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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


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Ras Tuge

Paul Verzerkov, when a lion is resting never you try to wake it. So, you better not mess with me man!

This your Fonlon... this your Bumboklaat Bernard Nsokika Fonlon, Dr of shame. This mighty quisling freaks me out whenever i hear his name. But i shan't ever stand in awe of Fonlon, or have mercy on any Anglophone rogue that masterminded the sale of the Southern Cameroons.

With all his 'big sense', Nyabinghi Fonlon could have been the one to redirect the course of Southern Cameroons destiny by educating the bunch of shallow-minded riffraffs that was headed by rasclaat Foncha. Pitifully nonetheless, Fonlon deliberately ignored the danger, and chosed to sleep with the devil. You must be a devil to caress a devil.

In your list of 'impressive number of first', you forgot to mention the fact that Bernard Nsokika Fonlon also bagged a notorious diploma for being the first to weep in the aftermath of the outlandish betrayal of Southern Cameroons. This was the most cruel crime ever committed against Anglophones, and Fonlon was proudly an integral part of that shameful conspiracy.

No no no, Fonlon's spirit will never move through Cameroon. As a matter of fact, it was forgotten ever since the day when he vanished in shame. The evil that quislings do, only lives to haunt innocent generations. Therefore, the spirit of Fonlon and others of his ilk shall burn in JAH BLAZING FIRE. Fire burn dem all!


Dis Itiopian-diktator worshing rasta/arata, u no fit hide ur trybalistik rants! Dog-shit eater! Wich time u eva stay for jamaika for di tok liki dat! Printintious hypocrite! How fonlon sell Anglophone Cameroon? Go buy am bak noh! no be u di make big moni for white man kontri! Self-righteous woolf for goat e wrapper! Fire bun u too!

Emmanuel Jacob

Ras Tuge, is not only a simpleton but is also a certified imbecile and lunatic. What wrong did Fonlon do to deserve such disrespect from a swine of his calibre.He lacks a retentive memory with the power to judge and ability to select his repulsive rants.

The struggle to make cameroon a better place has been thrown to the dogs who flaunt the age-old custom of showing reverence to the dead. Where has sanity and common sense gone to?

The cameroon community in the diaspora is scandalized and horrified by such blatant and repugnat outbursts from a supposedly self proclaimed intelligent Cameroonian.

The bible says .."From their deeds they shall be known".It doesn't require the insight of a rocket scientist to infer that this brat, Ras comes from a dysfunctional family, is either peddling in illegal substances for a living and has little education.

Whoever he is , he should apologize to the Fonlon family on this medium in the same manner he maliciously and shamelessly tried to taint the legacy of Professor Fonlon.

For the public's information, Fonlon was not the the ambitious type who sought personal aggrnadizement over the cause of his people.Eventhough he worked under very difficult circumstances in the Ahidjo era, he selflessly offered his services for the cause of all cameroonians including this mentally unstable Ras Tuge.

In one of my postings I remarked, there are many stories anglophones do not know but only speculate about. One of the stories is the association of Fonlon, Muna, Foncha, et all to the demise of anglophones at the Foumban Conference. In my yet unpublished essay,I indicated with proofs that the anglophone delegation was not given any choices.The outcome of the conference was a well prepared document submitted to Ahidjo six month before the infamous conference by France.

After that conference, French trained cameroonian secret service agents were infiltrated in all anglophone administrative organs in the name of unity to frustrate the leaders of the cameroons.Anyone who doubts this should go to Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, France.What authority had those anglophone leaders let alone Fonlon during and after that conference?

Madness comes in different shades. It does not exclude persons who go to a public library to use a computer in slandering a well respected
icon. His madness is extended to His Eminence Paul Verzekov, when he addressed him as his fellow weed smoker. Education (if at all Ras Tuge has any) without God is vanity.


Arata Tuge Vs Dokita E.J!

Ras Tuge

Magga dog, magga dog... simmer down and stop crying! A disoriented infant like you, Emmanuel Jacobs will always throw the entire contents of his empty head at the wind. Man, ignorance begets enslavement, and ofcourse Rasta says fools shall die for want of wisdom.

A true born Rasta like me shall never tolerate stupidity for Jah is a Master of blazing fire! Therefore, the so-called enlightened Nyabinghi Fonlon who passionately chosed to serve the devil even against his own better judgment must burn in Jah Fire! Di man dat shit in di bush gives no damn, but di man dat kom mash dat shit...shall live to regret!

Rasclaat, Bernard Nsokika Fonlon gleefully attended the coercive tactics-free Foumban shit, alongside the callous Foncha and parochial others. In that conference, Nyabinghi Fonlon was the only Anglophone who had a complete mastery of French, and who immediately understood the darkness that they all had just plunged the Southern Cameroons into by simply ratifying the mischievous terms of that notorious treaty.

