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Monday, 17 August 2009


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Bob Bristol

What an objective assessment! I hope someday , Cameroonians would be able to see reasons with some compatriots who are behind bars labelled as embezzlers.YES /NO THEY DID/DIDN'T EMBEZZLE. I wouldn't claim to have been close to most of them but I witnessed the diligent, assiduous and parental attributes of Jean Marie Atangana Mebara while he was serving as the minister of Higher Education. In order to thwart his rising popularity and inject him with the corruption virus at the presidency, he was dishonoured with a "promotion" as Secretary General at the presidency of the Republic. I have no doubt that he became aggrieved with what he saw and since he couldn't pretend or join the game like the others, he was transfered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, with a full knowledge of the financial huddles the oppositions are facing and the dangers of opposing Biya, he resolved to an option that has unfortunately landed him in his present position.
If you want the best for Cameroon and you're removed from a position where you can better serve the people to that where you would have to function as an accomplice to all the crimes committed against the people, what would you do? Resignation has never been an acceptable option in Cameroon.

Pa musa

"Armed with a lot of cash"? Is this not the same guy that Biya had grilled the speaker of the National Assembly of his whereabout? Where else will a legislator amass such wealth but at the expense of the citizens he's call to serve?
WE THE PEOPLE do not deserve any of these two Bastards.

The herald

Which bastards do the people deserve Pa Musa?All are court bastards not only those two.


Aaa Massa Zang! You wined and dined with the cult, particiapted in their rituals and eat and drank what they ete and drank( i wouldn't name itr). The you become overly ambitious and self serving, trying to bite the fingers that are feeding your ugly mouth. When they come after you , you run to us the Cameroonian public, crying for help like a school boy who has been beaten by his teacher for coming late to school. What do you take us for? Idiots ? If that is the name you and your cult memebers call Cameroonians, then you have made a mistake. Go back to your master and pay your dues return the spoon where it was and knife where to took it. Only then can Cameroon listen to you. Untill then there is no sympathy for you here. This "I am a victime" campaign will not help you because you are just as corrupt as Biya and his click. Blood sucking monsters !!!!!!!!!!!

Ma Mary

None of our business.

Che Sunday

I thought the enemy from within is the anglos? The distinction has now been dubbed on the chosen ones from within eyeing the big stool that accords them the privilege of stealing without remorse? Cameroon is good!!! If he survives long enough to see 2011, he may just ruffle Paul's feathers, but knowing how he works, he might just drum up an embezzlement charge against him and toss him in jail.

hope lih anduochi

more grease to your elbows paul biya ,it appears you are scared we believe in you and are behind you keep up with your policies by jailing all your collaborators when time cames you shall follow the same path as bongo (ghabon),conte (guinea),eyadema (togo) just to name a few, if jackson did the who else can fly i rest my case,

Andy bess

We Camroonians should stop crying fowls. The destiny and plight of our beloved nation's lies in to our hands.
Is about time to stand high and say enough is enough there by sending a dangerous signal to Biya and his hiatchmen is about time for them to step down the hynme of our beloved father's land which they have bankcrupt or twenty seven years.
As the saying goes, God help those who help themselves.
For Cameroonians to restore the pre alhijo dreams, they must came out as one. freedom is not given, is won.

We should stop relying on the oppositions for that change envisaged in cameroon.There is no true patrotic opposing leader.All our opposion leaders are hungery men and women easily bought with brown envelopes. While others dont accept changes.
Not to talk of our parliamentarians, sitting in the glass house is seen as a communion to enrich themselves forgetting to effect the will of the people they represented.
If we can willfully stand up, invade the glass house, push BIya out of Etoudi,then shall our forefathers be happy with us.


thats french -cameroun politics typical to the french sphere, soo expect nothing different in 1000 years, if we loang for any thing is our complete independence AS A NATION OF WEST CAMEROON OR AMBAZANIA

Ma Mary

Yes, this guy will equally turn out to be a French-made, Francafrique=branded, Bollore-owned tool.

discount coach bags

If you love a girl, it's better to fight for her happiness than to abandon her for the sake of her happiness.-

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