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Friday, 24 July 2009


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Man, seriously stop spouting about something you know not about. Dr. Gates was arrested for being a jerk and a dink, re refused to show ID and was mouthing off at the cop. He was arrested for disorderly conduct like he should. If anything, it was the Dr’s racial biases that blurred his good judgment. The cop was just doing his job.


Police in America is not like police in the UK, who are polite public servants and do not carry firearms as a rule. Police in America are a paramilitary LAW ENFORCEMENT organization, and their most admired units are the SWAT teams that use deadly force routinely and look like urban warfare forces. Police are angry, out of control and have blanket charges that they can use at the drop of the hat to arrest you, beat you, taser you, choke you and even shoot you. Hamilton has described a couple: obstruction of justice; resistance to a police officer in his performance of duty; disturbance of the peace etc. The police can use any of these at any time beat you and to take away your freedom.

My dear brothers if you come to America, police is not your friend. You might need them sometime, but try to minimize that. He is probably less educated than you and on a power trip so talk politely and gently, do not move your hands around in an agitated way and make no moves that could be misconstrued as reaching for a weapon. I repeat, if you want to remove your wallet to show your papers, tell them clearly what you want to do and do it slowly and openly. If you do it differently, your mother will be looking at your corpse very soon.

Dr. Sanford Aranoff

"Gates at least has one consolation prize: a new television project has landed in his lap. He said he intends to make a documentary about the treatment of black people by the criminal justice system, with his story as the focus."

Gates' behavior was a publicity stunt, designed to attract attention to his future television activities!!

He has written several documentaries and books. He needs publicity to stay in business!

Let us not forget that he was a professor at Yale University, and was fired for not performing enough. How then did he get into Harvard? Usually a person like this accepts positions at weaker universities. Affirmative action?

Let us remember that Gates is a professor, a person who makes a living by teaching young people. A professor deals with ignorant students by explaining their errors, not by shouting. A professor's whole life is dedicated to the goal of understanding the world and explaining it to others. At least, this is how I feel. I am a science and math professor.

I once saw a high school math teacher shouting to a student, "Get it through your head!" This teacher does not understand education. Gates should have explained to the policeman in a calm fashion that since he did show his identity, the policeman has no further need for involvement.

As a professor, I am offended by Professor Gates' behavior, an offence to the profession!

The herald

PA Hamilton Ayuk thanks but you should know that it could just well have been a thief breaking in to that house.Other things being equal the men of underworld are so skillful in coining up stories to defend themselves so much so that even when caught with their hands in the sack they will still find a defensive reason.To the best of my knowledge no thief has ever admitted from the first sight that he was stealing.So, that cop was simply doing his duty by arresting Dr.Gates for further investigation.In normal circumstances,even a civilian will be suspicious of anyone he sees forcing or breaking a door,how much more of a police man?And to make matters clear,a majority of burglars or suspects roam about with their complete identification papers nowadays.That cop might have been sincere in executing his duty but was misconstrued.What of if on the other hand Dr.Gates went home to discover that a burglar was caught breaking into his door,wouldn't he have acknowledged the policeman?


Police technology, especially in Cambridge, Mass, would have instantly validated Dr. Gates's claim that was his current residence. The matter should have ended the moment he produced his proof of residence. Exchanged words and challenged egos should not be a pretense for arrest.
But this is the USA where a Black person is not given the benefit of the doubt or extended the same courtesies as other humnan beings.
Policing is part stopping crimes, part community relations.


The cause of this incident is the over-arching EGO of Americans of all races. It is the dope that keeps Americans in a perpertual over-taking mode on a freeway. Just plain silly adrenaline. Dr Gates is fit to be the father of the officer. A bit of tender loving care on both sides would have resolved this problem. Americans have plenty to learn from the wisdom of traditional Africa. It is nothing to do with racism. Not long ago, another white officer ticketed a whiteman in an emrgency lane trying to get his pregnant white wife to hospital. Officers need to tone down the EGO thing.


