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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


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Ras Tuge


i enjoy your style man! You keep the mind racing till the end.

Yea, not just Douala, but the whole of Cameroon is so blatantly neglected and i just can't figure out why! Even the miserable elevators were out of order, and i got saddened because i build electronic machinery, and design optical fibre sofware programmes.

I got truly saddened at the airport... man the confusion was horrific. Nobody seems to be incharge, and eventhouth i was glad to be home after a long while, i got overwhelmed with pangs of despair to see what that place had become. I just couldn't reconcile the nostalgic memories that i had of that airport when i skipped the country, and the chaotic jungle that i witnessed.

Worse yet was the once magnificent Camship building man! I couldn't believe that with all the money i witnessed flowing through that structure, the place was left to decay in such a shameless way. Like you, i asked questions to the officer that assisted me to get my vehicle, but all i got were conceited shrugs. Yea man, the country is sick, and millions of people are suffering while the conceited criminals shrug their shoulders!

Well, atleast we who live abroad can help by first telling this story, and then committing ourselves to do something to elevate the country. Clearly, something must be done.

Lastly, about cleanliness, well i guess the notoriously filthy and smelly London doesn't have much to offer Douala.

Emmanuel Jacob

Thank you Mr.Louis Mbua. Your insight account of the decay of our once buoyant city is a tragic one. In 1975, when i flew from that airport, things were quite different. It was the envy of most BEAC countries. Today, following your account, it is an eye sore.Your style of writing is impressive.Eventhough you did not call names eveyone knows who the culprits are. This is the most accurate way to criticize the powers that be.This style hurts the most.Brandishing their names gives them undeserved publicity. Once more thank you.


Ras Tuge,
were you denied a visa to the UK? hahahaha. Be honest with yourself; are you really comparing the sanitation level in London and Douala? wow! just wow.

Amazing read, job well done. I must add, however, that Cameroonians too need to take responsibility when it comes to personal and public hygiene. It has become a norm to piss on roadsides or throw your groundnut shells in front of random people's houses or fling your trash through a car window and the list goes on. We need to be more willing to take care of our environment. We can't blame the government for everything.

Bob Bristol

A disgruntled person doesn't give a damn about anything that he/she would not be legally held accountable for. The cry against littering in Cameroon should be legislated with a fixed penalty paid by defaulters. Radio and TV stations have a big role to play in this issue. I'm afraid if we leave this at individual level, we would not move a step further. Everybody can be everybody's spy.

Asafor valentine

Louis,i decorate you with a red feather,which is a symbol of honour and greatnes.Chiar is not left out,Bob Bristol,Tug Ras,Dr.Prof.Emmanuel,Ayuk Hamiton,Emmanuel Konde,United states of America,Hahaha,Ma Mary.The list is long.Your efforts will never be relegated to the background.
My people say! with the clash of opinion a spark of truth is release.for the past three weeks opinions have clash and we can see the various camps in which we all belong.Brothers,we disagree to agree,let us partly agree to vote out the incumbent.

Asafor valentine

louis,on the 16/05/2008 i travel to Nigeria participated in a United Nation workshop on Disaster Management and Risk Reduction.
From the Abuja airport i took a connecting flight to the Mutala Muhamed International airport to travel back to Cameroon.While in Nigeria i pay surprise visit to the Cameroon Embassy in Nigeria.I was shocked that when i presented CFA francs the secretary General refuse and responded that we are interested in CFA cottonu not CFA Cameroon.That was my first embarracement,when i was on board, destination Douala airport i was happy for my home coming, upon my arrival at the Douala aiport,no comments please revisit louis wonderful write up,just a replical of what i saw.Infact this reminds me of the defunct Bamenda airport,that has become a military base to check the activities of North west elites, what a shame. We must do something gentlemen,we are running out of time.


Keep it up Cameroonians and Friends of Cameroon.
The "Spark of the truth" must remain lively henceforth till this present Cameroon government go to hell. Speak up, out and in. Cameroon deserves better. The rallying song is too dull. The faith our fathers has put to shame. Cameroon is indeed sick, and not free. 5o years has been lost.50 years of failed government. 50 years of confucion,hatre,shame,divide.I want my Cameroon back. Just as it was with my fore fathers.50 years of corruption. For how long shall this be going on?


Massa Valentine abeg no mention me witi dat self-hating, aratta eating Konde. Ah for pray for e bot ma ngambe man say e own na lost cause. See me oh!

Asafor valentine

Ah, ma brother make you no vex oh,ah want make na peace for country people ohhh.hahaha,a beg make we make peace no.thank you brother.


That country na wahoooo. Thanks alot louis for that juicy and unforgetable recap. I was in Cameroon from the 1st of jan - 13th of march 2009, ofcourse my experience match with yours totally. Men, we need to do something else, our young ones will lament. Thanks once more Louis, u're inspiring.


Louis Egbe Mboa for President - 2011.

take on the old pretender. yes we can.


The real problms in cameroon is that of mentality. Million could be spent on a project but there are not supervision, mentoring, correction,nor interest.
If the cameroonian were to be sent to a country in europe and the whites folks there head to cameroon . I am most sure after a couple of months cameroon shall be transformed into a miniature ( Paradie ) . And the cameroonian shall turned the white folks land up and down until it gonna be messed up again and again. And not long enough , we,ll longed going backed to africa again since those white folks must has tranformed the land to a miracle. Mental problms .Ron


Hospitals in most parts of Anglo-Cameroon are empty and dirty heavens for death and propagation of diseases.

While public funds are mismanaged and Cameroonians do have have save laboratories for emergencies situations.

While the president is more of Europe than Cameroon. He takes vacations on luxuious camps in Europe, spending not less than 45.000 Euro for accomodation alone per day.

While Cameroonians are dying on the streets without water, food and air for survival.

What a big shame? They pride themselves in european suits and ties and forget where they are coming from.

Longue La Bwindea

My Brothers and Sisters
I commend you. You have done what a wise man does: Leave the country if you cannot fight them. Simple economics will collapse the system and then we can all return home. The Wicked Shall Perish.




debussi tande

bunkum,clean your house


Do not impersonate people's identities!

Adolf A Agbormbai

Very interesting, but also very sad!

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