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Monday, 27 July 2009


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You so called "blackman" is the greatest loser in the disease you termed "racism". Better think of that next time before you write such a crap of justification of the oppression you are under. Thanks.

Paul Enow

Here are my 2 cents - Pa Hamilton, I realize you blog a lot and seemingly controversial on your views:
Take 1 - If you're gonna blog more often and make yourself be known, please do me a favor and edit your work before posting.
Take 2 - How dare you judge others!
Take 3 - You are no moral compass to these issues.


Sometimes a black man might treat you badly simply because he does not like you; it's not necessarily racism. All black people are not entitled to like each other just because they are black. That's just simply ridiculous. Some white people don't like other white people. Have you accused them of racism? no!

"intermarriages will solve this problem"

No! intermarriages is rooted in self-hate. Self-hating black men who have no love for their dark skin will never hesitate to marry white women. The black woman to them is a reflection of themselves and since they hate themselves, they will never marry her. They prefer to dilute their race by having mixed kids with lighter skin and curly hair. The black race is in jeopardy due to the rapid increase in intermarriages. Soon, they will be no authentic bantu men and women left in the world. Our self-hate will drive us to dilute our race creating a whole universe of mixed and confused races. Protect the beauty of the bantu race and be proud in who you are.


UnitedstatesofAfrica, Nice piece and right on point! Infact, I am lost for words to describe this worthless, mind destructive piece of shit of a suppose article.

Infact, many of our are so deep into mental slavery that they will end at nothing to rush and justify their pitiful slavery state.

This is a typical piece of an example of the "SELF HATE" that has become part and parcel of many of our people's lifes and they will even go into great heights to expose it through writing articles?

Why is it that its always our people bring this justification of the desecration that has been imposed on them and code name "racism'?

I mean, how dare these Mr's Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk will come out preaching and justifying "miscegenation = original sin or treason" as a suppose solution to a suppose "racism"?

As you rightly said, the Bantu people are gone. Worst off are the women who will end at nothing to fly behind every disease in trouser with a pale corpse skin to crave after deficient offsprings inorder to satisfy that diseased crave for what the dream "light skin babies".

What is mess!!!!

My people die because of lack of knowledge.

Its people like Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk who justify 21st century slavery and indirectly send our people into the second slavery ship in the delusion of a suppose " flushing racism in the ocean".

The post also should be very ashame posting such a trash. Knowing full well that many people does take the post as a place to learn. What is this message teaching a young bantu Girl? That its normal to go desecrate her body, soul, mind and entire existence behind a pale skin corpses in the name of " interracial marriage" to supposedly fight some fictional delusion yet well function art called "racism"?

I will volunteer to teach the Post and Mr's Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk that the sickness that is advocated here in the name of "flushing racism into the ocean" is called MISCEGENATION.

The Post and Mr's Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk should better learn that before posting such a mind destroying trash of an article next time.

UnitestatesofAfrica, I have been reading most of your input and I encourage you to teach them because they lack knowledge.


should learn to face the reality. Dont punch this man in the face because he told you some truth you dont want to hear. Racism is in all human society. While it has boil down to white treating blacks badly Black poeple are picking that up as a way revenge and sometime to justify and cover up things We should not deny that It is true and real until we all learn to flush it whether black or white or latino we would come back to the same point where we started.


Sammy, instead if using the word "racism', why not use the word "war"?
We are at war and it has been going on for over 3000yrs. So, if I am standing up and confronting the enemy, you call it revenge? what the heck? If you suppose "blackman" was that bad then how come they allowed these pale corpses in their lands when the corpses were wandering all over the globe in time back ago?

All you sellouts should better go worship your slave masters and alone and stop trying to infect us with your slave loving slave master mentality.


Amen brother Ndifor, Amen!! Preach it

Rosemary Ekosso


I do not often agree with you, but I support the spirit in which you conceived this post. I am a bit worried about talk of miscegenation and fooling our pure bantu girls mention by one of your irate readers.