I see that some white people and black coons have hijacked this site in order to shower praise on a clearly racist cop. Well, this is Up Station Mountain Clun not TMZ or the New York Times. Excuse me while I take my site back.

Getting back to the issue on hand. Some of you have the audacity to call this a publicity stunt. First of all, why would the neighbor call the cops on someone who is trying to get into his own house? if it was a white man who trying to get into his house, do you think the neighbor would have called the police?

Secondly, one would think that if the prominent Prof. Gates was my neighbor, I would know right? how can you not know that Prof. Yates is your neighbor? or is everyone on that neighborhood so self-centered that they didn't bother to find out who their neighbors are.

I would be just as pissed off if cops insisted on arresting me in my own house after I showed them my identity card and other related documentation proving my identity.

And why wasn't Gates Miranda rights read to him?

Also, why does the cop have a license plate which says "WHY-TEE"?

And some of you black people have the nerve to say that this has nothing to do with racism. It's a DAMN shame; and you wonder why our communities can't progress. SMH.

Ma Mary

USMinnesota, I have to agree with you here. I was wondering the same thing. What kind of a watchful neighbour is that who does not know at least the look of the neighbour whose house she is trying to protect? There is an old classic by Ralph Ellison called "The Invisible Man" which people ought to read, that goes into the psychology of virtual invisibility in the racial context. They only see you when there is an opportunity to beat down on you, otherwise you are like a dull picture on the wall.

OK, maybe the cop was doing his job, but in Dr Gates eyes, it was a nightmare, an unsolicited cop showing up in your most personal space, asking intrusive questions. You have to be a black man in America to understand how scary that can be. As someone said, the cop is not your friend. In Professor Gate's shoes, it was an existential threat, and he was not going to go down tamely.

The WHY_TEE tag is a new one to me. Prof Gate's lawyer had already investigated and found a lot of people who had been subjected to the same treatment by this cop, and they were going to talk, in the media or in court. Police in America is the blue gang. They lie and kill to protect each other. Now that Pres Obama poured oil on the waters the witnesses might not come out, but the police will have to sit down, swallow their pride and listen to the complaints.

Ma Mary

USMn You should check your link again.


This professor, from what I have seen, has always had a chip on his shoulder towards white people. He would love to make the slavery issue TOTALLY the white peoples' burden; and ignor the historical fact, that it was, and is, the black African culture that initially and PRIMARILY cultivated the racially organized slavery era. The blacks basically did it to themselves (just look at how they're into 'personality' and 'idol' worship). But "the good professor" could never admit to that; otherwise how could he continue his 'upperly mobile' lifestyle.


Ma Mary
Here is the link


No Preston, Boss Sir. It is about western greed. The perfect modern corollary is the drug trade. War on drugs my ass. Drug trade is about indulgence in America fueling criminals in America and other lands. Slavery was the same thing, funding criminals in AFrica to cause devastation. Don't start what you cannot finish, boy.


You are on the wrong site. This not Your foolish ramble does not warrant a reply so please, go back to your shit hole where your aimless prattle will be much appreciated.

Bye! bye!

Ras Tuge

Any black man that knows too much is a threat to the Babylon system. Black people are neither too big, nor too many for the Babylon element which knows each and every one of them by heart, and watches their every single move, as they hide in their homes and make wicked plans to harass black people. And when they finally succeed to pounce on you, man they'll smoke your shit as they fuck you up!

The biggest secret to life is to know how to live. Therefore, mastering the way to be safe in a Babylon full of traps, is a must for every black man. Knowing the truth is good, but then in Babylon when you know too much, and you're caught in possession of the truth, man you can be found guilty and be condemned to death.

