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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


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bob theofil

Please, BIYA you to step down,and allow a free and fair election.Why can you not copy,from countires like Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.You have to go retirement plesae,Dictator will lead into the grave yard as your friend OMAR BONGO.Let us pray that Biya should not present his canidature in the 2011 election.IN the name of JUESE,Amen.

franklin sone bayen

Tripoli, Jo’burg : Tale of two home-comings

This past week, two outcasts (well, an “outlaw” and an “outcast”) in the eyes of the dominant West and a world organization, were given vexing heroic home-coming receptions. As news reports carried the anger of the US and the UK over the popular reception given the “Lockerbie Bomber” Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi in his home country, another African, Caster Semenya of South Africa was receiving the trauma of her life prior to and after she had a clean win of the female 800m race in the World Athletics Championship in Berlin. She has today been given a heroine’s welcome (mind the precision – a heroine’s welcome, not a heroe’s welcome – she’s a woman) in Johanesburg, South Africa. Like the “bomber”, the runner was also received by the head of state.

Want to read further? AFRICAN VIEW:


We were not spoiled kids - late Dan Muna

Excerpts of what the late Daniel Muna told me in a 2001 interview

The late Daniel Muna said they (Muna kids) were not princes born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Their upbringing was devoid of the spoilings that children of well-to-do parents generally enjoy, he said. This, he said, involved trekking to school though there were vehicles at their disposal. He said that could have humbled them and given them the drive to serve humanity that leaves the impression they are over-ambitious. The first son of the late S.T. Muna who died on 12 July 2009 in Douala, had just been elected chairman of the Cameroon Medical Council in February 2001 when Franklin Sone Bayen conducted an interview with him in Yaounde, which was published in The Herald of 2 – 4 March 2001 (page 10). This excerpt was republished in Standard Tribune on Monday, 24 August 2009:

Read further on Frankly Speaking:

Emmanuel Jacob

We should show the utmost respect for the dead.While alive, through our actions directly or otherwise, we judged them enough. We should leave their names alone no matter what their transgressions may have been.We should remember they too loved this country called cameroon. We are Africans. They will face their maker for whatever they did.

Remember some of the dead genuinely loved this country and fought tirelessly to create a conducive place for all; though they were betrayed and sometimes acted naively. Names like Ahidjo,Foncha, Muna, Andre Marie Mbida, Mayi Matip,Endeley, Um Nyobe, Ndeh Ntumazah etc should be mentioned with reverence.We should tell the world that eventhough we might disagree among ourselves,we have not lost that humane touch.

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Next time I'll put on some lederhose and sing "Adelvice". That should shatter the Captain Von Trapp illusions most thoroughly..

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