And if black blood is being diluted by marrige to white people, then white blood is being diluted by black, hm?

Let's look on the funny side. At least, the black and the white racists suffer from the same paranoia. When are y'all going to organise a let's-get-together-because-we-hate-the-same-things convention?

Ma Mary

Pure blood? What is that? The Nazis seemed to know, and went around measuring people, taking pictures and drawing odd family trees. It is a bad place to go.

If two people of whatever origin decide to create a life together, there is nothing wrong with that. Legislating that is in the same spirit of trying to legislate other very personal things. They will have issues? So will people from the same village. There are siblings who do not talk to each other.


There we go again. Our women telling us that craving after the "slave master" is justified.

Rosemary, What the heck is it my concern if corpses are diluted?

Have you suddenly forgotten that, these corpses had been raping, mutilating, murdering, dehumanizing etc Bantu women for over 2000yrs? How dare you come tell us what to think of corpses?

It seems as if Bantu women are now suffering from stockholm syndrome. As far as I can check, there have not been any other group targeted on this planet earth with all sought of denigrating, dehumanizing propaganda and I bet, it has taken it toll on the Bantu people. The Bantu people seems to have perpetualy been made to be servile to corpses for all their existence. I mean to the extend that they are even the sex tools, sex target, sex destination for corpses. Now tell me, why is it that its the Bantu people who are the most DESPISED all over the globe? Why are you the preacher of the get-along- mentality when you are instead the victim of a situation you never created and don't have any control over? Why are the victimizer not the ones preaching this sick doctrine?

You know what Rosemary? I don't see any other group on this planet preaching this sick doctrine except the Bantu people and especially the Bantu women. is something going on? As a Bantu man, I am left so ashamed and most dishonored in the way I see the Bantu women who are suppose to be the most sacred but have been reduced to mere sex toys and they are happily living in the hog pen mentality. No disrespect to you Rosemary as I do worhsip all Bantu women but I am left disgusted with such a mentality that have taken many of our women. Think again.

Ma Mary, I do respect you much and with the struggle you are fighting ahead but don't fall short in not recognising that the sexual lifestyle of our Women is one of the most important aspect in the struggle and also very important aspect to all the Bantu people in General. We are not preaching "pure blood" here. We are simply confronting the sexual exploitation of our women that has been going on for over 2000yrs. Our Women had been raped, dehumanized, denigrated, called savages, primitives etc for too long of a time and today our women have taken up this mentality as normal to their own detriment.
Now tell me Ma Mary, if everything was normal then why is it that its our people especially our women who are the most oppressed individuals on this earth? Well, should I care to say again how all over, diseases in troussers called our women "prostitutes"?

Why is the Bantu people the MOST and I mean the MOST despised people on earth? Can it be that our mean dirty, obscesse, toxic sexual lifestyle is contributing? With that, I mean especially our women strpping down their pants to anything in trousser. Why is it that any so called sexually-transmitted-diseases is quickly related only towards the Bantu people? Can it be that the Bantu People are contributing in fueling up this stereotype through their sexual lifestyle/preferences?

Why is it that I see all other group protecting themselves from sexual invasion but the Bantu people or the so called blackrace seems not to do this?

Worst of now is our men who have taken up this desecrated deadly mentality and the women are gratifying it.

The Bantu people have the strongest most progressive genes. Why should we decide to be procreating with corpses to bring forth weak upsprings who will tomorrow even despised we more than anything else? I guess your Obama syndrome is already taking a toll.
isn't there enough latinos already on this earth? Maybe I should clarify that latinos are the product of the historic rape of the bantu women by corpses which are called with a "whiteness" word.
If you want to know what corpses think of bantu people, then visit this link:

If you want to know what corpses does and think of bantu women and how corpses regards them then visit this link: ( THIS LINK IS ADULT CONTENT. WARNING FOR ANY UNDER 18)

To finalised for the men, Bantu men only gets the rejected corpses women. If there were no rejects, they will not get anything. Why on the contrary, corpses get the BEST of our Bantu women. Does that mean anything?

