Mr Biya doesn't want anybody to work efficiently becomes the Prime Minister will exposed him seriously.
So the game of pitting Anglophones against each other, thereby bringing the factor of divide and rule. This is an old system that have entrenched by the colonial masters particularly france.
I sorry that Pa Yang will be there to spoiled his hands.
Its another time for Ministers to amassed wealth in a short time, so that when they're sacked they financially sustainable. Since in cameroon member of Gov't even the member of parliament don't declared their wealth before taking up gov't position.
Same old same old.
There is no miracles, the old brooms have been brought in again, so where is the future of young people???????What a disgrace and insult to the youths and population of cameroon!
But i just want any conscious cameroonian to take this as a food for thaught, and lets see how the future will look like.
Pa Biya is there to serve IMF, World Bank&the Western Powers!!
Is Cameroon really Land of Glory as our anthemn mention??Its land of corruption and Misery.
Change needs major sacrifices on our path.If you're in diaspora, lets change things back home.
Amandla, Awethu, Lumumba, cape town, SA!!


There is a time for everything under the sun; a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to harvest..... Lets plant the seed of prayers now! We will have desired harvests later.
God has very good plans for our belmoved nation, no matter what we have been seing and still see today


Freedom, people-oriented change or call it whatever you want has never been given or obtained on a platter of gold or without giving somthing away.If Cameroonians think that the freedom we so much need will come without sacrifices then we are really living in a fools paradise.


Please Mt Njikang in my home language means "road to heaven", honestly i don't buy your opinion and really be honest to yourself, is this what you call change, when old cronies are brought into gov't??
What a shame to our integrities, shame all the old people sit and pretend that the future belong to the youths when they c an do common justice to their state and right the wrong of the 27years that we've been living in. Do you think cameroonians like to be 2nd class citizens to other countries?? How old is USA President? Can we learn anything from them??for, i'm not proud of your comments, it shows how littlee minded we are as a people.
Yes Bandong, we've been complaining for 27yrs cuz we are so greedy to effect change in our own little ways.
when you are appointed into any position, it time to harvest where you never planted thats why so many poeple have failed warfully. Many have spoiled themselves that turns to affect their upsprings.
The opposition parties can not come together as one to beat the enemy. The answers lies in us, we can make the effective change if we stop the gov't and hold them accountable for all the atrocities they've caused on us. Who suffers??The masses, then what do you want to say.The potentials we all have are wasting, yes God plans is the best, but heaven help those who help themselves. Cameroon is a time bomb like it or not!!
I rest my case.Mandela Suffered for 27yrs, we've also suffered for same amount of years, is it time to take action??????
My comrades the legacies are ours like it or not!!

Kedioh Keyingong

that idiot who calls himself majistrate should go hang himself; sell out. you are a rotten thief like biya


cameroon cameroon make wona chop badlock thing them


Omar Bongo is waiting for Biya.


We all acknowledge the need for change but no one is willing to pay the price for change?


Kedioh&Gemuh, are u kedjom? Well I'm willing to pay the price thats why i'm out of the country, if we can all galvanised or mobilised ourselves and know that this is a do or die situation to liberate the beautiful land then i say itsn't late to start planning something towards 2011 elections.
We should not betray each other. I know the cry back home is a real independent IEC which Biya doesn't want to give. We're millions out here if we start planning now towards this elections then we can peacefully sacked Biya&his cronies. look at ghana, many of them were in cameroon when their country has in a mess, they're back developing their economy.
We got lots of black legs that won't want this change because their Dads or Family members are in the corrupt gov't of Cameroon now.
But i want or wish that we should young people nor matter our political inclination should vote for change.Lets exchnge emails and start this process now.( move faster!!