In retrospect, except for Fonlon, the Anglophone delegation was utterly incapacited by the use of French. This sounds downright aghasting, especially when one considers the fact that prior to ratifying that gory agreement, Southern Cameroons was regarded as an entirely different nation from La Republic. And in that Southern Cameroons nation, ENGLISH was the official language!

For magga dog to boastfully purport that Anglophones didn't have a choice eventhough they more or less enjoyed self-rule is therefore spurious, and should be denounced as comments uttered out of sheer ignorance. Strangely nonetheless, Fonlon served La Republic exceedingly afterwards, even with such astonishing guiltiness that rested on his conscience!

Therefore, there's such a sorrowful absurdity when a fictional PHD like the infant Jacobs makes lugubrious and unfounded claims that Fonlon and the rest couldn't fight for the right to shape an illustrious Anglophone destiny! This same feeble-minded Anglophone delegation gladly described the Francophones as 'our brothers from the East'! And Fonlon was there with his big sense!

The more we know, the more we understand who Bernard Nsokika Fonlon was; the notorious educated criminal who understood the tragic game, but shamelessly chosed to partake in the pitiful annihilation of the Southern Cameroons. Therefore, Fonlon and his family ought to apologise to the entire Anglophone nation for acquiescing in the plan to subjugate Anglophones.

Magga dog Jacobs, i am elated to notice that you took my advice about improving the wretchedness in which you present yourself. Finally, you write like somebody! However, there's still much work to be done with your spelling ability man. I wouldn't waste any more time on you.

Peter Ndung

well said mR. Ras Tuge.Education opens up our minds to be able to think critically and to awaken our sense of apprehension each time we need to protect the things that are valuable to us.It is very clear that Southern Cameroons wasn't that important to Mr. Fonlon and the anglophone leaders like Foncha and Muna. Maybe they were all just obsessed about being a part of something historic, without really having a second thought.Education with no vision is a disgrace. Foncha apologised, and Fonlon's kith and kin like Paul Verdzekov must also apologise on behalf of their unwise hero who turned out to be a mind-blowing traitor.


Peter Ndung aka arata tuge's dog, ya mop di schmel liki goat shit! Na apology wi di chop! Abeg comot yo patetic fool!
Dokita EJ 4
Arata Tuge 1


Those who criticize people like Fonlin and Foncha suffer from the same disease, an inexplicable desire to please the enemy because they think what these guys did was the final conclusion and there is no need to fight back.

Sango Angoh

Cameroonians, upon arrival in the North America and Europe often, and for some good reasons, ask for political asylum. Did Ras Tuge ask for political or a MENTAL asylum? He belongs to the latter.
Of all Southern Cameroon politicians who deserve the title of "Honorable" Bernard Fonlon should be the one. To cast aspersions on someone like Bernard Fonlon, as he did above, is unthinkable. ABBIA, the only Cameroon cultural review journal that Bernard Fonlon founded, will remain indelible in the minds of Cameroonians who knew him so well.
Ras Tuge's attacks, coupled with the illusion that he is a grammarian, triggers laughter. Ras Tuge, you know very little about Bernard Fonlon. I'm waiting for your response, but I'll judge it as that of a madman. Is it even worth it?


Tank yu dokita Sangoh Angoh! No mine dat pompous m shu-educated kata nose! Arata na shumbu of the 1st order!


Fonlon was a great intellectual one of those who made us Anglophones proud.Yet for once, Ras y stooge, I agree with you, he should have used his intelligence to liberate us from the shame we are in today. But arrate tunge, yu must learn to criticise like an intellectual, you are violent in speech over nothing


Arata tuge aka Silasi worshipper na di risult of di kraze wey dey Kamerun. Man no run!

Bob Bristol

Disagreeing with Ras Tuge doesn't efface the validity of some of the points he raised above. But my major concern is to know the influence Fonlon had at the eve of unification in 1961. I don't think he stood the chance of being listened to by then. Had he a PhD by then? Was he a political figure by then?

However if by 1972, he folded his arms and watched the French conspiracy that subsequently led to the recolonisation of the Southern Cameroons, then I think Ras Tuge has a point. Had he raised his voice against this scheme,like Njua did, I'm sure the bogus referendum could have been waved.

