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Thursday, 25 June 2009


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Nnoko Ngajieh

Pamela and Kum, for God sake,if actually the said drugs are mislabeled, expired and suspected counterfeit why should they even be destined for shipment to Africa consumers!
I am just wondering !!!

tita nicolyn

who is this pamela arrey anyway? i dont intend a prosecution of intentions, but i am smelling a stinking case here! her skin is on the hook and her head is rolling! the legal guillotine has been whetted! u can do ctn things in cameroon, not in the usa, it cant last long! she sould know better.who is her, has she a grim profile back home too?


nnoko u just heard a nicely written story from a reporter without knowing what arrey and kum really did.Give justice its way to bring out the truth


Only in Maryland; the dumping down for all sorts of Cameroonian immigrants. SMH.


u die in africa. u fool.

Ras Tuge



Details here:


Defrauding the gov't cost me money and i hate that. Expired drugs to Africa is not a big deal. This drugs for the most part (depending on how old they are) have the same potency as the drugs on the shelves.

The One

This is bullsh*t. She deserves what to be convicted. Why would she be or try to ship expired medications to Cameroon. I guess Africans are animals and do not deserve better, according to Arrey. I wouldn't feel sorry for her. Sad to learn from her attorney that Africa is a land of waste products.

Nganje Elive

Kum Said"Kum said the large quantities of what Rosenberg described as suspected counterfeit drugs found in the Liberty Road store were destined for shipment to Africa.

“They were not going to be sold to U.S. consumers,” Kum said.
Mr Kum or what ever is your name did you sir understand you statement you just made. Am not so sure if you are a lawyer because Lawyers make statements that are not implicating. How in the world would you insult Africa by claming that the expired drugs were to be shiped to Africa. Is that how you pay your fatherland. I am gonna curse you right now. If such drugs has endangerd any person in Africa, I pray that death should visit you and pamelas immediate family. Since money is valuable than the lives of poor Africans.


As a human being,and an African in particular, i`m appalled and sadden by Kum`s weak line of defense.Pamela should be held to the same moral and professional ethics no matter her jurisdiction of practice.For Kum to claim that the said medications were destined to Africa(cameroon) is absurd. According to Kum, Africans deserve less , sad.By the way Pam should get her self a reputable lawyer before Kum diggs the hole deeper for her. This is not an asylum case.

Che Sunday

Cameroonians, When shall this shameful behavior come to an end? Is this woman really a trained pharmacist? If so, he license should be suspended, then tried for fraud, jailed, then deported and tried in Cameroon, if there is decent court there, and jailed there because when walks out of jail in Cameroon, that is if she survives, will never get into such a scheme again. Is her lover boy Kum insinuating that what is criminal behavior in America is acceptable in Cameroon? What a stupid thing to say by a Wum man!


If these drugs come from a source/manufacturer that is recognized and registered in Cameroon,and meets the labeling requirements then it may not be a criminal offense in cameroon....But unfortunately the Cameroon drug regulation is as porous as a villager's farm basket and anything from india, China, Nigeria Parkistan etc passes for medicine.But is already fraud getting the drugs into the US. We will expect that pharmacists trained in the US will at minimum contribute by speaking against fake drugs in Cameroon. From the above article, Pamela and her Cameroonian lawyer have demonstrated poor judgement, bad professional ethics and should actually be investigated in Cameroon. Did i say, in Cameroon?
Counterfeit drugs cause death, disability, short and long term harm in millions of African people. Because of very weak or no litigation, almost 99.99% go unpunished. Tell all your family members to be on the look out as much as possible!!!

Valentine funwie

hey,brothers lets activate some sense of discipline in this sensitive scandal, lets talk investigative journalism first. I suggest a a group of responsible Cameroonians, (coin as diaspora Cameroon)to review this matter.diving into this matter could spark intense trouble, watchout.If true, then, let me reserve my comments,my comments may be more than the expired drugs destine for cameroon.please Diaspora Cameroon base in America should sort it out as fast as possible.The citizen review group known as diaspora cameroon should create a networking group link up with other countries in Europe, America, Africa,Then the revolution begins,we will start the moral construction of Africa let alone cameroon.


European companies have been dumping toxic waste in Somalia and some other African countries. Since authorities will do anything for money in Cameroon, is it one of those toxic dumps? Will we ever know?

A person with sense!

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Matthew 7:12).”

I dont understand how it is justified to wish ill on her family...our people! I pray that God will handle this situation in his own way. I pray for God's favor on Africans, Cameroonians, Americans, those reading this post, Pamela Arrey and her Family and Mr. Kum and his family.


