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Tuesday, 22 September 2009


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Asafor Valentine Funwie

MR. Alain.As you rightly put "He who goes to equity must do so with clean hands".Good talk.The law is not respecter of person.She is supposed to be the custodian of legal files and not this reckless and wanton disregard of the law.

power plays an impotant role in sexuality,The Romance between Female Ministers and Male Ministers is Rooted in power and control.We shall all give an account of actions.


Mr. Alain,

Until we hear the complete case in it's entirety, we may not know what are the exact motives behind the one sided essay on Ama Tutu Muna..?

Do we have all the facts...?
What are the causations...?
Can we really respect the supreme court of Cameroon...?
Did this same supreme court grant Fru Ndi his election victory as stipulated by the laws of the land...??
If our own very head of state can disregard all the laws of the land, why should his ministers respect any LAWS at all...??
If the president can in broad daylight alter, twist, pervert & take hostage the constitution of the land why should there be any regard for the laws of the LAND...??

Nevertheless, the old musician's association was froth with a lot of problems, corruption, unaccountability, nepotism, tribalism, a toothless bulldog, nurtured and maintained for the sake of milking money & depriving poor Cameroonian artists & performers of their royalties.
So if a conscientious minister steps in to bring order & sanity to the system, what is wrong with that....???

Because she knows that judges at the supreme court of Cameroon can be bought with a bag of rice, palm oil, plantains & soya.

The Hon. Ayah Paul Abine is known for his sense of justice & respect of the LAW, but at this point in time, it may seem that he has something else on AMA Tutu Muna.


VA Boy

Gen Ivo Yenwo


VA Boy,

What is the connection and the context of the name; Gen Ivo Yenwo to the write up & to the commentaries...???

Can you enlighten us a little bit....???

VA Boy

Ivo Yenwo is the chief of those who cry harder at a funeral than the bereaved. West Cameroonians/Southern Cameroonians who are totally engaged in this la Republique crap are like a surreal apparition to me. This article is surreal. The tragedy of the Southern Cameroons is identity displacement.


Ayah J,i i have much respect for his legal stance and at times dissenting judgements on some touching issues like the the applicability of OHADA and CIMA in Anglophone cameroon.
The attitude of Muna the nyango simply epitomises the institutionalised disorder that reigns in cameroon today.
Dipoko, inso for as we are in the same "longueur d'onde" on the fact that she has to respect the surpreme court, i still take the description of those guys at the SCS as "honorable" is questionable,for obvious reasons.
It would have been better to say its the highest jurisdiction of the land and since she has no direct influence nor right to cast doubts on their judgemets due to the principle separatio of powers, she is bound to respect its rulings.


i still think the describing those guys at the SCS as "honorable" is questionable,for obvious reasons.


Mr. Alain,

There is still the question of, do we have all of the complete facts..?
Is the supreme court of Cameroon really impartial...?

You have not really addressed any of the points I raised, if you had done so, you would have seen that there is a precedence.

Until the gentleman provides the total background et cetera to the entire case, we will not really know what are the actual motives behind the attack on Ama Tutu Muna.


The Ngwa Man

Based on the information given in this article. If Ms Muna is disrespecting the Supreme Court because Pau Pau has set the precedent for doing so then she is a fool. I say this because the same Pau Pau is chopping state money but at the same time he jails his cohorts and lackeys for embezzlement. Her days are numbered when she falls on Monsieur le President's bad side.

Honorable Abine's food for thought statement should be taken to heart by all and cause everyone to reflect. Let me repeat it here:

"Will all your children, if any you have, be as powerful as you are so as to dispense with the courts and the law, and yet live in peace?"

Let me expand that comment to encompass more relatives. When you are gone or no longer in a reputable position will your mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, grand parent, best friend etc. be safe from the disrespect of law that you as a person in power promototes. What about when the same useless system is used to deny you freedom for years when you have not been formally accused of a crime or convicted for a crime in court based on facts that you are being jailed for.

If the ICJ would have held up the Bakassi case or if the judges would have been corrupted against Cameroon or if those same judges would have said their hands are tied how would Mr. Biya have reacted?

It is siad justice delayed is justice denied. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why are our current political elite so blind to some of these basic facts.


The Ngwa Man,

I believe that we are looking at the issue from a conflicting perspective.

What exactly are the the facts & issues surrounding the case...??
If the gentleman highlights one point and proceeds to give moral lectures even if they are correct, it is still not telling us actually "WHAT HAPPENED".

WHY did the Minister decide to bypass and disregard the rulings of the supreme court....???

AGAIN, WHY, WHY DID SHE DO SO......???????????????

My point..??????

We want the supreme court to be respected, but we also want to twist, pervert, disregard and bend this same court for personal, tribal, particular & special interests groups, therefore there is a PRECEDENCE that, decisions made by this same court will not be respected by any CAMEROONIAN...!!!!!!!!!!
Because we know it's ruling & decisions are always partial, distorted, prejudiced and biased. PERIOD.

WE SHOULD get the entire story of the case, & the parliamentarian is wrong in high-lighting one single point within a thousand other points & factors to hammer in his moral & ethical pontifications.

I may not have any respect for the Cameroonian government per se, but an objective appraisal of the entire facts of this particular case, is telling us that, the parliamentarian has another subject & theme to iron out with Ama Tutu Muna. Therefore he should not use this case as an occasion to do his witch hunting.

By the way what exactly is he doing with CPDM....??????????????????????????
WHAT EXACTLY is his moral or ethical framework of reference....? if he belongs to an immoral, diabolical, evil, cruel & a completely heartless group of individuals that have ruin that great country beyond recognition...??
The parliamentarian has no moral, ethical or religious ground to pontificate to anyone at all.




VA Boy,

I understand your point & context in regards to Mr. Yenwo.

It is a shame when grown men, surrender & submit themselves to a lesser intelligence for food & shelter, incidentally things which nature already provides to all of US free of charge or without any strings attached.

That exactly is the tragedy of life for many, that they are ignorant, blind & stupid, in not understanding that, the use of their minds & bodies is to first of all seek the truth and live by that, rather these people are prepared to submit, to genuflect, to idolize, worship & follow other human beings for the easy & simple things of life which they can get independently of their human gods.

Why would a human being keep on answering SAH to another & in this instance to someone of a lesser intelligence, an immoral BEING for that matter...? & would allow themselves to be trained as killer bulldogs, ready to take away the life of another simply because of comfort & the pursuit of pleasure...??
How do they live with themselves...????
It is indeed a shame.


The herald

Please to throw a bit of light into this burning issue,I recommend you go through this communiqué.


