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Monday, 22 June 2009


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Let's be realistic.
Arab Africans will always remain loyal to the Middle East. Why do you think the genocide in Darfur is still going on? The Northern Arabs will continuously trample on the Southern Sudanese of Bantu descent in order to maintain their supremacy and ties with the Middle East.

And why is the mainstream media not talking about how racist North Africa is towards black Africans? notably Egypt and Morocco? it's about time we start exposing the skeletons in Africa's racist closet.

FYI, since we are talking about unity why aren't Carribean Africans, Brazilians of African descent and all other South Americans of African descent on that list?

Ma Mary

I agree, strengthening links with the African diaspora in the Caribbean and the Americas as well as the new wave diaspora Africans is very important. I never met someone from Tanzania or even Central African Republic until I came to America. This is a very important population, especially because the greatest thinkers in that group are more African than people born in Africa. There is historical evidence for this. Marcus Garvey was fighting for the independence, prosperity and dignity of the African long before any African native. WEB Dubois was organizing Panafrican Conferences, at least 5 of those before 1930 demanding the independence of African countries from colonialism. Many African leaders such as Nkrumah, Azikiwe and Jomo Kenyatta owe everything to these old masters of the African Diaspora. Africans who do not respect African Americans are just ignorant of our debt. Even today, Afrocentric thought, which is trying to establish an African-centered scholarship and cultural identity comes from the diaspora, and there is much to learn from those efforts, because it makes it possible to be proudly and effectively African without being tribal.

Valentine funwie

I strongly agree with ma mary, We are the architect of our problems in Africa,our African American brothers are very willing to work with us but the big problem is terror in the cycle of power in Africa, An average african in the poduim of power is a terror.The field is not level for positive transactions.They are afraid, We need to encourage them.There is nothing an African American will envy in Africa apart of the lost ancestry.For instance it will take 456 days for a business man to investigate setting up a firm in cameroon, and just 36 days in South Korea.Who will accept that risk? lets wake up.

nnoko johnson

As ma mary earlier emphasized,marcus garvey,WEB DU BOIS have done enough to set the pace for unity and togetherness to reign in AFRICA.I think it is just a problem of African leadership,which is suffering from endemic leadership crisis.All those comprado bourgeoisies and lumpen proliterians in the likes of late Omar Bongo,Biya Paul,muammar ghadhafi and the rest have only contributed in destroying the togetherness and development that Africans deserve.what a shame.The unity and togetherners in AFRICA IS YET TO BE UNCOVERED


nnoko johnson

muammar "ghadhafi" has contributed to destroying African togetherness? do you know what you are saying or are you just speaking for the sake of it? stop speaking out of your ass young man.

Ma Mary

UnitedStatesMankato, can you act the adult sometime? Obviously, you disagree with him for naming Ghadhafi in that list of shame. Would it not be better to ask him why? Perhaps he has a reason. I would fault Khaddafi for clinging to power even longer than Biya. There is a problem there, but he is the best of the Arab leaders in Africa. The others do not want to be African and that is fine by me.


Ma Mary the reckless bitch,

look at who's talking? practice what you preach you over-sized hypocrite.

Ma Mary

Snarky little fellow.

Up Station is still inviting bloggers. Put your ideas up for a little scrutiny or are you one of those academics who never had an original thought, but just snipes from the sidelines.

TTYL pom

Ma Mary

TTYL pompous piglet, I meant to say.


Unfortunately most Africans don’t get it, that when the come in contact with any European National their Europe comes first. Some will not expose that right but most will Africans differences for their own ends
To survive Africa must use the play book from Europe Nations . Work as an African Team or Perish individually over time like the Native American Nations


With ass holes like unitedstates OF Africa in the picture, we will go nowhere.

Africa needs some serious purging.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Charity Begins At Home.
The Native Africans should convincingly paved the way first then invites others to join them.
Aren't there many of you out there who claimed to be Native Africans but have changed your names to Colonial names or still cannot understand nor speak your mother language.

The North Africans turned to be racist and more closer to their Middle East brothers but will pretend to be Holy and friendly only when it comes to spread their Religion.
I live where the're Moroccans but non of them have ever greeted me nor smile with me as a Brother from the same continent. The only thing they can enquire from you is whether you're a muslim.

Mallam Shehu

Africans or Cameroonians, let's learn to love our selves. That is the only magical portion that will help uplift Africa from its abyss. If charged with love and unity, Africans need no help/loan form IMF or whosoever.

Once the black Diaspora sees this overwhelming positivism sparking out of Africa, they will swarm in great numbers back to Africa, without any formal invitation as a matter of fact.

I'll never blame any other nation or people like the North Africans or Arabs who under look us, we give them all reasons to do so.

We're the greatest danger to our own progress. Unless we change our mentality, we shall remain perpetual dog men.

To the insolent bloggers above, from what you profess, one can unmistakably decipher the pit from where you emanate.

Chief  Ayuk Arrey

You've written well Mallam Shehu but stop dehumanizing others on this blog. Your last paragraph clearly shows your finger pointing.


I used to think naively, just like the writer, before I left my comfort zone of Cameroon and now I see the world for what it is. Racism is a reality, and it is high time Africans use the word "compete". We should stop asking the world to cut us some slack and "understand our situation". White "Africans" will only accept harmony if they maintain hegemony; Arab Africans consider themselves members of the Arab League first and foremost.

Let`s not kid ourselves: who says Africa, says black. In fact, the Western media will always remind you of the demarcation: sub-saharan Africa, as opposed to the other parts of Africa, especially in developmental terms. Only polital correctness stops them from keeping South Africa out of the equation. I always refrain from making references to places like LA, London, Paris, Madrid ... as I have come to realise the black man will only be recognised the day he develops his own home land.


Stop speaking for others.

You have to change your mentality, not all of us. Accademics alone wil not do it for you, your life story is proof of that.

We thought u will change after living with the white man, but your mentality deteriorated.

You are the perpetual dogman, not all of us. There is nothing to love about frogs and traitors like u.

There are many great minds amongst us, but due to the lack of freedom to think and Biyaism, Cameroon, unlike the Titanic, will remain mercileessly afloat and going nowhere anytime soon.

You and men like Paul Biya are the reason people consider Africa the dark continent.

Mallam Shehu

Field Marshal Njimafor,

you're the epitome of a slimy and chauvinistic town crier. I've incessantly challenged you to ferry your hit and run guerrilla utopia to the center of action, but you keep on docking your tail.

Even if things were to change the way you laboriously do so wish and hope, I am sure you will be the last to feel the texture of a glock. Value the safety of the safe heaven wherein your midget tail cannot be duly cut off, and groove the stillness of your desolate cowardice.

Stop dreaming General, life is too short and precious to be exhausted on reveries.


You are the one exhausting yourself on reveries, Jack ass.

I am here in etoudi, next door to the butcher, Paul Biya.

Chantal tells me stories of his penile implant and need for more surgery.

I have been at the center of action with your wife, ask her, she has a different impression of me. She tells me she hates you because u have an empty ego and will pimp her for change.

U stop dreaming that Paul Biya and La Republique will occupy Southern Cameroon forever. Nyamfuka.


ma mary has made a point here working together but then with wich languadge?because we need a languadge for ourselfs like swahili .will the arab africans as you call accept to speak swahili? .we are in a situation where many have been made to belive we are bound to fail .and thats why i keep saying we do not need iether chinise white to make africa what we want .i still think its going to be impossible to work with arabs for example thier only concern is islam somting we africans dont need at all.we need our culture.concerning the african carebean i am more obtimistic because i think they are realy ancious to work with us if only we are well organised .

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