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Thursday, 20 August 2009


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Ras Tuge

Bumboklaat slave....


House Nigger!

Reex, Flames

Ras Tuge and Misty,

It seems you never watched the news report to the end before delivering quick insults. :-)

Although I disagree with Monsieur Kelman on some points, it does not warrant judgment on his views. He pointed out facts and provoked questions, which we generally take for granted:

For example if you are Cameroonian, what is the Cameroonian in you? What defines being Cameroonian? What is the blackness about us? What is our culture? Do we have a culture/ cultures? Has it/they been Western-influenced? Is it/Are they pre- or post-colonial in nature? One can keep pondering on these questions...

Nonetheless, the notion of Cameroon(ness) is actually western-based because Europeans carved out the triangular niche of land consisting of a conglomerate of vilages and gave a name to this territorial block.

So what defines being a Cameroonian?

I think, ideally everyone is a citizen of the world, because ancestrally most nations were established after histories of immigration. Interestingly, humanity has been proven to originate from Africa.

So let the author enjoy being in France and acknowledging himself to be French, because one does not acquire culture at birth, rather the society systematically imposes that on its members and everywhere people adapt to the way of living in their new environment and over generations, their descendants have less in common to their origins!

At this point I will agree Monsieur Kelman's daughter is more French than Cameroonian becuase her environment has made her grown up to a French culture irrespective if the white French consider her equally or not (which is an entire issue on its own).

Anyway, all the sensational hype about culture and identity are all political ideas,man-made and not an integral part of the laws of nature.
They are hence subject to change and the ideals we value today may either degrade or improve or be entirely lost in the future!

We are essentially human with different concepts and physical looks and the world is ours!


House nigger indeed. I won't even waste my time with this piece of crap.

Reex Flames, stop biting your tongue ok? you are making a fool out of yourself. Another House nigger in the building.

Reex, Flames


Why easily resolve to insults?

If you are against some points, express them them in the context of the topic, back up your arguments... This blog was also made for the purposes of debates among its contributors.

Answer some of the questions I posted in the last post or defend your views

VA Boy

Do you not have some 419 to attend to, Alain? Is that not all you lazy frogs know. How dare you make fun of hard working people whose remittancies prop up your country of thieves?


Alain Dipoko, Hahaha, USofAfrica are all the same person.


Mr Alain dipoko u learned how to speak English haahaa.
Academically compare those your francophone brothers and tha Anglophnes you have just mentioned what do you think?
You stupid useless nonentity.
You people have ruined the country.Since independence cameroon has been under your system of governance.What is the result today:aids,stealing,bribe to enter a medical school,etc
Jealous ,rotten,ignorant group of people.
That culture of intolerance that envelops fracophones has kept all of you in darkness.
Senseless group of people.
You ran away from Yabassi like u brother Manu Dibango because of withcraft.Where are u hiding in Douala .come into the open lets us talkk
Dirty/Dull Francophones.



the few Southern Cameroonians or Anglophones as you put it, who became fraudsters learned the art from 50 years of association with you lowlifes and your wholesale corrupt society. That is why we must disassociate to contain the epidemic. We learned no such thing from Nigeria. Southern Cameroonians were respected very highly in the Nigerian colonial system for their honesty. Now everywhere, China, US, Canada are your confidence men. Forget you. Just check the stories in this same blog. It is full of you guys from your stinking president down.

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