La Cameroon Music Corporation (CMC) informe l’opinion nationale et internationale que la Chambre Administrative de la Cour Suprême du Cameroun, réunie le 09 septembre 2009 aux fins d’examiner les recours en cassation introduits par le Ministère de la Culture contre les ordonnances n° 034/CS/CA/OSCE du 17 décembre 2008 de la Cour Suprême du Cameroun ordonnant un sursis à exécution contre la décision du Ministre de la Culture retirant l’agrément de la CMC et créant la SOCAM et N° 15/CS/CA/OSCE du 05 mai 2009 déclarant irrecevable le recours en révision introduit le 13 février 2009 par le Ministère de la Culture contre l’ordonnance du 17 décembre 2009, a à nouveau débouté le Ministère de la Culture.

Pour l’ordonnance du 17 septembre 2008, la Cour Suprême a jugé le recours en cassation recevable sur la forme tout en relevant que les délais étaient dépassés et a au fond rejeté la demande en cassation du Ministère de la Culture en expliquant que les décisions prises contre la CMC ont violé la loi du 19 décembre 2000 relative aux droits d’auteurs et aux droits voisins au Cameroun et les statuts et textes fondamentaux de la CMC.
S’agissant du recours contre l’ordonnance du 05 mai 2009, la Cour Suprême du Cameroun l’a déclaré irrecevable arguant qu’elle ne saurait faire l’objet d’un intérêt du moment que l’ordonnance du 17 décembre 2008 n’avait elle-même fait l’objet d’une cassation.
En clair, la Cour Suprême du Cameroun invite instamment le Ministère de la Culture à appliquer l’ordonnance du 17 décembre 2008 en mettant fin aux activités de la SOCAM et en permettant à la CMC, seule société légale, de collecter et répartir les droits des artistes musiciens au Cameroun.
La CMC regrette que l’entêtement du Ministère de la Culture ait conduit le droit d’auteur au Cameroun dans une impasse dont la conséquence immédiate est la clochardisation de l’ensemble des créateurs des œuvres de l’Esprit. Pour preuve, la SOCADAP et la SCAAP sont en quasi cessation d’activités, la SOCILADRA compte pratiquement 11 mois d’arriérés de salaire à son personnel, les répartitions sont systématiquement renvoyées aux calendes grecques hormis celles de nom qu’on annonce curieusement pour la seule SOCAM et non pour les autres sociétés d’auteur. Cette atmosphère faisandée est simplement consécutive à la situation déplorable du droit d’auteur du domaine musical qui, du fait de son portefeuille considérable, constitue la locomotive du droit d’auteur au Cameroun. Néanmoins, la CMC se réjouit que la Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Auteurs et Compositeurs(CISAC) ait, au cours des assises de son Conseil africain tenu en Juillet à Dar-Es-Saalam en Tanzanie, décidé d’envoyer une mission au Cameroun avant la fin de l’année.

Fait à Yaoundé, le 13 septembre 2009


Cameroon Music Corporation (CMC) informs the national opinion and international that the Administrative chamber of the Supreme court of Cameroun, joined together on September 9, 2009 for purposes to examine the appeal to the Supreme Court introduced by the Ministry for the Culture against the ordinances n° 034/CS/CA/OSCE of December 17, 2008 of the Supreme court of Cameroun ordering a stay of execution against the decision of the Minister for the Culture withdrawing the approval of the CMC and creating the SOCAM and N° 15/CS/CA/OSCE of May 5, 2009 declaring inadmissible the petition for review introduces on February 13, 2009 by the Ministry for the Culture against the ordinance of December 17, 2009, again the Ministry for the Culture débouté.

For the ordinance of September 17, 2008, the Supreme court considered to be the appeal to the Supreme Court admissible on the form while raising that the deadlines were exceeded and has at the bottom refused the application in cassation of the Ministry for the Culture by explaining why the decisions taken against the CMC violated the law of December 19, 2000 relating to the royalties and the rights close to Cameroun and the statutes and fundamental texts to the CMC.
Being the recourse against the ordinance of May 5, 2009, the Supreme court of Cameroun declared asserting it inadmissible that it could not be the subject of an interest since the ordinance of December 17, 2008 had not done itself the object of a cassation.
In light, the Supreme court of Cameroun invites the Ministry for the Culture urgently to apply the ordinance of December 17, 2008 while putting fine at the activities of the SOCAM and while allowing the CMC, only legal company, to collect and distribute the rights of the artists musicians to Cameroun.
The CMC consider it regrettable that the stubbornness of the Ministry for the Culture led the royalty to Cameroun in a dead end whose immediate consequence is the reducing to beggary of the whole of the creators of works of the Spirit. For proof, the SOCADAP and the SCAAP are in quasi discontinuance of business, the SOCILADRA counts practically 11 months of retroactive pay to its personnel, the distributions are systematically returned to the Greek calendars except those of name which one curiously announces for the only SOCAM and not for the other companies of author. This faisandée atmosphere is simply consecutive with the deplorable situation of the royalty of the musical field which, because of its considerable wallet, constitutes the engine of the royalty to Cameroun. Nevertheless, the CMC are delighted that the International Confederation of the Companies of Authors and Type-setters (CISAC) has, during bases by its African Council held in July with Dar-Es-Saalam in Tanzania, decided to send a mission to Cameroun before the end of the year.

Fact at Yaounde, on September 13, 2009

The Person in charge of the Department
Guy Zogo


Paa Ngembus





Anglophones To Boycott Gendarmerie Exam If...
Saturday, September 19, 2009

By Yerima Kini Nsom

Prime Minister Philemon Yang has been called upon to take urgent measures and avert the massive boycott of the competitive entrance examination into the national gendarmerie by Anglophones.

The call is contained in a meticulously worded memorandum the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union, CATTU, forwarded to the Star Building in Yaounde on September 15. According to our sources, the angry tone of the memo was provoked by what CATTU frontliners call the marginalisation of the Anglophone sub-system of education.

The bone of contention is a recent Ministerial text No.091660/DV/MINDEF/024/4 signed by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o. The Ministerial text, which observers have qualified as controversial, stipulates that Anglophones can only qualify as candidates if they have three Advanced Level subjects in the General Certificate of Education, GCE. On the other hand, Francophones need to have obtained a simple pass in the Baccalaureat to qualify to sit for the examination.

The underlying message in the Ministerial text makes it clear that three Advanced Level subjects are equal to a simple pass in the Baccalaureat. This is what tickled CATTU's bile. The union points out in its memo to the Prime Minister that the Ministerial text is a violation of the Presidential decree of 1998 on the law of the orientation of education, which defines the two sub-systems of education and their certification equivalence in Cameroon.

The memo that is signed by CATTU's Executive Secretary, Simon Nkwenti, states that the Baccalaureat is equal to two GCE Advanced Level subjects and not three. To CATTU, the text signed by Mebe Ngo'o is a byword of the marginalisation of Anglophones and their sub-system of education.