Joseph M. Kum, Esquire

As counsel for Ms. Arrey I will vigorously question any assertion that “expired, counterfeit or expired drugs” were shipped or to be shipped to Africa. This is quite an incendiary remark and I would caution that one has to investigate the facts and circumstances of pharmaceutical sales, in the United States and abroad, before making any rational and intelligent comment.

I will not try my client's case in the media, especially where it is being sensationalized, as it appears to be the case here. Suffice it to say that legal arguments are framed in the context of the facts and the law. In our humble view, the facts do not tally with U.S federal misbranding and mislabelling law.

Ras Tuge


Patrick S Mbong

Kum or what ever you called yourself, you are more than the word stupid to insult Africans like you just did.

Paysan PharmD

So this is how PAMELA ARREY has been making her money? Why can we not be grateful with what God has given us, appreciate it and manage what we have? She was already making a decent living but I guess GREED overtook common sense and ....the rest is history. It's people like that who give Pharmacists a bad name and Africans in whole as well. May justice be served and may she be SEVERLY punished for this!!
CAMEROONIAN PHARMACISTS BEWARE!!! Too many of us are falling in this trap! It is not worth the destruction of your reputation and the disgrace of your family.


I suspect PAMELA has been re-labeling these her
shipments to Africa to sell as current drugs in her medicine shoppe in Bota Limbe. Frightening. God save Cameroonians.



Danny Boy

Mr. Kum,
this quote shows how callous you and your client are, "I would caution that one has to investigate the facts and circumstances of pharmaceutical sales, in the United States and abroad, before making any rational and intelligent comment."
Really? Tell us more! Exploiting a loophole here are we?
Mr. Legal Eagle Kum, this attempt at a rebuttal has but confirmed your earlier statement, which in layman's terms reads; "Yes the medicines were expired; not fit for the American market, but okay to be sold to unsuspecting, primitive Africans"
Dr. Kum (PhD), please, please, Cameroonians can read between the lines, even some with that First School Leaving Certificate! Stop deceiving yourself and your client and stop digging!
In an earlier posting which did not surface on to the forum, I said the jury is out. Cameroonians all over are awaiting their verdict!

Pauly Wholly

HAHAHA - I want her millions.
All I did was look her up on, got her address and looked up her home value on Yeah she does live comfortably well in a million dollar home. Or at least until they (authorities)went after her.
This is how hardworking Africans get a bad reputation from folks like Pam and Joe who try to milk the system out of greed. MAN NO RUN!!


I am amazed the way cameroonians are happy when one of theirs is in trouble. I can only see jealousy as their guiding principle. Most of those making sad comments are thieves and crooks who are just too happy that their turn has not yet come. Pamela is a dynamic lady. When the likes of Abah Abah and Ondo Ndong who stole your money were arrested you never raised your voices because you think that francophones have a right to steal public money.
Since you all know Pamela, you have raised your voices in unison to crucify her. How much of your money has she stolen? Like Petit Pays, I would say; abats les jaloux.(massacre all those with jealoused minds)

Ras Tuge

Routine, there's nothing to be envious of in malicious criminals who cruelly prey in perpetuity over defenceless people. Jah said; live clean and let your works be seen.

Remember man, rasclaat traducers often end up in the gutter before the same helpless people whom they seem to show no sympathy for. Down with all dynamic criminals!

Pauly Wholly

Dear Routine,
For the record, debunking dubious behaviors by no means equates disdaining one's life worth. I cherish the success of my fellow Cameroonians anywhere in the globe. Likewise, when the actions of some put in jeopardy the honesty reputation of others, or worse of, the welfare of innocent patients in Cameroon for the sake of amassing personal wealth, it is only appropriate to sound off. It is not jealousy?! Blogging is all about setting the record straight in a fair and balanced fashion. It may not be what you wish to hear, but it is what it is.

Danny Boy

you sound like a paid apologist for this criminal fraternity! We are not talking here of stolen monies, but of stolen lives; thanks to these macabre actions of people who should know better!
She knows very well that expired drugs would either become placebos or poisons! How would you like to spend thousands in the hope that your dear one is going to get well there in Cameroon, only for the person to die? How will you feel if it transpires that the drugs bought for your loved one from this Arrey's Chemist had passed their sell-by date?
This is what people are up in arms against, not jealousy or envy. This story reminds me of a scandal in Nigeria, where little ones with heart problems were operated upon by a team of well-meaning do-gooders from the United States. The children needed saline intravenous drips after their operations. The drips were given but these children all died.
Investigations later proved that what was labelled as saline was but pure water all the way from India!