Ma Mary, The entire existence of the Bantu People and the so called Black race worldwide has been shaped by this very diseased that is code name "racism". I don't see how justifying it will solve the problem. Futher, our entire existence is in jeopardy as there are plans to depopulate the earth by 80%. Guess the first target? Bantu people and the entire so called blackrace.

How will the "lets-get-along" mentality solve this critical problem?

I can also assure you that the Southern Cameroons problem is also caused and is still being enforced due to this disease called "racism". If we look well, we will see the true enemy behind the curtain. Paul Biya is just the front gate keeper. So, by justifying this disease, you are simple justifying the current critical state of the Southern Cameroons.
We Must be wise and We must be able to fight this war and extinct the eneny off the universe for infinity.

I look at the problem of our people with a wholistic eye.

Beside, Ma Mary and Rosemary, all your names are still the "slave master" codes and slave names. Does that mean anything?
With that said, I still deeply respect you Ma Mary.


Preach Ndifor, preach it.

Ma Mary, your shabby attempt to compare my message to Nazi pure blood propaganda has been unsuccessful.

No one is talking about pure blood or pure race or pure whatever. I am simply exposing an inconvenient truth in the black society about inter-marriages. Majority of inter-marriages are stemmed from insecurities and self-hatred. I have heard black people, on uncountable scenarios, talking about how they want to get married to white men/women because they want to have "metis" children with "finer" hair and "lighter" skin. Even growing up in Cameroon, the "metis" and lighter skin children were always worshipped. I remember in boarding school, even the most evil teachers who had insatiable appettites for lashing students with giant sticks, could hardly lay a finger on the "metis" children. It is a shameful fact among us Bantu people. We have been brainwashed into believing that our features are not beautiful. Hence, we bow down and worship Western features or features closer to the Western standard. Our men don't fancy women of their own color and our women are not proud of their nappy hair. The word "nappy" has now become a derogatory insult, perpetuated by people in the black community. There so many other examples but you get my drift.

No one is preaching pure blood. I am simply calling on black people to love themselves and each other. A bantu baby is just as beautiful as any other baby and as long as we don't recognize this fact, we will always be trapped in the white man's shadow...unable to move forward and progress. A word to a wise is enough.


Well said UnitedstatesofAfrica. I am encouraged to meet TRUE warriors like you. Our people especially our women MUST be restored back to their natural divine existence.

Many are living in a gigantic illusion and unfortunately, even those who run this illusion don't want it functioning anymore so, there are plans to mass eradicate our people.

We MUST stop this machinery and break to extinction this paradigm.
Peace bro and muct respect.

The herald

Congratulations Mr Ndifor for those two links.In fact these links have spiced every word you have put down in writing.I was taken aback at what I saw.It really portrays that you write about what you have investigated and not just fiction.once again thanks and more grease to your elbows.

And to you UnitedstatesofAfrica I will join you in crying out for salvation for the endangered species(black race) that is threatenend to extinction by some of our very brothers and sisters who ape western manners in complicity of the "corpses" in trousers.some of them are so carried away with the white man's system that they will not hesitate bleach themselves to look like whites in defiance of the black race(Michael Jackson of blessed memory) was an epitome.They forget that the white man moves about with excrement in his bowel,he wears his pant the same way a black man does,procreates in the same way as the black man,equally moves about with mucus in his nostrils etc.What can therefore justify our fervent crave for the colour of these corpses?
Yes!I can hear the Bantu race crying out for salvation and yearning for the days when it will be free from disecration and infection of all types by its own very souls.

Bob Bristol

No one seems to care about the role of ATTITUDE in this whole racial bla bla. Interaction warrants us to rethink and revise our stance toward certain opinions. As a human being, I have the right to fall in love with any other human being. I prefer to replace the word RACISM with SEGREGATION. It is part and parcel of every human community.