Against this backdrop, CATTU has urged the Prime Minister to call the Minister to order and let him withdraw the text. The trade union has threatened to call on Anglophone candidates not to sit for the competitive examination into the national gendarmerie if the decision is not reversed.
"If this unfortunate situation is not arrested, we will be forced to use other means, which may include calling on Anglophones to boycott the recruitment examination into the gendarmerie" partly reads the memo. CATTU argues that if such a situation is accepted, the competitive examination will not be a level playing field for Anglophones.

Such a Ministerial text, the trade unionists argue, is already a very bad omen that disqualifies several thousands of Anglophone candidates that passed the GCE Advanced Level in two subjects. Such a scenario, they say, is unacceptable. The matter seems to be a major hot potato in the hands of the Star Building occupant that was appointed last June 30. A meeting of the Union of Parents Teachers Association, UPTA, slated to take place in Bamenda, the Northwest Region, on Friday, September 18, will equally border on the same worries.

Their main grievance is what they call an attempt to degrade the Anglophone sub-system of education and make it look inferior to the Francophone one. That is why UPTA Executive Council led by Christopher Abongwa Ako, The Post learnt, is also planning to send a memorandum to the Star Building. By press time, no information had filtered out as to how the authorities received the petition.

VA Boy

It is only hunger that causes our people to send their children to join oppressive outfits like Gendarmerie Nationale. The children come out of that bribery school, stand on the road and croak in frog to their parents, friends and relatives. The worst of these gens d'armes are those who have forgotten their identities. They want to hop higher than the frog himself and croak louder than him. Next time you see an obnoxious gendarme, it is likely to be an Enoh or a Mbah, pretending to be Ondoua.

Why should joining the gendarmes now require qualifications that could get you into medical school. It speaks to lack of opportunity and the degradation of vital professions such as medicine.

Alain Dipoko, Yabassi Boy, Muan Eton


It is known from experience that, it is more difficult to maintain the peace than to end a war. Of recent VA Boy, has thrown provocative comments to my regards by bringing up the name of General Ivo Yenwo. I have read those comments and held tight to the truce I entered with other bloggers to respect the privacy of commentators. However, this unkempt behavior has continued. I think it is time to let VA Boy, and others know that they are taking fantastic speculations to new levels of absurdity. This is what they have to understand.

I am far educated than any Anglophone in the government of the Republic of Cameroon to work under or for an Anglophone. I hold two PhDs and an MBA. I have taught and still teach in four universities across the globe. Who is Yenwo then to me? General Ivo Yenwo is just a director of presidential security. This is mostly a ceremonial role. The real overall security details of the presidency are run by the Francophones. And I am not under him. I have an office far more coveted than the office of director of presidential security. Our generals from Beti land oversee the security of the president, Moron.

I am holding an office which is more sensitive than that of your Anglo, Ivo Yenwo. Like other Anglophones, Yengo’s file is in my drawer and his movement and interactions are closely monitored. Yenwo is given the title of a general as a sign of gratitude he played in the 1984 putsch. No more, no less. James Tataw was a general, which francophone did he control? Swine.

From Achid Achu, Peter Mafany Musonge, Ephraim Inoni, and today, Philemon Yang, I have never taken orders from any of them. They are merely Anglophones, brought in to the government to serve the purpose of a unified country. To dream that, I shall accept Anglophone hegemony is a dream that is fraught with misgivings. To dream that an Anglophone call him prime minister would come to Yaoundé and give orders to a francophone is hearsay. That shall never work. The rubbish Muna is doing is left idle because the interest of no francophone is at stake. If it were, she will be treated the manner her father was.

Calling the name of Enoh or Mbah and associating it with Ondoua only shows your stupidity. If I were Enoh or Mbah, with the education I have, I would not even go to Cameroon to work. That is how more of a moron you are than you think. Get this in your skull; all Cameroonians are equal, but some are more equal than others. You are just an inferior Cameroonian.


Mr. Alain,

Are all your assertions not mere speculations & illusions...?????
At the end of the day, any one underneath mr. Biya are all working for someone with a lesser intelligence..? or is it not so...????

Are the ultimate end & meaning of this life just to work for mr. Biya...?????

The ideation of superiority or inferior is but an illusion of the mind, the bottom line is that, every human being undergoes the same biological processes that keeps the flow of life in continuum.

For example, if a king is sleeping on a marble bed & a truck pusher is sleeping on a cartoon box, what exactly is the difference...???
The difference is only within the mind, the entire process of sleeping is the same, it is the same for food, sex, for all the needs of the 5 human senses.

Within the mental sphere of human life, the truck pusher, the buyam sellam may indeed have a superior mental life, because he/she is not burdened with the complexities of ideas, illusions, grandiose delusions of superiority or inferiority. Their needs are simple & non-complex in most cases.
For that kind of a simplicity & innocence, you will not be able to buy peace nor happiness with any amount of money, power or erudition.
This is a FACT.

The bottom line, humans like other creatures are searching eternally for what makes them happy, fulfilled & can attained freedom & peace.
For that we need only COMMON SENSE & the cultivation of intelligence.

Of what use is it to have 100 billion & seeming power & control over 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or more million human beings if your entire life is going to be lived out by constantly looking over your shoulder....???????

Can mr. Biya enjoy a quite walk through the forest by himself alone...? & hear the the song of the birds, watch the moon in solitude..?? reflect on the beauty of this world in silent wonder like a little child....???????
IS HE NOT a prisoner to himself & the power he has accumulated....?????
IS he able to walk down the streets of his home town and enjoy the faces of the people, watch the children play football by the road side....????
Share food with his childhood friends, walk down to the village stream...???
Sit & listen to a mvet player at the village square & just simply enjoy the beauty of his own land....??????????

Indeed the psychological world of the Biya's, the Yenwo's, et cetera is but a little puddle of non-sense & illusions which they will not be able to dissipate for eternity.

So good luck & all the best wishes in those grandiose pursuits, if it makes you happy all the better.



Arguing on the internet is like the Special Olympics where a physically challenged athlete can win a gold medal,but still remains physically challenged after that.

VA Boy

The really sound people do not flaunt degrees. You have no idea the educational achievements of others who write here. At the end of the day, the only real achievement is what you do for people.

The best thing I can tell Southern Cameroons people at this moment in time is that there is no future in frogland for them or their descendants, and the sooner we stand up as one man, or as Endeley did to quit Nigeria, the better.

My personal interactions with Camerounese frogs in this America just confirms what a bunch of crafty liars and evil characters you all are.