Jesus Christ' ambassador

Les conservateurs Américains devraient avoir honte quand un de leur compatriote qui était né Noir, meurt Blanc. Ceci montre au monde que le racisme avait été institutionnalisé, ils devront enlever de leur constitution cette loi non-écrite, alors là, ils seront vraiment les Etats-Unis d'Amérique, En y ajoutant à ceci l’obéissance au Tout-Puissant Dieu du ciel, une obéissance qui se manifeste dans le respect de la Loi divine pour que finalement l’Amérique redevienne Prospère et Puissante pour pourvoir remplir son rôle que Dieu leur a donné de guider les enfants, les femmes et les hommes de tout âge à notre Sauveur et Seigneur Jésus-Christ par la puissance de notre Seigneur Saint-Esprit. Mais, ils devront comprendre que, non seulement eux, mais, aussi tous les habitants de la terre, nous devrons comprendre que ; nous n’avons plus assez de temps, nous devons faire quelque chose maintenant pour que notre bon Dieu aie pitié de nous et arrête cette terrible et foudroyante punition qu’Il est déjà sur le point d’envoyer sur cette terre ! Ses Anges de la mort sont déjà à la porte du ciel, prêt à exécuter l’ordre qui a été donné, ces agents ne sont pas têtus comme nous autres, ils exécuteront l’ordre donné par
Le Très-Haut à la lettre.

Souvenez-vous que la crise que nous avons aujourd’hui, avant d’être financière ou politique, elle est d’abord Spirituelle !!! Nous avons les problèmes de tous genres parce que nous n’obéissons pas notre Créateur. Ici, c’est le monde entier qui est concerné, il ne s’agit pas seulement des Etats Unies d’Amérique. Le racisme, on le retrouve sous d’autres formes plus bizarres qu’aux Etats Unies. C’est dire que, en ce moment précis, non seulement l’Amérique doit se plier devant les Saints Dix Commandements de Dieu, mais, toutes les nations doivent le faire, il n’y a qu’une seule issue : « Obéir le Tout-Puissant Dieu du ciel » ! En ce moment, au lieu de danser, boire et s’amuser, toutes les nations devraient être à genou entrain de prier notre Sauveur Jésus-Christ pour qu’Il continue d’intercéder devant Son Père Dieu, pour qu’Il puisse avoir pitié de nos nations, nos enfants et nos familles.

Jamais dans ce monde les hommes et les femmes sont descendus dans la rue pour revendiquer quoique ce soit comme ils ont fait ces derniers temps pour la légalisation du mariage homosexuel !!! Nous savons que vous êtes au courant de ces faits, ici aux USA, les homosexuels sont allés d’état en état dans la rue pour revendiquer ce droit. En Europe, en Amérique latine, en Russie, presque partout… en Afrique alors, c’est la pourriture, la culture du diable, l’homosexualité, a envahi les âmes innocentes qui étaient déjà dans l’agonie de la pauvreté que les font subir les bourreaux africains les soi-disant chefs des nations avec la complicité des pays amis!!! Ecoutez la France a fait un sondage et elle se retrouve avec 61% de la population qui exiger le droit de mariage des homosexuels ! Il y a mieux, la France a poussé presque tous les pays africains à signer une certaine ratification pour légaliser le mariage des homosexuels et l’avortement dans leurs pays, on l’appelle < Ratification de Maputo, cette ratification a vu le jour lors d’un sommet réunissant tous les Etats membres de l’Union africaine à Maputo, capitale du Mozambique, cette ratification est entré en vigueur en novembre 2005, lorsque quinze Etats l’ont ratifié.>

Bref, nous sommes entrain d’être convaincu par le Seigneur Saint-Esprit que, il viendra dans ces jours une réaction violente et ravageuse de la part de notre bon Dieu qui est le Père de la patience. Rappelez-vous, c’est exactement comme Ça que se sont comportés les habitants de Sodome et Gomorah quand sont arrivés les deux saints anges de Dieu qui sont venus les détruire. Tout se passait comme à nos jours, les gens mangeaient, buvaient, se mariaient et la légalisation du mariage des homosexuels prenait forme du jour au lendemain, ce qui est certain, dans ces deux villes Sodome et Gomorah, cette perversion était à terme. S’il vous plait, visitez le web de Jésus ci-dessous pour en savoir plus :