Ugly people ( physical and attitude wise) all over the world have been at the forefront of the racial bla bla. When people like USofAfrica and Ndifor become so offensive, it raise questions about your personalities. No rightful thinking person can condone racism.


Bob Bristol, I was once like you!!!! being dead in the grave of ole ole get-along. It took alot and several years for me to came to the knowledge of self and learn of the WAR on me and my people.

Le me explain to you why you bring up your word SEGREGATION. This comes from the crave to get intergrated into your oppressor so called society.
Because you will end at nothing to plead with your slave master to get into his so called society, and your slave master will obsolutely reject you, you will then CRY/SHOUT segregation.

But come to think of it. If you has learn of who you are, know thyself then you wouldn't have been fighting to get intergrated with your oppressor and there would not be any cry of some SEGREGATION.

So, Bob, its equate to SHAME To all those who cry soe segregation because its the product of the lack of the knowledge of self.

If you regain your consciousness of who you are and know thyself then, you will see no reason to even desire anything from slavers,those who oppress our people all over the globe.

By the way, this oppressing system is failing, disintergrating and sooner or later it will be extinct off the universe. So, why are you so bend to intergrate into a failing system?

Will you be running out of the Titanic as its sinking or will you be clinking to it pole to even sink to the botton with it?

Our people are heck bend to sink with the titanic in this suppose get-along mentality why their oppressor is fast running to safety using all the safety boats. More ironic is that as our people are rejected , the cry SEGREGATION.

Well Bob, we have no personality problem. We've just realized the 3000yrs old and above WAR that had been unleached on our people and we are standing up and confronting it, fighting back.

Bob Bristol

Ndifor, at States level, all governments seek to project their superiority. If the Bantu communities have what it takes to project such superiority, their citizens could have been accused of being racist by integrating communities. If Equato-Guineans were whites, Cameroonians could have accused them of being racists. Since they are blacks, we prefer the term xenophobia.

Like I said, I'm looking at this from individual perspective. We all yearn to meet nice people. You would agree with me that with the frustrating economic situation in Cameroon, meeting such people is as slim as the eye of a needle. As such nothing will stop me from recognising, appreciating and loving a caucasian, a latino or a Pacific Islander the has the qualities which I need.


If that be true then why is it only the Bantu people who are disproportionally loving others out of their suppose "race"?

Will you honestly agree that we the bantu people are suffering collectively from what is termed "SELF HATE? and its being demonstrated by our mis-overstood phenomenon of a suppose "inter-racial relationship"?

If so, then why are the Bantu people suffering from this crisis?

Bob Bristol

We cannot undermine the issue of SURVIVAL STRATEGY as far as this racial issue is concerned. Why wouldn't you (or we ) hate ourselves when cannot produce products that lengthens and ennobles life. Why wouldn't we hate ourselves when we allow repressive governments to use us as tissue paper.

Until we put structures that can guaranty progressive, we rightly deserve to feel ashamed and inferior in the eyes of those who fought to gain the glory that they enjoy today. As an individual, I do not feel ashamed because I have all what it takes to achieve progress. You could help me by defining what you mean by SELF HATE.


Ma Mary

The fact is that most human beings marry and procreate within their ethnic groups, nationality and race. If some people marry or create more exploratory relationships, it is not a big deal, and moreover it is nobody's business and most definitely it is not an issue for a campaign of any kind. It is possible that some people engage those relationships because of insecurities or infatuation or love. Again, a matter of choice, and nobody's business. I find it contradictory, that the same persons who believe that gays should be free and left alone find this concept to be that difficult. If anything, it betrays a breach in the psyches of the proponents of such jihad that might be more serious than the supposed insecurities of people with inter-racial relationships.


