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Thursday, 23 July 2009


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Catholic Church has some good works, but anything that concerns the vagina of a woman drives them all crazy. A vagina is just a vagina and it belongs to the woman. What is it with all these old men who wear dresses. The best thing Africans can do is to unbelieve. You will be surprised how liberating that can be.


I know that those who are against their creator will point fingers at the cotholic church. Just a question. Did God put ADAM and STEVE in the Garden or ADAM and EVE. When man begins to violate that which the creator instituted, then you know they are heading to destruction. HOMOSEXUALITY was not the creator's idea.


Mr. Kema, you've missed the essence of the complaint. The catholic church has challenged the Maputo protocol by arguing that it calls for the legalization of abortion (it does) and homosexuality (it does not). Because abortion is not so much of a hot button issue in Cameroon the Catholic church manufactured the homosexual argument to rile up the masses and obscure what exactly the Maputo protocol is all about. One doesn't have to be in favor of homosexual to see that this was wrong especially coming from a religious/moral organization.

Tata Ibue

Kema: Drop that weak @ss Adam and Eve fairy tale. What's the problem with this Church when it comes to Women and Gays!? Dammn! They are all going to be left behind, for real!

Ma Mary

Church should use the pulpit all it wants, but it should not be playing dirty politics. When the church was fully into politics it used to get people who disagreed with its teaching burned alive and tortured with the most imaginative instruments to "save" their immortal souls.

Rosemary Ekosso

Just to clear the air before I start. I am neither for nor agaist abortion. It's not my body. You cannot legislate what a person does with their body. If you classify abortion as murder, remember that at best, so is war. Both involve killing people or sending them to their death for what is believed to be a better good.

All those people marching about homosexuality (as they believe) are doing so because if they all had to face how many Cameroonian women of all denominations have abortions - if they decided that women who have abortions should be punshable by death, say - too many of us, our wives, sisters, cousins, girlfriends and mothers would die. So they sidle away from the issue of their complicity in something they have been told to condemn and find what they think is an easier target.

If abortion is murder, then the person who has sex with a woman and is therefore a parent to the unborn child should also be sued for dereliction of duty and failure to provide assistance to people in danger, for in not caring enough about a woman he has slept with to know she is pregnant and thus possibly contributing to her decision to have an abortion, a man encourages the death of his child. He should be held as an accessory to murder.

How many of us would be alive then? Very few.

If abortion is murder and homosexuality is not, why are we all het up about homosexuality? Homosexuality actually hurts no one. Abortion, if you believe a pregnancy is a human being from the time of conception, hurts people. It kills. We should think about the what and the why instead of acting like stupid, self-righteous, narrow-minded people who condemn things just because they do not understand them.

So why are we so worried about homosexuality? If it is a problem (and my view is most emphatically that it is not), it is the least of our problems. What proportion of the children who are not aborted live beyond the age of five years anyway? How do you contribute to make sure that they stay alive? What is happening to our public institutions, beset as they are by chronic corruption? Has your neighbour eaten today?

Basically, haven't you got anything useful to do with you life?

All you false and hypocritical Christians, think of the speck and the log. I would say "let who is without sin cast the first stone", but you guys are so goddamn forgetful of your sins and so keen to be thought to be good that you might actually leave skid marks in your haste to go and find stones to cast. So I won't take the risk.

Ma Mary mentioned the Inquisition in the preceding comment. I think those of you who go around judging people based on the unexpandable strictures of your one-track minds should reflect on the fact that when the Inquisition was happening, it was "the will of God".

Frankly, if I don't trust God sometimes, it's not because he did anything to me. It's because of those who claim to speak in his name. No God worth his salt would have anything to do with those people who claimed to be marching for morality. If I were homosexual, I would not worry about them. They don't know s**t.

Rosemary Ekosso

A person called Kema (see a comment above)said the following:

"HOMOSEXUALITY was not the creator's idea."

