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Friday, 26 June 2009


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Ras Tuge


Michael Jackson and Bob Marley were some of the best artists that the world has ever known.

Music is a broad spectrum subject, and artists are as diverse as the feelings that pull different people to the different music genres.

One more thing man; next time you mention Robert Nesta Marley, make sure you pay due tribute to the volatile Steppin' Razor who IS the untoucheable trail blazer for militant Reggae, and for the Rasta movement. Winston Hubert McIntosh (Peter Tosh) inspired Bob Marley by teaching him both his trick of language, and his syncopated style.

Though Tosh was not as successful as Marley owing mostly to his fierce volatility, as the original guitarist of the Wailer's, he influenced Marley's creativity enormously by teaching him the choppy Reggae style, and how to eliminate strong notes on the beat. He also introduced Bob to Rastafarianism. Peter Tosh was just the MENTOR that Bob Marley needed to elevate his career. For Rasta brethren, Tosh was and still is a messiah. Enjoy this tune:

Manu Brain

Aloysius Agendia, have you realised that you just compared the Lord Jesus with Michael Jackson? How did this sound in your ears when you made this kind of comparison. Do you know that there was no TV nor radio when Jesus Christ came on earth but his great name was on all lips, the world over? The Holy ones called his name, those with filthy spirits called his great name and that has not changed even a wink today after thousands of years and it will be the same, world without end.Christ did not die, He went to His father body and soul.
Man, Aloysius Agendia, review your article and post your apology or a clarification of what you meant by comparing Christ with Jackson. Make sure that such an apology or clarification is genuine and from your heart. Thanks.

mclouis Welisane

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Please , Please when we mourn mortals, whose lives can only be regained in the hereafter by virtue of the blood of Him who descended from above to redeem humans, we should give Him respect and stop comparing him with sinful humans, irrespective of their exploits.

Manu Brain is right to demand an apology for your post.

That's what humility means...being able to do your research, get the facts and say edit your write up.

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I always love Bob Marley and Michael Jackson's music. They're one of the veteran artists we had during two different eras. I love their upbeat music and the messages as well.

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