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Thursday, 20 August 2009


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Emmanuel Jacobs

Emmanuel Fru Doh Esq.I do not think you understandd the genesis of the issues you are babbling about. Vakunta let intellecual dishonesty get the better side of him in attacking adivsers to African heads of state as zoombies,when he compared them to Western leaders especially the US president. I called his attention to the fact that what happens to Africa equally happens in the US. The recession that rocked the globe was actually ochestrated by advisers who advised George Bush on a daily basis.Perhaps you are in the US or not but the truth of the matter is that Vakunta lied and stayed quiet. I am not jealous of Vakunta. I am equally notvery old as you suggested.I congratulated him on the article on Pidgin Englis in French but as his superior,I corrected him academically. You do not need to have a Ph.D to know that he was wrong in certain aspects. That same expose was presented in 1992 by one of my students at Harvard. Go to Google and click Pidgin English.

Emmanuel Jacobs

Fru Doh get this into your skull. Pidgin English has not been around for 500 years as vakunta points out.It is a fact and not an opinion. I have no problem with Vakunta. When he deviated from what was simply an academic discussion and addressed me as having a myopic southern ideology, I took it upon myself to let him know that I arrived before him in all aspects of life.I do not need to tell you the schools I teach and instituitons I do consultancy for. As for yourself, you are doing the crying more than the bereaved.I discuss ideas not people.To me what you have written is pure gabbage.

Sango Angoh

Talk of closing ranks on this issue? NO WAY!
I intend to expose this mysterious Emmanuel Jacobs who obtained his Ph.D about 28 years. But how am I going to do this?
I'll assume, based on information that he has provided, that he got his Ph.D in 1981, possibly in the U.S. or in the U.K. The departments of education in both countries have good data on the number of those who obtained Ph.Ds that year, and possibly their geographic regions of the world, whether Africa, Asia, North American etc where these graduates come from. I'll then narrow it down to the African continent and find out how many students from Africa obtained Ph.Ds that year. Deep into my "research" I'll then determine from the names obtained those that may likely be Cameroonians who got Ph.Ds in 1981 either in the U.S. or in the U.K. From these names, I'll expose Emmanuel Jacobs based on his style of writing on this blog. It is going to be an ardous task and I'll need the help of those readers on this blog. Emmanuel Jacob's subterfuge, under which he is operatng, will soon be uncovered, and I'm determined to know this mysterious man. So Stay tune!


So you guys really believe that there is a "prof. Emmanuel Jacobs"? This is just one of the troublemakers on this forum who transmutated into a "Dr." in order to challenge Dr. Vakunta.

In one of his mails, Jacobs talks about his students at Havard. That narrows it down considerably; find out how many Cameroonians have taught at Havard and see if any of them fit this profile. I bet you you will not find any similarities because Jacobs is the figment of someone's imagination


wanky and sangoh, suppose this guy is really a prof, what a shame would it be on you guys.
Oh, i almost forgot, the problem is that you think everybody is a toilet and corpse - cleaning, infamous and base bush faller like you guys.
He is a professor, go to any search engine and type his name and add Mabe at the end.
He has lectured phylosophy in both German and belgian, universities and ofcourse Harvard
Prof, why waste time with these buggers of old white women?

Sango Angoh

Contrary to what you may imagine, bush fallers,particularly those in the U.S., have very decent jobs, and I'm one of them. My desire to expose Emmanuel Jacobs, with the help of readers of this blog like yourself, is now complete, and it is not a pretty picture. He supposedly obtained a Ph.D 28 years, which based on our calculation, was in 1981. He was born in 1959 in Cameroon, letting me to beleive that he got one of his Ph.Ds at the age of 21, a rare feat for a Cameroonian, given that he went through the Cameroonian educational system prior to leaving for Europe.
Secondly, he's not been sincere, even though he speaks loudly about intellectual dishonesty. Where has he been honest? Go through his biography and tell me, considering what he's exposed on this blog, if there's any honesty in this man who claims to know everything.
And lastly, I would like to point out to Emmanuel Jacobs that Ntemfac's critism of a public official in Cameroon as he did on his recent article is apt and meets the standards expected of a probing journalist. Ntemfac Offegeh is critizing a public official, not a private citizen, attributes that have worked wonders in western democracies, and reasonably expected in our so-called Cameroonian leaders.

Emmanuel Jacob

Sango Angoh; why not shut your large dirty mouth?
The reason i write in very simple and ordinary manner is for people like you to understand. There is no level of Latin, French or German you could read or write that would impress me. Why can't you admit that simplicity is most of the time golden? Are we age mates? classmates? or even schoolmates? In the part of the world i studied, a Ph.D is not the the highest academic qualification.

Sango Angoh

What a pity for a man who has two PhDs under his belt. Is this lunacy or what? You've toiled ceaselessly to impress Cameroonians on this blog, including citing where your children attend universities, but you've failed miserably because we are not impressed. Emmanuel Fru Doh has put into place blueprints that intellectuals, in their attempt to disagree with each other, should follow. Besides the JACOBSEAN FALLACY, another good article should be titled "Critics silence a Cameroonian with two Ph.Ds" What about that? By all indicatons, you are a bully, and Berlin, Hitler’s city, is the right place for you


This blog seriously needs an editor. This will reduce the insult spree we have been witnessing for a while now.

Dr Doh, thanks for this very precise piece. Criticism should be about somebody's point and not his person.

Jacob, I dont know how many lessons you still require to capture this fact. All i can say is " Grow up" and avoid scaring away those who are willing to criticise positively within this blog.

Kene Muna

I really admire the fact that Cameroonians can write and writ quality article. It is however sad and very sad we turn these skills into insult and grapping each others trot.
I am young graduate who is not happy with my elder attacking each other. Please!


Kene Muna, welcome to Biya's Cameroon!!!!

Bob Bristol

I hope I wouldn't be taken for a sicko if I tell you guys that I really enjoy the insults and counter insults on this forum. Mr A tells Mr B that he is a motherf**ker. So what? George Bush heard that a thousand times. And the mush admired Obama is getting that too. Write sense, have a flexible and objective sense of judgement and have a firm integrity . Take some dose of fun too.


still i do not agree with ofege treating others as talibans and so on, even if i do not agree with Dr jacobs one hundred percent, heaping insults by sango and co on his personality and posing questions on the vericity of his qualification without prior investigation is ofcourse not necessary.
Sango Angoh,why get into clichés, i have been to the USA on several occasions and visited ten states, yes you guys have very "decent" jobs, so "decent"that even a fool would see they are mean and debasing jobs

Aalin Dipoko, Yabassi Boy.

Slomo, you said it all. Do those with decent jobs live in shelters and feed in charity houses as most Cameroonians do in Minneapolis? Most cameroonian here are idlers. Even security jobs throw them out because here after a crime, you are flagged in the system as an undesireable.

A person with a decent job will not look for sheddy means to enrich himself or herself. Pharmacists, lawyers, political interns all steal.

I wonder why we chastise those poor Cameroonians back at home with no education who do feymanism.


what if jacob(s), slomo & dipoko are one and same fakes shamming up some gratuitous mischief here!i know they are some fecal maggots interf**king around here. jacobs and his subterfuges & variants mouth clumsy shit! they are drug addicts, slimy wretches...i know the sham 'dr jacobs' well, he is blank, zero...reply none of his mails. was with the fake sodomite yesterday & told him i will expose him if kept on creating more mischief with his multiple aliases!dr jacob, my ass, remember that small boy you raped before vamoosing from cameroon? and you have the courage to mouth shit here again! think ur distance can save you?

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