Ma Mary, Its not a Jihad. Nobody is preaching or advocating for Jihad here. As UnitedstatesofAfrica rightly said, Its an inconvenient TRUTH about ourselves that we MUST accept, deal it and eradicate it.
Lets not be hypocrites. Before I point finger, I serious self check to deal with my own shortcomings. Thats what we MUST do.

Ma Mary, again, I do respect all your works but I bet that this issue is also one of deep seated problem that is contributing to our overall crisis. The crisis that you have dedicate to fight. Again, I urge that we must do thorough diagnose to make sure we do overstand all the various dimensions of the problem WE/OUR people face so as to be able to deal with it once and for all.

No one is getting into someone private life but we also can't refuse the FACT that our people are disproportionally falling into this desecration termed "inter-racial" whatever. Yes, its a desecration and I am no religious fanatic. Infact, I don't anything as a "BELIEVE" in my existence. I AM EVERYTHING. Period. Why I call it desecration is because its much more than a problem its our Bantu Women who are the CORE of our people falling into it. In another sense, its thesame as the QUEEN of a bee colony going and mating with a HORNET. That will be unheard off. So, why is the Bantu Queen craving behind the historic murderer of our people? Again, thats why I use the word "desecration".

It is said, a nation can't raise above the level of its women. If so then it should explain why we are in the mess because the minds of our women is totally destroyed. Meaning, the vicious circle does repeat over and over since Its our women who are the life giver of our people. I bet that most of our people is embedded into this self hate.

Bob, I can assure you that its not only financial hardship that is replicating this circle of self hate. There are many of our people who are financially well but still have this deep seated self hate.
perfect example is the very person that is used as the photo to this article. Seal was and I am sure still financially well off before getting into this mess. Further, he even took it to another new level. Accepting the suppose "partner" when she was already pregnant of another person. Thats outrageous.

Bob again, another perfect example of self hate is Michael Jackson. He had all the money or wealth you can imagine but we all saw not only the hidden self hate but the raw physical self hate.

More so, he also took it to another record breaking level by even having children through artificial means and all out of caucasian genes. Okay, even if we say he never wanted his own kids or maybe sterile then why not other group like say, Asian or Indian or etc?????

Bob, those are two example of record breaking "SELF HATE".


If a black man marrying white woman is "self hate" should we also assume that the Bayangi man who marries a Bakossi woman is manifesting "self hate" towards his Bayangi ethnic group? Is the Anglophone who marries a Francophone or Cameroonian who marries a Nigerian committing self hate?????

Marriage is a personal/private decision and any attempt to make it a collective issue leads us to Apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany and Segregationist America.

Reex, Flames

wow! this topic seems to be a hot potato!

From my own point of view, having a relationship or falling in love with any member of the human race is fine. I support the acceptance of EVERY human being, irrespective of the color, culture, mindset, etc. The only race that matters is the human race!

Nevertheless, considering the views of UnitesStatesOfAfrica and Ndifor, the African/Bantu does not have to sacrifice his/her cultural background to be assimilated into the other races. While adopting and learning of other cultures is a good thing, total surrender of good features for other race and cultures is inadmissible! I do however refute UnitedStatesofAfrica point that intermariage is self-hate. In my life experience I have met some white girls who were more compatible than the black girls I knew. Note I am not stating one race is better than the other, rather when relationship issues are involved, many factors come into play. Some blacks may prefer blacks more than whites OR some whites may prefer whites more while some blacks may like whites more and some whites may like blacks more. Some whites even joked to me: "when you go black, you never go back" - In all cases human preferences are equally justified and not some form of self-hate. Anyone who feels self-hate in a relationship is incapable of coping even with members of the same race/tribe/religion/family.

Following, one can also understand the anger at the exploitations directed by the current master races (European and American) at the other races in less-developed countries over a long century from slavery to colonization and currently with neocolonialism directed by business ventures and global banking systems. This however does not mean the citizens of these countries are directly complicit in the actions, likewise the citizens of less-developed countries have no influence of actions undertaken by their ineffective leaders. As a matter of fact public policy should not be mistaken for public opinion!