I did not know I had a truce with you? I do not give a hoot about a truce with people who will stab you in the back in a second. Another advice to Southern Cameroonians. Do not take your eye off the frog and sleep with your eye open. If you have not learned that yet, you have been drinking too much manjunga. Wake up and smell the gutter.

Ras Tuge

Ama Tutu Muna,

Greetings to you in the name of the Most High Ras Tafari through Igzebieher, Maidani Alem, Neguster Negast!

You are a beneficiary of that notorious conspiracy to sell the Southern Cameroons. At a time when innocent Anglophone children are sweating under the excrutiating discomfort of being citizens of a country that your father gladly blessed for them, here you are serving as a minister. Nice job!

Girl, me heart heart hurt pretty badly deep dong ina me broken chest when i see your face right here. Blood is pumping ina me head and i don't even bother to write the Bumboklaat queendom english anymore. I get fucking upset to see you proudly serving as a minister, when you ought to be the one to weep for Southern Cameroons, or better-still Anglophones.

Right now, am searching ina you heart and all i see is fierce emptiness! But wait! I feel some sweet energy right now...No! I see no love ina you hollow chest. You na feel even one likle sorrow for the pain you old man cause me and we by him callous blunder. Botheration!

All over the Anglophone nation, we're jam dong and denied. Demma mash we, dem lick we bad, dem kick we, dem use wikid baton on we, and we're get hunted dong like evil spirit ina we own kontry. Seen? And yet, you keep riding high just like your old man. Who on dis our earth shall weep for di Anglophone man, woman and child. Who shall console the nation, when you just too busy sucking the juice of you father's exceptionally virtuous work?

Girl, when you eat on dat high table of gluttonous treachery, remember, you MUST fight for Anglophones much better than you old man was ever ready to do. Here weti i say! You must do all to make di younger generation like we to simmer dong. You must console the young and irate Anglophone boys and girls who might be sent to the cemetery thanks to their deserved anger.

Lastly, you MUST apologise to Anglophones on behalf of you father for paving the way for an illustrious future for you in a kontry where he still stands accused of being the bench clapper who betrayed his conscience, and offered his people for an imminent disaster.

Girl, do as i say and do dat now. For, when the bullets start raining dong, there'll be likle time to chant a sorry Psalm. And you might as well join the irate souls in the cemetery where anger never perishes. There's no peace ina cemetery until man gets equal rights and justice on this our earth, Rasta say. I want to hear your own confessions without no waste of time.

After every ting, girl i wish you all di best ina dis our crazy world and Jah Guide.

I remain, Ras Tuge


What this guy is saying is tainted with some element of truth, thats the mentality of every frog: that Anglophones are inferior.
However, your myopism could be seen from every angle. Since i dont have time, i would show you just one.
True the texts say it all, tht all the citezens are equal, but the reality is different, true the SG at the PR is more powerful than the PM who is an Anglophone. Tell me abit, if these guys are so stupid and silly that they have nothing to offer to the "union" why are you,FROGS so worried all the time whenever we mention SOUTHERN CAMEROON? why continue keeping the forced union meanwhile we have nothing to offer?


you seem to threaten everybody in the forum thes e days with tht urgly beti, ten-minutes-madness you are brought up with. What did you say that urgly name of yours is?
I would find out in the inner circles and inform everybody who really are.

Asafor Valentine Funwie

Ras Tuge,Slomo,Alain.I have listened to your comments.Tears running down my cheek.The Day i made up my mind to resign from AES SONEL,was the D Day".Intervention came from friends and Family members i stood firm and left.

MR.Alain Man is born free but everywhere he lives in chains.This holds true with Anglophone Cameroon.What did we do to deserve this betrayal and wanton destruction of Gods people?

The National Unity we fought with faith and complementarity is at stake.I agree with you that anglophones are brought into the Government to serve the purpose of the unified country.

Anglophone hegemony is a dream that is fraught with misgivings.confirm.General Tataw was a pocket general which Francophone did he controle? Some Cameroonians are more inferior than others.Thank you.This comments serves as a reminder to Southern Cameroonians.the notion of power is all about materialism.We came into this world in our Adam suit and will return into dust with nothing in name of wealth and materialism.

Folks,take a walk around your vicinity and feed your eyes with natural beauty,think about it.its God creation.lets examine ourselves am pointing to those who think some Cameroonians are more inferior than others.

Ras Tuge,Slomo,Paa Ngembus,i had sleepless night because of the racist comment i read last night.Anglophones have nothing to offer in this Union, Its high time we put an end to this union.Enough is enough.pls can we stop this shit.

Am tired and full of pains and stress.What does it take to take up arms and put the house in order Ras? Adieu,adieu,Adieu

Ma Mary

We are inconvenient?

There is a very simple solution.


Thank you for the party.

We do not need your generosity.

VA Boy

Well put, Ma Mary. That was straight to the point. I will drink to that. The frog can have the rest of the crate of champagne and do not let the door hit your bony frog ass as you are leave.

BTW, what are you doing in Minnesota instead of staying in paradise?

Frog, in case you missed the point, we do not like you and we do not want to be with you.

The herald

Fellow southern cameroonians Dipoko has ranted so much so that there is nothing left in him,that's why he has to be reminded time and again that the institutions he claims are in the hands of the southern cameroonians like the CDC and others long seized to be in the control of these unfortunate anglos the first day they came into union with la republique.The regime of la republique like its predecessor makes sure it nominate watch dogs at the hemp of these institutions who have no power,who cannot take a single initiative or decision,like the prime minister,they are puppets.Should you call it indirect rule policy?No,it is much more than that because the unfortunate southern camroonians do not and have never benefited anything from it.This is even one of the main reasons that led to the convening of the All Anglophone Conference(AAC) in 1993 and the subsequent "The Buea Declaration".Even a lay man can point this out.La republique has never done anything for nothing,their interest first,while the watch dogs or puppets feast on the crumbs.I do not want to go into details but to inform Dipoko that a finger that takes pleasure in touching the anus from time to time will surely come round with excrement or call it shit not meant for it.So,you should better fabricate some other lies to explain why la Republique has vowed to keep the UNSUSPECTING southern cameroonians in perpetual captivity.


What Mr. Alain is writing here should be taken as a rehearsed, conjugated creative fiction.
A man who is engaged completely with his private or public affairs will
not have the time nor the inclination to persistently insist on creating these kinds of grandiose illusions. It is that simple.

For the sake of fun & jokes people can respond to Alain, but when it comes to the reality, everything is obvious for everyone to see. So we do not need a ghost writer to tell us what can be observe and understood even by a child.

By the way, it is not Alain, there is another entity behind that mask.
So the question again to Alain.? is, why are you doing this...???

Do you not think it is really infantile....???


