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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


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To claim that that the government was not involved in primary education before 1972 is untrue. I went to a Native Authority school run by Kumba Urban Council. It was owned by the local government and financed by the then West Cameroon Government.


There used to be a great technical college on that site, called GTC Ombe. Now it has been taken over by francophones. They did the same thing to the West Cameroon Police College in Mutengene. They are doing the same thing to institutions like Sasse, Saker, Sacred Heart and the like. When shall we develop some sense and spit these assholes away? Francophones like to put on airs, but they are just that, gas.

Che Sunday

Yes, there were a few Local Authority Schools that dotted the landscape. There was one up station in Mendakwe. They were few and far apart.
One thing I find disturbing is our attitude to over glorify our position prior to French demolition. Ombe, as great as we may think it was, was more of a craft school than a technical school capable of preparing students for careers in Engineering. Even with Anglophone teachers at the helm, it could not accomplish that mission.
1. Ombe did not teach the physical sceince that are germain to engineering careers. No Pysics, Chemistry nor mathematics. It taught you the skills of technical drawing that limited ones abilities to draftsmanship or fitter machinists.
2. It taught no life sciences such as biology which be crucial in such ares as soil mechanics, hydrology and other related fields.
Over the years, I have come across ex-Ombe students in polytechnics in Nigeria who had a heck of difficult times completing their pre-diploma requirements in the area of scence and mathematics. I came to the United States and the story has been the same. So, asumming that we want to build a high school for technical students, what will the curriculum cover? Take a look at the bronchure of a technical university from Germany or Canada and see how many ex-Ombe students will survive the rigid science orientation in these schools. Why don't we go back to the tertiary level and say, o.k. our francophone brothers have taken over Ombe, lets start by building private technical schools and not fashioning after Ombe, but doing it like the Fon of Bafut has. He has a private technical school that allows the students to learn a skill, and at the same time pursue the GCE curiculum. If should to pursue an engineering career, nothing should stand in their way. Leave Ombe to the francophones. Let them bring in their kids and set them up for failure. It will not be long for them to find out that the mess they have created is stinking all the way past the Wouri river and beyound.


You know what? Che Sunday you are right. We do cry about our glory days in the past a lot, and those good things were few and far between. But I know one thing, and that is they were constantly improving and they were ours. Perhaps Ombe would have changed its orientation by now to improve its academic curriculum. For its time, Ombe did a good turn by producing the well trained craftsmen that we required. I have visited a lot of great universities and corporations and hospitals in a lot of countries. One of my passions is to find out how they started. All of them started small. They all showed me a single small building or even a place where a shed used to stand. Great institutions start like that. We cannot start institutions and a jealous somebody moves in all the time. Are you kidding me? We have a serious political problem.

You are missing the main point we are making here. There is a pattern that when we have a good institution, the francophones have moved in and muck it up. It has happened even to private institutions. I praise the Fon of Bafut for doing something thoughtful do not get me wrong, but we need to stand on our own two feet politically in order to protect our institutions.

Bob Bristol

Mbo, you've made a very good point. Let it not sound as if the peoples of the then West Cameroon had achieved a perfect state of affairs. We knew where we were, we knew where we were heading. Progress was the key word.

The Frenchification of Southern Cameroonians is not something which we ( as Southern Cameroonians) are supposed to make some compromises about. We have to denounce it categorically.

As far as the facts of the article are concerned, let me also side with Kumbaboy that we equally had the Native Authority School in Bali Nyonga that was created as early as 1921. However, the paper x-rays a major setback that has made the union with East Cameroon a much regrettable one.

Ma Mary

No sir. There are some Southern Cameroonians in denial. No no no. Nothing valuable was taken. I will just make another one, they say. Hello! The thief-bully is watching. He will steal it or smash it in the mud once you make another one. The elementary school yard should have taught you how to deal with a bully. Just break his stinking nose and feed him poto poto. Do not let the frogs get away with stuff.


how do they get the power to come in,
take control of our colleges, government, close
down city and guilds, that they know nothing about, disrespectfully, and then destroy the whole system we have built. before they came, since every thing is connected, is because, the orders came from above, high up there, first from their french -cameroun president, ahijo, then the homosexual french cameroun president biya, then they move the orders down their french cameroun channels through their military and police and gerdames and gouverneurs and sous prefets and delegues.
their main goal destroy the west cameroonians
and their institutions and make them french as possible, as well as impoverish them, that way they will fear and respect you, you will look greta before thie eyes, they have weapons and their government and they know wehave none, soo, they are empowered to do just that, politics of ( slash and burn)
deceiveing the local and well as the international community, that .cameroun is one country, bilingual and democratic, and was one under gernany, as a colony not french nor english, that its re-unification, not unification, thats were the brain washing
bribery, rapeing, ngolle ngolle. achidi achu
yang philemon, inoni, njeumas, all french cameroun agents of destruction came to play.
and thats why we find ourselves, a people without a nation, without an international airport to fly out to any country in the world. without a seaport to import any thing , with a university or hospital of international statndard, without any thing we can call ours, but beggars on our own lan.
beggars of ragged french equatorial negroes, who wear expensive suits , eat cheese and speak a foreignlanguage to out daighters i n search
for attention and domination, soo call it as it it is its called


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