Fobs Dazy

This stuppid man who calls himself Kum claiming to be a layer and vowing to defend somebody who has the intentions of shipping expired medications to Africa (cameroon) should be handed life imprisonment before his case ever begins.

mom of the poster with sense

I will reiterate the posting made by :the person with sense, "so as you judge so you will also be judged", the Angels of God will surround Pam and her family through these difficult moments, the Angels will sheild them with their wings and protect them from harm


This is the height of greed and stupidity. No doubt it is coming from Maryland-Cameroon trash. Be certain this killer of a woman is kept under house arrest so that she does not disappear from the sight of law enforcement. Shame unto you for disgracing the name of our country. Shame unto you for distributing expired drugs to your fellow humans. You certainly are not a true pharmacist. Your license should be investigated. Shame unto your empty headed lawyer. Both of you should be crushed by law enforcement for your dirty personalities. You are not a woman, you are a demon.

dolly babe

Pam is not found guilty yet. Do not be her judge. On the other hand, Mr. kum, i donot think you will be of any help in this case.this is not an asylum case. PLS step down.pam should be better off defending herself than to have an attorney like you. how can you say the expired and counterfeit drugs were meant to be shipped to cameroon? are you crazy?is she suppose to have all these in the pharmacy by the way? i am sure this is your most highly paid case is you became an attorney.

dolly babe

PAM, don,t you think you need a good jewish lawyer? idonot know you but i think this case is stronger than you think.Believe me or not, you will end up with multiple years in jail if you maintain kum as your attorney.You have stolen enough money to pay a good lawyer to get you out of where you have put yourself.


hi, pls am looking for a joseph kum in his mid fifities to early sixties now. formerly in a relationship with a nigerian lady 28 years ago. please help. (email me at

Emanuel Manu(pseudomane)

Man,"Judge not that ye be not judged"
Let's all respect the laws of the land (The USA) that gave us the opportunity and previledge to become whatever we each are today through hard work and purposful endevour.
In the USA Ms Pamela Arrey is presumed inocent until proven guilty by the process of Law.
Let's each and all honour the land of our birth; we each owe it a cosmic duty to protect and enhance the lives and existence of our brethren there.It may be a dounting task for us all, but nothing is impossible with an honest belief.
I hope we all learn and grow possitively in this seemingly negative experience; We may be individuals, but collectively we are one.
Let nature take it's course; it's the only fail proof system of justice to mankind.


I thought we shall follow the foot steps of President Obama, to irradicate that mentalilty that a blackman is not suppose to mingle in the society due to their mentalities. Mr KUM And Arrey Pamela, for God's sake. how could you be shipping expired drugs to AFRICA And Cameroon, your fatherland? Do you know the harm these drugs bring to our poor sisters, brothers, and in general, our parents, who are the costodian of health there? You people should be promoting Africa in a positive way, and not taking our content for TOXIC WASTE AREA. Know that if i had the opportunity to talk to the President, who is a good model to follow, concerning this case, i will rather call his attention of how bad, dangerous and disgraceful both of you are. And demand a hasher jail sentence for insulting AFRICA..and especially your professions which some of those Americans dont have. You both are a disgrace to Africa And the proud black Race..

ngambu louis

Two big fools.we are expecting you back home
after serving what you rightfully deserved.
if u think u can poison us with your fake drugs,
then u are dreaming .your ill begoten wealth and money hunger will sink you deep .idiots.


kum you are really a big fool.where did you get your degree for pam,betty and the the rest it is just a matter of time b4 i help the gov to pin you people.dealers

Ms P

As a qualified drug safety specialist i find Pam's intention very disheartening. She obviously knows better that expired drugs do not have thesame efficacy as non expired drugs. These expired drugs risk outweights the benefit. Honestly i hope she gets the punishment she warranty. her pharmacy in Limbe should be closed and investigated upon as there is a probably that she most have been selling wrongly labelled drugs. What a shame. As for you Kum, pls rethink your career move as law is really not ya field. Idiota to both of you.


Hi Pam and Kum,
there is just no need you continuing to press on in this case. it just greed and selfishness that has led you to this end. search your conscienses, ask for forgiveness to both the federal authorities and our dear fatherland and you will be pardoned and live in peace nomatter you you'll be.
best of luck
Dolly Mes


I hope she spends real time behind bars for her greed.

What a shame to her family.

Folks like her and Mallam Shehu never think of the consequencies of her action.

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