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Thursday, 20 August 2009


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Prof.Dr.Emmanuel Jacobs.

Ntemfac Ofege. You of all persons would have written a sensible paper. What you have penned down is rubbish and is purely substandard when Cameroon politics is examined. You called poor Tchiroma Taliban, prostitute besides being a noise maker. This is sad and unfortuntae.What is your most illustious Ni John Fru Ndi? What was he and what is he today? He was a CNU, CPDM, SDF and finally CPDM. Stop calling names when writing. You are yourself a noise maker.I expected to read a thought provoking balanced paper from you.Startegists are objective not subjective.Bringing Nigerian pidgin (wahala)into your writing in such a serious issue as you penned is out of place.


To know what Ntemfac thinks about Fru Ndi, read this facinating interview here:


Prof. Dr. Ticha. Oga. Ovasabi Yakubu, u no go shut up ya mop!

Pa Musa

Is this not the same Issa Bakary guy of the Delegation of National Gendamarie during Ahidjo's era? More than 20 yrs have elapsed ,yet he's been recycled to head a ministry in 21st Century Cameroon? He and Biya have outlived their usefullness and should belong to the dust bin of histoty

Yondo Selele

Issa Bakari and Issa Tchiroma are two different folks. Tchiroma is the guy who plotted the ouster of Samuel Eboua as President of the UNDP in 1992 in favor of Bello Bouba.

I believe Issa Bakari was involved in the April 5 1984 coup attempt, not sure though...

Asafor valentine

Prof.Dr.Emmanuel,Infact am shocked with your comments.Ntemfac,has given a practical situation of the ruling elites terrorization of the media sector in Cameroon.Prof. at times i get so confused with some of our comments in this forum.I have the impression most Cameroonians do not have a mastering of the political issues in Cameroon.

Asafor valentine

The media is the fourth power,
The media is the mouth piece of the down trodden,
The media is a bullet that when trigered must reach it destination.The media has sent ruling elites packing.Ntemfac,i salute your efforts in a bit to expose Government arrogance in the media sector in Cameroon.Keep up,When i listened and watched big time channels like,Sky News,BBC,CNN,VOA,etc am elated and happy on how the western ruling elites are exposed.Most Cameroonians turn to listen to the above listed channels than National programmes.As a result of press censorship in Cameroon.In this aspect we see the western world and the cultural expressions of globalization stretching beyond boundaries and dominating,where then is our participation in globalization?Gentlemen give a careful look at the media landscape in Cameroon and tears will run down your chicks.

Asafor valentine

I suggest the rule of the modern media has been too important in exposing to public view previously hidden or obscure disagreement and conflict.Prof.its so devastating when you sounded negative in the face of objective criticism.i do not see what is subjective about Ntemfac write up,practically speaking there is no press freedom in Cameroon.This explain why the Democratization process in Cameroon, is a big failure.I have written to CRTV Radio programme Morning Safari and the presenter(Joe Nkeli m.)will softly respond to me through a phone call,'Vall,am sorry i cannot read your article,fearful of dissmisal and torture.Joe will say Vall the situation is really bad.David will say i will loss my job brother,what a hell.Think of the days when Mendoze turned CRTV into a sex Camp terrorising all female journalist.

The herald

Ladies and gentlemen do no bother yourselves with
Dr.Jacob Emmanuel's comments,he is too emotional and wants the status quo of the media of yester-yes to be maintained.He probably is either linked to the political prostitute in one way or the other or belongs to the camp of those who do not cherish the truth.That's why he exhibits such an out-burst of fury to Ntemfac Ofege's paper.
He should know that the truth though bitter cannot not be crucified for whatever reason,it will resurface for it is imortal.

Emmanuel Jacobs

I praise good deeds but shuns rubbish.When Petr Vakunta wrote about Kiva, I acknowledged his work. Similarly,I rated him on Pidgin English.I gave his article a 50%. Moreover, a young man by the name of Innocent chia wrote a good piece on Cameroon's Mineral Resources.I appauded the article. Where I disagree with my fellow Cameroonians is the blatant disrespect we show to others.The children of Tchiroma would never entertain the idea of some one calling their father the names Ntemfac called. Lets discuss ideas and not persons.We could write thought provoking papers without going personal.The English language does not lack adjectives to the extent of denigrading public office holders. Beware not only cameroonians read the things we write.Common sense and simple decorum should prevail.Imagine what will happen if my son who also holds a Ph.D from Yale University wants to insult Fru Doh or Vakunta the manner they elected to attack my person.When people write academically challenging articles as this lad Chia did,we have to admit the job is great.All through,my comments have been to silence those who elect to chastise others.My approach may have been hard but the intended effect has been to curb the madness that has prevailed recently.

Ras Tuge

Emmanuel Jacobs,

you are not a smart guy, let me tell you man. You talk big, and yet your head is wretchedly empty. Frankly, you are just as intellectually challenged as the notorious Emmanuel Konde, and i wonder if you aren't the same person.