Notwithstanding, races in the world have been subjected to a systematic control under some influential elites since ages. Believe it or not, our current systems dwell on reckless competition, greed, scarcity, conflicts and survival. These qualities drive the masses to draw fast simple conclusions, often bordering on divisive issues like race, wealth, religion and politics.

Finally, I do support Hamilton's views that racism is not just an issue of white against black and it should be flushed away but I do not agree with him on trivializing the issue. People are racist because of 3 main reasons: ignorance, feelings of insecurity and lastly experience of prior exposure to racial attack. Most people do not choose to be racist except the callous politicians who exploit and fan the flames of racism, while knowing that there is no point in being racist!

Ma Mary

Ndifor, let us agree to disagree peacefully on this matter. It has nothing to do with my personal preferences one way or the other, just a simple matter of human rights, about which one must be philosophically consistent. One cannot condemn what they do and then turn around and do or think in the same way.

I hope you are close enough to attend the Southern Cameroons Unity Conference 2.0 organized by the Way Forwards Network from Aug 7-9 in the MD/DC area. The program is right here

There are buttons there to share it on your facebook etc.


Ok, let's face facts.

The Western society ( and black people too) are more willing to accept a black man who is light skin. If Obama was as black as a Sudanese man of Bantu descent, do you think America would have voted for him as President? the fact that he had a white woman made him more acceptable to America and to the world. The truth of the matter is a black man is more managable and acceptable to the world if he is mixed or lighter skinned.

So to prescribe inter-marriage as a solution to racism is like supporting the notion the black man will only be a little more acceptable to the world if he is mixed or appears lighter.

Ras Tuge

Reex,there's no blood in this topic except for the fact that hypocritical slanderers have hijacked this forum under the ludicrous guise of self-righteous cleansers that want to redeem the travails of the Bantu lot, seen?

There's such a sorrowful absurdity when the notorious element that chanted loudly in praise of homosexuality, and who hastily labelled any opponent of the abhorrent act as homophobic, is now boastfully showing off as the most miserable racist! Speaking of righteousness!

Simmer down, simmer down Ndifor. Going by Jah word, He created this world as a place wherein there was no skin colour, in which everybody spoke one language, and wherein the procreative function of a MAN and a WOMAN will ensure the continuity of the human race as per His Mighty teachings. It rocked on that way until Babylon elements embarked upon their mischievous project of intoxicating the world with falsehood and inexplicable disdain.

However, amidst the toxicity of the cruel Babylon system, there are still some loving people that are capable of sharing affection like you've never experienced before. Loving and making beautiful babies with a sweet white girl is just as mundane as doing the same with charming black girl.

Lastly Ndifor, i just don't think you will convince that many people, except perhaps a bunch of misguided Shadow children. The truth is; because of elements like you, the Most High must really be feeling remorseful of the mess that He created. Does the girl in the picture look like a rejected corpse to you?! You better watch your irksome tongue and change your rasclaat ways man!

Reex, Flames

Dear UnitedStatesofArica

I think there is a misunderstanding here... Intermarriage should NOT serve as a solution to racism. What is proposed by Bob Bristol and I is that marriage should be independent of race, tribe, religion and other divisive factors. Just marrying to reduce racism or other social ills is naive and may not lead to desired results.

About the color of skin, it is true many Africans and the world have been made to believe the fallacy of the beauty of light complexions: the darker the skin, the uglier the person is. It is rather sad phenomenon, which is played over and over that many people compare beauty in terms of Caucasian physical characteristics.

We as dark-skinned Africans should be proud of our skin color and features be it the flat nose or thick lips as they cliche us to be. Our beauty simply stems from the fact that we are human.

Hmmm... I think if Obama was darker in complexion, he could still have been voted because his election was not really played on his appearance, rather on the needs at the present time. America was getting into turmoil over its wars and looming financial showdown and the public desperately needed a figure, relatively unknown, who could serve as the American Hero.

