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Sunday, 02 August 2009


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Some muslims in the North are easy targets for this kind of extremism. Southern muslims are more tolerant and do not tend to embrace this kind of message. There have been uprisings like this in Northern Nigeria since the 1960s. There was a pogrom of Igbos in 1966 that had both ethnic and religious overtones. It was one of the sparks of the civil war. It is an odd thing to call this blessing, but in a sense it is one, that the president who called for this harsh crackdown is also a Northern muslim. Obasanjo the previous president is the one who capitulated to Sharia law in the northern states. Perhaps Yar Adua would have resisted it. If Obasanjo, a christian was the one who engaged in this crackdown, there would still be fighting going on. Muslims need to learn to stop regarding all muslims as brothers. Boko Haram and others are no one's brother. If the Nigerian government does not stamp them out they will spread like wildfire and destroy not only Nigeria but the entire Sahel region of West Africa from Northern Cameroons right to Senegal.

alphonse kingsley

Shit like that ain't gonna happen in Cameroon.
Moda 4kas would be rounded up n burned.


islam is a dangerous religion

Ras Tuge

Black man story!


If there is one thing Cameroon is good at it is identifying such scurges and rendering definitive justice. Al-qeada or Taliban will never dream of exporting their ideology to cameroon.

The herald

You need to watch these moslems in their mosque sometimes,they pray with the quran on one hand and the sword on the other.

Emmanuel Jacobs

Exremism almost always flourishes where ignorance and illiteracy abound. We might hate our leaders as we naturally do but those bastards encourage us at least to get an education. This is not mostly the case in some parts of northern nigeria where children are drilled from cradle to grave to beg and rely on bosses who themselves are semi-illiterates. Tell a cameroonian to take a bullet in the name of god and he will tell you to do it first. We love life.

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