WTF? You have fireside chats with the creator during which he imparts to you the "conduite à tenir" for the whole of mankind? I thought pride was one of the seven deadly sins? Where d'you get off acting as the mouthpiece for a fella you have never met on matters about which you know less than nothing? You know any homosexuals? have you tried to find out what sort of people they are?

If your faith tells you to believe such things, my faith tells me to live and let live. What is to say that one of us is right and the other wrong?

One of the previsous comenters exclaimed at the Church's fascination with a certain part of women's anatomy. One does wonder. To that add a morbid interest in a certain part of male anatomy.

Until the Catholic church stops shielding priests who interfered with children, it should say nothing at all about sex. What do a bunch of "old men who wear dresses" to quote baby above know about the dilemmas of being sexually active anyway? If they know something about it, they shouldn't.



Damn Madam Ekosso,is that you cursing out these useless bible beaters? lol.Keep up the good work sista.

I find it hilariously that in 2009, Africans still believe that Adam and Eve truly existed and the garden of Eden was real. LOL. Oh my beloved Africans, when shall we enligthen ourselves?


*hilariously stupid


A Catholic organization seems to be the one suing the france-afrique robbers like Mr Biya and Mr Bongo in France to disclose their ill gotten wealth and end the suffering that they are causing. That is great. I am no way saying the church is all bad or all good. It just needs to go and revisit its stand on human sexuality. It is crazy. How can you ask sexually active people in an AIDS infested environment to abstain and not use condoms as their options? That is retarded and it is murder.

Ras Tuge

i just turned down an invitation from Amnesty international to rally in support of homosexuality simply because i don't believe in the perversion of the truth. The truth is, homosexuality is a bumboklaat abhorrent act, and no African should feel guilty of castigating it. I have been accused of homophobia many times by elements like you, but i stand like a mountain to defend what i think is right.

If you know what is right for Cameroon, and hence Africa, then i wonder why you deliberately and hypocritically avoided polygamy in your calculated attempt at disseminating such intoxicating filth. Clearly to a rasclaat like you, polygamy is a vicious crime and homosexuality is not, since mystery Babylon so dictates! You must be one hell of a slave that has fallen prey to the perverted Babylon indoctrination. Too bad!

Homosexuality is bigger than just the bloodclaat pussy licking, or anal jamming, or even the deep throat wood sucking and cum gulping. It is an entire way of life, a mischievous philosophy that ought to be rooted out, rather than be propagated in Africa. A misguided gay activist like you, who purports to know what is best for mankind seems to forget that homosexuals are hiding under the shameless guise of good parents, and are demanding questionable rights to nurture children!

Moreover, in your callousness you declare that homosexuality hurts no one! Nonetheless, in your blind sexual benevolence and eager quest to preach what you think is right for Africa, you seem to be oblivious of the fact that children are also involved in this perverted drama. Whereupon i ask you; have you ever heard about the rights of the child? Or, are you so righteous that you think children no longer deserve a father and a mother?! You're high on some pretty bad stuff. Stop using that shit!

Does polygamy hurt anybody? Or, is it criminal simply because of its ubiquity in Africa? And if Babylon condemns polygamy as a rotten act, why must Africans not have the right to condemn homosexuality as a rotten practice by the same token?

As a child that was raised in the same quarter as you, and who even attended the same primary school as you, i'd simply say; you can't escape from the filthy surface of what you've become. More grease to your bloodclaat elbows!

Bob Bristol

The church is fighting an already defeated battle as far as abortion is concerned. Their Reverend Sisters are neck deep into it.

Like I once wrote on this forum, homosexuality is unethical and naturally defective. You can keep the church aside and get the equation. I'll not strain my energy on this issue again.

Africans being what they are, I trust they would sort out this encroaching mess. At one time, it was alleged that Albinos were a curse. They were, as such, murdered in their numbers in some communities.I couldn't have felt more ashamed being an African. It wouldn't take long for them find out that homosexuals are the real curse. You can all predict what will befall them. I dread the consequences because victimization may take central stage.


