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Friday, 31 July 2009


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Doctor your poll is from the Sun, a notorious English tabloid and it only means that English girls and wives are easy. It says nothing about Africans or even the French.

Reex, Flames

To avoid this situation a man should marry a woman who is younger than him and is more beautiful than his ugly self

this sounds like discrimination against ugly women...

simple men should not love by looks only.

Ras Tuge

Hamilton, your subjectivity has always been quite lame man. Your argument is not cohesive enough to persaude me to believe that you're abrest of the topic in question. Moreover, there's no proper correlation between your biblical approach and the topic. Man, a factual account could have nailed this beautiful topic without recourse to biblical citations. Very poorly written article.


RAT Tuge the weed smoking rastafarian THUG

What right do you have to criticize someone for using biblical citations? this is coming from the person who cannot write a sentence without using the word "Jah" atleast three times. You are a prostitute for Jah, whoring yourself everywhere in order to promote his fictitious stories and flawed philosophies.

And FYI, it is spelled "abreast" not "abrest". So check yourself before you call someone stupid. Idiot!!

Ras Tuge

Paranoiac Shadow child, it is better to be a soldier in Jah Army than to be a compulsive prostitute for Bantu men like you. Rasclaat, clearly you don't feel very sound man.


RAT tuge, why are you grasping for words? lol lol
The truth hurts doesn't it? I know. lol lol


Lame........I will have to agree with the Rasta on this one.



Danny Boy

I think what this blogger meant to ask is, "Why do married men cheat?" These men need not cheat with other married women for your logic to be true.
This topic is so trite that I would not trouble myself suggesting a reason why!! My only observation is that marriage is but a convention formulated by man. Depending on your culture and personal belief, you can practise marital types such as monogamy, polygamy or polyandry!
Now where does the cheating come in, in a polygamous or polyandrous marriage? This is why I consider the topic banal! Please note; even in America where this reverend blogger lives, there are religous sects there that practise polygamy!!!
Man was born free, mate. The joke is, "When you man has come to the end of his tether, tie the knot, and hang on for dear life!"


a man who finds a wife have found blessing from god.


God made eve for adam. If he wanted he could have made eve, sheila,paula and jane. BUT he made ONE.
this argument is stupid and a waste of time

Danny boy

Oh Laura!
Do you think Adam could have borne the pain from his ribs being torn out to manufacture that many new babes?
I doubt it. Taking out a second rib will indeed balance the number of ribs on both sides of his sternum. The last time this descendant counted his, he realised that there was a perfect bi-lateral symmetry! Man should have an odd number of ribs!!!
Could it be Eve has a missing Sister; or are we just deluded with this myth? If one really believes this myth, then it must be Eve who cheated with the handsome devil, thus setting a precedence!!


Man or woman, just make sure u keep your Jimmy hat on when u cheat. That is why Aids is ravaging Cameroon, because of Cheating and too much use of the drug called alchohol.
Failed government Policies have led to wide spread unemploymnet, pooverty, cheating and the spread of Aids.
As this conversation continues, please remember to use a condom when cheating. Aids is for real. It is an epidemic facing sub Sahara Africans.

Cheater Chick

Why do hot sexy women cheat?

oakley sunglasses

^*^Good at planning, good at time management.//This works because reach is so important to marketers’ success.


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