You would have to note the Western world runs its policies as if it is a big theater. They can market whosoever they want and can create a star out of any personality. For example, have a look at some of the models being paraded as the most beautiful women on earth and compare some to our sisters at home. You would be surprised at the results. The advertising agencies relatively determine who is beautiful and what is acceptable. For a check: what makes David Beckham so popular. He neither the most handsome man in the world, nor the best football player yet he makes news and is given a demigod status. Why?

By the way, after Obama's election, the Republican showcased an Indian as a likely contender to mid-term presidential elections and in reality this Indian has a darker skin tone relative to Obama.

Danny Boy

Ma Mary, US of Africa, Reex Flames, Nico, Fon, Rexon, Tayong, Kumbaboy, Arrey, Ndifor, Bob Bristol and the many others who contribute to the forum;

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This event is to raise funds for the St. Joseph's Children and Adults Home (SAJOCAH)in Bafut. Should you wish to know more about this institution, please type SAJOCAH into your browser and search, to learn more on the fantastic job they are doing.
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Danny boy,
I do not reside in the UK but I am willing to chip in something via a valid money trasfer system like paypal or something easy. Let me know.


Being in denial will not help us in anyway. If we are not brave enough to confront ourselves and effectively look within to deal with any negative issue that might be compromising the war against oppression then how do we expect to ever defeat to extinction the enemy/oppressor?

Arrey, don't take issue within us and try compare it with a phenomenon that has had devastating effects and has now brought us to a state of suicide. Why didn't you also compare corpses marrying from one part to another? Why must you seek to justify?

Ras Tuge, There is no such a thing or whatever as a suppose 'god','jah' or whatever you term it anywhere. Get over the myths which only serves to calcify your inquisitive imagination. Know thyself and be thoughtful. Ras tuge, I am from eternity to eternity. I AM and if you need me to speak in a language that will suit your current imagination then I will tell you straight forward I AM GOD. Can you be mature enough to confess like me?

Back to the main topic.

We have embedded self hate and if we still be in denial then lets check this out.

Proves of self hate: The black doll vs White doll experiment.




Woman Forces A Perm On Her 3-Year old - Is This Child Abuse?


If we are truthful to ourselves then we will honestly confess that, at this current destroyed state of mind of our people,

90% of Bantu women or the so called 'black women' will readily marry a corpse if given the chance.

contrary, 90% of corpses will not readily marry a Bantu woman of so called 'Blackwoman' id given the chance. Thesame go for the men. True or false? if that be the case, what is happening?


What is the sub-conscious meaning behind the attachment that almost all Bantu women does put over their head why suffocating their natural hair? What does this attachment emulate?
come on now people, can we be honest to ourselves for once in our existence?

Denial, will not lead us to anywhere. Only confronting the war and fighting the enemy off to extinction for eternity is the only solution.

The weapon of a suppose 'one humanity' is the most effective, potent that is being use on us. There is no such a thing as a suppose 'one humanity'. We are at open warfare and this subtle weapon has been used on us to confuse us and make us docile. You see, we use it as justification for our racing toward self suicide.

I would have loved to accept that someone privacy is his or her privacy but unfortunately, if someone private life is directly/indirectly influencing, promoting, subconciously programming to self extermination and all is guised under a suppose 'inter-racial relationship' then, I am forced to invade, put an end to it.

Lets be honest again, if we must entertain the ole ole so called inter-racial relationship then let be truthful that, it can be let say 0.00001% of our population getting into it. But isn't it disturbing when it is now majority of our population jumping into the ban wagon or wanting to jump into it?

Come on people. is time for TRUE TALK..... deeping our head into the sand or covering our eyes and jumping away do not still remove or solve the problem. its only confronting it forward.

anyway, I am not here to win a debate but I am taking up my responsibility as a Bantu man to confront the WAR that has been unleash on my people and also confront the ills that this war has brought done in the minds/entire existence of my people. But if my own people dismiss me, then I have no other choice but to rest my peace.

