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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


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Etonde Martin

Raymond, This is good. Knowledge is power. I will tell u honestly, there are many who know about the problems our country is facing and a good number who have put their thoughts and frustrations down on paper and even a greater number who have solutions to the problems. Cameroon can change and we need to apply a holistic approach to attack the situation. Every good intention requires a plan and a step by step strategy to achieve the objectives. Nothing is impossible to the best of my knowledge. But this is what u need to do, put your ideas and strategy on paper and achieve each objective step by step.

fofuleng julius babila

As the French Cameroonian sits on the backs of southern Cameroonians choking them and make them carry the French complete disrespect of their identity,but yet assures southern Cameroonians that they are our friends and wished to ease our lots by any means except getting off our backs.when this scheme fails thanks to the struggle of the scnc.complete extermination will take place.let the world at large hear the forewarning.
The complete persecution of SCNC members fighting for the liberation of the territory has exposed Biya greed,terror unleashed and days of mayhem in southern cameroon.The lack of respect,human right abuses.the growth selective interest that accounts to jungle democracy in cameroon the Biya democracy,has led to the ambush of SCNC leader through conscious techniques of frustration and intimidation. these include,detentions without trials,house arrest,tortures,extra judicial executions,brutal suppressions and political exile.when all this will fail it will result to Genocide.this will not be our portion in Jesus name.and let all southern Cameroonians say AMEN


While President Obama has called upon the African youth to revolt and reinvent the future, the responsibility must rest on the shoulders of contemporaries to those in power. The youth should not commit suicide. African dictators are well-armed. The taste of their brutality has been manifested many times, including the physical elimination of own dissenting family members.

Benard Tapi

Mr. Raymond sir, I must tell you that your ink smells like that of a true patriot. I must also congratulate you for taking time off your busy schedule to wake people from slumber. My dear friends it is “ENOUGH”. How much more do we need to tell Biya ENOUGH? We are many who feel and think like you and “NOW” is the time to start. Please! Please! Let’s connect. Email me at

Che Sunday

A voice from the wilderness. The Cameroon economy is at the point where George Bush left that of the USA. Fortunately, for America, they have put in place a mechanism that allows for change. In Cameroon, sadly, we have no instrument of change. Biya knows that with enough food and alcohol, he will continue lording over us. Cameroonians have come to believe that bribery is integral to their very existence. I am often dumbfounded at times as to why people bribe to send their kids to some of the institutions in Cameroon knowing fully well that they will have no employment when they come out. Whypay 600,000 francs trying to get your kid into ENS when he/she is not likely to get a job, or if one comes along, the odds are in your favor that you will not be paid in the near future. The calibre of politicians in Cameroon is very questionable. They go into office with one thing in mind, steal as much as you can before Paul brings in new friends for the party. Cameroon will never change! Not peacefully, and not in this decade.

Benard Tapi

Come on!! Mr. Che, how can you make such a comment? Change will come to Cameroon, and will happen in peace or pieces. First we must be the disciples for change and preach the gospel up to the last in Gods book. History has revealed that many great Nations of today had their foot prints in Cameroon’s shoe until they stood up and said "ENOUGH" So any time we all stand up for this change it will come.

Akoson "The SON"

Dear Cameroonians,

I'll get in touch Mr. Tapi.

I wholeheartedly thank all of those who found time to read my lengthy literature and comment on it. May I just react to a few of us?

Mr. Che Sunday, I understand your frustrations but would like to inform you that Cameroon can change and it MUST change... you can write this statement down. Please cheer up, put on your boots and be ready to get into the battlefield. However brutal and primitive Mr. Biya's army and police maybe, we the Cameroonian people shall DEFEAT them. Let me tell all of us something:

I don't know what the tone of my letter is but many Cameroonians who've contacted me privately have rasied concerns how we could defeat such an insane army with all the weapons they got. May I just remind us that NOBODY is picking physical fight with Mr. Biya. If you read inbetween the lines, you would notice that I advocated for a PEACEFUL civil disobedience where the various associations and organisations comprosing Cameroonians of all walk of life would refuse to participate in the daily happenings of the country. Please notice that I talk of a powerful network - a PREPAREDNESS body, if you like that would be behind this. Strategies as to go about this is not for public consumption.

The plan in the cupboard, if properly executed with support from just 60% of Cameroonians would lead to the edifice cracking, and the mortar crumbling...

Jum Francis

Mr Akoson,I thank you from the bottom of my heart for re-echoing the plight of Cameroonians and proposing a way forward.Many of us know what is wrong with Cameroon but few have time like you did to succintly point it out.I plead on all and sundry to rise up now and together let us seek ways to purge the present dispensation and remake our beloved country which has been battered by a bunch of crooks.Enough of this is enough.The future of the youths has been compromised by Biya and his cronies who are being recycled every now and then.We need a totally new Cameroon.Let us rise up now and translate our articles into concrete action that will save Cameroon once and for all.I greet you all.

Ndi O

Mr Akoson,
Thanks a bunch for the diagnosis and suggestive treatment measures posted. We need men like you and are ready for any change. Difficulty is not an impossibility, Mr Che Sunday, take note.
Cameroonians including the new born,orphans, pupils, the disabled,mothers and brothers all feel the pain inflicted by the heartless and shameful Biya regime. Yes, they all cry and have cried and cried. Believe me, such cries are not in vain. This is the time

The herald

What an apocalypstic over view!Mr Raymond your pen is surely mightier than the guns,hand grenades,machine guns of all sorts,atomic bombs,you name the rest that have become the staff of command in the hands of the likes of Goliath used on a daily basis to subdue the poor harmless citizens.This country needs only a handful of you and the rest of us will be spurred in to action and I bet you will see Goliath in the likes of the Biyas falling with a terrible crash and great will be their fall.As some of our compatriots have already decreed,action time is now,no sitting on the fence.With determination every suggestion you have enumerated above will become true.Backward never forward ever.A pat on your Raymond.