Ras Tuge

Ma Mary, Anglophones are more than inconvenient. After almost half a century of staggering tribulation and humiliation, even the bravest of humans would be racked by the pains of untold mental torment. Landlady, anglophones cannot hide the septic wounds that were inflicted by shackles of the spirited romance that our forebears embraced with blindness.

You chant me di old chorus; LET MY PEOPLE GO!
Whereupon i ask you landlady:
To where? To a land without a conscience? To a land plagued by ubiquitous skullduggery? To land replete with the seeds of unrepentant rogues? Seeds who still gleefully endorse the unholy romance?
To a land where children sweat under the excrutiating discomfort of painful hopelessness?
To a land where the same innocent children are held hostage by their deceptive parents?
And to which home, when the callous parents didn't even seem to bother about leaving a skeleton?!

Listen landlady...those seeds, those very seeds of greed who have just stepped in the vileness of their very own treacherous parents MUST speak out loud! After all they are perhaps the only ones who understand the wicked plans of their forebears.

Therefore, these people MUST be held accountable. Anglophones need to achieve closure, and by asking AMA TUTU MUNA and the rest of her ilk for an insight, things will all but get better. These people are getting away with perhaps the greatest crime ever committed in modern African history.

Valentine, all the insults, torments, and invectives that Anglophone children suffer under the mysterious hands of impish and impostor frogs all stem from that choice to have unprotected sex with that infested girl. But for me, war is not the option as i see no reason to spill my precious Rasta Blood when AMA TUTU MUNA is busy having a taste of heaven...or HELL?

I concern myself more with the struggle for young Anglophones to embrace the spirit of veracity and mutual trust as the only reliable route to achieving glory. Anything else is just a blatant waste of time as we must realise by now. Nonetheless, it would be foolhardy to try and predict the outcome of any form of armed confrontation at this stage.

This is the story of a people who for over forty good years have been tricked by their very own dishonest kind. But I and I knows that Anglophones shall rise!

Ma Mary

Ras Tuge: I was responding to Mr Alain's tirade just before mine. Read it first, then read my response. I hold that we can settle our own mess much easier than focusing on cleaning up after la republique.

Ras Tuge: I was present over a decade ago at a public forum where the late Solomon Tandeng Muna apologized before a group of Southern Cameroonians for the trouble which he caused. But when he died, his children refused to allow Southern Cameroonian activists to appear and speak at his funeral, which was against his wishes. At the same event, I was witness to John Ngu Foncha's apology, which was even more heartfelt and direct. Somebody videotaped those apologies and ought to make them public.

All this might not mean much to you, but I think it is a start to the process which you describe. We cannot allow ourselves to drown in a pool of tears. We must dry them off and start the process. I understand your pain, but we cannot wait for Ama to stop being a mercenary before starting something, peaceful or otherwise. Do not be a stranger. Be engaged.

Ras Tuge

Landlady,you have been engaged for over forty staggering years! And you even attended quisling funerals! Wow, you probably need a conscientious trophy. But then again, what did you really achieve with all that? Clearly, you have pursued this cause in such a typically haphazard fashion, and i am not surprised that you failed in your immediate object.

I have just managed to let you reveal something to me, something important for all ANGLOPHONE CHILDREN to know going forward. I really don't know about the validity of your assertion about Muna's wishes, but i'd like to take you for your word. See, some things might not be relevant to you, but as far as Rasta is concerned, the truth is paramount.

Now tell me, if this man and his family were truly sincere about the tragedy that they plunged the Anglophone nation into, why would it be against his wishes for the very people that he betrayed to take centre stage at his funeral? I am just baffled! This is news to me. And this is simply why i say that it's all about trust.

You just can't have an effective showdown when your neighbour is the element of deceit that confers with your adversary to gain favours at the very expense of your sweat and tears. Moreover, I reminisce how Muna used to be as proud as Lucifer, even under harsh criticisms of being a 'bench clapper' in parliament.

Looking at AMA TUTU, all i see is a snake. Just like her old man, her eyes are just as glaringly vicious and her neck as swollen as that of a vicious puff adder. Look at her... just look at the girl. Look at her beret of the notorious army of quislings. No, i can't trust these phoney people. Good enough hordes of us have nothing to envy from them any more.

Nevertheless, we must still find a way to salvage what is left of Anglophone heritage, if at all there's anything worth saving. I donot need to listen to anybody who doesn't recognise the need for a new approach, and hence a fresh start to alleviate the plight of Anglophones in Cameroon. Landlady, seriously you need to wake up from slumber.

Asafor Valentine Funwie

Ras Tuge,here you come again with a heart piercing piece.You keep me awake, mourning,larmenting,dreaming that day the heaven will speak and let the chosen people be free.

Ras, Ma, Mary,The Ngwa Man,Slomo,Va Boy.etc.

There are times when the sun is setting,
There are times when the rainfalls soft,
There are times when my soul needs resting,

I long to go home."Southern Cameroon"

There are times when this peace is lacking,
When sorrow and despair abound,
There are times when my heart is breaking,

I long to go home. "Southern Cameroon" If i could just go forever.
The spirits whispers,
Ras, Asong,Elvis,Pa, Tafor.Ntumgia,Pa Ngembus,Essoka,Obama,Banki-Moon,Contry Fowl,Ayamba,Nfor Ngalla,.



The Ngwa Man

If more Francophone Cameroonians openly spoke about their dislike for Anglophone Cameroonians we would have been 2 seperate Cameroons a long time ago and I would even be able to see us being seperate nations in the immediate future. But that is not the reality of what is going on in the grassroots of Camer. Cameroonians have inter-mixed so much that I find it very hard to accept Alains rants as the representation of the views of Francophone Cameroonians. He seems to be of the old guard who grew up during the height of the constant discusion of how Anglophones and Francophones can not exist in one country.

Let me repeat his most inflammatory statements for all to recall:

Alain Dipoko writes, "To dream that, I shall accept Anglophone hegemony is a dream that is fraught with misgivings. To dream that an Anglophone call him prime minister would come to Yaoundé and give orders to a francophone is hearsay. That shall never work."

If you were of another race I would say that those were the most racist comments one can make. Thank God most francophones do not think like you. With all the education you claim to have your mind is so closed. Are Anglophone Cameroonains not Cameroonians also? We can and are coexisting with one another in the same country. We will one day also participate as equals in leading Cameroon or we will lead our way to our own Cameroon. Your comments are unpatriotic for they breed disunity. Instead of being a Great Cameroonian you prefer to behave like someone who would burn down their family home with their loved ones inside.

When you advocate descrimination of the kind that you do, you open the door to eventually being descriminated against also one day. Cameroon is a diverse country. Over 200 different tribes with no dramaticaly clear majority. Equal opportunity must be embraced and preached by all especially the current ruling elite or what they expose their descendents to is crying and gnashing of teeth and if unfortunate, relegation to 2nd class citizenship.


