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Sunday, 26 July 2009


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Ras Tuge

Boom! You must be smoking some wicked shit! I love the way you puffing the herb mama. Keep some for me!


It is so difficult to translate from French into English. This translation is so heavy. Simplicity and the straightforward works better in English. Meanwhile good luck with the revolution. Something tells me that no matter who rules in Yaounde the anglophones will remain the marginalized minority, and need to be thinking about their own interests while these good people do their revolution.


This is an inspiring letter and I think all what is said is true,there is no difference between Biya & Fru Ndi or any of the politicians,they don`t want to leave power.So how can we go forward,we don`t have plat forms,we are divided in our thinking either by tribes/language. We need to be united by ideology which is the love for our country.

G. Tebeck

I have always respected this Lady from the very first time i read one of her editorials. That being said i take total offence with the arrogance and ignorance portrayed in this piece (if the translator did a good job). She has a point but they way she presents it is so out of wack, it will only alinate who ever she is inviting to join her battle for a better Cameroon. Mami Kala Lode, I have always known you as a journalist, not an activist and its seems to me that you are one great Journalist yet the worst of activists. Activism requres lots of smarts, diplomacy and tactfulness that is not required in Jouranlism. You ca not bring people together for a cause with such a condescennt attitude and my best advice to you is to do what you are good at. Be JOURNALIST and leve activism to those who are good at it.
With outmost respect


It seems to me that Cameroon is a "Country" and not a "Nation".

Start there!

Okie George

Good you expressed your view from what you have read as you say from many.mama Kala,the day you will be kept hungry out of your will,i believe you will change your tone again.the Biya regime needs no compromising and sure enough no time for inviting peaceful negotiators who will only find themselves betraying the masses as so many have done in the past by being bought over too.we were again blinfolded by an american in his black/white colour"Barrack" who had the audacity to say aloud.let the africans solve their own problem,but is helping pakistanians and the solve their own problems"another encouragement for the leads to be afraid of no one,steal as you can and no cook should crow.the time for dialogue is over,and so for now.we need people like you to say out loud that let the cameroonians far and near come back home on a stated day and start a national hunger strike asking for biya and his aides to quit with all they have stolen.or merge yourselves back home and meet us in europe to decide on the most dreadful measure to send biya and his guys packing.we are bound to be social,political and economic escapies.were people prefare to take to the desert than stay in their own country.what are you xpecting from those who you want to risk,coming back home?i hope you have not been cornered by biya to deceive pple to come back home and later find themselves sharing Lapiro de Mbanga`s experience.biya should packout is the slogan so since cameroon all belongs to him alone,anything we say there will be published in the next second.i hope you come over lets alk it out here.set a home page and plea for cameroonians abroad`s contacts and the internet will unit us all in a single finger twist.if you are ready,i am ready,and i know so many are ready.bye bye.


After the election of 2011, Cameroonian will fine themselves singing a different music and the effect of diasporas on the political change in Cameroon may not be to return home, but to carry out a few bank transfers and the result would be best ascertain by those of you at the grassroots and reported by the newspapers. Let us take note that modern wars are not fought through massive deployment of forces alone, but through conventional remote launchers.Never again shall we risk the life of innocent Cameroonians to go on peaceful demostration to a brutal regime like ours.

Luke Nchichupa

Great contributions indeed!remember, history knows just of a few examples where change has come by peaceful demonstrations or by the mere expression of our thoughts in a more polite way to a population with a majority found at the grassroot.Those of us who are so sharp, pretending to have understood Marx, writing in such high language, should think about the express purpose of writing.What will the majority of Cameroonians benefit from these articles, if they cannot even get access to it, let alone understand what it is talking about?Look, change does not come over night, Europe took more than a thousand years to achieve what Africans including Cameroon have achieved in the last 30years.If we think that Cameroon has reached the point of no return, then wait for the day Sarkozy, barrack, or Brown will stop telling us "We cannot interfere, its an internal affair".We all know what the result of African thinking is....Therefore, all these articles can only help to tell the world how much we have read, the reality remains.Keep up

joseph ngu

Plenty big grammer and fine words. How many CAmeroonians can understand this kind of oyinbo talk when they are busy talking about le championnat and debating if Eto fils is better than Ibra.Sussan Kala Lobe isin the skies on this one and she sounds like a lone gun slinger on a horse.


Some are blaming Suzanne for expressing her ideas so clearly, choosing her words so carefully, and backing them with allusions to the Marxist based struggle (in which she participated from abroad in the '70s), so well that, ordinary Cameroonians would not understand.
She was addressing herself to the handful of you guys in the so called "diaspora" who would understand, and who have abdicated their responsibility to guide the struggle for a better Cameroon to ruffians motivated by archaic tribal, linguistic, and regional stereotypes.
What is wrong with calling for a review of methods that have been clearly ineffective these past 40 years.

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