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Tuesday, 16 June 2009


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Reex, Flames

Hm...please can you just provide an example of a democratic nation in the world?

I can bet you wouldn't find any! The so-called democracy you described is a farce and does not exist - in fact, it dies so fast after its inception; despite the modern-day representation of any government with a parliamentary system that includes an opposition, plus an annual vote session as a democratic system


Iran is a theocratic republic?

Why do they hold free and open democratic campaigns, then rig the elections ? They have messed with dangerous force, after all Mullahs were brought to power by a revolution of the masses.

While we are on the subject, which is better a theocratic republic or a kleptocratic kakistocracy?

Ras Tuge

Well, atleast Iran is not Africa where criminals rig elections with impunity and the people stay petrified. This Iranian drama is very good for feeble Africans. Let us see what happens in tiny Gabon if Bongo's seeds step in his shoes.


Is Cameroon a Kleptocracy or a Kakistocracy or both, or something yet to be defined.


*So-called* moderate candidates?
New election for Mousavi's *personal aggrandisement*?
They *CLAIM* that the election was rigged?
Some are *SUPPORTIVE* of Mousavi’s putsch?
Theocrative Republic?

Emmanuel Konde is yet another African who is against free elections, freedom of speech and of course democracy. Why am I not surprised?

Ma Mary

The country called Iran (Ancient Persia) has been many things within my own lifetime. In 1953, the government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, which could be described as a secular democracy was overthrown in a coup instigated by the British and engineered by the CIA. The reason was oil. With good reason, the Iranians are still sore about the overthrow of the popular prime minister.

He was then replaced by the emperor, The Shah, who ruled with an iron fist. Opposition to the Shah, coalesced around the Shia religion, because at that time it was the most effective way of overthrowing the Shah, which happened in the 1979 revolution, bringing 2500 years of monarchy to an end.

Now we have the Islamic Republic which the writer describes, consisting of extreme believers and of people who joined up for nationalistic reasons to overthrow the Shah, whom they regarded as a puppet of external forces.

If one follows the modern history, roughly every 30 years, Iran appears to go through serious political rupture. I would caution the writer not to take the position that the theocratic republic as presently constituted is something written in stone. It is a product of very recent Persian history and could well be washed away by the present wave of outrage. Perhaps it will not happen, but there is a serious split in the revolutionary generation that created the Islamic republic. Mr Mousavi is himself one of the revolutionaries from the era of Ayatolah Komeini.

The writer also makes light of the credible allegations of serious manipulation of the polls. I shall not elaborate, because it is easy to find the evidence and intimates that Mousavi is self-serving in mounting opposition to the cheats. I think the author is projecting, as a supporter of the Camerounese regime. The hidden message is do not criticize electoral misconduct in Cameroun because you do not really understand.


"The hidden message is do not criticize electoral misconduct in Cameroun because you do not really understand. " - Ma Mary

*blank stare*

Bob Bristol

here is always a big margin between "WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE" and "WHAT IS". It's true real democracy has never existed but it is also true that some rulers (whether self imposed or otherwise) have been endowed with amazing leadership qualities.

If the president of Cameroon sees himself as chosen by God (reasons for his prolong stay in power) but is compelled by political trends to brand his government as Democratic (reasons for the fake elections); if his government is composed of shameless thieves backed and maintained by him, we would be left with a DEMO-THEOCRATIC KLEPTOCRACY. I don't know the world that best explain this system. This is prevails in 3/4 of countries world wide.

Facter, I'm sure this answers your question. The bitter truth is that PRETENSE is the order of the day.

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