The Ngwa Man,

May be we are giving a little too much credibility to what Alain alias ghost writer has to say...??

What can one man's opinion do to 4,5,6, or more million people....????
Does it put bread & butter on the table of Cameroonians...???????

Inspite of Biya's strenuous, assiduous & incredibly persistent efforts at emptying the financial coffers of Cameroon dry & impoverishing every single individual in that society to include his own tribe in the process, has Cameroonians stop living....?????????

A resolute NO. Life has off course been incredibly difficult for many Cameroonians. Almost all of the entire younger generation of Cameroonians have been deprived of the essence of their youth, hopes, dreams, aspirations and are living in EXILE, nevertheless it has also brought a new kind of an awareness today which certainly will explode and shatter the shackles which Biya & cohorts have woven around the necks of Cameroonians.

So it is a question of time & the right opportunity which LIFE will present to the Cameroonian people, & it will be a deadly one for Biya & his entire entourage, who have unceremoniously been profiting mercilessly from the stupor, apathy, indifference, weakness & ignorance of the Cameroonian people.

Today, Alain can write & boast, shout & jump in ecstasy that his Beti brothers are lording it over everyone, but there is going to be a day when that gleeful gloating & triumphant exhilaration of unjust profiteering over the people's sweat will turn into the ashes of great tribulations & sorrow.

The time is ripe & it is coming over slowly, steadily & certainly, to folks like Alain all we can say is that make sure that the steam roller which is gathering momentum does not crush you in the process even though you think you can hide behind a keyboard & play a rag-tag 007.



could anybody give the name this guy posted last time on the forum.


Asafor Val, my in - law, boy dont you trust in God? Yes whenever you sit and ask yourself what actually prompted us to fellowship with these kleptomanic idiots in the first place, you can go crackers.Yes, but be positve, one shall come to pass, its already in the pipeline, why worry.
From what that guy is saying, as an insider, lets agree there are so many elements of truth.
Dont have time to get into;
I thinks this is an opportunity to sit back and ask yourselves, why must a guy from limbe insult his brother from bda as "come no go"? and vice versa, if we are to grab our liberty come 2015, we must start by being positive.


one day it shall come to pass
i think

Asafor valentine

MR.Alain,Ras,Tuge,Slomo, Herald, i still stand firm and convince that this blog is one of the most powerful blog.Take it or not Cameroonians are gregarious,intelligent.

Ras, the Ngwa Man,Slomo there are some postings on this blog that actually provoke tears down my cheeks,infact i had to break down and weep.At that sad moment i heard the sound of a knock,i pretended to clean my patriotic tears but urim a friend, could observed from a distance i was depressed.

Vall, Somebody died? i responded no. MR.Alain,every piece of posting in this blog is saved in my (USB)or better still flash drive.

MR,Alain, Ras,Tuge,Slomo,I remembered in 2007,i wrote a letter to the General Manager of AES Sonel "Jean David Bile" In my letter and in my capacity as a staff Delegate, i provoke some issues as per costomer Management and the extension of electricity into the periphery.

In my letter i copied Alington, and some "MP'S"
he felt threaten,i was invited for a talk in his Avenue DE Gaulle Office in Douala.Guest what? i turn down his envelope hoping the Government could capitalised on that weakness and lets extend electricity into the interlands.

Little did i know i was all alone on a war front.MR. Alain i find it hard to believe my quarter is still un-electrified.Nkwen is at the centre of Bamenda, unfortunately i nurse the feelings i will go home to use Solar Energy in my house.

How could i on earth support this thrash in the name of government? people who are not proactive.nor retroactive.all they think is fansy life and big life,thier pockets. Presently,and Practically speaking there is nothing in this country where i put- up in the name of natural resources,but it puzzles me how the country is enterprising.How i wish i had an opportunity to discipline these guys.

VA Boy

Slomo is a fearless thinker, analyzing our situation correctly. There are those who think because we have some marriages and business interactions with people of la republique, we must have the same country. Wrong. Country and family are two different entities that intertwine and intersect. Modern nation states transcend ethnicity and family. When two or more states are very friendly and cooperative, it does not even matter for families. What does it matter if one part of a family is in Germany and the other is in France, when there are not even visa requirements?

Dipoko, you are a great teacher. Please, continue.

On looker

If the Anglophones are and have been so useless and obnoxious as you claim, then why the hold? Any logical explanation as to why any sensible person will hold on so tenaciously on anything useless? Please stop lying to yourself.
Amidst your ranting, you made a valiant point on the disunity that reigns amongst the Anglophones- Southern Westerners and Grassfielders, how can anything be achieve when they do not respect each other? What I forsee as you truely said is carnage amongst them whenever and if ever they get the so call separation from La Republique.


i am not i will never be a negative thinker, iam not a looser and what i stake my time and energy cannot fall.
The issue of family and children and marriage and property is not new to southern cameroons and co, its something thats exists in law, its a brach of private international law and those things would always be taken careof.

On looker,
i would never agree with you, i dont know where you live. the issue of disunity is not perculiar to s cameroon, in the very apartheid south Africa, there were blacks who were violently opposed to the ANC and Nelson Mandela, they were even some who took office of figure heads in the Apartheid government and denounced the ANC as traitors (similar to what is going on in cameroon today) but note, it never deterred the ANC from liberating south Africa, the whole carnage thing is a trap to by the frogs to block myopic Anglophones.
Do you knw that even amongs the Betis, the disunity and treachery that reigns is unthinkable?
The Etons are the worst, they are considered by the bulu, the ntumus, fangs and ewondos and slaves, the underdogs and the most primitive. Guest what. Dipoko is an eton. So misunderstanding amongst the Anglophones, fruit of Popols divide and rule is no obstacle. Be positive and prayerful, God is with us.
Asafor, my in law, be positive, avoid being defeated, but ask you self this question

IN MY OWN SMALL CORNER, WHAT HAVE I DONE, NO MATTER ITS SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE LIBERATION OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS ( it need not be so big a thing, tell a friend,a neighbour about you annexed country, print a tract and share with friends,visit the net get some convincing information and share, print a T shirt,handkerchief,calender etc with the incription'Liberate Southern Cameroon' the news would spread, then you would have done so much for the liberation.
Sitting back and playing the blame game as Ras tuge is doing would not help.
For sure always bare in mind; WATER AND PARAFIN CAN NEVER MIX EVEN IF BOILED AT 10000°C, do you know why, because water, southern cameroon is pure and parafin, frog land, is sticky and polluted.
Asafor just do this for one week you would see

Ma Mary

Excellent post, Slomo. Whatever miniscule disagreements occur between Southern Cameroonians are NOTHING compared to the bad blood between the Nordistes and the Betis or between the Bamis and everyone else. They have nothing to teach us. These are violent people who wiped out entire towns and villages, hundreds of thousands of people. Southern Cameroonians can find accomodation like adults. Forget this nonsense. Our children are intermarrying like crazy. There is nothing of the same magnitude between Bamis and Betis. Do not let fear overwhelm you.