"Homosexuality is bigger than just the bloodclaat pussy licking, or anal jamming, or even the deep throat wood sucking and cum gulping. It is an entire way of life, a mischievous philosophy that ought to be rooted out, rather than be propagated in Africa"

- Ras Tuge

Wow! Ras Tuge the Thug, too many sexual details which we don't need to hear. In fact, I'm surprised. For someone who seems to be against the homosexual lifestyle so much, you know a lot about their sexual practices; you actually know too much. You know what they say right, the most aggressive gay bashers are alwasy closeted homosexuals. After you are done preaching your false doctrine, you will return to the street corner at night to solicit sex from middle aged men.

Ras Tuge the rastafarian Thug, if you don't believe in homosexuality, don't sleep with a man; it's as simple as that. Mind you, this is the 2009 not 1920. The rights of human beings will not be stripped away from them because religious fanatics like yourself believe in fairy tales and black gods. Live your life according to your principles but don't try to shove your beliefs down everyone's throat.

Rosemary Ekosso

Mr. Ras Tuge,

I take the view that ad hominem attacks by unidentified individuals are not really useful.

It's okay to have a rant if you feel strongly about something. But I find your post a tad disturbing in its tone. It sounds a bit Hannibal-Lecter-with-Tourette's-syndrome-ish, to be honest. The passage quoted by UnitedStatesofAfrica above is a particular case in point.

Please remain anonymous. I don't want to know which of my childhood acquaintances has grown up into this.

Ma Mary

TMI Too much information. Gross.

The point is homosexuals have always been with us.

This kind of talk is what gets people seriously abused and killed, and homosexuals are people too. What people do behind closed does can be frankly nasty for my personal tastes, but it is none of my business unless somebody gets hurt or a child is involved and so many grey heads are into little kids.

Ras Tuge

ofcourse no pious man wants anything to do with a Babylon infested broad like you. Whether you know me or not is immaterial, but the fact remains that you can't defend what you shamelessly stand for. And that's pitiful. You sound hurt, but i don't care what you feel when you seem bent at embracing and espousing such a shady and rotten philosophy.

Shadow child USofAfrica, when you sleep with dogs, you must wake up with flees! When i get fucking upset...

Ma Mary Mary Mary, you know i care a great deal about you, huh? But you know i am the kind of man that stands firmly by what i think is right. There's just no price for my extremely precious conscience. Nevertheless, i wonder why it would bother you if homosexuals nurtured children, since you don't seem to care about what people do behind doors. Are polygamous people not humans too? Again, why are you always so hypocrisy prone? Don't you think you need help?


Ras Tuge the weed smoking rastafarian Thug

Your pettiness never seizes to amaze me. You are nothing but a simpleton playing with big ideologies and outdated words.Get fucking upset? and what will you do? type lengthy monologues about the rage of Jah on that blog of yours which no one visits? lol. You buffoon; you are a self-destructive beast and a ticking time bomb.I know just the right words to ignite your explosion.

Babylon infested broad? lol. Oh really? I'm sure your gracious Jah is an advocate for using derogatory words to describe women right? your self-righteousness on this blog is just laughable. One minute you claim to be a prophet of the fictitious Jah and the next minute you are the spawn of the devil.
I find it ironic that you are calling someone Bablylon infested. Where do you live? who is paying your bills? who is putting food on your table? who is providing you with internet access? This is coming from the thug who escaped Cameroon because he could not pass a single exam and was always having trouble with the law. This is coming from the same thug who fled to so-called Babylon for a better life, married an obese white woman to secure "dokis". If there is anyone Babylon-infested on this blog, it is YOU.

I've told you before and I've told you again, if you want to believe in fairy tales and fictitious black gods in the landscapes of Ethiopia, then that is your cup of tea. However, don't shove your malignant beliefs down anyone's throats. Believe in what you believe and let others be. Some of you idiots can't seem to grapple the basic concepts of democracy yet you are always first in line to criticize Paul Biya. As I said, you are simpleton struggling with big ideologies.

As I also said before, the people who feel most threatened by homosexuals always end up being closeted homosexuals.Now go back to the street corner and continue to solicit sex. I'm sure those middle-aged white men are going to be impressed with what you have to offer. I'm not judging you though; do whatever you can to pay those bills.

