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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


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Prince Hamilton Ayuk. I belive people like would like to think of themselves as intellectuals. The truth is that you are NOT. All you post on this site lack clear meaning, facts to support them an the end of it, any one with a clear mind wonders hwta the purpose of your write ups are. Thanks God there are way too many blogs on the internet. People like you should never get a OP ed. posted on any seriouse blog. And for postnewsline, when you people with shallow minds post nonsense on you blog, its reduces the quality of thisblog greatly. You throw insults are Manyu people, and you just like one of them. Full of pride but with no substance. You are just one big hypocrite and it make no sense what any energy on you. You need to have your head examined before you get out of control.


"The Bakweri people are not up to 20 in Atlanta but they have three groups."

You have taken hyberbole to a whole new level lol lol. I know you are on Biya's payroll so I won't even bother to address some of the gross inaccuracies in your article.


Mr Hamilton is a little incoherent. Do Cameroonians not have other smart people who can write here?

Aloysius Agendia B-
Canute Tangwa A
Christmas Ebini B-
Dibussi Tande A+
Emil Mondoa --has never posted anything original, just reposts
Emmanuel Konde B+
George Esunge A
Hamilton Ayuk D

The problem here is that the D blogger posts more than all the rest put together so brings the blog down. Perhaps what he needs to do is revise and edit and read more widely.


Mr Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, I am wondering if that is "one" person or "two" persons.

Okay, Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, You are actually running your own mouth but the truth is that the doctor did a brain surgery on you and alter your brain. So, your analysis of currently condition of your friend who is paralyzed and run his mouth is flawed.

With that said, let me land.

Mr Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, Have you ever cared to ask yourself about the root causes of all the symptoms you tabled about?

As you rightly said, your friend is paralyzed and only running his mouth but you are quick to just laugh at the symptoms of your friend's health crisis but you have utterly fail to check out what caused your friend to be paralyzed in the first place.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, can you tell me from what year did our people start getting into these various survival skills? Moreso, Can you tell me why they have to take "self exile" in the name of schooling or forceful exile through persecution?

The United States Corporation of ameriKKKa is the direct entity that is responsible for enforcing terror in that slavery plantation farm called cameroon with Paul Biya as the chosen gate keeper, caretaker and watchmen.

If you have the balls Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, can you also write well to expose this gigantic slavery terror plantation phenomenon that all the earth especially our people have been subjected into by this parasitic terrorist-axis-of-evil entity called United States of ameriKKKa which is actually a for-profit Corporation? Can you exposed all its accomplices into this deadly scam crime which are: The European Evil Union, The United KKKingdom, KKKanada, Eviltralia or australia if you care? can you have the balls to expose these evil entities to say the least?

Can you have the balls to expose the evil anglo-saxon-empire which is has been perpetuating this genocide on our entire people that means the entire so called africa since the time I can remember? Yes Mr Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, Its a well planned genocide and its mass exterminating our people. Can you use you well fluent slave-master language to expose these genocide?

But Mr Ayuk, don't take my words only. Hear confessions from other sources about the crimes against humanity being perpetuated by the evil anglo-saxon-euro empire.

..hidden secret of the american empire.. ...( Note well from the beginning as the genocide on africa is clarified)

My only challenge to you Mr Ayuk is that, you should not be short sighted to see only the symptoms of the root problem of our people and criticize our people for being victims of a condition they never created. Yes, their minds have been destroyed but rather than vilifying them, it will serve better to work toward restoring their right minds.

Further, do well to expose these murderers that are mass exterminating our people. Expose the ROOT problem.

Expose the parasitic ameriKKKan bank code name World bank. Also the parasitic institution called IMF which are all sucking the lifeblood out of our entire people globally.

Lastly, exposed that terror-slavery-plantation-farm that has been installed in our land called cameroon with biya as the current gatekeeper. And moreso, our entire people subjugated as slaves in their own homeland.