Regarding what you can do for our country, follow slomo's advice. You do not need to do huge things. Do something that is in your capacity, but do something everyday. Even making a positive comment for the cause in this blog is part of the struggle.

I enjoyed the novel, "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo some time ago. There is a good story there that illustrates what we are talking about. There was an undertaker who was being harassed continuously by some neighborhood thugs. He got fed up and finally went to see the Godfather, the mafia boss. Godfather sent some henchmen and they went and broke the thugs legs. He then warned the undertaker that one day he would ask for payback. Undertaker, a gentle man was so scared, because he thought one day he would be asked to kill somebody. One day Godfather sent for him that it was time to pay. Undertaker went to see the Godfather, shaking like a leaf. Godfather said, his son had been killed and the undertaker should make him look good for burial.

Asafor Valentine funwie

my in-law,Slomo.i will never move away from what i considered my natural assignment.i listen and feel you talk,but keep it a duty and avoid contention with Ras.

There are times one get so pissed up,Ras remains one of our powerfull guys in the blog.My dear slomo you have spoken and note has been taken,as far back in cameroon i had always believe in the struggle to liberate southern Cameroon.While in Bafut i was arrested and detained for two days at the Bafut Gendarmarie post for distributing SCNC Flags and banners.

Dear slomo i was arrested at Mbanga on 25/02/09 and was accused of inciting youths to burn and mount road blocks.The fact of matter is this,i was found in position of SCNC membership card.Dear slomo,take note Mr. Alain has made certain revelation in this forum that needs to be carefully observe.

I will not hesitate to say Mr.Alain postings has spured and should play as a catalist in bringing Southern Cameroonians to reason.

You sounded well on your Saturday postings,that i should not be overcarried by some of the facts raised by Mr Alain.I have got much respect for Mr Alain.Southern Cameroonians should sit up.

The theme of celebration on the 1st of October 2009 should be Southern Cameroon and re-awakening.Mr.Alain in one of his postings ask what Inoni as a prime minister did for Southern? What Achidi Achu in his term of office did for the Anglophone? He sign the sate of emergency and rebels were sent to Bamenda to Kill North Westerners.

Musonge,Fonkah Shang,Fai Yengo Francis,The Fon of Mankon? He is right,profoundly speaking all these guys are beggers or bootleakers,they gossip to stay in power. We need to remind these fellows of thier errors.However its high time we come together for AAC-III.

VA Boy

"Prime Ministers" appointed by la Republique are window dressing not real prime ministers. That applies to everybody from Muna to Yang. They are not our leaders. We did not elect them and they can be fired. Real prime ministers cannot be fired. They lose or win elections.

They are empty suits. Forget them. There will always be opportunists who rejoice and send congratulations for rubbish but the number of people who understand what is going on is increasing. Hunger causes some people to lose integrity but it is nothing new. It happens everywhere. Slomo gave the example of South Africa where there were people who embraced apartheid structures called Bantusthans and called Mandela a terrorist. In America, there were black people who were so afraid for their garri that they opposed Martin Luther King.

Learn the truth and stay principled.


Please accept my correction,25/02/2008 not 09.

Ras Tuge

VA Boy, and what exactly is the truth that you know? What are the principles that govern your life when you donot seem to understand the need to work from facts to principle. Cry blood!

Listen now man, no one disputes the fact that Anglophones are more or less slaves in Cameroon. But if ever you follow my spirit, you would realise that i am more of an irate soul than most of you who keep chanting empty Psalms.

As a dignified soldier in Jah army, i am a true born Rasta, and hence i have every right to express my vision vis-a-vis the mind-set of a people who supposedly share my precious Anglophone heritage. Eventhough som a demma take me for granted.

Except for people like my respected landlady, most of us were not there when this flagrant breach of trust transpired. Therefore, the truth MUST be handed down to the new generation like recipes just so we can be able to wage a better Anglophone emancipation struggle.

This far, what we know of the truth has just been incredulous tales of a half-baked scheme of treachery by members of our lot that we read about in history books. Yea man, incredulous because it is hard to understand how or why our parents expect us to take them seriously after this outlandish scandal!

This to my mind, is simply why a plethora of Anglophone children seem reluctant to internalise this cause. Especially when one sees hordes of these unrepentant people that are still gleefully reaping the fruits of this wilful tragedy in vapid disregard of the aspirations of our Anglophone nation. Where has sincerity gone to?

As we're gearing up to assume the mantle of leadership in this senseless struggle that never would've been in the first place, people ought to adhere to the new wave of thought, and hence see the need for a new direction. The way of our forebears has simply plunged the nation into utter obscurity and to keep travelling that road will be simply penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Slomo, Ras Tuge spends no precious time on blame games man. By contrast objectivity is the guiding rule, and that's my game. And like i said, you can't wage a thorough fight when people donot even know why or what they're fighting for.

There can hardly ever be any deep-rooted conviction in an atmosphere that's pregnant with vile suspicion. Just as there can never be an iota of trust when treachery and disloyalty reigns supreme, especially when it comes to the likes of unrelenting puff adders like AMA TUTU MUNA who has categorically opted to defy the Holy rules of quantum mechanics just like her father did.

Like i said, Anglophones need to achieve some sort of closure. They must somehow manage to arrange a truth and reconciliation commission, as the younger generation and other sympathisers brace themselves to undertake the thankless task of reinstating the embattled Anglophone dignity.

Landlady Ma Mary, you mustn't always be happy when someone tells you just the things you like to hear. Alternative thinking is the key to freedoms of all kinds, and it shall inevitably be the lifeblood of a vibrant and progressive Anglophone emancipation.

Finally, Valentine as Rasta say; You don't haffi dread to be Rasta! Man i telling you say you think like Rasta. So from now hence forth, you've been crowned with the Rasta title DREADLION. Man you earned di ting! So me say to you; Culture, Jah guide you!

Ma Mary

Ras Tuge, I am landlady because....?

I am eager to hear the alternative ideas that you propose. Anger alone does not cut it, because it is emotionally exhausting and clouds judgment.

Should it surprise you in the least that Southern Cameroonians who betrayed us to la Republique are still favored by la Republique? We should discount them and not waste emotional energy on them? If there is something to learn, learn it and move on.

The Ngwa Man

Amen Ma Mary, Amen.