Some people are in slavery but they don't know they are in slavery.

Ras Tuge

Ganja farmer, you're just one compulsive racist. I can see how you're proudly waving the pitiful banner of shame and ignorance. Clearly, i notice how distraught weed makes you feel. That shit ain't for soft-headed people like you man. The Bloodclaat Bantu god is loosing his mind.


lol, Ras Tuge, you make me laugh! Actually, you are under delusion. If you are in ameriKKKa, do well to go mark your name on any of those fema casket before time. If my thoughtful contributions on this network amount to what you termed 'ignorance' or even trying to throw some word termed 'racist' on me then I am truly sad for such a wasted mind of yours.

Get over your delusion my friend and be real.

Get you azz up to see the shameful pitiful slavery state of existence you are into and do something about it.

Thats the divine message I send to you and every one of our people.

Until then Ras tuge, I have fullfilled my obligation be sending you the critical alert.


Jive Turkey

You got issues that require attention. Same to Unitedstatesofamerica


Jive Turkey, Yes, you are perfectly right by saying I got issues. Yes, I got real issues. Serious critical issues that need urgent radical attention.

Here is the ISSUES I got:











Jive Turkey

Well we can all agree to disagree - maybe some people feel perfectly happy being slaves than to garner on their freedom. Some are simply radical like yourself. But the world doesn't revolve around one group of people.

Ma Mary

Danny Boy, it would be nice to have a website where we can make contributions via google, paypal etc. Make it easy for the donor who lives over the Atlantic from you.


I am GOD. I am GOD. Thank you Ndifor!

Danny Boy

Ma mary and US of Africa;

I am indeed heartened by your responses. Will keep you all posted on how you can channel your support in good time.
Thank you all in advance.
(on behalf of the execo. C.N.W.C.A-UK)


do you have any problem that I AM GOD?

To that mistake of existence above!!!

Jive Turkey, Its not a matter of agreeing to disagree!!! Its a matter of WAR of survival? Will you survive? Will your people survive? Are we going to survive? Are you satisfied with the current state of your existence, our people current state of existence, our current state of existence?

We are not the only ones which also means that we shouldn't be the only ones to be exploited. We MUST stop being exploited and set up defence systems to make sure our future generations will never be exploited for eternity. Are you going to do that or not?


Your points are good.Nice essay,but show me where white people make the effort like you are making to stamp out racism.I've not seen a single paragraph written by a white person that openly condemns racism the way blacks like you write about it.Whites will internalize their disapproval of this human disease called racim.Why can't they speak up? You know they can't because they unfairly benefit from its privileges.

Adolf A Agbormbai

Great article with great insights.




Interesting topic.

I wonder why Prince Ayuk would trivialize the issue with a simple caption of a mixed-race couple? He was getting somewhere until he proferred the solution of mixed marriages as a panacea for racism.

I think the issue goes beyond skin colour and has more to do with economics, history and perception. The general observation is: the darker you go the poorer it gets. If black people could match the economic achievements of caucasians the former would be less condescending. At the end of the day, we go to them for employment, we use their inventions, we use their languages and we even bear their names. So what is our reference?

From a personal perspective, I have always considered racism as part of a continuum ranging from tribalism to ethnic strife. Also, the reactions can range from simple avoidance (segregation) to pro-active violence.

I don`t agree with Ndifor and US of Africa on a number of points: not everyone involved in inter-racial relationships is desperate to join the other side. From my personal experience (I am unmarried and childless) I`ve had it easier with caucasian women than black, eventhough I have a preference for the latter; I don`t think anyone owes a duty of procreation, to any community; mixed marriages constitute a tiny minority of marriages, particularly in the Western world. The bulk of Africans still live on the continent and inter-marry, so the Bantu population is in no danger of extinction, any time soon.

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