Mbom manasseh

Di man dat shit in di bush gives no damn, but di man dat kom mash dat shit...shall live to regret!
Very funny but interesting quotation from Ras Tuge. Just to throw some light here. Fonlon was an intellectual, but when it comes to shaping the Anglophone destiny i personally won't consider him a hero. And this perhaps is the reason why the Fonlon name has never been a household name among Anglophones, despite his academic attainment.
Afew things to note quickly about Fonlon vis-a-vis Anglophone emancipation;
Did Fonlon attend the Foumban conference? Yes.
Was Fonlon the most educated at the time? Yes.
Did Fonlon understand French? Yes.
Could Fonlon oppose the agreement? Hell yeah!
But did Fonlon describe Francophones as 'our brothers'? Yes.
Did Fonlon regret his vote? Yes.
Did Fonlon continue to serve the regime that confiscated the Southern Cameroons integrity?Yes.
Did Fonlon ever apologise for this tragedy? No!
The questions can go on and on, but it is left for each person to decide on how to rate Fonlon's contribution with regards to the plight of Anglophones in Cameroon. But the one question that haunts my mind is what if Fonlon had said NO!
Slomo, you can't accuse someone for not criticising like an intellectual when you get involved in the silly business of name calling.


one cannot claim to be an intellectual yet using such expressions as "notorious educated criminal" on people your disagree with. Intellectuals attack peoples' positions,policy and may be work, never their person except the person concern puts his personality "in issue"
However,sorry i dont get into such without such a tangible proof.
calling names? How? still cannot understand what you mean. Your comment is so poorly elaborated and poorly focused that i find it difficult to understand what you mean by "silly business of name calling"
so Mbom rephrase and come again.

The herald

Due to the very many controversial opinions that we have about Dr.Benard Fonlon, I have decided to expose one of his documents denouncing Unification in 1964. This was first published in the CAMEROON REVIEW. The Nation's News Magazine.


We of the K.N.D.P know the favour and the determined will that animated the struggle of our people for unification, and the high hopes that fired this struggle. We have also come to see what this enterprise means to Africa.
We are, therefore, firmly determined never to betray Unification. We are fully committed to the federation and we here pledge ourselves solemnly to work for its success.
But we know that for it to survive it must live and grow according to definite principles, principles which are not chosen arbitrarily, principles which arise by themselves, from the very nature of this our national enterprise.
A trveller on the road stops from time to time to look back and see the ground he has covered; merchants close shops at intervals to take stock; users of machines are bound to service and overhaul them now and again.
Thus it is the most natural of thing for people engaged in an enterprise such as this to halt, once in a while, to see how much ground has been covered, to draw up their balance sheet, to service or over haul, if need be, the machinery of the state.
There can be hardly any one moment more self-offering, more natural, more opportune of such a thorough reappraisal than this time, when the transitional period of our constitution is drawing to a close and we are bracing ourselves to launch into the more permanent final stage.
It is therefore categorically imperative for us now to focus the searchlights of an objective, implacable and critical mind on the past three years; it is imperative for us to pass action for that period beneath a powerful microscope, as it were, to see whether we have been building according to the principles inherent in the nature of the enterprise itself.
But before going into that I will like to stress and make it abundantly clear, in the name of the Central Working Committee of the K.N.D.P, that our desire to get this done is inspired in no way by bitterness, it is not a challenge; our overriding concern, as we have said,is the success of reunification, the health of our federation. We are moved to this by our profound love for this country, by our deep concern for its welfare.
There is no place here, therefore for angry recriminations, not to talk of dishonest motives. This is a family gathering; it is not a court of law. Our one concern shall be to state facts as there are, or at least as we see them.
Judging may be faulty. There may be other facts which have escaped our observation. We lay no claim to a monopoly on knowledge and wisdom. But we do assert, categorically; that our motives are pure and sincere.Therefore, if our conclusions are proved wrong or exaggerated, we will be prompt to abandon or correct them.
All we ask is that in this discussion no question whatsoever should be considered taboo.
As one who wants to rip an abscess open, let us get out the knife and do the job, however delicate the part of the body affected may be, as men intent on a good job of cleaning, let us shake out the carpets, and let us probe into every corner. Nothing should be considered too delicate or too sacred to touch.