Agbortabi  Ephraim

Well, it all good to have read all your comments about the recent presidential appointments.Its realy painful but again a challenge to us the youths of to feel being neglected. To my own opinion, we must proof ourselves indepently from the government that we are responsible and fit to help our old fathers and grand fathers to govern our country. Yes i know questions like how? will come up. The answer is by the government first allowing us from diaspora to have the keys of the government to bring in investors personally , that will creat employments in rural areas with agricultural investment thereby reducing poverty and urban migration that causes urban congestions and increases urbans crimes.I personally have lots of them like that but i am lacking the keys to bring them in. Currently i am the president of president Biyas youth in Germany and have been functioning with any financial request fron His excellency to proof that i am not interested in that but in seeing that my children enjoy a better cameroon tomorrow. I hereby apeal to all cameroonian youths not to be discourage but to have faith that, one day thier heartly disires will become reality. I am fighting hard for that and i must succeed! why not you too. I am 41 and you? Yes we can stand up and lets make it happen for real without war, without blood shed but with diplomacy and common sense. Who is ready? You? ok! lets commence. I need registration of names for change by cameroonian youths.Contact me through Long live cameroon youths long live our dreams long live cameroon.

Nsalai Alban Mbiydzenyuy

i have to say helo to Cameroonians in and out of cameroon. nothing good cames easy as we always say.what cameroonians are doing outside we don,t deseave that for we don,t have to be out of our country.let the elders look the way to solve this problems in our country. elders use to say what they see sitting doun a child can,t see even on the tree and blem the yonger ones for striking let them help cameronians and anglophons as a whole.


IN CAMEROON WE SAY , OURS IS OURS, but MINE is MINE. Bakwere People would not ask INONI what good policies did you introduce but WHAT GOOD THING DID YOU GIVE TO THE BAKWERE PEOPLE.

MR YANG, ACHIDI ACHU can BOAST be SIGNED and authorised the creation of the GCE BOARD. We want

1. Tarring of the Bamenda Ringroad and personal supervision by Paul Biya as promised
2. Opening of a State University in the Northwest
3. Reopening of the Bamenda International Airport
4 Reopening of the TIKO and VICTORIA deep Seaports
5. Tarr Buea Road through Kumba Town.
6. Completion of the Bamenda - Mamfe- Enugu Road

At the end we will remember you for what you gave . Amen


Fellow Cameroonians,
We must pray hard for our country. I am sick and tired of the local champions who are ruling our country. people who are not dynamic and current with global issues. people who have no idea about technology. They have no knowledge of development and planning. They lack the skills which we require from them.


This goes to those abroad: How much do you know about Cameroon? What have you contributed for change as Cameroonians? If we want change we should start from our own homes. If we want change we should follow the doctors instruction to clean our compounds to help eradicate malaria. When you seat and talk and talk and talk with no action I wonder how change will come. Since 1990 SDF has had no change, SDF has had one chairman for 19year, how is that different from the present regime? The SDF is also full of old folks. Where do we think we are going as a nation? My suggestions: Let the youths and Cameroonians abroad stop blaming and come up with ideas. Let the youths come up with decent ideas and let's see how we can change our nation from the hands of the patriarchs. I don't think the youths alone can do much but we have to work with all and be determine to work hard because change is hard work. My opinion: President Biya is not just the only problem but we have a mentality problem. Let's take care of what we have before we request for more. Vandalism to our towns is not the answer. Coming up with ideas and solutions on how to pressure the government to make changes we need is the answer. What will be wrong if the youths of Cameroon origin form a genuine union for change with determination to succeed peacefully?

Ras Tuge

Brilliant Black...hats off to you man! I mean, long long time since i see anybody write dis kana clever ting here.

Di raasclaat demma sing dis and dat as dey point accusing finger at Mr. Biya, and crowd di place with dem empty heads and conceited pictures when dey don't even see the country as home any more! Demma get foolishly carried away with Babylon, and forget their roots.

Some a these callous criminals preach a silly hand-to-hand combat to send poor people to their graves, while they themselves fear the hungry worms and take shameless cover and wait to see how the vampire bat demma devour the flesh of helpless children. Madness!

This youth, i mean this our confused bunch of riffraffs dem no get no vision. It no make no fucking sense!

Stephen.P.A.  South Africa.