Also expose all the other terror-slavery-plantation-farms called states in our continent called africa.

Until then Mr Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk, your homework is a total failure. You have to redo your homework and come out with the right facts, root causes of the critical problem our people are now responding to with all sought of survival skill.

Asafor valentine

Hamilton,it is intructive for you to note that,The kumba Mamfe road has not been constructed,thus manyu is still an enclave.clan politics on the national level takes the form of distributing positions and offices to members of kin groups, villages and ethnic groups intead of to the most competent persons.We do not doubt your effort in seeing that you become one of the presby gangsters to sing praises to mr paul.I get so confuse with your write up dear,i strongly believe each time you travel to Mamfe you certainly go through Nigeria to get to that beautiful and abandoned town due to the politics of divide and rule.What puzzle me is the fact that,some of my brothers from this part of the country will always lack behind a hundred years when it comes to this dirty politics of divide and rule.Hamilton you need to visit your Gp.

Timothy Djomgoue

Upon all the critique that Mr. Hamilton received as a result of his post of July 28, 2009, I am to the opinion that he made some valid points that can be critically put to a debate. The critique, it seems to me is shooting the messenger, rather than the message. There is an anecdotal truth in some of the points he exposed; as much as we might not like it. It is none of my concern if he is working for Paul Biya or not; the lesson here is that, most Cameroon both at home and abroad lack the sense of unity and community. We have become consume with our personal interest rather than what is for the good of our present and future communities.
The Cameroonian community should learn to disagree to agree. I can understand why the Bakweri, and Bacosi associations will take it as an offense when used as a reference by Mr. Hamilton, it should be noted that this same cultural fragmentation and lack of unity can be found with most Cameroonian cultural association. Case and point; the Bamelike association in the Washington metro area was so fragmented to the extent that it does not exist anymore. It was replaced with major cultural tribes such as Bangante, and Bafang cultural associations. The major cultural tribes have also been fragmented into little pieces (you get the point). So, I do agree with some of the things that Mr. Hamilton mentioned in his article, while for other aspects of the article, I will leave that up to a debate. There is no reason to "examine Mr. Hamilton head" as one responder puts it. He exposed some valid points, which to my opinion should be looked at critically. We can always learn new things by looking from different angles.

Asafor valentine

Timothy, you are certainly right after a carefull scrutiny of Hamilton write up for the second time, i will agree with you that he raised some sensitive issues that raises eyebrows,but i must ask this question,what effort has Hamilton put in to see that these fragmentation realised reunification? However the truth is like a bullet that when triger it must get to its destination.This a call for Cameroonians to unite for the common enemy.I suppose Hamilton would have coin his write up in two phase, problems and solutions and not going far bellow to support the tyrant.

Ica Stores

We should be quarreling with the facts and not Mr Hamilton Ayuk.The truth is very bitter all the time.The reason why some people are attacking the personality instead of the facts written above.Can we also make a drift from that direction.Some of points were very accurate and some for future debate.This is not the first time someone is coming up with articles that Cameroonians in the diaspora run their mouths more than they could control.Keep Mr Hamilton!


In other words, we are suffering from

True or False?

Kene Muna

There are some Facts about this article. Group of people always split another fact which the author fails to appreciate is the ability of Cameroonians to unite in times of trouble or sports. The author makes no mention of those or communities which are very united in the Diaspora. Personally, the scope of research is so small and cannot be published in any renowned journal.
I understand some Cameroonians have fake credential. However, if any person work hard and acquire a recognized diploma in a prestigious university, I usually tend to blame the systems which deny that individual from achieving her goals.


Why do u always write about the dark side of life? We are humans and circumstances dictate how we behave. Truth is West Cameroonians are a caring and loving people, however, people like u and Biya bring out the worst in us. There are capable, honest and caring West Cameroonians who can govern English Cameroons by creating a government for the people. Such general comments and criticism that u make are based on perceptions and not science.

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