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Wednesday, 24 June 2009


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Catholic commission against hunger? LMAO. and this is the same Catholic Church which sent its Pope to Cameroon to dine and wine with the bloodthirsty dictator himself. I'm sure the Pope wasn't aware of the fact that some of the "ill gotten wealth" ,which was stolen from hardworking tax-paying Cameroonian citizens, was used to finance his luxurious tourist trip to Cameroon and other African countries in the Catholic colony(inject sarcasm here) SMH. Enough with this hypocrisy...and the worst part is that we Africans fall for their shady tricks everytime. WHEN WE WILL LEARN? WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE, WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Bob Bristol

If the Catholic church had Popol as a suspect, he could have been excommunicated. As such, he couldn't have stood the chance of inviting a pope. Biya wouldn't hesitate in tipping Transparency International. What more of a mere Catholic Committee? This Committee should start exposing their ills, the exploitation, connivance and betrayal that the church commit in the name of God. Biya is a big fish for them.


Bob Bristol

and may I ask why you have decided to adopt full Western names? bob bristol? that sounds like something straight out of a 1960s British sitcom or one of those old American crimes TV Shows like Barnaby Jones. SMH. When will Africans learn to appreciate themselves? the venom of self-hate.

Bob Bristol

The names are Western If you make them Western. I know of a remote uncultivated area in South Eastern Nigeria called Bristol. You are not obliged to believe this.



and that's all I have to say to that.

Ma Mary

Pompous piglet, apparently the holy catholic church raised you and nurtured your ability to come here all prickly like a porcupine, attacking everyone like a poor man's version of Christopher Hitchens.

Have a little respect, and gratitude.

BTW, are constantly inebriated like your buddy Christopher?

Danny Boy

Ma Mary,
with due respect what do you know of the person called Christopher Hitchens? BTW what has happened to the link to a publication by some Priest in Buea? What is the Catholic Church afraid of?
Christopher Hitchens is inebriated, so too is Richard Dawkins, Unbeliever and many others who do not sing from the same hymn sheet like you!
"Yuk" is all I can muster for now!
Go tell your sponsors on the Mount of Olives! I do not give a hoot!
God is dead.

Danny boy.

Ma Mary

Do explain yourself, Danny Boy. I don't follow you.


The story here is that this organisation's (CCDF)research and report has led to judicial inquiries into 3 African dictators ill-gotten wealth in Europe. We hope that the chef bandit,
Paul Pot, will be "eperviered or sparrow-hawked" in the international arena.

This is a development that should be welcomed by any one who is sick and tired of the actions of thieves like Bongo, Nguesso and Biya.

Paul Pot, this arrogant thief, has the effrontery to have for the past several years been renting out for himself and his friends the entire 6th floor of the Hotel Intercontinental in Switzerland while the is no running water in the hospital in his capital for days.


ma mary, the reckless bitch

prickly like porcupine? pompous piglet? what is this? elementary school? I see you are now stealing lines from nursery school rhymes. If you are going to verbally lash out against someone, the least you can do is to be original.


The Church has many ills but we fail to see what good the church has done. The role of this organization is to fight against hunger and not to fix the short comings of the church. You are all missing the point. I commend the commission work and we should be nothing but supportive to them regardless of our filling towards the church as a whole.



the church hasn't done any good to anyone in Africa so stop fooling yourself. They give with one hand and take with the other hand.

Nico what you just wrote. So good can only be done when you don't take back anything right? and what exactly does the church take from africans that it doesn't give back to them?


Why do Cameroonians allow that dictator for so long time?

valentine Katte

If the church did not come to Cameroon you would have been in the wild in your village hills the fact that you can read and write is because the church came with education. Though there are schisms etc the church remains the only true means of emancipation when people lack true application of biblical knowledge all sorts of things comes out but mind you the church is one indivisible though man in his limited understanding claims to be catholic presbyterian full gospel etc but the church is one indivisible and strong it will finallly win the battle against darkness.

Read thru the song 'The church is one foundation'

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