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Friday, 19 June 2009


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mr journalist or what u call ur self,that is why ur stupid country Cameroon will never change,bc u people can never stand up and fight for ur rights.U are all affraid to fight.No democracy without fighting.wish u and ur stupid article the worst.


Democracy is only meaningful if elections are free and fair. Apparently, the Mullahs have been cheating for at least the last few election cycles. A country in which the powerful consistently cheat at elections is asking for it. Such a "democracy" is worse than an absolute monarchy or other kind of dictatorship, because at least those are honest, but in 2009, they are asking for the same fate as those other authoritarian regimes. The theocracy of Iran is an authoritarian regime, and it cannot be changed by elections alone because they rig elections like your friends in Yaounde.

In summary, if you cheat at elections for long enough, the system will be overthrown. If there is no law, or law is unjust or cruel, then people would either take law in their hands or overthrow the system. Even a seasoned democracy like the USA would be in danger is any party or group cheated consistently and massively at elections. It would eventually lead to disruption. Elections are only sacred when they are treated sacredly. If they are counterfeit, they deserve the fate of every other counterfeit product, burning at the furnace and punishment for the authors of the counterfeit. There is evidence of massive fraud in the last election in Iran, and if it is indeed the case, it should be overturned and redone.

By your analysis, the rock star status of Obama disqualifies the people of the United States. They are not ready for democracy according to your thinking. They deserve to be whipped and abused and herded like cattle. In 1776, when the United States came to be, where people who had only known kings ready for democracy? Perhaps they did not deserve it. FYI, they did not get it right from day one, and they struggled with it, even considered making George Washington a king. I beg to differ; we all deserve a shot at fairness and freedom, even the Iranians do, especially all those oppressed women.


I wonder what has become of this so called Up Station newsblog-turned-newspaper ! Baseless and unchecked articles are flying left right and center. This is rediculous blogging and citizen journalism at its worst. Is there no editorial policy for this Upstation stuff?
Questions for this writer of a guy!

1."Rabbleousing youth, incited by those who lost big in the Iranian Presidential Election of June 12, are on the prowl in the streets of Tehran"

Can you substantiate how big and how they lost?

2."These young people have nothing to lose but their naiveté. Many of them have practically no stake in Iran—no jobs, no operty, nothing…. "

Admitedly jobless, and making up 40% of the electorate by Irans data, presumably voted Mir Mosavi how then did Amahdinajad get 62% vote? Or
did they vote for the one that rendered the economy bad to send them jobless?

3"But democracy is rational and orderly. It is expressed through the ballot box, not demonstrations designed to topple a duly elected government, and definitely not something that can be achieved through street action..."

How can a so called news writer make baseless statements.Even the Ayatollah has admitted the possibility of irregularities and has given his accord to only partial recount? Mr man, where did you get your statistics from to conclude that the protesters are prostesting a democratically elected President?

Only from Cameroon can this gibberish be written.


I think it is an editorial or opinion piece, not a news story. Those can be polarising and trigger strong reactions. People like this Konde guy get a high from saying crazy shit and getting attacked, like masochism. He has masochismo, not so much machismo.


Konde be Ayatollah?


Iranian people just told supreme religious leader to go f@/< himself by showing up to demonstrate today after his dire warnings yesterday. Before before he had this aura of talking to God. The lying POS is now worth less than dirt. Religious people should be wary of engaging in politics. Those top Mullahs are very wealthy and corrupt and the ordinary Iranian apart from the religious nut jobs who follow him without question have no respect for them. This is good news for the Islamic world. It may yet step out of the religion trap.


Konde write an article about Bongo. Tell us how was a good man and great example for us.


yeah that's true ambicream, the west got itself out of that mess (catholicism) long ago. i think the writer was just giving his opinion even though its an unpopular one. well, we must not always agree on every opinion.



Opinions should be based on rational facts that have been checked and verified not emotions or some seemingly religious fanaticism

Reex, Flames

...And, more importantly, Iranians are not equipped for democracy. This last point is palpably clear with respect to how the Iranian people deify their leaders...

Although I though agree with you on some articles, I would beg to disagree on, because from my opinion, your views on Iran have been influenced by the mainstream media - the usual cliches. I have met many Iranians and only a tiny minority love their government.

Most Iranians disagree with their government policy, although at the same time they are proud to be Iranians and do not like to be pressurized by any Western Power. Moreover, they feel incensed to be labeled as Arab. Now, most of the news circulated around always portray Iranians as fanatically religious (in fact most Iranians are avowed Atheists).

By the way, what is your definition of democracy in the context of the latest voting in Iran? Does 'free' and 'fair' voting once in a period of solely justify democracy? Democracy should be practiced daily and not as an isolated event.

Also to note that many Iranians do not view Mousavi as the 'savior'; all what they clamor for is change of the system. They gave the Shah a chance and he bungled. Likewise they allowed Ayatollah Khomeini to change the system. He and his system failed! They simply want different leader and system and that is why they are on the streets!

Bearing into consideration, these and other factors, I would simply recommend you to meet with many and not simply rely on the manufactured consent about them -usually prepared by the power media houses of the west.

Otherwise, how could you judge a situation, when you have neither experienced it nor interacted with its actors?


I have to agree with you, Reex, Flames. The Iranians I have met are really fine people and quite deserving of democracy. This cheating that the religious oligarchs are doing is nothing new, and the people have been very patient for 30 years. They just went over the top this time, announcing clearly rigged results before polls closed?

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