Prions constamment notre Bon Dieu ! « Il dit qu’Il ne veut pas que le pécheur périsse, mais, qu’il se repente et détourne son pied vers le péché et rentre à Lui. Ceci ne peut se faire que par le moyen que notre aimable Sauveur et Seigneur Jésus-Christ a réalisé en mourant sur la croix pour nous. Maintenant, Il vit et assit sur le coté droit de notre Créateur au ciel où Il est entrain de nous préparer une place.


the so called United states of africa should not be making making presumptions.If it was a white man could they ahve called the cops. When i leave in the Black neighborhood my car was broken and stoeln into twice and my house invaded twice until iwas force to move out. Since arriving anohter neighborhood with mostly white people for the pst four years nothing has happen. If we dont want to be suspicious and cry racism and prejudice when things happened we hould stop doing what breeds that prejudice. I know racism is a reality but lets face it real Dr Gate is a professor and well educated enough to know that it is the law that when the cops arrest the first thing is to show a paper ID. Do really what to face the reality. It does not matter if you are balck white or porefessor that is what we have to. had Dr gate comly with that I would think otherwise.


sammy, you coon. You are spewing nonsense as usual. Dr. Gates presented his ID to the cop in question but the cop was still persistent on arresting him. That is when the situation escalated because Dr. Gates was pissed off that he was being arrested in his own house. To make matters worse, the cop didn't read his miranda rights to him. What does that tell you? and the cop's license plate says "WHY-TEE". The evidence is concrete and clear but coons like yourself live in denial. Go sing praises to your white masser, I have no time for you idiots.


UnitedstatesofAfrica, Miranda rights will not read to you on a disorderly conduct charge. Miranda rights are read to criminal suspects before interrogation. Gates was being a loud mouth and that is the reason he was arrested not for being in his house as you stated and the police states released yesterday back the officer in this arrest.


This whole incident was a God-send for Professor Gates. He's probably been waiting for an opportunity like this his whole life. A great opportunity to advance the personal social benefits of being an authoritative voice for the advancement of po' ole' me negro VICTIM status syndrome.

Emmanuel Jacobs

Sanford Aranoff, you are not only a fool but a dangerous one. Your efforts to paint Professor Gates as an underarciever whose current posistion could be had as a result of affirmative action tells everything about your state of mind. I have a feeling that you are one of those Afrikanners who left South Africa for fear of being lynched when Mandela took office. Professor of maths and Science my foot. Profeesor gates has a better standing ovation in every civilized society except the United States than you. I think you had your thesis wriiten for you. Your style of expression tells me you struggled even to get a GED let alone your Bsc.Rubbish.

Adolf A Agbormbai

When I saw this on the Internet my first reaction was:

"Why does this sort of thing always seem to happen only to a black person or to a minority?"

I would like to see a white Harvard Professor or equivalent handcuffed like a common criminal and displayed for all the world to see. Then I'll know that this incident was not racially motivated.

Adolf A Agbormbai

I didn't take it lightly at all when I saw this incident. I believe that intellectuals contribute a great deal to the societies in which they live and deserve a lot more respect from the authorities of those societies.

When an arrest is made there has to be a big difference between the arrest of a common criminal and the arrest of a person of intellect.

As for the American police, I really think that they are not much different in temperament from those common criminals they deal with every day. They are as volatile as those criminals.

Instead of solving problems they have a tendency to incite situations when called upon to deal with incidents. I can completely understand why American criminals really enjoy putting a bullet in the skull of police officers.

I think the whole US police force needs a tremendous lesson in keeping cool, calm, and collected in the face of volatile incidents. Maintaining a steady temperament keeps your senses more observant, and is less likely to get you killed when dealing with criminals.

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