Fictitious claims of a PHD doesn't make a juvenile delinquent like you to appear credible, especially as you can't even spell correctly! The valuable energy you tirelessly expend in fantasizing about a such a high-profile academic acclamation could be invested in achieving something productive like reading for a degree man, for clearly you shamelessly don't seem to have any to be boastful of.

'I praise good deeds but shuns rubbish?!!!...Denigrading?!!! Gosh, what a wretch you are man! And By the way, you must always leave a space after any punctuation mark. All well-read people are abreast of that basic rule.


in as much i agree with ofege that Tchiroma unorthordox, and has been dancing from one party to the orther, i would on no grounds agree with calling him a terrorist (taliban).
Frankly speaking, M ofege, you are the rare anglophone journalists i use to respect, but then delving in such a short-sighted and cheap calling of names is rather disappointing.
Hey men, the country is bad, but lets not forget it remains a country and with established laws.
The media is not allowed to judge, to replace the courts and magistrates.
Sky one was warned to halt its 'le tribunal'program because despite its strange replacement of courts, pushed the country to the brinks of a second deplomatic incident.
They resisted the minister because they knew frustrated bush-fallers like you would get in to rattle for nothing.

Asafor Valentine Funwie

My dear fellow Country men,am not a Doctor,nor a PHD holder,but i do acknowledge the fact that,i have learned a lot from this forum.May i humbly use this opportunity to appeal to my learnded brothers that we should avoid using this forum to expose our differencs.Gentlemen from this forum,make no mistake Cameroonians are tallented,well educated,i can see we have an unquenchable love for our country.let us harness our skills to build a better nation.Please 'bros! objective criticism should be the order of the day.Prof.Dr.Emmanuel thanks for your comment albeit your were a bit hard.May God bless Cameroon.Thank you.

Pa Musa

I salute you Valentine for trying to bring some order in the house.Yes we can expose our differences or have opposing view points without tearing each other down or being condescending or self aggrandising

Emmanuel jacobs

Alas! Some cameroonians have finally seen the futility and impropriety of name bashing, in shaping our beloved country. Volataire, Montesqueiu,and Rousseau all had similar frustrations Cameroonians face today about their own politicians.Voltaire of all used stinging satire to ridicule the political dispensation of his day without personally calling the aristocracy inappropriate names.As for Ras Tuge, he is a moron.Read what he the smart one wrote" ..the valuable energy you tirelessly expend in in fantasizing about a such a high profile...".My last child, a girl who is doing her Masters in Linguistics at Notredame University laughed and called Ras Tug,"tituleur de probatoire". It is his miserable and poverty stricken parents who are wretched not me.My children's progress point to my ability and sanity to lead and be relied on.I am writing an essay which shall be posted to the Post. The essay will serve as a blue print for others to follow when exchanging ideas on political discourses.I shall bring up facts, ideas and elaborate.I shall not tell lies which do not stand.For example Pidgin English has been spoken in Cameroon for 500 years.This is gibberish.With a stroke of a pen you could fail the whole essay.I shall not also use fanciful but meanigless words like "Jacobsean fallacy".Eventhough brought up in a francophone family,I shall call the spade a spade.Ateba Eyebe's work is just an introduction.There are many stories anglophones don't know about eventhough they speculate. I shall not demonise or belittle any one including academic misfits like Ras Tuge, the thug.The title of my essay is"Cameroon's Machiavellis since 1982".I shall write this in French and English which are the mediums of communication I use.Peace and respect to all.As a prelude to my essay, both anglos and frogs have soiled their hands so badly that, to cleanse Cameroon, we need the Jerry Rawlings solution of depriving those who already have had their "pies" banned from politics.

Ras Tuge

Childish Emmanuel Jacobs,

I have simply told you what you are; a juvenile delinquent and compulsive liar, whereupon you burst into tears and throw the entire content of your vapid magga dog head at me! Why cry man? Why feel sorry for yourself when you can simply make up your mind to get a degree like everybody else?

Again i say to you man; The valuable energy you tirelessly expend in fantasizing about a such a high-profile academic acclamation could be invested in achieving something productive like reading for a degree man, for clearly you shamelessly don't seem to have any to be boastful of.

The fact that you find a fault with such a simple sentence bespeaks your intellectual impoverishment, and it is testament to your unwillingness to learn. Unless you prove that sentence wrong, i see no need to expect any good paper from you.

No one is bothered if you use fanciful words or not. Rather, people find it utterly worrisome for a so-called PHD holder to be so prone to malapropism, skullduggery, as well as spelling and typing errors. It is therefore blatantly obvious that you're not what you purport to be man.

My advice to you; stop fantasizing and labour for learning before it is too late, for you're still very young. I can tell by the infantile manner in which you express yourself. About the paper you say are writing; make sure you take your time and present something worth reading, and not a tiresome garbage that's replete with spelling errors and the like. Having a Francophone upbringing doesn't make anybody silly.


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