Ras Tuge

You are landlady maybe because you OWN the house that i live in, and i just can't breath unless i pay you rents and kiss your feet every blessed morning. You are landlady maybe because you've been around for a long while, but sadly, you built tons of houses on sinking sand. Even the squalid shack that i rented from you is utterly hazardous to me and my young family.

From now henceforth, i SHAN'T pay you any more rents unless my house is thoroughly fixed, for i need me a safe place for me and my little children. My house MUST be built on Mount Zion, just so my children can dance safely and gladly on Jah solid rock with no fear of threats and treachery.

Anglophones need each other; you need me just as much as i need you. For in this battle for our consciences, safety in numbers shall be our foundation. Nobody should be discounted. Rather, everybody must be accountable, even the quislings of our day. There's a better way to do things, and you must learn to accept that.

If you can't teach me, you must humble yourself and learn from me. There's always something i and hordes of others could contribute that you have no idea about, if and only if people like you would give us a chance. Please go back and read my last post.

Ma Mary

Professionally, I am a practical person. I solve problems for a living, and respond better to practical steps. Slomo proposes practical steps. That appeals to the engineer in me.

I hope you are not waiting for Ama Muna and her family to apologize for her privileged life in the bosom of the enemy before taking steps of your own, because you will be waiting a very long time. If you thought I was personally connected to the occupation power structure and the anglophone collaborators, you are wrong. A truth and reconciliation council will not happen soon on Southern Cameroons soil, because we are occupied territory and la republique will disperse another AAC before it happens. The AACs have been very dangerous things for the occupier, because they launched a movement.

Personally, I have no apologies to make, because I was never part of that system, so you must be mistaking me for another landlady. I was hoping to learn what you want to do here and now (in Sweden?) with what you have got. That is the level at which I could learn from you.


the issue here, now and in the future is, what do you do or plan to do in order to free your people?
There would be guys who stoop too low for self aggrandizement, they shall always be there, but how can we, the alert stand up and forge ahead.
I gave a simple example, apartheid south africa, where blacks denounced mandela and the ANC, that never stopped him.
Not all Ghanaians rallied behind Rawlings, there were marvericks, but that did not deter him.
Asafor, my in - law, please stay focused, always stay focused. The musonges the Achidi Achus are figure heads and these categories of pple exist in every society.

if there is anything you have given us on this forum, its tthat you have helped to confirm the belief that frogs are so shortsighted, malignant and silly, you have shown all your contradictory analysis, your rather myopic and over generalised assertions that have gone a long way to recruit more in our circles. For that, thank you so much, please continue, i print and distribute some of those your rather one - sided posts and share to follow S cameroonians on daily basis.
Please Southern Cameroonians, read this and tell what you think of this patiotic song:





Ras Tuge

Landlady, the whole concept about engineering is employing the use of scientific principles to achieve innovation. Engineering is all about the application of novelty in theory as well as in methodology in an attempt to transform the world for the better. I am surprised that you didn’t learn this in the scientific tech basics.

Just like you, i am a practical person. But rather than just solve problems, i build new concepts to embellish humankind with cutting-edge facilities.

Now, for over forty years you have not been able to use any of the tools that you acquired as an engineer! You basically express yourself like the hordes of laymen on this forum, and bring utter shame to our profession. Clearly, you ought to be the one proposing practicality, rather than expect others to guide you all the time.

So far, i am yet to see anything concrete that you have responded to, if not the popularly misconstrued annexation leitmotif that is endlessly chanted by this self-serving guild of misguided and disruptive so-called Southern Cameroonians.

I have chosen not to dissipate any further ounce of strength at engaging such a worthless debate with a compulsive bunch of retrogressive thinkers like a good many of you. Nonetheless landlady, if and only if people like you can just step aside and make way for greater objectivity, then the visionary new generation shall finally be able to leave their progressive imprint.

Ama Tutu Muna is suffering from Fonchalitis, a chronic and hereditary disease of conscience. By the manner in which you express yourself on this issue, i see crystal clear traces of this debilitating illness. Your vapid disregard of the lives of poor Anglophone children whom you urge to take up the cutlass speaks volumes about the practical person in you.

Candidly, you have lived your life, and fumbled in your choices. Your approach to solving this crime by Anglophones has been all but feeble and blatantly futile, if not outlandish and despicable. What else do you want, landlady?

Step aside, and let the young people do it the mature way. Gradually, you shall obviously get to know what i stand for with respect to our Anglophone emancipation endeavour. And didn’t you say you were stationed in America? Why aren’t you sincere? And you purport to be different from the quislings!

Hursomhelst, vilken väg man väljer i livet berör naturligtvis främst på vilken del av världen man är i, och under vilka onstandigheter man lever i. Som du bor numera i Sverige, jag måste bara berätta för dig att sanningen är viktigast av allt man kan få i detta liv oavsett vad man tror. Landlady, lycka till med din lögn och Sköt om dig!

Ma Mary

Young man, nobody is holding you back. You are just being self-indulgent and fishing deep for excuses to disguise lack of imagination and deficits of resolve.

Louis Egbe Mbua

Mr. Alain

You appear to be infatuated with Souhern Cameroons. Listen, in two days time Southern Cameroons will celebrate 1st October as their independence say. Was this awarded by you and your racist friends who share the same email address? Are you in some kind of delusion to believe that you can control a human mind because you are a Francophone? Does France rule the world? Do they not speak French? Listen again, Hitler thought an tried what you are doing and he failed woefully. You are free to try as well. But this time round we will be fully armed and prepared to finish you off for good; and place you where you belong from the beginning.

Furthermore, you come across as a racist, East Cameroon supremacist; and a far right-wing East Cameroon reactionary. You have been using phrases and sentences here that portrays your racism, tribalism or both. For instance, you use "forebears", "West Cameroonians taught corruption to East Cameroonians" -- a terrible lie implying that West Cameroonians are born coprrupt; "Anglophones are naturally inferior". Is this not Hitler and the Nazis in the making or emerging albeit as though they are joking? Have we heard this racist and East Cameroon supremacist poison somewhere before in another Cameroon Forum?


It is classic Konde, make no mistake about.
The infatuation with this superiority/inferiority mantra, the endless preoccupation to tell the world that after reading Hegels & co, he is a better human being than his kin & kindred et cetera et cetera are all familiar.

He is going to get into trouble pretty soon with his obvious insanity & feebleness of the mind.



i thought with your Four PhDs you could innovate at any time, dive - bomb with new ideas.
This chest - pounding for tainting the forum with some lame historical fallacies innondated wiht clichés makes you no exceptional.
I would never cease thanking you, for you myopism and rather impy analysis simply shows the il intent and vile - ridden nature of frogs and of course is jolting some Anglophones who live in a dream world of an incestious union with the frogs. For that, thanks so much. Kparanaka oboso.

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