This said; let us go back to the question of whether our building thus far has been based on principles demanded by the nature of the work. It is an important question, for success in dealing with things, demands that each shall be treated according to this nature.
This brings us once again to the principle of the four causes on which each and every thing depends for its being.
First the builders: in this enterprise there are two sets of them, two communities, two political parties divided in background, mentality and methods.
If the builders that stand addressed to one and the same task are so different, how can they work in concert, how can they ever begin at all except if they list down and discuss and agree on the purpose of the building, on the materials to use and on the form the house should take?
Unless building is preceded by discussion and agreement, one of two things will happen. Either each party will try to work according to his own ideas and we will have the confusion of Babel re-enacted once again or the stronger party will usurp the enterprise and reduce the weaker partner to a passive onlooker. When this happens, there can be no other outcome but discontent and frustration.
In fact, this second thing is what has happened and is happening. Since we came together, the K.N.D.P has hardly done more than stand by and look on.For,talking sincerely, can we name any single policy in any field-economics,eduction,internal affairs, external affairs-that has been worked out jointly by the two parties? Can we point a finger at one idea that took birth in the K.N.D.P and was welcomed and implemented by this government?
There is disillusionment; discontent and frustration are sinking and spreading. There is nothing so calculated to wring and crush the human spirit, before a lofty enterprise, as to know what should be done and yet to have to stand by impotent and see the opposite taking place. This desperation can become explosive.
The K.N.D.P demands to take a genuine part in the making of this country.
Discussion and agreement, first on the theoretical principles, on doctrine or policy, that is, and then on the definite practical programme based on the policy is absolutely necessary in this coalition, as they are in any other, any where, at any time. They belong to the nature of thing.
Examination shows, as I have stressed above, that there is hardly any single idea contributed by the K.N.D.P to federal government policy since we came together. The two parties have never met to define a general policy as a framework for all government action, or to agree on particular policies in definite fields of activity-economics, money, foreign affairs, defence, and education.
Further more, when you share in a government, you share full responsibility for its actions; you share the credits for its achievements,the blame for its blunders.Thus,it cannot be a matter of indifference to you how this government is constituted or what policy it espouses.Any chief of government or state picks his team as he judges best:but this surely does not exclude consultation with his partners in coalition to hear their views about his choice.
Indeed,arguing logically from the premises enunciated above,the K.N.D.P claims it as a right,on principle,as a partaker in this coalition,to have say not only in the choice of members which it supplies to the government,but also in that of those put forward by its partner in coalition.The K.N.D.P claims it say more especially,over what seats should be given to it in government in order that it may be able,thereby,to make a fitting and honourable contribution to the building of this nation.
There is nothing extraordinary in this demand:whenever there is a coalition government,negotiaton on ministerial portfolios is an absolute prerequisite.
What then do we want?
In order to close with proposals practical and precise,I will spell out clearly the claims of the K.N.D.P
We demand:
1) That discussion,negotiation and agreement should become the rule in this coalition as from this day,in order to ensure for the K.N.D.P a dignified participation in this government and an effective cointribution in the conception,the elaboration and the implementation of all government policy.
2) That a general framework policy and particular applications of it in the diverse fields should be defined and adopted jointly by the two parties to give coherence and direction to all government action;and that concrete programmes should be drawn up to embody these policies;
3) That a machinery should be set up at party and government levels for efficient and effective carrying out of those proposals;at the party level a permanent committee should be set up where representatives from both sides shall meet regularly to draw up government policy:
4) That the constitution should be revised to provide,inter alia,for a Council of Ministers in which government projects from all ministries shall be fully,freely and frankly debated before they are submitted to the Head of State or Government for his signature;in other words,we call for the reinstallation of the principle that all government decisions should be taken in council;
5) That an ad hoc committee should be set up right away to work out the details of these suggestions;
6) That these proposals should be studied,worked out and put in to effect before the final close of the transitional period,that is,before the forthcoming presidential elections.
Such then are the proposals of the K.N.D.P;we hope they are clear and precise.
We shall call upon you,therefore, brothers and co-builders,to hear us with sympathetic understanding.As I have said,again and again,we are not making this appeal fault-finding spirit.We are making it because of our love for this country,because of our faith in its destiny,because of our concern for this welfare and prestige.We make it because we mindful of practical wisdom addressed to all builders in the sermon on the mount.For,taking heed of that warning,we know for certain that if,in accomplishing the task that history has set for us,we respect inherent,basic laws,if we respect the nature of things,we would be:
like a wise man
who build his house
upon a rock;
and the rain fell
and the floods came
and the winds blew
and beat upon that house
but it did not fall;for
it was founded
upon a rock.
But if we shut hear and eye to fundamental principles,if we refuse to do things as they should be done,if we despise and reject the elementary cannons without which no partners in a coalition can work like a team,we would be:
like a fool
who built his house
upon sand;
and the rain fell
and the floods came
and the winds blew
and beat upon that house,
and it fell;
and great was the fall thereof.
It is by working with these words ringing ever in our ears,it is by keeping them always in mind,that we will be able to raise in this corner of Africa an edifice and a name that will stand the test of time.It is only by fortifying ourselves with the sure and solid wisdom inspired by this solemn warning,and nourished by deep meditation and by an unbroken,fruitful dialogue,that we of this coalition can go forth afresh,and go forth with confidence,to govern and guide.

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