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Sunday, 12 July 2009


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Right now, the West makes it easy for idiots to steal money and hide it. That is at the bottom of our problems. I know that these rogues find other places, for example Mugabe is hiding money in Hongkong. People like the late Nyerere or Mandela who did not steal money were quite comfortable living in their countries after handing over power. Also, if a president goes abroad for treatment, it should be given a lot of shame and publicity, or denied all together. If they cannot do this, they can make it possible for us to sue the relatives and estates of African rulers and freeze their accounts until good governance is restored. If these things happen we can begin to have accountable government.

Obama, there is a bank in Washington called Riggs Bank where a lot of these presidents and their friends hide stolen money. This is published information. The tyrant of equatorial guinea hides money there.

If Obama's words are to mean anything thieves must be challenged.


Asafor valentine

Good write up.Am so happy with your contribution.I can see feelings,Emotions,Patriotism,Nationalism,etc.I must state with a fair degree of certainty that Cameroonians have come of age.Yes we can do it, not Obama.nor Sarkozy,Cordon,Brown etc,Africans will do it. We will expose the embezzlers,corrupt officials,etc.This forum has actually made me to realise that cameroonians are intelligent and eloquent, they love their father land, Keep up gentlemen.Who will lead the struggle? the time is now, we have spoken,awareness has been raise, Cameroon is a time bomb. Obama has said it,the days of colonialism is over, the ball is on our side. I suggest i will lead the revolution.Lets brave up we will make it.gentlemen do not be afraid.forward your suggestions or proposals.


Good write up.I would love to hear that, we have a plan (modus operadis) for the continent. We are tied and bored with flavoring speeches.
Can the west starts by sending back some of these stolen money back to the countries?
Can the UN starts levying sanctions on fincial institutions that do not respect banking laws?
'Africa needs fair trade not financial aid'...Good statement..How will the international body like the UN protect Africa in fair trade.?
The west especially America, will brutally evict dictators like Saddam from power, while can they not apply same rule for African dictators?
Most western diplomatic missions in Africa speak with water in their mouth especially during elections..while can they not sanction any leader found quilty with electorial fraud, constitutional change etc?


We were groomed by the white man to do much talking and act less when it comes to securing our interest.Enough of big talks.Let's act on our very behalf.Asia has done it,South America is doing it.Europe did it for herself.America certainly did it too.Now it's Africa's turn.Let's seize our rightful rights.Enough of this cowardice and this seeking to always please the white man or seeing the whiteman as ultimate.

Mbuli Rene

Hey Aloysius,it is a great an insightful article you dropped here. Of course Obama has come with the CHANGE vocabulary. The thing is, many expect Obama to perform this changed at the flick of a switch which is not possible.He needs time to carry out his policy for Africa.I have the flare that things will start moving soon.If we notice , many Heads of State are beginning to adjust since November 2008. Forget Sarkozy. He is simply a loud sounding demagogue who traps his audience with sweet combinations of french words , but cannot translate them in action.Africa's freedom will only come from Africans themselve, don't expeCt much from Obama or the West. Obama is not the messiah.If we read the writings on the wall, we'll realise that the true mesiah for Africa are the youths of today .

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