Che Sunday

When I say Cameroon will never change, I do not mean that the present corpse of thieves in place can not be removed. What I am saying is this, and mark my word very carefully. In the event that Biya and his kind are shown the way out, be it through the ballot box or via the bullet, it will be extremely difficult to cull a few good men to steer the country in the right direction. Some might come in, and when confronted with the magnitude of what awaits them, the easiest way out would be to fall back on old traditions. We have watched in despair as opposition political parties fail woefully to form a coalition to defeat Biya. Why do you think that happened? Because they were all thinking of self first before country. Fru Ndi came forward as the knight on a white horse to rescue Cameroon. On his first run, the rigging machinery went into motion and deprived him of the presidency. Having gotten his party to win the mayoral race in the most populous city in the country (Douala)if he really had the interest of the nation at heart, he should have changed strategy, look for a francophone from his party and put him up against Biya in the next round. If he still comes out second, then play the civil disobedience card. He keeps trying for himself. Has any of you ever heard of Fru Ndi's economic platform for the country? None! So what makes him any better than Biya? The Washington Post had a front page editorial on his inability to reconcile with members of his party, and goes on to question his ability to govern with hundreds of ethnicities.
It is these shortcomings I see in our leadership that makes me wonder out loud, so where do we go from here on. Don't tell me Biya is Bad. Any kid in Cameroon knows that. Tell me what you will do to make a difference. How many of you writing on this forum can adequately speak to the reason(s) why Cameroon has no monetary policy, and relies purely on heavy taxation and price controls to run its economy? Nobody has ever mentioned how a scewed monetary policy that anchors our necks to the French franc, and now the Euro keeps enslaving our people, yet no one has ever asked the question in a public debate why the CFA franc is our currency but France is calling the shots in its management? I get so mad seeing a bunch of Africans dragging double breasted suits and standing at attention in Paris, yet non has the balls to tell France, you know what, take your cfa franc and shove it. We will do it our way. This currency is the root cause of our poverty. This is not anti French rhetoric. Its real and I know few of us are educated on this issue. I will like to enlighten those willing to listen.

Paul Njang

Hello All,

Thanks for the time and efforts by Mr. Raymond to remind us about our destiney. French and English Cameroonians shall never operate under a unitary system of government. French people are thieves and with the differences in our cultural heritage, it is impossible that we can operate as one. A federal system is best for Cameroon. This is my humble opinion.

Paul Njang

A call to order here please!!!

we are all human. I want you to tell me here of a better politician in Cameroon to day than Fru Ndi? Think from the days of Muna, Foncha, Endeley, Mbile etc, who do you think has enlightened Cameroonians more? Look, so many of them are today in the Western world becauuse of the efforts of the SDF. please, give me a break and provide an alternative that you think is the best in the prresent circumstances in Cameroon. Other would have collected money and government positions and stay quiet like Bello Bouba etc. God will reward Ni Fru Ndi and not even you Mr. Raymond on this isue.

Pascal Ntumvi

Mr Paul Njang,

I can't get it when you quote "God will reward Ni Fru Ndi and not even you Mr. Raymond on this isue".Ni Fru might not be the gov't of cameroon but has contributed his own quota to the predicaments of cameroonians today.Like mr Che rightly said,if he is not able to unite his own party,there is just no way he can unite the multiple earthnicities in cameroon.Taking into consideration how brutal biya's millitary is,the only way forward is a well organised civil disobidience that will impact 60 to 80% of the whole country.

What cameroon needs now is a fresh leader burning with enthuasiasm, who is not affiliated to any political party to move the country towards the right direction.This could possibly be an independent candidate who is more versed with problems of 21th century cameroon.

The herald

Mr Che Sunday you might be right but I do not think that it's enough reason for us to despair or resign to our fate.The world is like a stage where everyone plays a part and when his or her time reaches the curtain pulls down paving the way for another to come in.What the second actor has in stock might not be as interesting as the former,all the same he is equally given room to act.This country clearly has a set of rules that were laid down to be followed by those in power,the so called the constitution of the country.This constitution is toiled with everytime the curtain is about to be drawn.What do you think of countries like
America,France,Nigeria and even Senegal to name but a few?Biya has sent motions of support to three American presidents,George Bush senior and junior and recently to Barack Obama,Mitterand,Jack Chirac and Sarkozy of France,Sani Abacha,Olusegun Obasanjo and Umaru Musa of Nigeria.Nelson Mandela,Tabo Mbeki and recently Zuma of S.Africa.Does it mean that these leaders don't know how to change their various constitutions in order to hang on to power till death do them part or is power only too sweet for Biya?Has Biya respected the constitution since he was hand picked to rule the Country,we would have been counting about four to five former presidents of Cameroon and I bet you things would have been very different.You and I know that no one is all perfect,Ni John Fru Ndi has his drawbacks or shortcomings as well as any other human being but give everyone his due.Even if you were given that position today, know very well that people would still cry foul.Let's all wait for the day an all perfect MESSIAH will come to deliver us from our woes.A messiah who will suddenly transform Cameroon into a paradise.But am afraid that grass may grow under our feet while we keep waiting and that we should not be exterminated before the arrival of the rescuer and his team.It is high time we abandoned our fairy land to live in the real world.Thanks.

ayong fa

we do not need any political party any more , they have failed us. WE need a REVOLUTION, We need rebels.

ayong fa

I am ready as a rebel, things can change pretty faster than the nonsense strategy put in place by pot belly hungry politicians.


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