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Saturday, 29 August 2009


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frank n n

i wounder what is wrong with certain cretures called the black man who will always monopolise power; biya being a typical example.those we call parliamentarians only sit in the glass house to enrich themselve forgetting the will of the people they represent.if we can willfully standup, invade the glass house , push biya out of etoudi then shall our forefathers rest in peace.when time comes he will follow thesame path that bongo and conte folowed just to nane a few. if jackson did then who else can escape,i also rest my case


Meanwhile Paul Biya and his tropical courtisan are chilling their heels in seaside France:


My condolences to the bereaved families. Frank N N, this is an accident whose immediate cause we do not know yet. It is true Biya's been in power for too long and I surport a change of leadership but I do not see any evidence linking Biya to the cause(s) of these two recent accidents. Accidents occur all over the world (plane crashes, train crashes, car crashes etc) for varoius reasons. Recently, we heard of a ghastly rail accident in America and presently California is on fire; I wonder if Frank would blame this on Obama. However, I understand Frank's feelings about the man Biya but I do not think his post is appropriate for this story.


A normal country investigates episodes like this, to discover the cause and to institute measures that increase safety. If that does not happen, then it would be Biya's fault. If professional standards have deteriorated and equipment is not being maintained, there is plenty of fault to pass around.


These incidents are an indication of a failed state with ailing infrastructures that have been neglected for decades.Unfortunately hard working and tax paying citizens have to pay for this neglect with their lives while the head of state continues to squander state treasury abroad in the name of official visits.


Quite true rail accidents happen every where in the world. Come on Attia,i wonder if you have ever travelled by train to the north. I was in waza for my vacation and missed that deadly train simply because i left Maroua late. Its a dead trap, old wagons of the second world war and locomotives tat abandoned us in the bush somewhere around the Gouyoum village for three hours.
Attia, Biya is linked to the accident, the rail system is exploited by the Bolloré french co, their contract ran out last year,despite the promise of investing about 5%of thier profits to repair the system ten years ago, nothing was done yet popol went on to renew their contract for another ten years, turning down the offer of a south african company to repair the situation. How would now tell me he is not to be blame?
Travelling conditions onboard our trains is very similar to jews being taken to concentration camps

Ma Mary

The Bollore company is a criminal conspiracy. Kale sounded the idea of international law being created against economic plunder along the lines of genocide law. A company like Bollore belongs in that box. When I tirade about the french, it is really about these corporate interests, the puppet master that controls the strings. Biya is a mere puppet, and a rational adversary should be exposing the puppeteer. Let us not be deceived.

The herald

May the souls of the departed victims rest in perfect peace and I equally wish a speedy recovery to the 275 wounded persons and pray for their family to take heart.

I got from equinox pidgin news this morning that the rails were intentionally dislocated and placed by the way side for unknown reasons.


The government is responsible for the accidentS. When was the last time the rails were controlled or repaired? We need new trains, new rails and train conductors shouldn't touch alcohol. Alcohol play a big part of most accidents in Cameroon.


Am ashame of that country cameroon. God is alive, he sees and he will answer our prayers one day. Those power mongers who finds pleasue doing away with our innocent fellow country men, i swear, they will never go free. Biya, we have surrendered the country to u. Do what u wanna do with it but becareful cuz camereoonians are tough pple. Infact, fellow cameroonians, lets put our hands together and strike a thunder on this biya man. He is the next head of state to die and he will die in pains.Shit.


my heartfell condolence to the bereaved families.God will see you through these tough time.Well as we cameroonians have decided to murder ourself by allowing ourselves to be ruled by the world's most corrupted government, and always voting for CPDM, that is led by the world's must corrupt President. We will continue to use those ancient machines that we being used by Dr.Eugine Zingraff,and will continue to out dated roads .Paul Biya has bee there for decads but noting has he done for his country . Shame

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