The truth hurts doesn't it? are you "fucking upset" yet? I hope so. Arrogant dog!


Madam Ekosso, please don't waste your precious time wit this Ras Tuge dog. I will deal with "it".

RAT Tuge,
When I am done with you, you won't be able to recognize yourself. You have messed with the wrong person.

Bob Bristol

There is a clear reflection of the credit crunch on this forum. The tone has moved from being callous to utter vulgarity. You wouldn't transfer the irascibility of your failed aspirations on folks of this forum. Would you?

When the US Ambassador hampered on the idea of resignation, some of you were the first to line with her. How do you prove you do not belong to the group she was trying to invigorate? Is it by penetrating your dick into anything human, or allowing your breast and your pussy to be tickled by anything finger? Common! We got to move from this shit. Swashbucklers will do it but we shouldn't help to accelerate it.


We are in Africa. Sociology talks of two domains. The Universals, the alternatives. The universal which is what is totally accepted [it may be a total acceptance that homosexuality is bad]. When we try to go against the universal, it is a TABOO and that is called the alternatives.I wish and pray that Cameroonians stop fighting one another on forums like this and fight for a common goal which is the eradication of suffering in Cameroon.
Today in Camereoon, we look at those who are called homosexual to be inhumane. So how then do we ask to legalisation of this malace.
I commend the Church, because without it alot of things will go wrong in our society. When the church fights corruption we say it is a good job and when they fight homosexuality, it is bad.Why??????????????
Let's be serious Cameroonians and join together to build this beautiful country


Jude,u don't seem to understand, it is not an issue of the catholic church fighting against one thing or another, it is the issue of the catholic church manipulating the minds of people in order to achieve their aims,whether good or bad. The Catholic church has been doing that since time immemorial and they still do that. The catholic church has been criticized because of its morals lately and we see that day by day, even in church on Sunday.
Ras Tuge, i am scandalized at the way you express yourself, you are very homophobic and i don't think it is a good thing, people come here to share their thoughts and not to use obscene language at one another. Besides,u sound like a gay man having serious internal conflict with his sexuality; u don't have to pick on other gay people or people who don't mind whether anyone is gay or not.
I don't think abortion is a bad thing, in so far as it is carried out in the right way and for the right reasons,and i think article 14 of the Maputo protocol gives us the right reasons to allow for it.Those exceptions have always existed in our penal code, so why are Catholics manifesting only now? Maybe some of the priests are just guilty. Isn't it better for young girls to carry out the abortion in a place where the abortion will be done properly and safely, than in hiding where many of them suffer complications later on and even die?
As far as homosexuality is concerned, we must learn to live and let live, homosexuals are not extraterrestrials they are normal human beings like all of us and they also have rights. It is not as if homosexuality does not exist in Cameroon and is a pure creation of the white man, no, it has always been there, just that we have always behaved as if it exists only in the western world; it has always been here, only hidden.Child abuse and pedophilia are wrong and the two are totally different from homosexuality.


Let' not be pretending not to be what we are.The only issue here is that homosexuality is not yet legal in Cameroon if it was many will come out and prefer that way of life.I know a lot of catholic priests who are very decent with their gay lives.To prove this is the controversy state that came from the bishops in Yaounde that "it is not the catholic church who is demonstrating, it is cardinal Tumi and his followers in Douala".The Maputo protocol didn't mention anything about same-sex union. Being gay is not ones ultimate wish, it is just what you feel inside you.It is not man to determine what's bad in term of sexual orientation, God alone does.If being homosexual is a sin then nobody is in heaven because there are a series of other sins that we commit on daily basis, so we are worth nothing to judge others morals.

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But Pope Benedict XVI has described the Protocol as "an attempt to trivialize abortion surreptitiously". The Roman Catholic bishops of Africa oppose the Maputo Protocol because it defines abortion as a human right. The US-based pro-life advocacy organization, Human Life International, describes it as "a Trojan horse for a radical agenda."

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