What was really the Pope mission to cameroon of recent.Who do we need to invite this time to see if there will be changes before 2011election.Is it President Obama or President Jacob Zuma.Is the U.N,waiting for war in cameroon before caming to lecture Democracy.I want to find out from mr Biya if there is no retirement age in politics in cameroon.before i was born,i started hearing of Bello Bouba,Cavaye and the rest.when will this people give space to the young.People said Inoni made it as prime minister.what did he do when he had no voice in his position.he is even lucky,he would have been one of the prisoner.lets just pray his excellency Yang whom we feel has got some experience can help change things abit.This can only happen when old age BIYA changed his mind this time by not being so dictative like in the case of Mafany,Inoni and the others.Congratulation to Mr Yang as P.M.But be very careful with ur Boss.He has got no friend.we count to see you deliver.


What are you doing in S A? What are you doing to help Change Cameroon? Do you have any idea on how we can change Cameroon or your only option is regime change? How long ago did you leave Cameroon? Have you ever written any project in your own constituency to bring any change to your people or you just want to talk? How have you contributed to your country? What sacrifices have you made for Cameroon? be honest, any at all? If you know what is good for Cameroon is talking and participation in the process with ideas and solution for change. Don't get up and talk when you are out of the country and you're seeing S A and comparing it to Cameroon. There was apartheid in S A for over 300 years, Mandela and South Africans did not run out of the country and was making noise as we are doing, they stayed in there and made the difference. They fought for their nation, but what has change? there is serious corruption and poverty in S A. Let alone Lazy Cameroonians who are Scams. Can there take that crockery ways and turn it to sincere ideas to change our beloved Nation? I hope you"ll come back and help change Cameroon. Being in S A and writing on this blog with no idea but arrogance will not help, come home and fight for your country and then you can call yourself a man who loves his country. FYI ministers have powers in Cameroon. If you were there to experience it. Do you know how a country with over 200 tribes is managed? We push tribalism and nepotism to our benefit. The PM is for all Cameroonians and not for Oku people. Go and see how there is balance of power in the government. I'm sure that if you're made president today all your kinsmen will be in government. Can you pee in the streets in where you are? can you through dirt in the streets? Can you burn your neighbors house because he belongs to another political group? I'll not think so. Please criticize and bring solutions and ideas on how 2011 election can be won by another party. If elections in Cameroon is not fair, tell us how we can make it fair. those are the things we have to talk about and not pointing fingers and being naive.

mray deco

Biya is a big fool. he can not not really look into the govement and see what is going wrong, i do not agrree with the change of inoni,he has done much for the country, why should he be replace???
we just hope that mr Yang is going to do much for us and we believe that we are going to continue to give them them the moral and phisical support to seee that they can bill up our country in pleace and hamony,
according to mr Biya, may he live long and i just hope that 1 day he is going to change and the arte of corruption is going to reduce in cameroon.
if any cameroonain wish to talk to me, then you can contact me on the e-mail
i am a young politicain, the daugther of late Dr Foncha


I trust Dr Obama. I personally *know* her to not be corrupt so I'm 100% sure she'll do a great job. I've heard millions of stories of her not letting people not do their jobs @ CHU & not accepting bribe to let people in so yup... @ least Biya did something right!

Danny Boy

Hi US of Africa,

went into the archives to read some of the choice words you had for me when I stated that Yang will be my choice for President after Biya.
Only Vito has been good enough to say, Yes Danny Boy, you said so!
I thought an enlightened one like you would have said same, just in passing.
Will keep reminding you of this and the chance is Yang is going to be your President anyway!
I do not read tea leaves! The info is out there for you to collect and analyse!
Before I go, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of the late Dr. Daniel Muna and Ms Becky Ndive. May their souls rest in peace.



God has a better plan for our Country Cameroon.All we have to do is to stay quiete and wait for the changes God has for us.Saying Biya every day won`t change him from what he is and appointing North westoners as part of the crew might encourage lazyness among this group of people since some will turn to believe in greener pasture rather than hard work.North westoners don`t need a change.To me they are the happiest group of people by living from hand to mouth.A word of Thanks can`t be passed to the wrong person.Mr president your turn is over.Where you are wasn`t made for you and the soles called your right hand men for life.You are now unfit and that you know.Omar Bongo did as you are doing and where is he?Do you feel for your people at all?

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